A Replacement for Susan Ch. 18

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Towards the end of the winter Lin’s parents made the trip from china and stayed with us for two weeks. It was easy to see where Lin got her impressive chest and slim build from as she was almost a carbon copy of her mother, her father carried very little excess weight either.

Her mother, Hani was very pleasant but was extremely quiet, her father Jay, had quite a good grasp of English and was easy to talk with. It took him a few days to figure out how we lived but when he did I felt his attitude towards me change. What I mean is I seemed to grow considerably in his estimations!

Hani had seemed shy to begin with but three days after they arrived she came into the pool while I was swimming and removed her bathrobe before climbing down the steps into the pool. She swam naked the same as we all did. I’ve got to say her tits were every bit as eye catching as Lin’s. Gravity and age may have taken their toll but not to any marked degree.

I figured out something as I was swimming, Hani could have easily picked a time to use the pool when I’d not already been using it. I mentioned this to Lin later and she laughed into my chest before telling me her father would have told her to! When I mentioned how good her figure was she said I should tell her father as it would please him no end.

The next time I was alone with Jay I let him know how attractive I found Hani, she and Lin could almost be sisters I added. Like Lin had thought he was as pleased a punch by what I’d said. But it didn’t end there. That evening I ended up in Lin’s bed. She was lying against my side and I had my arm over her shoulder.

Hani came in through the door which is almost never closed and stool by the side of the bed, head down in a classically submissive pose. Lin said ‘Wow’ and began to get out of the bed but not before she had whispered into my ear, ‘Have fun.’ I watched her leave her bedroom not quite believing what was happening. I looked at Hani who was still standing beside my bed. I knew her English extended only as far as hello and please so didn’t bother speaking to her.

In the end I decided there was nothing for it but to go with the flow. When I pulled back the duvet and patted the bed, Hani unfastened the silk dressing gown she was wearing. Do I need to add, she was naked under it. I fully expected her to lie back and wait for me to… avail myself of her, but instead she knelt beside me and began to rub my chest before leaning forward to gently kiss my lips. After a few minutes she let me know she wanted me to roll onto my front. She then proceeded to give me a fantastic massage.

When she had finished Hani had me roll onto my back. She stroked my dick which quickly hardened. Once it was fully hard she straddled me and expertly slipped me into herself. Eventually she managed to completely lower her self onto my hips but she did it very carefully, as she was actually tighter than Lin. She took my hands Kuşadası Escort and placed them on her breasts as she began to lift herself up and down, only a few inches at a time but she kept up a strong grip on my dick. I fondled her breasts as she slowly rode me. I did my best to hang on as long as I could but I got the distinct impression her own feelings were immaterial. All she was doing, was for my pleasure! When I let myself cum it was with quite a bit more force than usual, due in part to the extra pressure she applied with her vagina right at the end, it actually felt like she was gripping my dick in her fist.

Once Hani was happy I had completely finished she carefully got off me and the bed, put on her gown and left. Lin slipped back into the room the second her mother had gone. She could see from the look on my face I had enjoyed the visit. Showing she could be as perverted as the next woman, she sucked my dick into her mouth to taste her mother as well as get me hard. Once I was ready Lin rode me in a very similar way to her mother.

She had not long slipped me into her when she indiscreetly asked what it had been like with her mother. I wondered what to say and eventually told her how her mother had clamped onto my dick almost the whole time I had been inside her. Lin gave my dick a squeeze and I said, ‘Yes just like that.’

‘She kept that force up the whole time?’ I nodded. ‘Wow, it’s as much as I can manage for a second or so at a time.’

‘You obviously need to practice more.’ Was my considered opinion which earned me a poke in the ribs! As I came a little later I remember thinking it was a shame Anne wasn’t here… As we were lying together afterwards I asked Lin if I should say anything to Jay. She thought for a moment before saying, yes but only while the two of us were alone.

I got the chance early the next morning. I thanked him for sending Hani to my room and let him know I had enjoyed her visit tremendously. His response was to smile like a child almost!

Hani came to Lin’s room the next night I was with her and again waited by the bed for Lin to leave. This time when she got onto the bed I made her lie back and pulled out all the stops, using every trick I knew as I did my best to repay her for the other night. When she came it was with a piercing scream very similar to J-Lin. Everyone in the house heard, when I looked towards the doorway, they were all looking in at us!

Hani eventually regained her senses and got out of the bed. She didn’t look at anyone as she made her way back to her room. I knew the experience must have shaken her as she walked out with out putting her dressing gown back on. Everyone watched her go to her room and then all looked back at me sitting up in bed wondering what all the fuss was about!

The next morning I was sitting alone in one of the lounges when Hani came in. She came up to me, carefully knelt and Kuşadası Escort Bayan then gently kissed my bare feet. As she rocked back on her knees, she looked me straight in the eyes, something she had never done before and said. ‘Thank you.’

Later I asked Lin what it had been about, Lin told me her mother had never been made love to and according to what she could gather, had never cum before. She said she’d felt like she was dying.

‘La petit mort.’ I said but I couldn’t help feeling profoundly sorry for a woman who had lived her whole life never having experienced an orgasm.

At the weekend Lin took her parents to stay with Anne in London, we deliberated about me going with them but decided it’d be better for them to have a bit of family time.

On the Sunday evening when they returned I was in bed with Diane and Susan. We were all stretched out, recovering from a particularly intense session when Hani came into the room to stand at the bottom of the bed. Diane and Susan both smiled and I just knew they weren’t going anywhere. I pointed at her robe and waggled my finger at her. When she was nude I beckoned her into the bed by crooking my finger. She crawled onto the bed almost like a cat as Lin often does. She sucked my dick into her mouth with out touching me and soon had me rock hard. When I was she carefully knelt over me, carefully avoiding Susan and Diane who she never once looked at. Like the first time she only moved a little with each stroke but exerted a tremendous pressure on my dick. I told the girls what she was doing and said they definitely needed to find out how she does it. Even though I’d been completely spent when Hani had come into the room, she still had no trouble making me come. I waited as long as I could but not long enough for Hani to finish herself which I knew was a shame.

Before Jay and Hani were due to return to china I got the chance to make love to Hani a second time. She offered me no resistance this time and as she knew what to expect, seemed to enjoy the whole experience even more to the extent of getting me hard again and riding me in her usual fashion. I noticed she gained a lot more pleasure from it than ever she had before.

The day before they were flying back Lin came to me and told me her father had asked her if Hani could stay on here for a few months. I said the news was unexpected, and Lin told me she thought the same and then while smiling, demanded to know exactly what I had done to her mother!

The first chance I got I spoke with Jay who was a little evasive as to why he was leaving Hani behind. When he was reluctant to speak I asked him to put on a jacket and I took him to the local pub. After three whiskeys he finally relented and let me know it was Hani who had asked if she could stay. I knew there was more and I had a feeling it was a matter of honour on his part, why he couldn’t say more.

By Escort Kuşadası then I was well lubricated myself else I might never have asked if he was happy for me to sleep with Hani while she was here. He lowered his head before telling me it was the reason she wished to stay. So, yes he said.

Almost as soon as he’d said it his mood lifted, we had quite a few more drinks together and were sat shoulder to shoulder cracking jokes when Lin arrived to give us a lift home. She looked at us both with her hands on her hips and tut-tutted at us which almost made us fall off our stools.

Jay did not look so chirpy the next morning but luckily by the time we drove him to the airport he was more his old self. Hani didn’t make the trip and it had been painful to see them part both unable to show any sign of affection while others were watching. I’m actually not so sure our being there made any difference to be honest.

It took as long as the following Friday when Anne came home, for me to get the treble. I’d made love to Anne on the side of the pool on one of the couch type recliners we have in there, while mom Mary Lin Hani Fiona and Diane had all been swimming. After we separated I flopped down onto a second couch and watched Lin haul herself from the pool and like a leopard stalking her prey she slithered up my legs and quickly got me hard with her mouth. As soon as I was ready she lowered herself onto me. As I bottomed out I felt a shiver run down her spine, maybe the fact that her daughter and mother as well as everyone else were watching gave her an extra buzz! Her moans of pleasure as she rode me sounded louder than ever with the lively acoustics of the pool room! A little before I came which was only after Lin had cum twice, I notched everyone except Hani had stopped swimming to watch us.

Lin lay on my chest for several minutes as she caught her breath. As she got up she told me how much she had needed that, took two steps and did a beautiful straight dive into the pool.

I stayed were I was watching the others swimming. One by one they got out dried themselves and went back into the main part of the house Diane was the second from last and had realised what was afoot. Before she left she kissed me and told me to have fun. When she had left, Hani climbed out of the pool, carefully dried her self and came over to me. Her soft hands and velvet mouth soon got me ready for her to ride me like she had the first time. By now she was gaining as much pleasure as I was from our coupling.

Her moans were as loud as her daughters had been. I’m sure it wasn’t lost on her for a second; she was having sex with a man who had just been with not only her daughter but also her grand daughter. When she came it was in a controlled almost dignified way which nevertheless left her exhausted. She kept me inside her while she lay on my chest only letting me slip out as her breathing told me she had gone to sleep.

I slept with my mother and Mary that night. They both teased me about doing Anne Lin and Hani. To get even I tied Mary to the headboard by her wrists and ate her until she cried out for me to stop. To get even with my mother I did the same! I’m nothing if not fair with my girls.

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