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A Reasonable Deal (Pt. 7)

Chapter 1

Danielle was glad to be home from her friend’s house. There were not that many even semi-attractive members of the lesbian community in town, and this particular one, a Korean-American musician, enjoyed watching, for god knows what reason, reality TV. Reality TV mixed with marijuana and alcohol, all of which the high school teacher had both tried and grown bored with. Sex, history and art were the only things that really interested her anymore.

Danielle had made a few attempts at conversation, but they were either too abstract and surreal to mean anything, or meaningless by default. Danielle loved art but hated artists. Especially modern, easily entertained, self-proclaimed artists…even if they didn’t complain about large dildos being shoved up their asses. In fact, that they didn’t complain (this generalization was most recently exemplified in the Korean musician), just made the penetration less interesting. Anyways, the TV show, filled with pointless arguments, sexual tension, and emotional discord amongst fools, reminded her of her observations about the rest of society, and brought to her mind a quote from the Roman emperor Caligula: “I wish all Rome had but one neck, that I might break it.”

It captured her feelings exactly.

* * * * *

The knock on the door was hard enough to convey the emotion of the visitor. John’s face matched his action. Very serious. He meant business.

What the hell, Danielle thought to herself, looking at the clock. It was 10 at night. When she opened the door, she was met by a young, attractive man not too much younger than herself, with a look that was, if anything, not exactly friendly.

“Are you Danielle, the high school teacher?” he said.

Danielle was no idiot. I never asked if she had a boyfriend. Oh god, is it a dad? No problem. Deny everything. “Um, yes…can I help you?” she asked, politely, but sternly, seeing if she could soften the resolve of the do-gooder.

“I have something very important I want to talk to you about, which you are probably aware of. Would it be okay if I ask you some questions in private? No need to have neighbors here. I don’t want anything to start if there is no reason for it” John said, trying to control his emotions. The fact that the woman that raped his young lover was extremely attractive, was just adding to the feelings in John. The desire for revenge and justice began, almost immediately, to mix with lust and desire. It was a familiar feeling, which was odd. He hadn’t been in this situation before.

Wary, but unwilling to appear weak in any way, Danielle stepped aside, letting him enter. The man didn’t seem shady at all, just very serious. He came in, and she offered him a seat on the couch. She sat on a chair opposite him. Danielle began, “What is the problem sir? Does this have to do with Jamie perhaps? She was talking about getting me in trouble. She seems angry about the academic situation her lack of studying has placed her in.”

John looked at her. She had dark brown eyes that were unwavering. She had large, soft-looking lips. Long black hair that fell around her shoulders. She was wearing some loose, baggy, very comfortable-looking but rather masculine sweatpants, low around her waist, in conjunction with a tight, white wife beater, that was high on the midriff, showing her perfect abs. No bra. Her D cup breasts were perky as it was, and the large aureoles were just visible, in the right light. Her nipples pressed out on the fabric slightly.

“No bullshit, Danielle, I know you fucked with her.” John said. He felt like he was looking in a reflection, in a weird way. Strange how a young, attractive, black woman’s face could mirror his own. It had something to do with the look in the eye.

Danielle knew that he knew. There was something about him. She felt she connected with the man in front of her in some way. He had on his shirt and tie (like always). His eyes had an understanding in them, but there was a difference too, some sort of revulsion. She stood up. He wasn’t going to report her. He was her. “Yeah, okay. I had fun with Jamie. So what? What are you going to do about it? I don’t think you’re taping me. What do you have on me? I’m pretty sure you don’t have anything.”

“Yeah I do,” John said, standing up. “Probably close to a hundred pounds.”

Danielle understood immediately. There was a lust growing in his eyes. But it was not friendly at all. A power struggle was about to take place. She wasn’t going to scream, but she heard herself say she would, and instantly regretted it. She would do no such thing. She saw John come towards her, and she started thinking. Her eyes said all John needed to know. This woman didn’t want cops coming to the rescue.

Danielle couldn’t fight him. She needed a weapon. She looked towards the kitchen. Maybe a knife. John saw the look toward the kitchen and realized her intention. She moved that way, but he was quicker.

Chapter 2

Danielle liked girls. Especially smaller, more feminine, or younger ones. She liked to dominate them. Not men. She didn’t like penises. Even with small wimps, she felt that penetration by a dick was too empowering for the other. She liked control. She wasn’t into the strap-ons. She liked to stick dildos in with her hand, watch the pain/pleasure of the other woman. She luxuriated in making them eat her out. She had never been with a man. Woman on woman rape was rarely reported or acted on, and she entertained herself, often with students and other unsuspecting females.

The situation with John was new, and she didn’t know what to make of it. She needed desperately to assert herself.

* * * * *

John caught her by the arms, picked her up, and tossed her onto the couch. She was athletic and in shape, but she really didn’t have a chance. She began kicking at his balls, trying to knee his groin, unsuccessfully. He moved his legs between hers, and grabbed her wrists and held them down. She struggled…….and struggled. She kicked and tried to move her arms. Her abdominal muscles flexed and strained with her efforts, but John was way too strong.

It was amazing to her. She tried to move, and she had some strength, but John just put one hand down on her upper stomach, right below her breasts, and pushed her into the couch. With the other hand he undid his tie, and started undoing buttons on his shirt. Her hands went to the arm holding her down, and tried to move it, she pulled with all her might, and his hand slid a little to the left.

“So,” John said, as worked his shirt off with one hand. The tie long gone. He was very muscular. “what the hell’s wrong with you? You like raping girls or something?”

“I’m not a creeper. I don’t mess them up. I know they enjoy it.” Danielle replied, one of her hands going to the wrist of his other free hand as it started groping one of her breasts. “What are….you doing here? You’re not just…..telling me to….stop….” He was squeezing very firmly are her soft mammaries. The hands of men were much different than feminine ones. It felt………she needed to get out of here. She couldn’t stand guys.

He lifted his hand off her chest and yanked off her shirt. She was topless, but his hands were off of her. She pushed hard, turned over and tried to crawl away from him. I can get to edge of the couch, jump out, get to the kitchen, I win. I……damn he’s got my….. John grabbed her by the waist, her escape cut short. But now she was turned over, ass up, and was in a worse position bahis firmaları than before….for her. John took her arms, held both wrists with one hand, grabbed his tie from the ground, and quickly tied her hands together. Her face he put into the couch. She knew she was done.

His hands roamed over her back. She kicked her legs a little, but he just ignored them, instead focusing on her ass. Through the sweats, he squeezed and groped her perfectly rounded ass. Pushing into its crack, through the pants, and, finding her asshole, poking down into it. It had taken so much work for her to subdue Jamie, and she was a powerful woman. It was just a couple minutes and she was John’s. His hands were moving over her ass roughly. He grabbed both cheeks, and with his thumbs, jabbed down into anus, through the cloth.

“Mmmmm urrrrrrrr” Danielle growled, as she tried to wriggle her ass away from the intrusive fingers. John yanked her sweats part way down her thighs, her brown ass ready for whatever he wanted to do.

“You mess with Jamie’s ass?” he asked quietly. And swatted a cheek with his bare hand. *SMACK! Her eyes opened wide. *SMACK! The same hand landed back on the other cheek, only to come down on the first again. *SMACK, SMACK, SMACK! The repeated strikes stung on her skin, but the degradation stung her ego more. She looked back,

“Fuck you bastard, I….” *SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK! She buried her face in a throw pillow and gritted her teeth. He slapped one butt cheek three times quickly, then paused, and smacked the other. He spent the next couple minutes spanking the young teacher, then rested.

Danielle’s ass was burning. Part way through the abuse, her slight kicks and attempts to move her targeted area out of the way ceased. He turned her over, and lowered his head to her tits. With her hands tied, his were free to roam wherever they wanted without any interference. As he sucked a nipple into his mouth, his hands touched her stomach, her ribs, her shoulders. He wasn’t so much caressing as grabbing. He would grab a handful of Danielle here and a handful there. With his lips tight around a nipple, he pulled away from her, her boob being held taught in the air, then he let go and watched it bounce back to its normal position.

It was a lot for Danielle to handle. His hands were everywhere. The rough grabbing, smacking, and sucking was turning her on. What the fuck…..I’m a lesbian, I don’t…..”UH”…. His hands grabbed her breasts and squeezed tight. They were large, and he had fun trying to get whole handfuls. He leaned down, and she braced herself for a forced kiss, but instead, he whispered to her, “You’re not the tough one now,” his fingers pinching a nipple in one hand and shaking her breast slightly with it. She moaned in pain/pleasure. “I don’t want to hear about you messing with her again, perv.” He pulled the breast out, as he had done with his mouth, but didn’t let go.

In a somewhat strained voice, Danielle said, “Perv?! Like you’re any different. I know..urrrr…you’re AIE!! (he pinched tighter)…you’re enjoying this…”

He lowered his hand, still clenching her abused nipple, but now twisting it slightly between his thumb and index finger. I am enjoying this. She knows it. Well my own hypocrisy can be dealt with later. He let go of her nipple, only to envelope her whole breast with his hand, squeezing again. The main thing is that she not go after Jamie anymore.

“I don’t mess with teenagers that are in my high school class,” he said. He lowered his hand down between her legs and inserted two fingers into her pussy, which was a little damp.

“OH! Argh….” she exclaimed, as the rough entry was repeated with a third finger. “Sure you don’t…..uhhhh (he pulled his fingers out to the tips)….you don’t have a classsssssss (he jammed them back in)” she stopped and panted a little, his fingers were feeling around in her pussy, enjoying the warm wet surroundings. “If you had a……a high school clas….s………you’d do the same fuckin……same thing….” she continued, his fingers, rotating together in a circle. He took out one finger, stuck the other two back in and swirled them around. “Ooooohhh… know you would………..what do you….uh….do?…I know you use whatev……..oohh (he reached with his thumb and started messing with her clit while his fingers were still inside her)…….”

“I don’t agree,” John said. “She’s young and….” he reached down and undid his pants, pulling out his cock, which was hard. He rubbed it against her pussy, and slapped her tenderest spot with his hard cock. His words to her trailed off. This was fun. He smacked her pussy over and over with his hard cock. It was definitely getting wetter. *Smack, smack, smack, smlack, smlack…. the sound even changed as her pussy began to really moisten up. Danielle started moaning a little, and closed her eyes.

“Anyways. I don’t want you messing with her anymore. She’s mine.” John said.

Danielle opened her eyes and looked at him. Her nipple hurt like a bitch. Her pussy was sore. Her sides even ached a little from the grabbing. Her butt was numb from the spanking. “Fine. You win. I’ll leave her alone. Just…… “*smlack, smlack, smlack (his cock kept striking her pussy) “….Just let me, just …. let me go…..” She was defeated. Almost.

Nah, that’s not good enough. Too much of one-on-one dealing there John thought. He buried his cock into her pussy. It was a pretty tight pussy, and he had a pretty big cock, so it wasn’t the easiest entry, but he forced it in.

“AAGGHHhhhhh” she let out, not able to control herself. He was just pushing it in. Her pussy was wet, but it was still a tight fit. She didn’t let women use dildos on her that much. Mainly fingers and tongues. Once in awhile. His cock was half way in, and he didn’t stop, he kept pushing. “AARGH! Don’t, don’t….stop it…..I won’t…..AARGH (he was 2/3rds of the way in)…I won’t mess with her, I said I….OOHHHHH (He was into his balls)….I wouldn’t…..ohhhhh (he slid it out again)hhhhh……..I won’t mess with AARGH (back in it went, a slight bit easier)….whatever your name ….. Urrrrrrr….Just let me….AH Ahhhhhh (he was back in to his balls)…….I….I…….oooohhhhhhh (back out)……god, oh my go…DDDDDD (back in)…….you are…..uhhhhh ahhhhh (back out)……”

John grabbed her hips tight and slammed her good and hard. Her tits were flopping around, her face had a grimace. His hips were colliding with her again and again and again. She moaned, cried out, attempted to reason, incoherently, and finally fell silent and just let the feelings of arousal build in her.

She’s starting to enjoy herself a little too much. She needs some more humility I think. “Alright,” John said, pulling his cock out of her. They both caught their breath. He picked up her little wife beater and wiped his cock clean with it. “this is the deal.”

I’m throwing that top out, that’s for sure Danielle thought to herself.

“I’ll let you suck my cock” he told her, graciously.

Chapter 3

“Let me? Um…I don’t actually want to” that cock did a number on her pussy, but she still thought it was gross, and didn’t want it in her mouth for sure.

“Well, in a few minutes I’m going to jam this up your ass. I suggest you lube it up, cause I’m not lubing your asshole.” John said matter-of-factly.

Danielle, for the first time, had a worried look. “No, not my ass…..please. I won’t…..”

John just looked at her, reached under her to her ass and felt around the anus. kaçak iddaa

“AH! Really, what’s your name? This is too much. Not my ass. Really (his fingers moved around her anus and dipped in a little)…Ooh…really…….I won’t…..touch…..her……anymore…”

“Um, time’s a tickin. Looks like I’m fucking your ass dry” John said.

With a desperate look, Danielle did a sit up, kicked her legs back, and leaned over to take his cock in her mouth. She wasn’t used to giving blowjobs at all. She came off it, and started licking up and down his shaft, trying to get it as wet as possible.

John looked down. He was stoked. This lesbian bitch was going wild on his cock. Licking, sucking, spitting….anything she could. He looked down at her large ass, sticking up, delightfully, in the air. He stood, and Danielle tried to follow him with her mouth, reaching for his cock. She wasn’t done yet, she wanted it lubed up a lot. He let it back in her mouth. Gratefully she sucked some more. “You’re doing a good job. I don’t think we’ll have a problem getting it in.” He was grinning. Danielle was sucking now like crazy.

John reached down, grabbed her head with both hands, and began thrusting in and out of her mouth, down into her throat and back out again. Danielle tried to relax her throat as best she could, and John’s journey was fairly easy.

He eventually decided he had had enough time. As Danielle choked and sputtered, John slowly withdrew his cock from her throat. He got her to the couch, and placed her head down into the cushion with her ass up.

He unceremoniously started to jam his cock into it.

“AAIIIEEE!!” Danielle let out, loudly.

* * * * *

Next door, her neighbor, a young construction worker, heard the exclamation. Damn dyke is always doing perved up crap to chicks in there. Hot or not I don’t want to listen to that. He put on his noise-cancelling headphones, and continued to play xbox.

* * * * *

“OOOHHHHH!” she let out, feeling the long hard cock intruding into her body. Her anus was very tight. But, like her pussy, that didn’t stop John. As his crotch finally settled up against her fantastic ass, John let out a contented sigh.

Danielle felt like she was on a spit. She could barely move, the huge pole in her ass was giving her a weak feeling in the stomach. She had never felt so, filled, in her whole life. His cock was warm and firm, and……alive. She had grabbed dildos and stuffed them into girls. But this thing was alive. John pulled his cock out slowly, then crammed it back in.

“Uhhhhh….oh god…………(he grabbed her ass cheeks and shook them)….oh god………..this is crazy man……..I……(he started to pull out, leaving her with a very strange empty feeling inside her as the cock withdrew) oooohhhhhhhhhhhh…… god…….my…..(back in it went)..mmmmmmmm”

John quietly began fucking her in the ass. “Where’s my cock Danielle?” he asked her.

“In…….oh…….in my assss” she admitted.

He loved hearing that. He fucked her for a solid 15 minutes. Fast, slow, all around, deep. She groaned, moaned, and cried out when it hurt a little too much.

John finally felt the urge, and pulling out, he flipped her over. Danielle opened her eyes and saw his cock pointing straight at her face. “Oh…….oh god…” she said weakly, watching him jack off in front of her… “oohhhhhh do it……..just fuckin…. cover me, cover m…….mmmmmmmm” He shot his sperm out hard and fast. The first shot landed on her forhead, and left a trail across her nose and lips. John groaned deeply, and the second shot hit her eye, and more landed on her lips, which opened, allowing two more shots to enter her mouth, followed by his cock, which he held in her mouth as she sucked him dry. She was covered in jizz, and was sucking on a cock that had just been in her ass.

Yeah, she’s been humbled John thought to himself. He held her head, keeping her mouth on his cock, and sat down. She continued to suck. It hurt, his cock was so sensitive after shooting, but he reveled in the discomfort. Her large soft lips were perfect for sucking dick.

“Yeah, so much for the lesbian thing” he said to her, playing with her hair a little.

She came up a little, “I don’t want other guys, I’m still a lesb.mmphhhhh.” John pushed her back down onto his cock. He liked Jamie, not this woman.

“Alright bitch, off the cock.” John finally said.

She got up, and he untied her arms. She stretched them. She hurt all over. She could barely sit on the couch her ass was so sore, both inside and out.

“No more Jamie” he told her. She nodded quietly.

“Whatever you say. I’ll do it.” She was completely content for him to be in control.

“Well, apparently, you’re a good history tutor. I want you to keep working with Jamie. But hands off” John said. Danielle looked up at him, somewhat surprised, but she nodded. “I’ll talk to her, and I’m sure she’ll come back. She might be all traumatized, so be really nice and apologetic and stuff.”

“Sometimes….you know,” John thought about Jamie and how she really needed to do well in the class. He didn’t want her to just get passed by the teacher. He thought it would be valuable for both of them, “…it’s just good to help people without getting something back.”

Danielle looked at him. She would do whatever he said. But John saw that she didn’t get the concept. All she saw was hypocrisy and power struggles. He had won his, she wanted to win hers. Winning got you the spoils of victory. For her—young pussies, for him—her ass.

John got his clothes back on, and she just lay on the couch naked. John sighed as he looked at her. Maybe they were different after all.

Chapter 4

The next day, another meeting had taken place at the office between Mark, Samantha, and John. They had discussed the financial situation as it was, and Mark was just waiting for what he knew was bound to happen. Sure enough, John was fucking his wife in no time. I told myself I’d stop, John said to himself.

Bianca listened from outside the door. Man, he’s going at it again. Doesn’t he ever get enough? Suddenly Mark walked out the door. He seemed disappointed. “I guess John wants you in there…….and me out here” he said, sadly. Bianca looked at him with more than a little disgust and went into the office.

Upon entering, she saw Samantha on her knees sucking John’s spent cock, apparently working on getting it hard again. “Hey B,” John said, “you mind helping my client out with this?”

This was new. He hadn’t had her do anything with somebody other than herself. Well, I’m still just sucking him I guess. Moments later, her own clothes were shed (on John’s command), and she was on her knees with Sam, servicing the accountant. It was odd, since they only knew each other as acquaintances, and the type of polite behavior that existed between acquaintances normally, apparently exists in sexuality too. They were quick to defer to each other, and tried to stay out of one another’s way, more or less.

Sam licked up one side of John’s cock, as Bianca’s lips slid down the other side, like he was a harmonica or something. John loved it. He looked down at the two gorgeous women in front of him, and he groaned appreciatively. When Sam gently swallowed John’s cock into her mouth, Bianca lowered herself and took a testicle into her’s. Sam’s tongue swirled around the tip of John’s cock and he let out a deep moan. Bianca tugged on his testicle with her mouth, and he placed his hand kaçak bahis on the back of her head, pulling her closer.

Sam came up off his pole, and started licking and kissing down it again, while Bianca abandoned his balls and decided it was her turn to suck. It was just too good. Samantha came up and kissed John’s chest, all over. John motioned to Bianca for her to sit up on the couch. “Have one of these tits,” he said to Samantha. They took positions on either side of Bianca, and lowered their heads to her chest.

“ooooohhhh” Bianca was surprised and tried to keep the woman from sucking on her tit, until John looked at her annoyed.

“Bianca?” he questioned, firmly. She sighed and relented, and Samantha joined the feast. Both her and John sucked hard on the secretary’s boobs. “oooohhhhhh” Bianca continued to moan. It felt so weird to have both of her nipples being sucked at once. She felt Samantha’s hands gingerly exploring her body, and John’s more eager one’s grasping at whatever they came in contact with. While licking around the nipple, John reached over and pinched Sam’s, who stopped sucking to gasp, then returned to her duty.

John stood up, brought Sam to a standing position, and had her lean over and climb onto Bianca, so that she ended up kind of in Bianca’s lap, with her boobs in Bianca’s face, which Bianca, without command, started to pleasure. John placed his erect cock at Sam’s entrance, and began fucking her. Her body was thrust into Bianca’s each time he pushed into her. Bianca could feel the power from John’s thrusts, through the woman sandwiched between them. As she sucked on Sam’s boobs, she found herself turned on by the fucking the woman was receiving.

God, John is just tearing her up……I can’t imagine what that cock feels like…….

Finally, the hammering was getting to be too much for tit licking, and Bianca fell back, with Sam falling forward, and John just stepped closer and continued the assault. Sam was crying out with pleasured noises as he had his way with her. Bianca’s pussy felt neglected, and though she rarely, if ever, touched herself, Bianca’s hand found its way down to her own cleft, and her fingers began working. John pulled out of Sam, thinking about what he wanted to do left, and he saw the masturbation taking place. “Oh fuck this, sorry B” he said.

He pushed Sam over to the side, got between Bianca’s legs, and started sliding his cock into her. “OOOhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Bianca cried out, grabbing his cock as it pushed into her. He stopped half way.

No, this can’t happen, Bianca thought, and tried to keep his cock from entering her. I’m married, and I don’t…

“Oh god, just fuck her John,” Samantha said, watching them. Both John and Bianca looked at her. Oh fuck it Bianca thought. It feels sooooooo good

She started pulling the cock in. John pushed, and between them, the cock entered very easily. They ended up face to face. Bianca was older than both Sam and Jamie. She knew a thing or two. She moved her hips closer to John’s, and started using her vagina’s muscles to squeeze and massage John’s dick. John let out a long, low groan. Oh my god, he thought to himself.

She continued the squeezing and pulling, and started grinding her hips into him slowly, in a circle. “mmmmmm” she quietly moaned, leaning back and letting her instincts take over. She took his hands, which were on her shoulders, and moved them to her breasts. They started squeezing them, which made her sigh, appreciatively. Sam watched in awe at the sexual encounter taking place in front of her. She could see the stretched lips of Bianca’s pussy moving back and forth. Wow, that’s cool, she thought to herself.

When John’s thrusting intensified, Bianca smiled and wrapped her legs around him, pulling him into her. Sam thought Bianca was just too hot. She leaned over and placed her mouth on the secretary’s slightly open one, and entered with her tongue. Bianca didn’t even care, she kissed back.

John groaned, and began thrusting crazily. Bianca broke the kiss and pulled John down towards her. She held him close as his cock rapidly slid in and out of her. It felt so good. So good. She loved his cock in her. It was intense. The size and girth of it was filling her over and over again. She moaned, and cried out, and sighed, and rolled her eyes. Her head was a haze of lust and pleasure. One of John’s hands moved from her breasts, down her sides, wrapping around her back, to her butt, and back up. He wanted to feel every bit of her. She wanted every bit to be felt.

She felt her orgasm coming. So did he. Samantha was licking away at Bianca’s nipples, and rubbing herself frantically.

John stiffened, and stood still, pulling Bianca into him as close as he could. Bianca madly moved her hips against the young man, grabbing Samantha’s hand and taking it to her clit, which Sam commenced messing with.

At just about the same time, both John and Bianca reached climax. The room was filled with a small roar from John, and a high pitched squeal from Bianca, followed by gasping from her as her orgasm rushed over her. John emptied every drop of cum he had in his balls into his secretary’s pussy. He held her tight against himself, as shot after shot of hot sperm entered the woman’s body. It was amazing. They held each other tight. Her body shook and trembled from the overload on her senses.

They finally collapsed, panting. Not saying a word.

John was happy. Bianca was confused, but happy. Sam was still trying to get herself off, but was a little grossed out by having touched Bianca’s clit. Her boobs were fun, and I always wanted to kiss a girl, but god, down there….ew….

Tiredly, John got up, pulling his clothes back together. He opened the door, and Mark fell in, clearly up against the door, listening. His dick was out, and there was cum on the door.

“Oh for god’s sake Mark” John said. The women were dressing, and looked at him disgustedly. Bianca walked out, giving John a warm look that said, “thanks.” Samantha had a frustrated look, that said, “I need to cum.” John said, “Hey Mark, stay here for a sec. You two can take off.”

When Mark stood up and closed the door, he said, “sorry about hitting your door like that John, maybe you could come over sometime, and, I guess, mess with Samantha or something cause..”

“Mark, Mark, shut up. Here’s the deal.” He took a deep breath. “I’m done with you and Samantha. I guess I shouldn’t be taking advantage of you guys like this. I don’t know, something happened yesterday, and, well, anyways, I figured I’d have one more go at your wife and let you guys do your thing.”John said.

“Wha, what? Well, I guess, that’s, uh, great.” Mark was surprised, and seemed more than a little downcast. “Well, uh, thanks for the help with the finances, and well, you know, its been, well,”

“No, no Mark, I don’t want to hear about how you enjoyed it. Its so creepy.” John said. Mark looked down. “Anyways, if you need any help with anything else, just pay me, whatever works, whenever, and I’ll leave you and your wife alone. Maybe you can rebuild or something…” John felt silly. He had fundamentally changed things there.

But it was time to clean up. Everything was just getting to be too much. He didn’t need every hot pussy that he could get. He had his mind on one. He hadn’t meant to fuck Bianca, but, all things considered, Damn she’s a good lay.

Mark walked out the door and left. John looked out at Bianca, and she looked back. She was waiting for him to tell her to join him in the office.

“You did a really good job today Bianca………….I’ll see you tomorrow.” He grabbed his jacket, and headed out the door quickly.

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