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I walk into the small room to find Paul sitting at a desk by the window making a drawing on the i-pad. The text of the book is stored as a text file in his nearby laptop. For a few minutes I watch in silence.

“What’s the book about?”

He swiveled the chair around to answer me.

“I just met the author the other day and made the deal with him to illustrate a book about ancient warriors: Romans, Italians, Celtics, Celteberians, Iberians, Carthiginians, Numidians.”

“May I have a look?”

Paul opened the finished works. I looked at each of 5 pages for a few seconds.

“I wish I could draw.”

He let the comment go so I added that “I’d make a web page and post them but I would still make web pages for a living.”

He turned his attention back to an i-pad screen dominated by a colorful drawing depicting armored warriors and added a finishing touch.

I peeked at the watch on my left hand.

“Aren’t you going to call it a day?”

“It’s a day.”

I didn’t react to his quip.

“It’s six o’clock. You put in a long day.”

“I enjoy drawing. It’s not work if one love what one does.”

“I’ve heard that.”

Of course I heard those words. He had uttered them on a few occasions.

He added, “I just started drawing a couple of hours ago.”

I would love to have a job like he has, make my own hours.

“Why the late start?”

“For one thing I had to read the book.”

I asked, “and research the equipment of the day.”

The one thing I afyon escort really wanted was a piece of ass or his cock.

Paul saved his drawings and closed the software.

Walking on the road under the darkened sky and stars, we were both deep in thought, at least I was. My fling with Anne Lockwood, though a distant memory, was not a lost memory. We had our moments together but I knew deep down that she meant nothing. Maybe I’ll tell Paul about it, if he’s curious about my past.

“A penny for your thoughts,” he said finally as we took seats on the bottom bench at the football stadium.

“When I was 16 I had a girlfriend named Anne. It only lasted about 4 months. It began in March and ended in June. I had a wandering eye.”

“What direction did it wander?”

“I was looking at other girls. She didn’t like that. I was also checking out the guys walking with them.”

“She was jealous.”

“She got mad.”

“You don’t say.”

“I do say.”

We chatted a while longer, much of it inconsequential.

He finally asked, “what took you so long to come out.”

“Fear,” I replied.

I added, “I’m an only child.”

Paul processed that remark but did not reply to it so I continued.

“Mom was 40. Dad was 42. I guess they figured I came too late in life to give me siblings.”

“Coming out wasn’t a bad experience. My parents proved to be liberal and they liked Jason right from the beginning.”

At that instant we looked into each other’s ağrı escort eyes under the moonlit starry sky. Looking gave way to an open-mouthed kiss that lasted several seconds sending the first wave of pleasure through me.

With deft hands I unbuckled his belt and unzipped his jeans. His cock stiffened becoming erect inside his briefs.

“You want to suck that, don’t you.”

His soft spoken words were not lost on me. I replied with nod then his cock filled my mouth. As my head bobbed slowly and my tongue moistened the shaft, he rubbed my shoulders gently.

I wanted more than just giving him a blow job.

I came upright and looked toward the pressbox. Paul related a story.

“Jason and I did it up there.”

“Cool,” I said.

As the words hung in the air we bounded up the steps to the pressbox. Ducking below the bench, we got undressed. I went onto my hands and knees. Paul rocked on his knees thrusting his cock into me making the orifice tingle as it stretched to accommodate him.

Soft grunts came with each breath I took. His cock continued tapping my prostate gland.

Baby don’t stop. That feels so good.

”Don’t stop.”

The words hung in the air. No words could describe the pleasure I felt.

I moved my hand to my own cock, closed my fingers loosely around the shaft and stroked slowly for a few seconds. My dick became erect and would stay that way so I put my hand back on the floor to help support my body.

Paul backed away letting aksaray escort me up to my feet. His cock had squirted goop onto my buttocks as it slapped against me.

Realizing that we couldn’t spend too much time in an off-limits place, we didn’t hesitate to get dressed.

Just seconds after doing the deed we went bounding down the steps to the track. In no particular hurry we headed for the gate.

“That brings back memories,” said Paul.

He took my hand a few steps beyond the chainlink fence surrounding the stadium.

“Who was ‘bottom’?”

“He was,” said Paul.

“I was ‘bottom’ the first time we did it.”

I asked, “where was the first time.”

“Basement room at his parent’s house,” said Paul.

Monday morning found me sipping coffee at my desk in my cubicle as my brain worked at maintaining a web page for Nike. That I am gay is not exactly a secret though I may be the only homosexual in the office.

Matt Philips is a friendly coworker, not to mention a gorgeous blond. Standing 5 7, he has a diamond-shaped face, blue eyes, full lips, and a perfectly straight nose.

I took him for straight, though he never did mention having a girlfriend. He never mentioned having a boyfriend either.

“Steven, how was the weekend?”

“It was good. How was yours?”

“Not bad,” he replied.

He added, “went out with friends Friday.”

“Nice,” I said.

At that instant as he turned his head to the right I noticed for the first time a Sapphire Stud earring on the lobe.

“I like your jewelry.”

“I got pierced Saturday.”

“I didn’t know that you’re gay.”

“I just came out.”

“I spent the weekend with the boyfriend.”

“I’m hoping to meet someone.”

I nodded and said, “you will.”

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