A Night to Remember

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Big Tits

The room was dim as he waited. Hungry with anticipation he churned uneasily on the edge of the bed, and fidgeting with the bulge in his pants. A drop of perspiration traced the ridges of his furrowed brow. His temperature rose when he heard the shower water stop. He followed her shadow under the bathroom door as she stepped from the shower to the vanity. The movement of her powerful legs caused his engorged cock to stir.

“I’m almost ready!” her liquid voice beckoned as she turned out the bathroom light.

Now that the room was completely dark, he reached back to adjust the mini-blinds and allow the soft moonlight to stream in. Slowly, he watched the bathroom door open. She emerged as the goddess Venus, herself. Her curves flowed defiantly from her slender waist. Her breasts, round and supple, seemed ready to burst above the top of her damp towel. The sight of the moon rays sparkling on her glistening soft, dark skin made his mouth absolutely dry.

Like the seductive temptress she was, she decided to further rouse the fire in him by performing a little show with her bath towel. Slowly she peeled the towel down the front of her body. First she revealed one succulent orb, then the other, peaked by nipples hard enough to cut glass. His pulse quickened. Next she turned around and opened the towel from the front to slowly let it slide down her back. And oh, what a back it was. Slender, athletic and with well-defined muscle tone. Still even more slowly, she allowed the towel to reveal the dimples just at the base of her lower back. Practically boiling with anticipation to see her completely disrobed he reached out to give her a hand. But sensing his motion behind her, she quickly turned to dodge his advance. Facing him, she dropped the towel to the floor and reveals a completely shaved pubic mound. This observation came in stark comparison to her thick and healthy head of hair. Her twisted locks sprang up and out in all directions. This drove him crazy. It was a symbol of her electrifying sex appeal. Until that very instant, he fully expected to see a fully coated thick and fluffy muff. She flashed him a crooked smile as she watched the realization of this unexpected turn set in.

“Do you like?” She inquired, the almost rhetorical question, almost at the very instant, her answer poked its head from her lovers pants.

“It’s Rize Escort your turn to strip for me, baby.” she said as she crawled onto the bed behind him.

Without much delay he was completely bare, and erect and flexing and ready to delight in the many exquisite pleasures that her flesh presented. She motioned with her fingers for him to crawl towards her on the bed. Once he was next to her, she pushed him down onto his back. With the stealth of a jungle cat she mounted her willing victim and reached down with one hand to test the resolve of his throbbing member. There, pulsing with a life of its own she glided her palm and fingers up and down the length of his shaft, carefully circling its very sensitive head.

“Oh, no baby, this will never do!” she chided with mock dismay.

“What do you mean? I’m as hard as ceramic!” He responded in disbelief.

“For what I have planned for you, my darling, I need you as hard ….as ……steeeeeeeel!” she hotly whispered into his ear giving his cock a tight squeeze for emphasis.

“I am one lucky bastard, aren’t I?” he asked as the realization of her intent set in.

Slowly, she pressed her hot sexy body against his. As she ground his erection between them, he caressed her plump rear cheeks. The heat emanating from them was intoxicating. They filled his hand with electricity that radiated throughout her loins and into his own. She circled her pelvis to taunt him further. Still not satisfied with his rigidity, she sat up with his shaft wedged between the folds of her hot pussy. With the talented muscles of her vagina, she planted slow sucking kisses along the length of his cock. Above him, he watched as she ran her hungry hands over two very tightly poised nipples, down her taught belly and pulsing throat. He could hear her labored breathing above him as she slid further up his penis until the head was nestled in her hot gaping entrance. Determined to make sure that he was ready for action, she kept on sliding forward, pausing to nestle his cock head against her puckered rectum. She shuddered above him as her mind raced with possibilities. Further still, she planted pussy scented kissed along his rock hard abs, sternum, pecs and neck. Threatened with her bare pubic mound kissing his neck, he tilted his head forward so she could straddle his face. Rize Escort Bayan The heat and fluid flowing from her slit was as warm as his own breath. He felt her settle her powerful thighs around the sides of his face. Now he understood. She wanted him to play her game.

“Okay,” he thought to himself. “Two can play this game!”

Gently, he allowed his mouth to roam her tender inner thighs. Above him he watched her staring back at him over two tightly cupped breasts. She knew he was up to something. Then her entire body quivered and she dropped her pendulous breasts and grabbed the headboard for support as his tongue brushed across her highly sensitive clit. In long forward and back slurps, he traced the length of her slit from anus to clit, careful to spiral around each as he passed. With each pass, her breathing became even more distorted. Her thighs began to clench around his ears as he forced his tongue deep into both of her openings. By the subtle change in the flavor of her pussy juice and the rate of its flow, they could both tell she was near her release.

Not wanting her lover to have all the fun, she reached back and tightly gripped his phallice. As the flames of desire rose in her so did her own hunger to taste his sticky hot seed. Without protest from him she rose, and straddled him, returning her gash to his face and quickly stuffing her face with his now straining cock. “Yes, now that’s what I call STEEL!” she mumbled as she forced his thick erection deep, down into her throat. Each thrust from his hips sent his balls against her nose. She loved it. He loved it. Even more determined to get her off first, he wets a finger and deeply plundered her tight asshole from behind. She responded by releasing more cum onto his thrusting tongue. Not to be outdone, she took a hand and, massaged his balls and very softly circled the rim of his own ass. Just the slightest suggestion that she too might enter his rectum and massage his prostate gland from the inside was too much for him to bear. She knew that he was about gush. And with renewed vigor, he intensified his double assault on her openings.

The moment of release was upon them both. They each took in one last breath in preparation for the first waves of orgasm to overtake them. She was the first to burst into his hungry mouth as he gobbled Escort Rize each tasty milliliter of her sacred syrup. But just as the back of her throat was bathed with the first warm jet of his cum, she seized him at the base of his penis, below his nuts, preventing any further release, sprang forward and shoved his violently pulsating rod up her has wet ass, to the hilt. The difference in texture nearly tripled the power of his ejaculation. As he bathed the inside of her tight writhing ass, even more fluid burst out of her hole and ran down his intensely thrusting shaft. As she knew he would appreciate this twist in their escapade, she decided to look back over her shoulders to be sure. All the evidence she needed to assure her that she had successfully rocked his world was written all over his face. His eyes were wide, like a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming freight train, but were oddly crossed as though he were high on some distant drug induced hallucinogenic cloud.

Still not satiated. She began to contract and release the walls of her tight ass along the length of his cock to milk all the residual semen from his still throbbing phallic.

“Still hard? Good!” she said under her now controlled breath. “Now be a good boy and fuck the shit out of me!” she commanded.

Unwilling to disappoint her, he rolled her onto her side, and then on all fours, still deeply stuffed between the heavenly globes of her ass cheeks. Now, perfectly positioned to fuck her in earnest, he plunged his cock deep inside her well-lubricated anal opening. Just a test thrust ensured that she was ready as she unleashed a passionate moan of satisfaction. Down into her steamy stretching bowels he thrust. Faster. Harder. Louder she cried for him to give it to her. As she toyed with her left nipple, he caressed her right at the same time. He listened to not just her impassioned moans, cries, and sighs, but to the steadily increasing sloshing sounds of his testicles slapping against her fully engorged clit. A full twenty minutes of this went by before he let loose another fire dowsing downpour of cum inside her ass. She had three distinct orgasms and was still on her plateau for multiples.

After minutes of catching their breath, they rolled over onto their sides. He draped a well-muscled arm over her side and gently massaged her heaving breasts. She in turn squeezed his semi hard cock inside her ass and continued to do so until they drifted off to sleep, for the morning would come all too soon. She would need her strength to keep the dildo up her ass as he fucked her sopping pussy until noon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32