A Punishment to Remember

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I had always been quite weak in maths. That’s y when my friend referred to me Mr Woodword, I was pretty nervous. I had heard about him a lot. He was the strictest teacher the world has ever seen. He is also quite hard on his students. No doubt his students score very good marks but then he is also very famous in the educational world. That’s the reason no one wants to mess with him. Anyway, I knew my potentials in maths much better than my friend did. So when I approached Mr Woodword to give me tuitions, I wore a low neck vest and a long body-hugging skirt so that he can be a bit distracted otherwise. However the pinched look he gave me was in no way encouraging. The only thing was that he kept looking at the mere hint of cleavage showing more often than not and finally agreed to teach me.

As I was trying to move away, in a very low voice he warned “I do not want you to wear such clothes. Do you understand me?”

I thought he was talking about his tuitions. I said, “Okay, I won’t wear them to your class.”

He said, “u can wear them in my class but don’t wear them anywhere else.”

I was not sure what to say. So I didn’t say anything. Just came out. I started doing class. Very soon it became apparent that I am a zero in maths. The more the number of days past, the angrier he became at me. To appease his anger a bit, I started wearing low cut neck. The days I used to get heavy scolding from him, the next day I used to wear tight t-shirts as well as very tight jeans to his class. The stitches of my bra would be visible, my t-shirt used to be soo tight. Throughout the class he would be ogling my boobs. Now let me tell you I have got huge breasts as well as hips. I am almost 5ft 6inches tall with somewhat narrow waist. In totality, my figure is very sexy. Anyway, back to the story, he openly used to stare at my breasts and tried to look down my dress many a times. All these things in general used to make me nervous around him. Then one day, finally he scolded me very hard and gave me an ultimatum that if I could not do the sums by the next day, then he will stop teaching me. The next day I wore to his class the most provocative dress I could think of.

I wore a spaghetti top made up of very very thin white material, so thin that the dark brown colour of my nipples could be made out from above. I had no bra under the spaghetti. I also wore very tight pink panties, so tight that it was pushed into the crack of my bums and pussy, making awesome pouting vertical lips in the front. Also wore a short skirt, Bostancı Escort so short that it barely covered my ass cheeks. When I went to his class, he gave me a disdainful look as he could contemplate that I had worn such a dress to appease his anger only. He started his class and within a few minutes he became excessively angry.

He pushed his pen into one of my breasts and shouted, “how dare u dress like a whore and come to my class when u have not at all learnt your lesson?”

I looked down and whimpered “sir…”

He started hitting my breast with his pen and shouting, “how do you plan to pass ur exam. By showing these to your examiners?” saying this he pushed his pen into my left nipple pushing it into my soft breast. I bowed my head and said nothing.

“You know, you should be punished. Punished very hard. So hard that the next time you do not study, you should be afraid of the consequences.”

“Now get up from the chair you motherfucking bitch.”

I got up from the chair and stood beside the chair, all the time my head bowed down.

“Look at me u asshole, so that when I tear apart ur asshole, u know what has gone into it.”

I looked up at him immediately to see his hand rubbing the huge bulge in his pants.

“Ohhh my God…”was my involuntary response. I looked up at him to see him staring at me with narrowed eyes.

“Stay where u are. Do not move,” he commanded and went to the other room. When he came back he had quite a few things in his hand. He kept them down on the table. Then he thrust a phone into my hand saying, “today I will only punish you. Your deserved punishment is long since overdue. Call your parents and let them know you will be late for home today.”

“Sir, today none of my parents are at home and they are also not expected to return before tomorrow evening.”

He pursed his lips in a thin line and said, “Ok then. Throughout this entire night you will be punished thoroughly and mercilessly on each and every part of your body. Do you agree to that?”

I replied meekly, “yes, sir.”



“Agree to what?”

“I agree to take whatever punishment you give me even on the most sensitive areas of my body.”

“Good girl, now come to me.” I went to him. He picked up a cane from the table and whack… Right on my breast. It elicited an “ssssssssssssssssssssssssssss” from my mouth.. I put my hands behind my head and pushed my tits in front so that the next blow landed Ümraniye Escort right on my nipples. “aaaahhh…” was my response.. This continued for ten more minutes, every one of those hard lashes landing perfectly on my soft nipples. This hardened them into tight buds making small bumps in my spaghetti. He then pulled up my spaghetti above my breasts just baring the two big mounds to his hungry eyes. With both his hands he pushed my breasts together and then as the nipples jutted out, he started rubbing his mouth on my nipples. He started sucking and licking then. He spit on my nipples and rubbed with his cheeks on both the nipples pulled together. He had a one-day growth of beard and those rough hairs on his cheeks rubbed against my soft sensitive nipples. The feeling was simply awesome. Just as I started relaxing, I felt a very sharp bite on my nipple. “aaahhh… aahhh… aaahhh…” I moaned as the biting continued. With each bite it became more and more sharp and painful. It was becoming difficult to stand any more with such pleasurable pain being inflicted on one of my most soft sensitive private parts of the body..

“Sir, I am not being able to stand anymore.”

“What can I do?”

“Please sir allow me to sit while you punish my sexual organs.. please sir…”

“Okay… Let’s go to my bedroom.”

We went to his bedroom where there was a huge bed and right beside the bed was a huge mirror where everything what we do in the bed could be reflected. He pulled my skirt down my legs and threw it on the floor.

“Get that t-shirt out, u cunt!!”

I immediately removed my spaghetti and threw it on the floor. Now I was only in my small pink panties. My legs were apart giving a good view of the V that my panty created. Sir was watching me.

“Open ur legs wide apart, u whore..!!”

I complied immediately.

“Now lie down in such a way that ur fuckable tities are propped up.”

I lied down as instructed; I propped up my breasts by putting some pillows behind my back. My breasts were thrust towards the ceiling. As a result my head was down. So when sir put the clamps on my nipples, I shot forward. I was not expecting any more activity on my boobs. The clamps had small sharp teeth which were biting into my soft nipples. I started shaking my breast vigorously to shake that thing off but still didn’t remove it with my hands. Sir came forward and squeezed my breasts roughly.

“Sirrr…” I whimpered…

He quickly removed his shirt and pants and became Anadolu Yakası Escort naked. His tool had grown to its full length and it was no less than 9 inches. He came and took his position between my two widespread legs. Then he started kissing me on my lips. He pushed his tongue into my mouth and rubbed his tongue on my teeth and swished it against my tongue. Initially it was a bit gagging but in some time I could feel the pressure of his tongue and gradually it became very enticing for me. I started enjoying his play with my tongue and mouth. All this while, with one hand he was rubbing and squeezing my tits and rubbing his fingers on my clamped nipples. The knuckles of his other hand were being rubbed against my panty covered slit. He then put his hand inside my panty and with his finger he started rubbing my entire opening. Then as soon as he found out my clitoris, he took it between his thumb and fore-finger and started squeezing it hard. I was moaning into his kisses. He let go of my mouth and then pulled my panty down. Then he separated my legs as far as it would go and sat between my legs. My cunt was fully and totally exposed to his hungry experienced eyes. I was feeling very open and hence a bit shy. I lowered my head.

“Look at me u fucking slut!!” he roared.

I looked up at him immediately to see a sparkle enter his eyes. He was staring at my cunt in a very hungry way and he was licking his lips. Then slowly giving me glances, he lowered his head to my cunt. The first touch of his tongue on my vagina was beyond explanation. It felt like an electric current has passed through my whole body starting from there. His tongue started lapping up my cunt and the juices which were flowing out. It was making a slush slush sound. Then his tongue finally located my clit out. As soon as he found out, he started sucking my clit. I was moaning helplessly. Suddenly, he bit my clit. The sensation made me almost fly off the bed. With his two hands he pinned me to the bed while he continued licking, sucking and biting my clitoris.

I closed my eyes to enjoy the feeling. I was also moaning like anything. Suddenly I felt a sharp pang of pain on my clit. I opened my eyes immediately to see him put on my clit one of those clips similar to those he had put on my nipples earlier. The sensation was so much that I could hardly keep my butt still. And I could not even close my legs together as that is causing more pain to my clitoris. Sir pushed my legs open and without warning pushed two of his fingers into my vaginal opening. He started finger fucking me. He kept on pushing his fingers into my cunt and pulling it out. And again push it in.

“Sir, please take pity on me. A slutty whore like me will never be satisfied by two fingers. Please drill my hole with your big gun. Please sir.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32