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They had known each other for years. He was the ranch supply rep she always talked to when she called to order supplies for the horses. Over the years they had chatted and joked and filled each other in on the happenings of their lives in the weekly conversations. He’d sent flowers when her Dog died, a blue baby rattle when the new colt was born and birthday cards and of course a Christmas card every year.

And then yesterday out of the blue, he asked if he could come by and see the place, maybe be able to offer some other products if he were more familiar with her set up.

Eve had always assumed he was in some office in New York or Denver or some other distant city. It was odd that he had never mentioned his closeness or asked to come by before. Maybe the timing just wasn’t right. She was surprised and delighted when he told her he was just about a hour away. No wonder her orders always arrived so quickly.

She had set up a time to meet with him this afternoon. Mornings were always hectic. And this morning was worse. Of all the times for the water line to the corrals to break today was the worst. Actually it hadn’t broken, it had been chewed clear through by those pesky javalina. This time when she fixed it she sheathed it in steel conduit up high enough to be out of their reach. She glanced at her watch. Christ, he was going to be here in an hour and a half. She trotted back to the house, kicked off her boots at the door and headed for the shower.

She noticed the smell of horse and sweat and hay and God knew what else that clung to her t-shirt as she peeled it off over her head and tossed it in the hamper. Mud crusted the bottom of her jeans, they joint the t-shirt in the hamper. Fifty-five minutes later she was just finishing drying her hair when she heard the distant sound of a truck turn into the drive. Damn, he was early. She jerked off the towel and flipped it over the edge of the tub as she hurried to the closet.

With no time to be picky she stepped into pair of underwear, clean jeans, grabbed the first bra in the drawer, never noticing that it was a sexy lacy one she kept for special occasions and jerked on a clean plain white t-shirt. After tucking it in she stopped for a second in front of the full length mirror just outside the closet door and ran a hand quickly through the tussle of blond curls. She inspected her face, there was no time for makeup, but at least it was clean. Unlike an hour ago when it had been so dirty you couldn’t tell it was a face.

At the back door she heard the truck stop at the front of the house and shoved her feet into a pair of boots. She looked down and noticed the mud caked to the sides. Jeeze, where had she left the clean pair? And why the hell, was she so nervous? He was just here to make a sale. And he was probably 60 years old, bald and potbellied.

What she saw when she rounded the corner stopped her dead in her tracks. Damon sat in a white duel wheeled pick-up truck doing something on the seat beside him. His face was in profile to her. He wasn’t 60, he was about her age. He wasn’t bald, as she watched him, he lifted his hat and ran his hand through a thick head of dark hair and settled it back in place. She couldn’t see anything below mid chest but the lean hard lines of his face didn’t imply a pot belly. He was wearing a white shirt that set off the width of his shoulders. A fleeting vision of her resting her cheek there darted across her mind. Startled at the thought, she pushed it away.

He looked up and saw her standing there watching him. A smile spread across his face, she was just as he had imagined, but not a young as he had expected. That was better, young ones were always to… flighty. There was something in the way she stood, the fit of her jeans, and clean whiteness of her t-shirt as it clung to the gentle curve of her breasts that made his hands itch to feel it. No, no, not going there, he thought, we’ve only spoken on the phone. That is completely inappropriate for a first meeting. But she’s so… sexy.

A little gust of wind ruffled her hair and she brushed it away and smiled back. He felt the quickening of his pulse and a warmth rushed to his crotch. Oh Lord, not now, what would she think if he stepped out of the truck like this? He sat for another minute, took a couple of deep breaths and sent the beginning of a hard-on back to sleep. He reached over picked up the clipboard that was on the seat and set it on the dash. There, she would think he had been completing some paperwork. He took the keys from the ignition and stepped out of the truck.

“Hi, I’m Damon. It’s good to finally meet you face to face” He said walking toward her. He wanted to wrap his arms around her, pull her against him and breathe in her scent, instead he extended his hand. “Hope I’m not too early.”

“Not at all, your fine.” He is definitely fine, she thought. No pot belly either, just a well formed body that really fills out that pair of jeans. casino şirketleri Aloud, she said “I’d rather you be early than keep me waiting.” As she took his hand, the first time they had touched, a warmth poured over her, she felt an instant magnetism and the prickly feeling of her nipples hardening. Good thing I put on a bra, maybe he won’t notice. In her mind she stepped forward and hugged him, in reality she shook his hand.

He glanced down at her breasts and noticed her nipples had hardened a little. Their outline against the smooth whiteness of her t-shirt just below the faint edge of lace made his mouth water and he felt the tightness start in his jeans again and clamped down on the thought.

Involuntarily she glanced down at his dick and saw that is was starting to…. No, can’t be, must be a shadow. Before she could be sure the keys jingled as he stuffed them in his pocket and hid it from her.

“Why don’t we start with the corrals and go from there?” He voice drew her look back to his face. It was then she noticed his startling blue eyes, they sparkled with mischief and a shadow of veiled flames. A slight smile touched his mouth and she knew she had just been caught checking out his dick.

She felt the intensity of his gaze almost as a physical caress. Turning toward the corrals she started in that direction before he could see the heat of a blush rush to her face. “Ok, that’s a good idea.” She said over her shoulder.

For the next hour she showed him around the place. Explaining her system, her plans for training and breeding. She showed him the 8 month old colt he’s sent the baby rattle for. The entire time she was aware of him, the heat of him, the slight smell of his cologne, the easy movement of his walk. She felt the pull of him as a piece of steel must feel in the presence of a strong magnet. She watched his lips when he talked and wondered what it would feel like to kiss them. She studied the small curve of his ear and imagined running her tongue along it.

Damon followed along a couple of steps behind her. He liked watching the sway of her hips. The curve of her butt and the way her jeans fit was intoxicating. There were no panty lines and he wondered if when he got them off if she would be wearing a thong or nothing. Besides there was nothing he could do to control his erection so a couple of steps behind her was better. He was pretty sure he’d find out what was under those jeans, since he had caught her sneaking glances as his crotch and once caught a glimpse of a cat-ate-the-canary smile just as she turned away.

Eve couldn’t help but notice the growing bulge in his jeans, and every time she snuck a little glance a thrill went through her. She knew her nipples were very visible and very hard. A wetness had began to dampen the crotch of her jeans. Visions of her straddling him and rubbing her breasts against his chest were making it hard to concentrate. Every now and then she would stumble over the conversation and they would laugh.

Talking to him was easy, after the first few minutes of awkwardness at being face to face for the fist time, conversation came natural. Finally they found themselves back at the house and he was standing in front of his pick up. Dusk was beginning and a golden glow settled over the day giving its last minutes the magical quality of a movie ending. So did she ask him in for coffee or did she let him leave? Did he want to come in or did he want to leave? Judging by the considerable lump in his pants it was probably a sure bet he wanted to come in. She felt fidgety, jittery, you’d think she was back in high school for God’s sake. And where did that fleeting worry about him thinking her cheap and easy come from?

The conversation faltered and dried up all together. Her mind was spinning at a thousand miles an hour searching for something to say. Damon leaned against the hood of the pick-up and the setting sun glinted off what looked like a championship belt buckle. She studied it a moment but in the waning light was unable to make out what event it was for. He saw her study his buckle and watched as her eyes traced the out line of his swollen member. The sensation was exciting, it almost felt as if she traced it with her finger. He was sure she could see it pulse to his accelerated heart beat.

“Nice buckle.” She said leaning down a little to make out the event name etched across the scroll work on the top. She also studied his excitement that was obvious in the physical evidence just below the buckle. Her mouth watered at the prospect of tasting the maleness that was restrained there. “Team roping. I couldn’t quite read the event in this light.” Reaching out a finger she tilted it a little to get a look at the year and the gold relief of a cowboy on a horse, lariat twirling over his head, with a partner on a second horse just behind, chasing a calf.

As she straightened up she lets go of the buckle and the back of her fingers brushed across casino firmaları his tumescent cock. A sharp gasp escaped her at the feel of the stiffness of the fabric, at the imagined warmth there and she heard a quiet moan come from the back of his throat.

The desire to jerk her against him, grip the curve of her ass in his hands and grind his hard-on against her pelvis was almost overwhelming. He took a deep breath and lets it out slowly, observing the deep flush of color on her cheeks, the deepening of her breathing, the flair of her nostrils and the rapid pulse of the tiny vein in her right temple.

An embarrassed smile played at the corners of her mouth. “Would you like to come in for a coffee, before you leave?” Her heart was pounding so hard she was positive it would frighten the roosting quail from the trees. Just what in the name of heaven did you do that for? You cheap slut puppy. What the hell is the matter with you? And then you have the nerve to invite him in like a little tramp. Why didn’t you just walk up to him, cup his cock in you hand and ask him if he wanted to fuck? You have just destroyed a very nice friendship, you oversexed tart! She scolded herself all the way back to the house.

Her boldness surprised him, pleased him, excited him beyond anything he had ever expected. It was a rare treat to find a woman that was comfortable with her own desires; comfortable enough to be open about them. Lord, how he hated those shy little games, and acts of artificial innocence most women put on. He relaxed knowing that before the night was out they would be in her bed. He would wait, let her set the pace, lead the dance. She was nervous and unsure and he knew if he moved to fast she would bolt. And that would probably be the end of it. The end of the friendship he had enjoyed for the last couple of years. When she turned back to the house he stood, shoved his hand in his pocket and adjusted his throbbing cock to a more comfortable position for walking. He walked to the house with slow easy steps allowing her time to settle down and recover from her embarrassment.

Eve hurried to the house and just inside the back door stopped to take off her boots. She had one off and just pushing the other one off with her toes when he stepped into the room. She lost her balance and would have crashed to the floor if Damon hadn’t caught her by the arm.

“Here, sit down before you fall and break something important.” He said and pulled the entry chair under her. He reached down and gripped the back of her boot and pulled it the rest of the way off.

Her little toe was sticking out a hole in her sock and she blushed again and said with an edgy giggle “I forgot you were coming or I would have put on new socks.” She wiggled her toes.

He liked her smile and the sound of her laugh. “I won’t tell anyone.” He chuckled and tugged the sock up over her toe. He stood, braced one hand against the wall and toed off his own boots and followed her into the kitchen.

Eve stood in silhouette at the sink filling the coffee pot with water. The outline of her erect nipples tantalizingly displayed against the fading crimson of the sunset outside the window over the sink. He wanted to tease the hard buds with his tongue, feel her back arch when he sucked them into his mouth. But not now, that would come in time.

Resting a hip against the counter he looked around while she filled the coffee maker with grounds set out the creamer, sugar and two cups. The kitchen had been modernized since the old ranch house had been built sometime around the turn of the century but it had retained the cozy, homey feel of the country. It was easy to imagine the farms hands gathered around the dining table that was just visible through the doorway. “Nice house, I like the way you’ve updated it but kept the ranch feel. It’s comfortable.”

“Thank you. Dad and I re-did it after Mom died. It gave us something to do, and kept his mind off her being gone. Would you like to see the rest of it?”

“Yes I would.” And let’s start with the bedroom, his mind added.

It was a great house, with huge log beamed ceilings and stone fireplaces. Woven Indian rugs scattered on the flagstone floors. Oversized leather furniture and rough hewn wood and stone tables filled the living room with a comfortable ease. It was a house that was lived in, warm and inviting; a masculine place with just the right balance of female touches. Damon purposefully followed close to her so when she turned around he was almost touching her. He sensed her excitement and it stirred his own, but he kept it reined in.

As Eve led him through the house she was aware of his nearness, could feel the sensual draw of him. She wanted to turn and melt into his arms. The want of him sparked a slow burn in her belly that slowly spread to the core of her womanhood igniting the fires of passion. Every time she turned around he seemed closer. The scent of him filled her head güvenilir casino with visions of lingering kisses and entwined naked bodies. The last room was the master bedroom.

She stopped suddenly unsure if she wanted to take him there. Damon bumped into her and caught her by the shoulders, ever so slightly pulling her against him. Her breath caught in her throat and she could feel the hardness of him against the palm of her hand. She didn’t move, caught like rabbit under the stare of a wolf, she stood still barely breathing, the sound of her hammering heart loud in her ears.

He stood behind her aware of her stillness, her indecision, the heat of her body where it touched his. His cock ached to press against her hand, but he stayed still and waited. Timidly, slowly she shifted her hand against his erection. A moan escaped him when she traced its outline with her fingers. Sliding his hands from her shoulders his ran them down her sides to the curve of her hips. As he slipped them to the front of her thighs he drew her butt tighter against his groin. He inhaled the scent of her and it filled his head with smoke and desire took hold of his senses.

He continued tracing his hands up her stomach to just under her breasts where he could feel the wild beat of her heart and the quick little breaths of her excitement. The stroke of his hands from her thighs to the underside of her breast took her beyond the edge of control. She felt everything melt away; all that remained was him, his electric touch and the solidness of his body against hers that filled her with a churning hunger. She leaned her head back against his shoulder and rubbed her open hand against his excited cock.

He needed to know if he could relinquish the tight control on his desire and let his passions have their freedom or if she would stop him. As he turned her to face him she dropped her head, her hair obscuring her face covering the flush of desire and the naked lust she knew was clearly visible in her eyes. Fear lanced through her and she almost stepped away, but the soft touch of his finger on her chin stopped her, held her and her heart stopped beating for a brief moment.

With the finger under her chin he gently raised her head until she looked at him. Her lips were barely parted, a curl of blond hair covered one cheek and he brushed it aside with his fingers. In a quiet murmur he asked, “Should I stop?” He was absorbed in the dark want he saw in the open pools of her green eyes and he wondered if he could stop if she asked it.

The coiled flames of lust she saw barely restrained in his eyes when she looked up at him set a dusting of butterflies to flight in her stomach. Warmth spread between her legs and the breath she didn’t realize she had been holding escaped her gently parted lips. Her mouth went dry and she flicked the tip of her tongue against her lips. At the small shake of her head he lowered his and lightly touched his lips to hers. She felt his hot breath against her cheek and she tilted her head up to take his next kiss.

His hand stroked up her back pressing her tighter to him until he cupped the back of her head and brought her lips to his again. His other hand slid down her back to her butt and pulled her tighter to him. She felt him shift his stance and plant his feet wider apart. She moaned and pressed closer, one arm tight around him, her fingers clutching his shirt, her other hand stroked his harding cock.

He opened his mouth against hers and she felt the wet tip of his tongue against her lips. She tilted her head back and slid the hand on his back down his side over his chest and up around his neck. She opened her mouth to him and he groaned as he slid his tongue into her mouth and tasted her, breathed her deep into his lungs. What ever sanity he had left evaporated into steam. He wanted to touch her, feel her naked skin against the palms of his hands; feel it quiver when he caressed her.

Letting go of her hair he brought both hands to her waist and tugged her shirt loose. The soft warmth of her skin drew another moan from him. She pulled him harder against her and deepened the kiss, sucking his tongue into her mouth, savoring the light coffee taste of him. He explored every inch of her back with his hands, kneading and caressing and lightly stroking her with his finger tips. Every touch sent ripples of hot desire through her, driving her need for him higher. She let go of his cock and slid her hand around his waist pulling him against the mound of her pussy. The contact inflamed her further and she released his mouth, her head lolled back and she gasped for air.

He licked and sucked his way down her throat to the little hollow spot at the base. He could feel her rapid pulse beat against his tongue. With a little trick of his fingers he undid her bra and her beasts fell free of the constraining garment. Brushing his hand across her stomach and up he caressed her breast feeling the hardened nipple against his palm. The warm globe filled his hand and his mouth watered with the want to taste her. She whimpered in ecstasy as he fondled her breasts twirling the nipple lightly between his thumb and forefinger, gently kneading the sensitive flesh.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32