A Rainy Night Gets Hot and Steamy

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My wife teaches painting classes in an Art studio located in our house. Most of her students are older over weight women. However, a few are young (under 40) and attractive.

Each night after classes are over, I help some of the students bring their art supplies and completed project to their car. I am especially helpful to the younger attractive females who provide a nice view as I follow their sweet ass up the stairs.

My story begins on a wet rainy Friday night in April. My wife was out of town teaching a seminar. She had a full slate of classes scheduled for the up coming week. Since she would be away until Sunday, she asked if I would stay at home for several students who would be coming by to pick up class materials.

By 8:00PM on Friday, all but one of the students picked up their materials. I was waiting on the last student named Barb. She was a nurse at a local hospital with a round tight ass and ample sized breasts that would stop traffic. She was the object of many of my masturbation fantasies.

Since it was getting late, I figured Barb was not coming. Therefore, I turned out the lights and popped my Konya Escort favorite X rated film into the DVD player. Within minutes, my hand was slowly stroking my eight inch cock. I eagerly watched as this hot blond was sucking off this large black cock. I was getting harder and harder.

As the pre cum began to ooze out of my swollen love rocket, two headlights appeared to be coming up our driveway. I knew this must be Sue. I quickly zipped my pants and stopped the DVD player.

I peered out to see it was raining very hard. Barb ran out of her car and said, “Good you are here. I was stuck at the hospital. Am I too late to pick up my supplies”?

I smiled and said, “No, come right in before your get drenched”. As she stepped into the house, she was dripping wet and still in her hospital green scrubs. My already extremely hard cock was straining to stay in my pants. The wet scrubs were barely holding back her large breasts. I could see her nipples through the wet material.

I could barely restrain my lust for her as we walked downstairs to the art studio. I picked up her bag of supplies and handed it to Konya Escort Bayan her. She smiled with those luscious wet red lips and said she needed more paint. I pointed over to the display rack of paint. She immediately bent over and began hunting for her color.

As she bent over, her tight wet scrubs hugged her perfect round ass. I nearly ejaculated in my pants from this site.

Sue said, “I can’t find the color burnt umber. Do you have it?”? I immediately stepped directly behind her and pointed to the second shelf. At the same time, she stepped back pushing her round ass directly into my raging hard cock.

Sue exclaimed, “OHHHH, I think I found something much better. Forget the paint give me what is in your pants.” She ground her ass rhythmically into my groin. This was all I could stand!!

I grabbed her hips and began to grind my large love poll into her ass. Sue immediately turned around and gave me a deep passionate kiss.

I instinctively moved my hands underneath her scrubs. My left hand gently caressed her nipples. Sue slowly unzipped my pants and freed my long throbbing eight inch Escort Konya cock.

My pants hit the floor and this love goddess slowly kissed her way down to my groin. I watched as this hot momma sucked and stroked my throbbing penis. She expertly moved her tongue around the head of my penis. She rhythmically pumped my shaft and took the whole eight inches of meat into her soft silky throat. It was the best blow job I ever had

After a few minutes of this deep throat action, I removed her scrub pants and entered her wet love tunnel. I slowly pumped her. I could feel her sweet love juices lubricating my throbbing hard cock. As I grabbed her tiny waist, I began to pump faster and faster. “Give me more”, she moaned.

Oh Yeah!

Faster, Faster, Faster!

Please give it to me!

I could feel her vaginal muscles tightening around my shaft. OH GOD, she said. OOOOOHHH, I AM COMING!!!!

Finally, I exploded into her with a large load of my love juice. Barb continued to shake and quiver for another minute.

After her last orgasm, she licked her tasty love juices off my glistening shaft.

After this passionate love session, I carried her upstairs to our shower where we repeated our hot love making. I convinced Barb to stay the rest of the night.

When my wife returned on Sunday, she asked if all the students came. I smiled and said they were all satisfied.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32