A Nun’s Story Pt. 07

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Claire was aware that things had moved very quickly for her since she confessed to Sister Teresa that she’d been having unclean thoughts. It had seemed like mere days after that when she was having sex with the lovely Father John and taking sinful pleasures from his wondrous cock. Now she’d let a senior man in the Church sodomise her more roughly than she’d ever experienced.

It was only now becoming clear to her that this path had not happened by accident. Claire had not been a virgin when she entered the Order of the Mount. At first she’d been happy to leave behind her former life — it had seemed the right choice after the shame she’d experienced owing to her lust and her choices. Later, when those unclean thoughts had proved irresistible, she had begun to think that she was a terrible sinner who’d made a serious mistake.

Her past behavior was not the reason she’d been accepted so quickly. Whether she was a virgin made no difference. But her lust for Father John had opened a door. After discussion with Sister Teresa he’d done his best to flirt carefully with the new nun. The came her willingness to discuss sex and to consider having sex as a nun. She passed the first test — when Sister Teresa flashed her just-fucked cunt — and had quickly embraced the idea that sexual pleasure might be a gift from god.

It was Father John who’d really convinced her. His fabulous cock had proven the final straw for Claire who knew, finally, that this was the right path for her — as it had been for many other nuns. The fact that it obviously helped the Order to undertake its holy work only made it easier to embrace her new life. Sex as a reward for hard-working priests seemed to be god’s work. And fucking other powerful and important people – fucking for Jesus — had proven to be a fulfilling sacrifice to make for the benefit of the Order. Taking the Monsignor’s average-sized prick in her bottom had been surprisingly enjoyable. Best of all, it had made her eligible for an important assignment.

Now she was being prepared. Claire knew that her training in the Gift had merely been aimed at making her eligible to serve in a more special way. She knew little about the assignment as yet. But the honour of being chosen made her more ready than ever to share the Gift — at least, that was how she explained the noticeable increase in her lust and need for sexual relief.


At the doctor’s office, Gary was as pleased as usual to see the lovely Sister Claire. He enjoyed tending to the needs of the naughty nuns. Good medical care was important for them and, of course, they almost always paid him in-kind. Some of the sisters started out being shy and cautious. Claire had been different — already comfortable with her sexuality and willing to use it in the service of the Order of the Mount. And Doctor Gary had sensed from the start that Claire had real talent when it came to what they referred to as the Gift.

“Tell me how you’ve been feeling,” he said to Claire with a smile. “Now that you’re being more sexually active, have you noticed any problems.”

“Well Doctor,” Claire began slowly. “You know about anal sex. And yesterday I had some with an older man. He was quite rough. I am feeling a little sore still but its OK I am sure.”

Gary already knew about the Monsignor. Mother Mary had made sure that the Doctor was aware of the range of sexual activity undertaken by her charges. That helped the Doctor to keep everyone healthy.

The senior nun had also wanted to illustrate to the Doctor why his medical care could be given without needing to observe the usual rules. At first the Doctor had been offended and a little horrified by what he was being asked. It was a professional sin to have any kind of sexual intimacy with a patient. Even after Mother Mary had explained the reasons for their approach to sex he’d been adamant. Only slowly had Gary begun to accept that the Gift was intended to be shared with him as well. And, after all, there was nothing really sinful about helping the nuns to pursue their good works for the poor and needy.

Frequent appointments with two of the more sexy nuns had been the clincher. It had proven impossible to ignore the way they offered their bodies to him. One in particular, with huge firm breasts, had made him weaken. The first time she let him stroke his cock between her massive jugs, his first ever tit fuck, the willing Doctor had given up his struggle. Seeing the eager nun lick his semen from her face and her chest had finally convinced Gary that he should agree to accept the Gift in exchange for his medical assistance.

Right now, though, his focus turned to the pretty nun in front of him.

“Well, you have a clean bill of health. And I am told that you are about to start something special for Mother Mary. So lets give everything a look to make sure.”

Claire casually undressed in front of the Doctor. It wasn’t required for this appointment but Claire was more than willing. Isparta Escort She had the approval of Monsignor Davis and it seemed like she was even more horny as a result. Besides, she knew that Doctor Gary was entitled to share in the Gift. Claire appreciated his lovely smile as she disrobed for him — with the exception of her prized veil that she left atop her head.

Gary could see that Sister Claire had a fine body. She was not too skinny, just the right amount of meat. Her freckles brought attention to her pretty face but he could never keep his eyes off her breasts — B-cup and still nicely pert and bouncy for a woman in her late twenties. Her shape flared nicely from her waist to her hips. Claire’s legs were slim but in good shape. He already knew that her backside had benefitted from her low-key fitness regimen. And this nun had a warm, juicy cunt. But this was only a short appointment and Gary forced himself to concentrate.

“Please bend over the table for me,” he instructed. “I’ll start by inspecting your other passage.”

Claire complied immediately. She liked the dirty doctor. And his obvious concern for her well-being made it easy to share the precious Gift with him.

“Please part your legs. Good. Relax and I’ll open your buttocks to take a look.”

Claire enjoyed the Doctor gently spreading her pale butt cheeks. It never felt slutty or sinful to enjoy Gary’s touch or to know that he was looking intently at her intimate holes. In truth he was a lecherous man who lusted after the nuns. Yet that made him a dear friend to the Order of the Mount. And his touch was so gentle — especially when his fingers stroked around her once virgin anus where the pale skin turned a shade of soft brown.

“Everything looks fine to me,” said the doctor, noting how Claire’s breathing betrayed her enjoyment of his examination. “I’d need to examine you internally to be really sure. But that will only irritate the passage and there’s no obvious reason to do that.”

This one had a fine arse – nicely rounded and yet soft. Gary would have enjoyed a final butt fuck before Sister Claire departed for her new mission. It would be months before he saw her again. But there wasn’t time on this day. A last feel of her soft, bare and plump cunt lips might have to tide him over until she returned.

He heard the gentle sigh from the nun as his fingers stroked softly over her cunt lips. His next patient was waiting but Gary decided he wouldn’t resist a last chance to explore that silky, smooth skin.

“Let’s get you onto the table next,” he said to Claire. “Lie back and relax for me.”

The nun already knew what was involved in a physical exam from Doctor Gary. Doing her best to relax for him, Claire smiled as the naughty physician groped her breasts. She supposed he’d examined many nuns and their breasts. Maybe that was why his touch felt so expert. The squeeze he gave them only increased her arousal. Claire could feel her nipples responding. She knew the Doctor could hear her rasping breaths but Claire was no longer ashamed by the way his touch made her turned-on.

“You have wonderful breasts,” Gary said with a smile, his own arousal now obvious.

“I always thought they were too small.”

“Not at all,” he tried to reassure Claire. “I like them very much.”

The Doctor rubbed her taut nipples between his fingers and thumbs. There was the hint of a squirm as Claire’s body responded to the stimulation.

“You have a lovely body,” he said with a little too much enthusiasm and Claire squirmed some more.

They both knew it was wrong for the Doctor to slide his hand down her torso towards her cunt. It was an act born of lust and greed — wicked, not to mention career-threatening for the physician. But Claire was on a high after having been used by the Monsignor. She’d left her veil on to give the Doctor a little extra thrill, groping an almost naked nun in his offices. Now she reached out her hand to feel the Doctor’s hardened cock through his trousers.

Claire was correct and the sight of her veil perched on her head was making Gary’s cock throb. He knew these naughty nuns pursued all manner of sexual fun. But he had no idea just how wicked they could be or how horny Sister Claire was feeling. But there was not a lot of time so he deftly parted her cunt lips, exposing the hard clit nestled in her folds.

“Doctor… yes,” she breathed, squeezing his shaft.

Gary noted her slit was already moist. Not bothering with gloves this time, he stroked between the parted folds and barely touched the tip of the nun’s clitoris. The sharp breath she drew made Gary smile. He imagined that this one must be a wonderful lover. Having sampled many of the nuns, he already knew they were horny and eager compared to many of his female patients. Now he drew his finger downwards, stopping at the warm entrance to her cunt. It pleased him to see Claire arch her back ever so slightly, wishing he would penetrate Isparta Escort Bayan her.

“Well, this was only a quick exam,” the Doctor said as he withdrew his hand. “I won’t keep you any longer.”

He almost heard the groan of torment from Claire. But, after all, there were other patients waiting to be seen.

“You have a clean bill of health. You are ready for your important assignment.”

“I want to thank you, Doctor.”

“That’s really not…”

But Claire had already slipped off the table and onto her knees. To his surprise, she was quickly opening his trousers. Doctor Gary was a little on the short side. He was slightly pudgy. His cock was only average-sized at best. But Claire was thrilled by receiving the approval of the Monsignor. Now she truly was a member of the Order of the Mount and she was eager to make the most of the new responsibility she had for sharing the Gift. She extracted the Doctor’s cock with ease, showing the skills she’d learned before becoming a nun.

Gary moaned with delight as the wicked nun took his hard shaft between her lips. It was an amazing sight to look down and see her head, still covered with her holy veil, bobbing along the length of his cock.

She’d already taken Bob Watson’s much larger phallus in her mouth. Now, feeling Gary’s size in her mouth, Claire suddenly had the idea of swallowing his entire length. Surely deepthroating was an even better way of sharing the Gift with the Doctor? She worked her saliva over the shaft and, with some effort, soon had the whole of his throbbing meat in her mouth. The Doctor was shocked as he felt her nose resting against his pubes. Claire was only slightly less surprised by her talents. His cock seemed to throb with appreciation.

Emboldened, Claire cupped his smallish balls and began to work her mouth along the full length of the Doctor’s cock. lips and tongue worked on his shaft as she repeatedly moved from tip to base, all the while massaging his tightened sack. There was only a little time but Claire was eager to give the Doctor his full reward.

His sounds were growing louder and Claire could sense how close he was. Swallowing his whole length, reaching around with one hand to grab his arse. He was fully buried in her mouth and Claire wanted the dirty doctor to move his hips, fucking her mouth as best he could while the nun tried to wrap her tongue around him.

Looking down, Gary couldn’t see much except for the veiled head that was pressing so close he could feel his balls touching the chin of this most wonderful woman. She had a tight hold on his cock, pulling his hips towards her as her lips and tongue drew him into wanting to fuck her pretty face. He was thrusting his hips against her as she swallowed his member. How could a woman like this be a nun?

He couldn’t last any longer. Her mouth was too beautiful. With a groan, he felt his cock throb harder and balls force a massive spurt of semen through his shaft and into her warm mouth. He was cumming, shooting his sperm down the throat of a pretty young nun. It was a struggle to contain his groans of delight. The Doctor always came so much harder when fucking a member of the Order of the Mount. His cock kept pulsing as his balls emptied down the throat of the nun.

And Claire was an expert, that was clear. He could her the tiny sounds of choking as each blast of his cum. Yet she swallowed each load of cum, eagerly taking all of his hot, sticky cock juice. She did not stop till she was sure Gary was completely emptied. She had not let a single drop go to waste. Claire enjoyed the taste, And the triumph of her first deepthroat. It didn’t matter to her how many professional rules had been broken that day. She held his cock in her mouth till he softened, cleaning him expertly.

“Thank you, Doctor,” she smiled up at him. “I should get dressed. So you can see your next patient.”


“You must guard against sin,” Sister Mercy was saying sternly.

Claire had arrived at the other nun’s apartment as ordered by Mother Mary. She had the details of her new assignment. It was exciting to know she would visit another country. Mother Mary had left no doubt that her mission was to use the Gift in the service of the Order. Fucking for Jesus. Most pleasing of all was that she would be working alongside the lovely Father Filippo. Claire was sure she would be able to share the Gift with the other priest. Filippo was a wonderful lover and would be a welcome substitute for Father John.

But she was confused by what Sister Mercy was saying. Claire knew that Sister Mercy was fully acquainted with the Gift. Mercy knew that sex and pleasure were gifts that the Order of the Mount used willingly to assist its work to help the needy.

“Lust can be a trap,” continued Sister Mercy. “Of course, you understand that lust can be positive. It leads us to the Gift. But you must never allow lust to control your actions. Or Escort Isparta make decisions based on your lust. We must always serve our holy Order.”

Sister Mercy didn’t know much about Claire. Like everyone, she saw the pretty young nun as a fine addition to the secret inner circle of the order. And she didn’t know much about Claire’s new assignment. But Mercy knew enough — Mother Mary had said that Claire had strong submissive tendencies and had asked for the younger nun to be taught some more about the Gift.

Mercy was only a few years older than Claire. She had entered the Order long before, a virgin who’d assumed that her lack of interest in boys made her a perfect candidate. Soon after she had discovered that being surrounded by so many women was leading her to unclean thoughts. Naturally the Order had known exactly what to do about those. Later, when Sister Mercy had realised she was struggling to control her own lust, it had been the previous boss, Mother Isabelle, who had carefully led Mercy in the direction of darker sex play.

“And pride,” Mercy went on. “You still are a new member of the inner sanctum. And secrecy is more important than ever. Don’t let yourself be too bold because you have been given these special privileges.”

Mercy knew well that passing the final test with the Monsignor caused some of the new members to act out, to take opportunities for sexual pleasure that were improper. And she saw in the younger woman’s blush that she was right.

Claire suddenly realised what she’d done with Doctor Gary — taking advantage of the situation. She’d been so thrilled to have passed her test with the Monsignor that her first thought was to suck the doctor’s cock. The fact that it was a payment for his services was a handy excuse for such a bold act. But Claire knew that she’d tempted the Doctor when it wasn’t necessary. It was an important lesson in humility for the slutty nun.

Already, Sister Mercy could see for herself that Claire had the right attitude. And she was a quick learner. Mother Mary had noted that this new member had potential as a submissive. Mercy knew that her job was to turn Claire in that direction.

“The Gift is shared in many ways,” said Mercy. “You have a lot to learn. I can teach you. If you think you’re ready.”

Claire didn’t understand her own submissive nature. But the words of the other nun were making certain feelings well up inside her. She guessed that Sister Mercy was a lesbian. She was curious about that. And she could feel herself responding to the woman’s stern nature, and her casual way of taking charge.

“Yes, I am ready. Please teach me.”

Mercy pointed to the bedroom and her order was clear enough to Claire who found it easy to obey. It was a Sunday night and both women were dressed casually in jeans and T-shirt. There was a large bed with a small case placed on it. Mercy opened the case, revealing a mysterious array of objects and implements. Claire noticed in particular the metal cuffs and something that looked like a crop used when riding a horse. Some of the other objects she wasn’t sure about but Claire guessed that their purpose was all about the Gift. She couldn’t help it — a thrill ran through her body as Sister Mercy gave a glimpse of a more kinky version of the Gift.

“Sometimes you have sex with a man. A priest or a layperson with their hard cock. And together you share the Gift. You share the pleasure that god made for us,” said Sister Mercy. “But sometimes the Gift is entirely about the other person’s pleasure. I am talking about submission. Not to the Order but to the pleasure of another.”

Claire already knew the thrill of giving sexual pleasure to others. First there was Father John. Then the incident with Mr Watson in the car. And Doctor Gary. Now she felt the thrill growing stronger.

“I prefer to take all the pleasure for myself,” said the little nun. “But I am a lesbian. I have no interest in cocks.”

Claire had never had sex with a woman before entering the Order. It had seemed like a natural thing to share the Gift with Teresa. She’d been sent to Sister Mercy to learn more. But she knew about kinky sex play only remotely. Was it the sin of pride that she was so eager to do whatever the other woman asked? Claire nodded silently.

At that, Mercy swung her arm and slapped Sister Claire across her face. It was not a powerful blow — Mercy was too small for that. But it stunned Claire. The blow was unexpected and it stung.

“Answer me properly,” Mercy said with mock anger. “And you always answer me as “Yes Sister”‘.

Mercy was prepared to be rough. There was little time to teach the younger nun everything she needed to know. Fortunately, Claire was up to the challenge.

“Please Sister, teach me,” replied Claire as she blinked back a tear.

“I will teach you. So that the Order can be proud of you. And you will do everything I say.”

“Yes, Sister.”

Mercy yanked her jeans down past her knees. That exposed her thick pubic bush since the older nun was not wearing any underwear.

“Kneel,” was her next instruction to Sister Claire. The novice complied instantly, remembering that Mercy might enforce her commands with another slap. “Get your face in there.”

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