A Promise For You My Sweet

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Hi my love, when you read this it will be you finding it since I won’t be telling I wrote anything.

My promise to you is the following, but you will have to let me know when you’ve read this.

One of these nights I will send our children off for a sleepover and lock us into our sanctuary, unhook all our phones and shut off our TVs, and computers and put on some nice music.

I’ll start by giving you a drink of your choice, and lead you up to our room. Once there I’ll undress you, and ask you to lie face down on our bed . I know this will be kind of uncomfortable for you, but you know I will make it up to you.

I will start by giving you a nice rub from the base of your neck to the small of your back, very softly and slowly and squeeze the tension off your muscles very tenderly mmmmm, I’ll squeeze your butt on one side then the other, down your thigh and calf to your foot and toes and over to the other side up your calf, thigh, butt, back, and your shoulders.

I’ll lean down and lick you right behind your ear and start to suck on your earlobe lick down your neck, your shoulder, bicep nipping as I go licking and sucking to your hand and to each and every finger from the pinky to the thumb looking Kayseri Escort into your eyes. I start licking up your arm again and kissing your back pausing at the base of your spine licking and kissing trailing wet saliva down your back tasting you mmmmm mmmmm I’ll ask you to roll onto your back then I’ll move down to the foot of the bed and take a hold of your feet squeezing them lick each toe one after the other as I rub your ankles I start by kissing up your calves and pausing to lick your knee caps and under your knees tickling you, and spreading your knees so I can sit in between them. I kiss and lick the insides of your thighs one side so close to your full balls then the other mmmmmmm mmmmm. I squeeze your thighs then push them up placing your legs over my shoulders as I lick the spot between your balls and asshole, at this point you’ll be wondering where my tongue will explore, I pause and feel you tense a little, I sneak a lick on your rose bud and start slurping on your balls sucking in one then the other. I lick up your hard shaft to the tip of the head mmmmmmmm mmmmmm so wet! Just the way I like it. I suck on the head drinking all the pre cum tasting you. MMMMM MMMMM!

I ease your legs Kayseri Escort Bayan off my shoulders as I position myself to deep throat, I suck your hard cock slowly into the back of my throat deep as I can take you mmmmmm my tongue reaching to brush against your full balls mmmmmmm I moan and feel you jump a tiny bit from the surprise of the vibration against the head of your swollen cock.

I lick out and suck in slowly for a few more minutes till I think you can’t take it anymore.

I trail my kisses up your abdomen and chest pausing at your nipples as I squeeze the other, I mount you but I make sure we don’t connect yet, I kiss and lick your neck your chin, cheeks, eyes and nose before I give in to your hungry mouth. I love your hot mouth on me, we kiss for a long time, deep and savouring each other, mmmmmm I love the taste of you!

By this time I am so wet and ready for you, I rub my pussy lips and we both can hear how wet I am for you! You look into my eyes as in wonderment, I smile and place my fingers against your lips and I lean down to kiss you and taste myself on your lips. I can’t wait any longer, I reach down and place your hard cock against my wet pussy mmmmm fuck yes! Escort Kayseri I slowly push down onto your hard cock and slowly feel you glide into me.

OH that feel so good I slowly rub my pussy against you feeling my clit rub on you, and I squeeze your hard cock with my muscles I feel you start to slowly fuck me but I sit on you and stop your movements My hands on your chest I lean up and sit astride you, I put my fingers on my clit and start rubbing in circles looking into your eyes, I ride you and rub my clit slowly at first, but I need more! I rub faster and harder mmmmmmm I can feel the heat starting from the center of my tummy and start to feel it boil over ohhhhhh yessssss babe I am so close! I close my eyes shut and ride you softly as I rub faster ohhhhh!!!! fuck yessss the warmth is spreading and I ask you “do you want to see me cum?”

I hear your raspy voice saying yesss! and it washes over me like a tidal wave after wave ohhhhhhh I ride you harder and open my eyes and tell you I am fuckin cumming!!! ohhhhhh fuck yesssss! I am cumming! I ride you so hard that you lift up your mid section and start fucking me. I stop my movements open my legs wider as you position your legs wider as well and start to fuck me really hard as I start cumming again feeling you blast against my clit hard you pull my hair and fuck me like the slut I am! I tell you “that’s right fuck your slut, feel your slut cumming” mmmmmm FUCK YES! and that brings us both over the edge as we both cum really hard!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32