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I met Carlos and Andrea about a year ago. They were older than the people I normally hand around with, both well into their thirties, compared to my early twenties. For some reason we just hit it off and we became good friends.

Carlos was a handsome man, had a good job, and worked hard at it. Andrea also worked, although I suspect she didn’t need to, as Carlos made good money. Not having any children was a disappointment to them but apart from that they seemed to enjoy life.

Carlos was very much the extrovert, loud and boisterous, which made it all the stranger that I liked him anyway, me being a bit of an introvert. Andrea was also somewhat of an extrovert, although not as noisy about it as Carlos.

What I found odd about their relationship was this. Carlos had the heart of a lion. He’d fight wolves bare-handed if they threatened his Andrea. Andrea, on the other hand, had a spine of pure jelly. She really hated confrontation and would hastily back away if one threatened. (Unless the confrontation was with Carlos and then she was prepared to slap him down.)

I was having coffee in the café where Andrea had her part-time job. It was a slack time for the café so Andrea sat opposite me for a bit of a chat. Typically this meant that she’d talk and I’d listen, listening and giving a sympathetic ear being my forte.

On this particular occasion she was bewailing the fact that Carlos’s niece was staying with them for a couple of weeks. According to Andrea, Chloe was a lovely young thing, a blonde who was eighteen, and she was a golden girl in that she was an eighteen carat gold-plated bitch. Ungrateful and with never a civil word for anyone. Andrea was swallowing her pride for Carlos’s sake (plus that dread of confrontation).

I sympathised with her but that was all I could do, except tell her she should maybe drop a gentle hint to Carlos to lean on his niece a little. She gave me an are-you-crazy look.

“A gentle hint?” she asked, sounding completely incredulous. “You men are all alike. You don’t notice gentle hints. You manage to miss blatant hints. With something like this the only way to get a hint though Carlos’s thick skull would be to drive it home with a hammer. And then he’d just wonder if I’d misunderstood something his sweet little niece said.”

Well, she knew Carlos better than me. I subtly changed the subject.

“Carlos said he is going to trim those trees at the back of your place,” I said, knowing those trees had been an irritant to her for a while. They were badly overgrown and a good trim would work wonders with them.

“Oh, yes, and about time,” she said, smiling again.

“He gave me a call, wanting to borrow my chain saw. Tell him I’ll drop it off first thing tomorrow morning.”

“Make it nice and early. Carlos starts work at six and I head out for an early shift about eight. Any time after that and you’ll have to deal with Chloe and she’ll probably drop the thing in the bin and forget about it.”

I assured Andrea that I’d be there nice and early, but I’d be stuffed if I was going to be there before six to deliver it to Carlos. I told her I’d make it around eight, figuring that even if I ran a few minutes late she wouldn’t mind waiting those few minutes.

It turned out that I was there a couple of minutes before eight, nice and timely, with a full scale battle casino oyna raging inside. The inhabitants of the house didn’t hear me ringing the bell, being too noisy themselves, so I trotted around to the back door and went in.

Andrea was almost backed up to the stove by this teenage harridan who was yelling at her. Surprisingly enough all the shrieking and carrying on were coming from the young termagant, who I assumed was Chloe. From what I could gather from all the yelling Chloe was demanding that Andrea should be cooking breakfast for Chloe. Andrea’s feeble protests that she had to go out were ruthlessly ignored. If she’d really had to go to work she’d have already left but she hadn’t.

“Enough,” I yelled, and my deep voice booming across the kitchen shut the women up.

Andrea was the first to recover.

“Oh, Jake,” she said, sounding happy, “you’re here.”

“Indeed I am, complete with chainsaw. I’ll just stick this up here out of the way until Carlos gets home.” I reached up and put the chainsaw on top of a cupboard, out of Chloe’s easy reach. I turned to Andrea with a smile. “Who’s the loud mouthed little bitch?” I asked Andrea, smiling as her mouth dropped open in shock.

“Oh, ah, this is Chloe, our niece. She’s staying with us for a couple of weeks.” She threw Chloe a hasty look and then turned back to me, grabbing her handbag as she did so. “Thank you for bringing that around, Jake. Sorry, but I have to go. Work, you know.”

With that she turned and bolted, happy to be leaving the scene of the battle. I turned and smiled at Chloe.

“Hullo, Chloe,” I said. “I’m Jake. A friend to Carlos and Andrea.”

“I don’t give a fuck who you are,” she shrieked. “How dare you barge into the house that way? Have you no manners you fucking moron? You’ve got a nerve, calling me a bitch.”

I held up a hand.

“Ah, excuse me, but I said loud mouthed little bitch, but I’ll admit that I could be wrong. You do seem to want to demonstrate that you’re a big bitch.”

“How dare you,” she yelled. (One of those who could give it but not take it, apparently.) “Get out of our house immediately.”

“Carlos’s house,” I pointed out. “And Andrea’s, of course, although you wouldn’t know it the way you were being so unconscionable rude to your hostess. Ah, I think you should know that I didn’t appreciate the way you were talking to Andrea. Abusing her, I should say.”

“Like I should give a flying fuck what you think,” she scoffed. “You’re just a loud mouthed prick who had nothing to do with the matter.”

She smiled sweetly at me as she said that, and I have to admit it made her look charming.

“Quite the potty-mouth on you isn’t there,” I said. “You see that hook up on the ceiling?”

She glanced up at the ceiling and then back at me, looking slightly confused.

“What?” she said.

“Oh, it’s gone,” I said, trying to sound disappointed. “That means I can’t dangle you from it while I whip you. Quelle pitié. That means what a pity, in French.”

“Oh, you think you’re so fucking hysterical, don’t you?”

“Um, no, I think I’m humorous. Now you, you were nearly hysterical when I came in.”

She was nearly hysterical with fury right now, too. I supposed I’d better go before she really lost it.

“I suppose I’d better be moving along. I can’t spend the whole day slot oyna here chatting to you, fun though it has been. Ah, before I go, a subtle reminder to you to be nicer to Andrea, or risk upsetting me. I know you won’t want to upset me.”

If the silly girl had been thinking she’d have moved right out of my reach, but thinking seemed to be something she wasn’t very good at. I took her arm and spun her around, while my free hand came sweeping around and landed on her bottom with a very loud spank.

She gave a shriek and jumped into the air, her hands coming around to clutch at her bottom.

“I-I can’t believe you did that. You’re not my father. You can’t spank me.”

“I can’t? Odd. I thought I just did. That’s what happens to naughty little girls. And big ones, sometimes. If you don’t believe me drop your pyjamas and I’ll give you a proper spanking.”

There are times when you should just keep your big mouth shut and it turned out that that was one of them. Chloe blushed rather fiercely and pushed her pyjama trousers down. Either she slept without panties or they went down with her trousers. Her top, well it nearly covered her groin, but nearly covered is not the same as covered. What the hell was I supposed to do now? Spank her, I guess. I sat down on a kitchen chair and patted my lap, effectively inviting her to bend over.

Still blushing she moved slowly over to where I was sitting. I could see that she was torn two ways, wanting to back off quickly while at the same time wondering what it would be like. Her prurient curiosity won out and she found herself standing next to me while I eased her forward until she was lying across my knee, her top riding up to completely expose her bottom, a bottom with one red hand-print conflicting with the natural white of her skin.

Her legs had drifted apart, exposing her mound, her lips plump and full, just very slightly parted. I made a mental note that I was supposed to be spanking her, not molesting her.

I brought my hand down smartly on one round cheek (the one without the hand-print) while amplifying on my little lecture. I mentioned the courtesy due from her as a guest in the house, especially to her hostess whose house it was. I mentioned her rudeness to a visitor to the house, me, and I told her what I thought of her somewhat crude language.

All the time I lectured her I paid loving attention to her bottom, warming it up very nicely. She squeaked and squealed and apologised, and stayed right where she was, letting the spanking continue, without the slightest semblance of a struggle. Her bottom was nicely flushed and probably smarting by the time I decided that enough was enough.

Her bottom wasn’t the only thing affected by the spanking. Her pudenda were also nicely flushed. They were also swollen and pursed, her inner lips protruding. From the glisten of dew along her lips she must have been feeling a little warm in some sensitive places.

I swung her to her feet and she stood there, facing me, her hands going around to soothe her bottom. Naturally enough this had the effect of pushing her top up a bit, leaving her even more exposed.

“Take off your top,” I told her, and her face regained her blush.

“Oh, no,” she said, sounding pathetically put upon, “you’re going to rape me, aren’t you.” Not that the lament stopped her from taking canlı casino siteleri her top off. Very nice breasts.

“Don’t be silly,” I told her as I loosened my trousers and pushed them down out of the way. I leaned back a little in the chair so my cock was easier to view. “I’m just going to give you a chance to explore your own sexuality.”

I reached for her, hands on her waist, and drew her closer until she was straddling me. Then I released her.

“Anytime you’re ready, just settle down onto me,” I said, watching as she looked down at the gently moving erection right in front of her.

Chloe was now looking a little confused. Me grabbing her and raping her would have been acceptable, but her actually agreeing to do this? She wanted sex but she didn’t want to agree. I decided to give her a hand.

“Come along,” I said, hands closing over her bottom and pulling her slightly closer. “Settle down now.”

She slowly settled down, gasping softly when she found my cock was now touching her. She made a light whining sound in protest, but still kept moving, sinking down onto me, my cock slowly pressing up into her. Not a virgin I noticed, my cock sliding reasonable easily into her. I say reasonably because she was quite tight, even if she was wet and ready.

She finally settled onto my lap, her groin rubbing firmly against me. Now I started giving some small thrusts up into her, and she responded, starting to bounce with increasing eagerness. I was rubbing her breasts, enjoying the feel of them, letting her know that I was enjoying the feel of her.

Slightly humiliating, but I don’t think she was really registering me as a man. I was just the bearer of the cock that she was riding, and her enthusiasm was increasing. I could see her eyes were starting to close as she lost herself to her feelings.

I was driving into her quite firmly, knowing that she was with me. Pressure was building up inside me and I had no doubt that the same sort of thing was happening to her. I finally decided that it was time for a change.

I gave an extra hard thrust and, as I drew back again, I lifted her up and off.

Chloe was all, “What? What? What?” and I was rising to my feet and turning her around and bending her forward over the kitchen table. Now I drove firmly into her while she screamed and pushed almost frantically against me, determined to take me as deep as possible.

Now I was really driving into her, thoroughly enjoying myself, and Chloe was squealing and bucking under me, crying for more and more. The pitch of her voice became shriller and I could hear the frenzy she was feeling. Then she noisily screamed and climaxed, while I let loose myself, giving her all I had.

We pulled apart and she turned around and looked at me, leaning back against the table and breathing hard.

“You raped me. . .” she started, but I laughed.

“Me? I just sat there,” I pointed out, while she blushed.

“Um, I was too scared not to?” she offered, sighing when I laughed.

“Uh-huh. And I suppose I ripped your pyjamas off?”

“You spanked me,” she offered, wanting something to blame me for.

“Guilty, and if you misbehave I may just have to drop by and administer another spanking,” I told her. “The trouble is, Andrea might be here next time and I’d have to spank you in front of her. Wouldn’t that be interesting?”

Oddly enough the look on her face made me thing that she found the idea intriguing. I wondered if she’d do something to try to force the issue. Maybe a warning to Andrea wouldn’t go amiss.

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