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The night sky was as black as ink, yet the light of millions of stars shone like tiny beacons guiding a million people home to safety. I saw none of this as I stood at the bow of the aircraft carrier. It was the only place to go for solitude, and it was a windy, lonely place to be alone, with only my thoughts for company.

I stood there, my face into the wind, thinking about what was soon to happen, at least I was hoping would happen. It was going to be a first in my young life, I was young, naive, and hadn’t been around long enough to experience all the joys of living that I had heard so much about. I had never really given it much thought until lately, at least not in the last six months as I had been busy adapting to this new life. I could still hear the laughter from my shipmates as they reminded me of just how young and inexperienced I was.

I was a mere eighteen year old boy from Minnesota, out to experience the world for the first time and paid by the United States Navy for doing just that, all I had to do was dedicate my mind, body, and soul to them for four years. I had come a long way in just six months, going from a small town in northern Minnesota, to the hellishness of boot camp, then on to the fleet. Finally finding myself halfway around the world in Yokosuka, Japan. I was filled with the wonder of being in a foreign country and the enormous pride of being stationed on one of my countries greatest warships, a United States aircraft carrier. The newness soon wore off and reality reminded me of just how little I knew of the world as I was busy learning what life as a sailor meant.

The ship had sailed with me aboard several times, going nowhere fast, as we would only go out to sea for thirty days then back to our homeport in Japan, which for some reason I cared little about. I was more than ready to see and do what I had joined to do. I wanted the exotic foreign ports, the mysterious Asian women, I wanted to see the wonders of the world other than the snowy Minnesota land from which I came.

Finally having left Japan scarce twenty days ago, we were headed in the right direction, the Philippine Islands. I found myself on the bow on this dark night after sitting with the old-timers talking about the upcoming visit. I was regaled with stories of past visits, of wild parties, and of sexual feats with beautiful women. Thinking back on it I remembered the cause of their laughter and the cause of my embarrassment. I had mistakenly admitted to my friends and shipmates that I was a virgin, that I had never had sex.

As a normal teenager I had spent my every waking moment thinking about the mysteries of sex, the secrets of women and the pleasures that I wanted to participate in. Much to my dismay, I never had the chance to do anything about it, but now my time was rapidly approaching. Would I stand the test of time, would I know what to do, and could I do “IT” My friends had assured me that they would take care of everything and not to worry. I was told that there was a special way for virgin sailors to loose their cherry in the Philippines and that I would be a better man for it. Somehow their promises

were not as comforting as I had hoped, and wished I knew more but for the moment there was nothing I could do, and so I left my perch on the bow and gave my mind and body back to the Navy.

Two weeks later:

My heart was pounding with excitement, finally the day had arrived, I had reached my very first port of call. It seemed like hours until the ship was tied off to the pier and the gangways moved into place. I was with twelve of my friends, waiting in line with the rest of the crew, anxious to be off the ship and out into town. It was four in the afternoon by the time we made it out the front gate and into the city of Olongapo.

It was a city alive with colors and teeming with people, and to me the sights, sounds, and smells, were like a soothing balm to my soul, my body was alive with excitement. We hadn’t walked very far when we stopped at a ramshackle looking place that my friends said was a bar, laughing at the skeptical look on my face we went inside.

The front wall was open to the outside world, it was a bright place decorated with a multitude of velvet pictures, mostly of Elvis. The women were dressed very plainly, nothing exotic here and not like I had imagined them to be. I was beginning to have my doubts, this did not look like any place that I would find a woman, at least not one that would show me the wonders of sex. Looking back I had to admit that the atmosphere was very friendly, the beer was cold and tasty, and the food delicious, all in all very relaxing, but still I was looking for more, and I anxiously waited for direction from my friends.

My head was lightened by the rush of the few beers I had consumed and the sun had set some two hours past and I was still no closer to having my “cherry “broken. Finally it was time to move on, taking me by the arm, my buddies lead me outside and told me that it was time for me to become a real sailor, this sent them into casino şirketleri a fit of laughter as we walked down the sidewalk through the crowds. We walked for what seemed like miles, passing what appeared to my eyes like good places to find what I wanted, at least the signs on the doors said as much, but not yet, they said, soon they assured me.

Eventually they stopped in front of a place called the “California Club”. The front of the building was ablaze with neon signs proclaiming the best and most beautiful women in all the Philippines, and the worlds finest floor show. Upon walking inside I could see that the place was huge. A large dance floor was centered around a hundred tables, and a balcony hung suspended around the edge of the room. We managed to get tables next to the dance floor as the place was fairly empty at this early hour. Female waitresses walked around clad only in colorful bikinis making it seem as though we had walked into the middle of a swimsuit modeling show.

After receiving our beers I sat back watching the people as they went about their business, pleasure for some, work for others. Sitting there I wondered just how and when my own pleasure would start, almost wishing it were over and done with.

The club was rapidly filling with people and the air was filled the sounds of many conversations going on all at once. Catching snippets of talk from all around, I found out that there was to be a floor show later and that it was the best show to be seen for miles around. Hints of naked dancing women, of tricks, and feats of wonder filled my ears. Hearing this I began to hope that whatever was to happen for me would be either before or after the floorshow, I really didn’t want to miss what would be another first time experience for me. Hearing my name I turned my head to the source and saw that one of my friends was talking to what appeared to be a manager of the place. My body was already feeling the effects of all the beer but I still felt my blood begin to rush with anticipation, knowing that I would soon be in the arms of a willing woman. Images fairly flew through my head as I wondered what to expect.

Would she be beautiful, would she teach me wonderful things to do, and would it be as great as I’d always heard it was? Suddenly I was sobered by a wretched thought, could I perform, would my body embarrass me when I needed it to work to perfection? It was a scary thought and I prayed that nothing would go wrong for I knew that I would never hear the end of it from my friends if word got out that I couldn’t do the one thing that was as natural to men and women as flying was to a bird.

The talking was done and the dark skinned man walked away, I must have had a look of disappointment on my face because my friends reassured me that my cherry would soon be broken. It seemed like hours but it was a matter of a few minutes until a woman of stunning beauty walked up to our table. She went directly to my friend Jim, and together their talk went to whispers. I sat patiently, wondering what was going on as they cast an occasional glance my way. My face turned red with embarrassment when their talk turned to laughter, but then she turned to me and smiled brightly, melting my embarrassment away. I got my first good look at all of her as she walked around to my side of the table.

She was taller and heavier than most of the Asian women I had seen so far, but she was stunning. She wore a short leather skirt that fit around her hips like it was a second skin. Her legs looked as long and shapely as a model’s and her feet were encased in calf high leather boots that made her legs look even longer. I could feel myself getting hard as I took in the rest of her looks. Her long jet black hair surrounded a face of warmth and seductiveness that spoke of things to come. She stopped directly in front of my chair and looking me in the eyes and asked if I was the cherry boy who had come so far to become a man. When I finally found my voice I said yes and that I hoped to be a quick and adept learner. At this she only smiled and said, we’ll see about that. She then reached out with a delicate hand took mine and said, come with me.

We walked through the growing crowd to the back of the room and through an unmarked door. From there a long hallway led us into another room which I saw had a large tub of steaming water and a shower stall in the corner. Looking around I could see no hint of a bed or mattress on the floor. She saw my puzzled expression and told me that this room was for me to bathe in and to get my mind on the business at hand. At the time it didn’t seem like a good idea to me, I was ready right then and there for her but she would have none of it and insisted that I get into the shower to cleanse myself I came out of the shower to see her standing there in a beautiful white outfit. The top looked like a lacy corset that pushed her firm breasts upwards even more than before. The panties were lacy and small leaving little to the imagination and matching the garter belt holding up sheer casino firmaları white nylons. The whiteness of the outfit made her skin appear darker, like a tanned goddess waiting for her lover. My blood was racing to all parts of my body as I walked to her with outstretched arms, only to have her stop me and point wordlessly to the tub. I meekly went to the tub of hot water and gingerly climbed in. My mind was busy trying to figure out what was going on as the hot water relaxed my body.

After fifteen minutes of soaking she beckoned me to leave the tub. She came forward with a large towel and began to dry me off, at last I thought to myself She seemed to be all business as she wrapped the towel around my waist, I was beginning to ask myself if it was really worth all this, but another part of my brain said yes it was. She again took me by the hand and told me to follow her to the bedroom. We left through a door I hadn’t noticed before, this also turned into another long corridor. Another door led us into a fairly large room, lit only by a single red light over a very large and soft looking bed.

The woman, whose name I’d yet to discover, had me stand by the bed and remove my towel. She walked away into the shadows until all I could see of her was a vague outline. Her voice was soothing as she talked, telling me to relax, telling me that I would not soon forget the things we would do together. My shyness faded quickly since I had never had reason to be ashamed of my body. My youth and the hard work I had been doing for the last few months had taken all the boyishness from my body and replaced it with firm muscles. Other than the hair on my head, my beard, mustache, and what little I had on my legs, I was smooth and tanned.

Finally she walked forward into the light and my cock began to stiffen with anticipation. She stood in front of me and instructed me to remove what little clothing she had, and she told me to do it as though I would break her if I were not careful, thus began my lesson.

So here I was, a beautiful woman standing right in front of me, asking me to remove her clothes and to what end I could only imagine. She turned around and with slightly trembling fingers I began to unbutton her top. With each loosened button revealing more of her smooth brown skin I started to relax more and more. Things began to change within me, I was feeling confident and on top of the world as I slid the corset from around her body. She turned around so that I might see what I had come for. Her breasts were like none I had ever seen before, which up until then had only been in magazines. They were not large but they looked very firm, petite and nicely rounded.

Her areola was as big as silver dollars with large erect nipples, which I desperately wanted to put in my mouth and suck on. She moved her hips forward, silently telling me to continue with the job at the moment. I first unhooked the garters from her stockings and pulled them down her legs which felt like they were made of silk. I couldn’t stop my fingers from caressing those legs as my hands made their way down, almost full with silk. I tossed the handful of silk to the side then contemplated what was left, which was the skimpiest pair of panties I had ever seen. I started to move towards them when she suddenly stopped me.

Telling me to step back, she put her thumbs under the waistband and ran her thumbs around the elastic, looking as if she was breaking the seal they had on her body. Ever so slowly she slid that small bit of silk down from her waist, over her hips, and down along her legs. All I could do was to stare unabashedly at her and it was a sight that I will never forget till my dying day. Her pussy was as smoothly shaven as anything could possibly be, It looked as if it were made of the most delicate china, the lips sleek and tightly closed offering only a hint of any opening.

Up until now I had only heard about cunnuligus and had only given it passing thought. But now more than ever I knew that I would have my mouth on that pussy, I wanted to devour it, I wanted my tongue to feel every inch, every nook and cranny, best of all, I knew somehow that it was expected of me to do just that. She came closer and turned me around to face away from the bed, she stood behind me and touched my back with soft and gentle fingers. I could do nothing but stand there as her hands danced lightly on my skin. Her arms came around my body, touching my chest, caressing my stomach, and pinching my nipples. I would have thought that it would be impossible for my cock to get any harder, but when her silky hands wrapped around it for the first time, I swear it grew another inch and thickened considerably. Her hands moved slowly up and down my shaft, acting as though they were trying to coax more out of it. Her other hand moved to other parts of my body, tracing patterns over my ass and along my back. I felt her breath on my neck as she began to kiss my ears. Her lips had the touch of a feather and her breath smelled sweet and fresh as they moved along my neck and güvenilir casino down to my chest. Her mouth covered one of my nipples and her tongue was electrifying as it flicked across it bringing it to sudden life. I could barely continue standing, my legs weakened and my head felt light. She left her hands where they were as she knelt down in front of me,

“oh shit, oh shit, oh shit,” I thought to myself I just knew what was next and it was all I could do to keep myself from exploding right then and there. By now she had both of her hands on my cock, she took a quick look into my eyes and then touched her lips to me. It felt as though someone had taken the sun and touched me there, her lips felt hot and the effect was immediate and exquisite. Slowly she parted her lips and let my cock slide into her wet mouth. It was the softest and warmest thing I had ever felt and I never wanted it to stop.

Her hand moved from it’s place and moved lower, cupping my balls as gently as I ever thought possible. She moved her mouth along my cock stopping now and then to slide her tongue around and under the ridge of my cock. I could feel the pressure building fast and intense and she must have sensed it also because she stopped and stood up.

Standing in front of me she started talking to me, she was the teacher, I was the student, it was part of what I had come for. She took my hands into hers and placed only my fingers on her shoulders. She told me to pretend that I was a blind man and that in order to please a woman I had to learn to see with my hands. She was guiding my hands around her body as she told me to learn to use all my senses to make love to a woman. My fingers must learn the language of the female body, when to be as light as a feather, or heavy as a rock. She brought my hands to her breasts as she told me to learn all the paths of the body which led to orgasm. She closed her eyes as I tentatively rubbed her nipples as she had done to me, she made a noise as they hardened under my touch. She must have thought that I was getting the hang of it because she took her hands from mine and let me explore on my own.

Gently I caressed her breasts, touching everywhere, across her hard nipples, underneath her breasts and down her stomach. I let my hands find her back, I could feel her goose bumps as my hands touched her skin lightly floating along the dips and curves of her body. She stopped me at this point and turning moved to the bed to lay down. She told me to kneel on the bed next to her and that for a moment I could only look and admire what lay before me. She whispered that I was to taste the sweetness of her skin, to let my mouth discover the texture of her nipples and breasts. I leaned over and took a nipple into my mouth and sucked softly at first, hearing her moans I increased the pressure with my lips and sucked a little harder.

My fingers traced circles around her other breast, randomly brushing across the nipple. She took my head in her hands and pushed me downwards, pausing to let my lips kiss and caress her body as my hands moved everywhere, touching everything with curious fingers. I positioned my body so that i was now kneeling between her spread legs.

Starting at her knees I began to caress her with my lips, slowly I let my lips slide across her skin, moving up the inside of her thighs, the higher I went the more her legs moved apart, allowing me to touch more of her. As I moved my kisses higher the lips of her pussy began to open like the petals of a morning flower looking for the sun. The caress of my kisses reached the top of her thighs which left me only one place left to go. Tentatively I reached out with my tongue and touched her pussy, there was an immediate reaction from the woman. Encouraged I pushed my wet tongue deeper into the folds of her pussy, searching for and finding her clit. With my arms around her legs and my hands caressing her stomach, I continued to explore her. My tongue fairly danced around her lips with playful circles around her clit, occasionally rubbing across it making her juices flow freely and making her harden with excitement. Her moans and movements enticed me further by running my tongue lower past the outer reaches of her pussy and lightly touching her ass. With a gasp she asked me to stop!! Wondering if I had done something wrong I sat up to look at her eyes. She said nothing but she reached out and with soft hands took hold of my hard cock and pulled me forward. This was the moment of truth, it was our moment, it was what we both needed now.

I let her guide me to the slit of her pussy, then taking control from her I pushed gently into her letting only the head of my cock enter her. I paused at that point to let the feeling of euphoria wash over me, this was better than any drug could possibly be. With my arms holding me up I slid further into her, slowly, I moved to enjoy all I could, suddenly I felt my cock pushing against something. Was I that big, or was she that small? I was beginning to become disappointed that this would be it, I wasn’t even in a quarter of the way and I was stopped dead in my tracks. I looked up into the woman’s eye’s, ready to ask her what I should do, but her intense look stopped me. Her face went through a wide range of emotions, anger, fear, uncertainly, it was beginning to confuse me.

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