A Perfect Match

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James couldn’t get it up the second time. No that’s not quite true, he got it up, but couldn’t keep it there. The fucking thing just wouldn’t stay hard.

Kelly and he were having one of their, not too regular, wild evenings in. They tended to have them every six weeks or two months. She’d cook a nice meal or he’d barbecue steaks, they’d drink too much, smoke a joint or two and then fuck, but not always in that order. Sometimes the sexy little blonde haired bimbo that is his wife of twenty years might return from the kitchen with the dessert and her knickers in her hand or even just in her knickers implying ‘fuck the dessert’ and that was always alright by James. Usually they’d try somewhere different, the sitting room floor, up the stairs or, on a nice night in the garden. They always tried to do something different to make their wild evenings in special.

Tonight they’d lasted through dinner and then had a long session on the carpet. She’d sucked him, he had sucked her and then they had played with each other for what must have been at least an hour. They eventually fucked; firstly James had her from behind and then turning her over onto her back he got between her leg, hauled them over his shoulders and deep fucked her that way.

They had great orgasms and then we went to bed with a bottle of brandy, which wasn’t going to be used as a sex toy, even though the idea of a bottle of Hine XO Cognac shoved up Kelly’s cunt was pretty appealing.

They drank and talked, dozed and then drank some more. A couple of hours later, it was near midnight, she started to play with him. She pushed her small, heavily nippled tits towards him and he cupped and squeezed them, then stroked and caressed them. James loved his wife’s tits, but then to be truthful he loves most tits as long as they are shapely and don’t’ sag too much. Playing with Kelly’s usually that does the job, not tonight though.

“Methinks,” she said huskily “He needs a little special attention.”

“You’re not wrong there love,”he said taking another swig of the ridiculously expensive Cognac.

The sight of his wife’s blonde hair slithering down his body was great, Kelly gives marvellous head. She reversed her position leaving her breasts and now her bum and those other lovely places as well so easily available to his hands and she grasped his limp cock. She licked it and his balls as her fingernail scratched at that little patch between them and his bum. Shit it was lovely and James immediatelyI felt some quiverings. Kissing and licking both the length and the tip of his cock it started to harden making Kelly feel pleased and also relieved; on a wild night in once was certainly not enough for her!

“Mmmm that’s better,” she said “How do you want me?”

“Doggy?” he suggested watching her kneel with her head resting on her forearms on the bed and her gorgeously pert arse in the air.

He got behind her and as he went to push it on it started to soften.

“Fuck it.”

“What is it?”

“I’m losing it.”

“Lay down and close your eyes,” she said kneeling beside him. It took longer this time, but at last felt ready. But the same thing happened again.

“Just relax it happens at our ages.” she said snuggling up alongside him feeling sorry for her husband, and herself if the truth be known. James put his arm round her and pulled her against his chest. She pulled the sheet up and rested her hand on his stomach, her fingers slipping just into his pubes.

“Fuck it Kel, I’m only forty five.”

“Well that’s when it starts or so Cosmo says.”

“What losing it?”

“Yes some go completely in their forties.”

“Gee thanks a bunch.”

“Is it me?”

“What not being able to get a hard on, you?”

“Yes am I the reason?”

“Of course not I was ok the first time.”

“Yes but not the second time, you used to be able to get it upi so quickly and easily, perhaps you don’t fancy me as much nowadays” she asked.

“True, but why would it be you?”

“It happens. Maybe someone else would get you hard easily.”

“Oh you mean the grass is greener thing?”


“I don’t know do I do, I don’t look for a greener grass,” James lied.

Whilst Kelly and James Ioved each other it was in their own ways. They had a pretty relaxed marriage. Although they never talked about it they both had ‘fun’ outside the marriag.

“Yeah right,” she said “What about if it was Brad.”


“Yes the guy in Boston,” she said referring to a bloke she’d pulled in the Marriott Copley Place for them to have their long yearned for threesome with.

“What about him?”

“Well he got you hard quickly after I sucked you.”

“Did he?” James said as if he couldn’t remember; it was actually absolutely vivid in his memory and he could recall every moment of the threesome.

“Yes, so what if he was here now and doing this,” she said rubbing his cock and cradling his balls. “Would that help?”

“Doing what?”

“Exactly what I am doing,” she said pumping his cock slowly escort bayan with one hand and rolling his balls with his fingers on the other hand

“Kel I don’t know” he lied.

“Do you ever think about it?”

“What Boston?”

“Sometimes, do you?”

“Yes often, I’d like to do it again.”

“What me and another bloke and you.”

“Yes, but more you and another bloke.”

“You want to see me with another guy?”

“Mmm it was the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen. You did like it?”


“Would you do it again with me?”

“Yes I would,” James said quietly.

“Good, but in the meantime you can now fuck me,” she said stroking his ramrod like hard cock.


Although James had ‘performed’ with Brad in front of his wife when she had pushed their cocks together and then put their hands on the other’s cocks and had encouraged them to masturbate, he hadn’t let on to her about his bisexual feelings or how he had been satisfying them over the past few months.

He hadn’t told her of being massaged and having the male masseur jerk him off or of visiting gay saunas. He hadn’t mentioned that he had been tossed off there by strangers and that he had returned the favours. Naturally he hadn’t mentioned that he had taken Cialis before he went so he kept his hard on longer. That was important when he went to the hot tub and saw several guys looking as he slowly removed his towel feeling excited as their eyes locked on to his erection. It was also important as he walked round the club, his towel folded in half so the hem of it hardly covered his balls and arse the outline of his erection under the towel plain for all to see.

And most importantly he hadn’t told her that he had been sucked off several times, once to complete ejaculation into the other guy’s mouth. Critically he hadn’t mentioned that next time he went he was planning to go to one of the quiet rooms with a guy and suck him off.


Kelly and James had an unusual relationship. He in his mid forties and she slightly younger they had been childhood sweethearts and had married some twenty years ago. They had no children. Maybe it was that, possibly that they met and married too young or it could be a range of other factors, but they didn’t love each other; well not in a conventional way. As a result, over the years their marriage had become rather ‘open’ and they were both pretty sure that the other had ‘flings’

although they never discussed it. Equally, they never questioned the other when they were out for the evening.

James ran a successful business and they were well off with his and hers Mercs, a London house a villa in Spain and no children; money was not an issue for them.

Kelly had become interested in the arts and was taking a degree at Middlesex University as a mature student. Given that she was a stunning looking blonde, with small, but nice shaped tits, great legs, a fabulous ass and that she was very generous in the students bar, she was hugely popular with the male students of all ages many of whom were eager to get into her knickers.

The two that did were probably the grubbiest, least well off guys in the year. They were in their mid twenties, lived in a squat and hunted women as a duo. Hence, the first time Kelly got shagged by both of them was on a blanket in a room empty of furniture in a house that was due for demolition. It was the sheer squalor and sordidness that for some reason appealed to her. That is in addition to having two almost insatiable, bisexual studs at her sexual beck and call.

The next few times were in similar surroundings, though different locations, and with other people, males and female in the room; they paid little attention to what the three of them did, but the fact of them being there was an additional turn on for Kelly.

She hadn’t of course mentioned a word about her sordid afternoons to James who was blissfully unaware that his wife avidly watched the two guys masturbate and suck each other. He was equally unaware of course that his wife several times lay on that that tatty blanket masturbating herself to conclusion as one or the other of her two student lovers fucked the other.


James was slowly coming to terms with the fact that his sexuality was changing. That his female side was emerging and that the bisexual elements that presumably had lain dormant for years were pushing themselves to the forefront of his sexual needs and behaviours. He still shagged other women, his wife included, but more and more he wanted more than what a woman could give him, more than straightforward sex, more than heterosexual sex. James wanted it all, but as yet had no idea what all was.

As he had fucked Kelly that night when he had trouble getting a second erection they had talked. Often as he lay buried deep in her they would discuss sexual matters.

It was in such a situation that she had eventually told him that she had tried sex with another girl, adding untruthfully that it was when she at college when they were not a number.

“It bursa merkez escort just nothing for me” she told him ending years of him trying to persuade her to have a threesome.

It was that night though that Kelly had said. “It was thinking about what you did with Brad wasn’t it that gave you this boner wasn’t it?”

James had started to deny that, but she saw through that.

“Don’t worry I understand, I want to do it again.”

“Do what?” He asked.

“Have you and another man.”

“And what do you want us to do?” He asked thrusting up and down her a few times.

“I want you to see you suck each other,” she replied contracting her vaginal muscles and gripping him tightly.

“You sure?” He said feeling his ejaculation starting deep in his balls.

“Yes I want to see your cock in his mouth and his in yours as I masturbate.”

It only took moments for James to cum deep in his wife.


“How about partner swapping with a bi guy?” James asked Kelly a few nights later.

“What about her?”

“His partner?”


“How do you mean?”

“She’ll probably be bi too.”

“Well we can check that, maybe she’ll be like you.”


James was on a swingers’ website trying to find a guy to share his wife with. He could hardly believe they had come this far, but realised that it was probably the only way for he didn’t feel able to ask anyone he knew and Kelly hadn’t come up with any suggestions. She had thought of suggesting one of her student lovers, but had rejected that on the grounds that they might tell James too much and they had a little too much stamina for both were able to get it up within .half an hour twice in an afternoon.

They’d decided that a swinger was the best option or failing that a male escort.

“I don’t really like the idea of paying for it?” James had said thinking that it would probably be some stud who would embarrass him. “Why can’t we try another Boston?”

“Lightning never strikes twice in the same place love, but of course let’s look out for any opportunity.”

James continued looking through swingers’ sites gradually finding some more specialised ones including a ‘Bi men for couples site.” There were loads of entrants. He emailed a few, but got only a few replies from spectacularly unappealing guys most of whom were older than himself.

“It’s no good, I can’t find any,” he told Kelly one evening.

“Oh well you’ll just have to fuck me and make out it’s a bloke won’t you.”

“Hey hang on I wasn’t thinking that way?”

“Weren’t you?” Kelly asked a slight smile on her lips as her eyes caught his just as she slid his cock into her mouth.

Kelly’s fascination with watching blokes together started, or so she believed, a few years ago when she was doing voluntary work for the National Trust at a stately home a few miles to the north of London. She had an affair with one of the curates, a man in his fifties. It started pretty normally, a few kisses and caresses in secluded places in the large house, a fuck one autumn evening when the clock changed then the occasional time in the car or hidden moments around the big old house. It was when he invited her to his house when his wife was away that they got down to the real nitty gritty.

Following his instructions they both undressed and went into the living room. There was a wood fire blazing in the open grate and he had lit loads of candles and joss sticks. They sat opposite each other both leaning against heavy chairs. They opened their legs, raised their knees and pushed their feet together. He told her to stare at his cock as he would stare at her cunt, but he used the word genitals to replace the more basic that came to Kelly’s mind. His erection reared up his stomach.

“Now Kelly touch yourself,” he said running his fingertips up the hugely respectable length of his swollen cock.

Without hesitation Kelly cupped and then squeezed and pinched her breasts. She watched fascinated as he started to pump his cock; she had never seen a man masturbate before. Involuntarily she swore, one of her hands slid down her body and found her clit. The combination of the sensations she was giving herself and the sight of him pumping his gorgeous cock quickly built up her orgasm.

“I’m very near Kelly,” her grunted.

“So am I,” Kelly moaned.

He knelt and moved towards her, she guessed what was going to happen. Just as the storm cloud of her orgasm burst over her so his cum, a surprisingly large amount for a man of his age, shot from his cock and splattered all over her tits and face, the sheer sordidness of it sending her right over the top.


James wasn’t gay. Of that he was sure. He never went around fancying other men or wondering what they looked like naked as he did women. He never had the urge to fuck a man as he did when he saw a tasty bird. He would no more wish to read a gay mag as he would one about Zen Buddhism, but he was a ‘buzz junky,’ or more gürsu escort to the point a sex junky.

He had always been up for anything. Right from his teens when he plucked up the courage to visit a Soho prostitute, he had been ready to try anything. Marrying Kelly hadn’t changed that for just weeks after his honeymoon he was fucking an old flame and just a few days later a new one.

It was the sheer buzz, the excitement, the turn on of something different, something new, something alternative.

That had taken him onto joining a swinging circle with a girl friend who thought he was separated from Kelly, visiting massage parlours, having two girl massages where they performed and to a host of extra marital activities of which he wasn’t proud, but which he felt were fair game.

Then purely by accident he had his first bi experience. It was a simple massage at a holiday spa by a Thai man. For some reason he got hard and the guy said he could fix it if James wanted. Lying there eyes closed, naked, warm oil all over his stomach, balls and cock, his full erection in the masseur’s hands, the Thai guy slowly and expertly wanked him. As James started to cum so unconsciously he reached out and gripped the outline of the masseur’s cock through the thin material of his baggy Thai trousers. That started it.

Unlike many, he wasn’t worried that this signified a change in his sexuality, after all Bowie, John Lennon and Mick Jagger had all ‘admitted’ to gay flings. What it most indicated to James was that he wanted more. So then came the male massage found in the local paper. He went there regularly about once every three weeks. Each time he ended up holding the nude Michael’s wonderfully large, but only semi erect, cock as the masseur brought him to wonderfully, gushing climax with his spunk flying all over the place. And that, of course led to the gay saunas and the touching and groping in the dark cruising room with total strangers, the nude hot tubs where James flashed his erection and had guy’s feet and hands stroke him under the water. It went onto the sauna and steam rooms where a hand might touch his and contact was made and they might start masturbating each other as several guys looked on, some joining in. James found that he enjoyed being watched. However, iIf privacy was needed, and James rarely felt the need for that, but some partners did, there was the small cell like rooms where a couple could go and do anything they wished.

James had the urge to do something bi occasionally. It was not a continuous urge and was not a strong one; it certainly was less powerful than the urges he had to be with other women.

Although he never worried about what he did, and he was doubly careful health wise, and didn’t have traumas or guilt trips he did think about it a lot. He was easily able to rationalise it by concluding that given the right circumstances everyone, if they could shake off the shackles of religion and social conditioning would be bi. James justified his awakened sexuality as he thought of it, as being the norm.

He and Kelly had never discussed that, well not as it related to him. But they had as it related to her. As with most men, James wanted to see his wife with another woman, he wanted a threesome and would have loved to have fucked another female as Kelly kissed them both. He had tried for ages, years really to persuade but she wouldn’t.

“It just doesn’t work for me love, sorry” she had said as they lay in bed in New York.

“Hmmm shame.”

“But now two guys and me Jimmy, that appeals,” she said tentatively as she held his cock. She was a little worried at her husband’s reaction and certainly did not want to get into discussing other men she may or may not have been with.


“Sure, does it you?” She asked already knowing the answer by the hardening of his cock in her hand.

As they fucked they discussed that.

“I can just imagine kissing you as the other guy shags you.”

“Mmmm and then both of you doing me.”

“Really you want that?”

“Of course, but then I want more than that.”

“What else do you want?” James asked thrusting himself as far up his wife as he could get himself and then holding his cock there, still and rigid.”

“I want to see you and him doing something.”

“Doing what?”

“I don’t know yet, we’ll find out when we do it won’t we?”

They found out a lot quicker than they thought. They were in Boston two days later staying at the Marriott Copley Place. They had been to dinner at l’espalier and had walked to the hotel along Boylston Street. They decided to have a drink in Champions Sports bar on the mezzanine floor. It was inhabited by mainly single businessmen and women although there were a few couples. They had chatted to a few people when James’ mobile rang, he listened for a moment or two. As it had rang they were talking to a guy who had already introduced himself as Brad. James apologised and said to Kelly that they would have to go for he needed to do some work on his laptop. Kelly demurred saying jokingly, or so James thought “I’m sure Brad will look after me.”

“You can rely on that James,” Brad smiled.

Feeling a little uneasy for James was pretty sure that Kelly liked to play away from home he agreed and told them that he would be half hour or so.

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