A Schoolboy’s Secrets – Day Six: Collision with Destiny

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Dear Diary,
We couldn’t get off each other. The whole day was full of people playing games; that excitement of Christmas Eve was running right through the boys at the house. But our priority was making up for lost time. As soon as I got to see his gorgeous features again after his endless vacation, I couldn’t help but devour his luscious lips. He felt pretty much the same. At lunch we caught up so much, he told tales of his wonderful trip to the Caribbean and meeting the hottest tanned hunks ever described to me! I didn’t dare tell him about the hot sex I’d been getting while I was gone. I hope he didn’t notice the 3 guys staring at me all day…

The snow provided the evening entertainment for the lads, snowballs being flung all across the lawn. We on the other hand decided just to watch from a distance, watching the flakes settle on the white fields. Standing at the top of the hill, he put his hands around my hips as we watched the sun cascade behind the horizon. That was the peak of happiness then. Only wish I could describe it more, but sadly as it’s the end of the year, I’m running out of room, and I need a new book… But trust me; this room will be used up wisely! We stayed there for ages, in each other’s warm, firm grips. But it got dark and he started to nip and my neck. His breath ran down my back and chest and I knew why he started this fumble of activity. I groaned quietly as a sign of understanding, and we walked quickly in, like small children.

The blast of warm air as we went back into the house was welcoming. As its warmth started to seep into us, Kyle decided he needed to see my body once more and tore away my scarf and coat when we arrived into our dorm. We were then entangled into a passionate making-out session, hands rubbing every single area of each other’s bodies. Kyle obviously had gone months without getting any action and he suddenly wanted it all now. He thrust me down onto the bed and tore off his shirt while I was lying there, watching him caressing his own nipples. He then dived into my bed himself, thrusting his warm lips onto mine again. It was amazing to feel his lips again after so long, especially when they were hear in my nice warm bed. My hands rested on his sinfully hot chest and he recoiled:
“My God, your hands are cold!” he whispered gently. “But it’s great to feel your soft hands again!”
“And you’ve no idea how much I’ve fucking wanted your hot body!” I always remembered how much he swore when I popped his cherry, and he just went wild when he heard me. He started snogging at my neck like a vampire. Holy shit he’d changed since before. The timid, cute but amazingly hot personality had been left in the Caribbean, and what came back was a lover that was sweeter than candy, yet darker than chocolate. I wrapped my legs around his ass and pulled downwards, gagging for some pressure on my fast expanding crotch. He let his own rock hard cock fall against mine and we both groaned for more. Kissing resumed again, more lustfully and frantic though. He wanted it, I wanted it, and it was the night before the sweetest day of the year, why not?

My hands slid down his sides and past his hips, deep into his tight trousers. Before I knew it, he’d already thrown them on the floor. A spark flew up inside me as soon as I finally laid eye on his naked body again. His head by this time had already made its way down to my flies. He sank his teeth right into the cloth and my dick got the full effect of it. He couldn’t wait any longer to taste the sweetest flesh there is. By the time he had dug his way through my clothes, my cock was completely covered gaziantep escort in spunk. I’d never known such amount of precum. Only he could make it happen! Suddenly memories came flooding back of how amazing his first suck was. His mouth wrapped securely around my head and already I was overcome with the sensations I’d long forgotten.
“Holy fucking shit! You’ve no idea how much I’ve wanted that! Oh God! You always were a cock loving slut weren’t you? Get stuck in there! Go on! Get a mouth full of me!”
And he did, like it was his first time. It went all the way in and back out again, over and over in an endless loop. I probably drowned the horny boy with the amount of precum I could feel shooting out of me. But he didn’t stop if it did. He just kept going, like he’d never sucked off before. He didn’t even react to my uncontrollable screams which he loved.

Then, completely out of nowhere, the door opened. It either must have been very quietly, or Kyle was just concentrating so hard on sucking me off, as only I noticed. Standing at the foot of the bed was Calvin; the hot-mouthed, hard-headed public school reject. He just stood there, open mouthed, almost drooling at the sight of me in pre-orgasm. After mere seconds of just gaping at me, he un-did his trousers and his rock hard 10-incher was poised ready to strike at Kyle’s well placed ass. Meanwhile, Kyle was just in a completely different world, enjoying my dick far too much. He didn’t even notice Calvin’s damp head running smoothly over his entry. I gave Calvin the nod of approval and he rammed his meat right up Kyle’s ass, making him scream the loudest entrance known.
“Have you met my friend Calvin, Kyle?” I panted, recovering from the blowjob.
“Well I fucking well have now! How big is his pecker?” he managed to gasp out, his words muffled by the new huge intruding organ.
“You like it then? Calvin jerks it off every night in bed, don’t you?” I grinned
“How the fuck do you know that?” Calvin snapped
“Oh I listen! You don’t half make a racket!” I said, still grinning
“Shut up both of you! I’ve got the biggest dick in the world up my ass and I fucking want it deeper!”
“You asked for it pretty boy!” Calvin rammed deeper, emitting more screeches from Kyle.
“Oh shit! Yeah, keep going! Oh my God this is the best I’ve felt in ages! Fuck me harder Calvin!”
“You’re boyfriend’s got one hot fucking mouth! And his ass feels great on my dick! You want Calvin to pound you harder? Then you’re gonna get it!” Both of them were on an uncontrollable rage towards their climaxes, and I felt slightly left out as they carried on fucking the hell out of each other. But my God was it hot! I almost blew my load I was jerking off so fast!

But thankfully, I was stopped when the door opened again. The other two stopped too when Dan Ryan was stood at the door. Seems we were attracted a crowd. All four of us just froze, each shocked by the other’s appearance. Dan was the first to speak:
“Well I guess I’ll change my trousers and be out of here!” he seemed slightly upset as he rushed off to his bed.
“Dan, what’s wrong?” I went after him.
“What’s wrong? I’ve just walked into the dorm to find a threesome happening!”
“What’s wrong with that?” Calvin asked, retreating from Kyle
“Nothing…it’s just…it’s just…”
“Go on…” I beckoned.
“It’s just I’ve never felt so turned on in my life…” he stared straight at me. Something about those words and his blue eyes looking straight at me, made my cock sizzle. Or maybe it was his ice-cold hands that had grabbed my erection. By the time I noticed he had already pushed me against his wardrobe in a passionate kiss. I’d never kissed such a staggeringly beautiful person as him, and his tongue was just as smooth as his face, it was an absolute joy to lick. My dripping cock was pressed firmly against his own bulging trousers. He was pushing so hard into me, it squeezed out more, sweet precum.

Our new action made even more happened at the other end of the room. Kyle was for some reason turned on by his boyfriend being snogged by another guy and grabbed Calvin by the shirt.
“OK Calvin, you’ve had your fun pounding me, now wait till I fill your ass with my rock hard prick!” and with that they both fell back onto my bed. I was too preoccupied with Dan’s tongue to see what hot action they were making. But by the sounds of it Calvin’s trousers must have been ripped off instantly; and Kyle had gained entry just a quickly. By this time, Dan had pushed so hard against me; we slid off the end of the wardrobe and fell giggling on the floor. Then I’d been able to see what was happened on my bed. Kyle had indeed got inside Calvin, and was really going for it. It looked like his fucking before hadn’t exhausted him at all! As for Calvin, he really seemed to enjoy what must be his first meat.
“Oh yeah, pretty boy, you get deep inside me, fuck me with your hot dick! You aren’t ever going to get an ass like this again!” as well as his baking hot mouth, he was returning the fucking with his ass, pounding against Kyle’s own dick. Even as Dan was undoing my shirt, I couldn’t help thinking whether Kyle wasn’t being taken too far. I was diverted back to my own sexual encounter when Dan’s mouth had wrapped itself around my dripping cock. For the second time tonight I was being blown out of my mind by two of the hottest people I’d ever met. My turn for more obscenities came as Dan went wild with my body, relishing in every lick. But for his first time, he wanted to try everything at once at I’d hardly got into the sensations of being sucked off again, when I found myself thrown on the bed again! De JA vu! There was hardly enough room on there for all four of us, boarding the one-way journey to an ear-shattering climax. Dan seemed to really like pushing as I was 2 inches into the mattress as he forced his own fantastic organ right into my entrance as he stripped. He may have been new to the game, but holy fuck, he knew how to screw a guy! I buried my face into the pillow to block out my screeches of delight as he worked up into a frenzy of thrusting. All four of us were now going to erupt into a tidal wave of cum.

The next thing I knew I was looking up out of the pillow and I saw the House Leader sitting in the chair next to the bed. He must have slipped in quietly, none of us hearing him over our screams of ecstasy. I may have been in one of the hottest gangbangs of my life, but the real turn on was seeing that huge muscular body casually fisting his own crotch in such a kinky way, staring straight at me! I made a bit of a show for him and started faking the hottest groans I could manage. This really had an effect on him as he undid his flies and his massive organ sprang out in front of him. I carried on, seeing what the saucy fucker did next. Dan also seemed to like what I was doing, fucking ever harder with each groan. But it was still the teacher in the chair jerking off frantically that was making my load grow. I could feel it inside me, so much of it wanted to spurt out all at once!

But one final twist in this amazingly hot night was still to come!
“Hey, guys, dinner’s getting co…” Nathan said as his head was poked round the door. Once again, we all froze as this new arrival. My ass uncontrollable contracted. This was heaven. Everyone I’d laid off was all in one room. I was about to explode…
“Who the fuck’s this?” Calvin finally gasped out
“Never mind me, what the hell are you all doing with Gabriel?” Nathan snapped back
“Oh God, Nathan, you’re right about Gabe! His ass is so hot!”
“What? You mean you’ve all…?” Kyle asked. Shit…this won’t end well…
“Oh Gabriel’s a bit of a player aren’t you, fit ass?!” Calvin wasn’t helping. But thankfully…
“Shut the fuck up all of you!” the house leader yelled. “I’ve got a hot load wait to shoot, is anyone gonna take it in their hot mouth or not?” His dick really did look on the verge of explosion. Nathan didn’t need asking twice and was on his knees in no time. Everyone sprang back into the action they had before; harder and hotter than ever. But then came the chain…

Nathan was the first:
“Oh you hot-mouthed student, just look what you’ve made me do! I’m fucking cumming in your hot mouth! Oh God yeah!” Nathan was nearly drowning in the sheer amount of spunk that entered his throat. He was on the floor gasping for breath, yet relishing in the sweet spunk he had on his face. Next came Calvin:
“Holy shit, Gabe, your boyfriend is an ass loving slut who fucks like a whore! I can feel it in me! He’s gonna blow his load right in me! Oh God, so am I!” so they both ended up in a volcano of each other’s spunk, drooling and panting on my bed. All this going off had turned me on to boiling point. My ass convulsed, Dan’s pecker blew and I was forced to spray his face, drenching it completely in the biggest shower to escape my head. We were all left groaning and gasping in pools of semen. I was so whacked out from this insanely hot experience, as soon as my head hit the pillow, I was out.

I woke up again, and it was dark. And I was tucked into bed. It was so cold poking my head out of the duvet; such a contrast to earlier that evening. I turned over to stare straight into the eyes of my lover, lying head in hand, looking lustfully at me.
“Hey babe” he whispered.
“Hey. What time is it?” I replied.
“Gone 10”
“10?! How long have I been out?”
“Ooh, a good 4 hours or so? We went down for dinner; you looked so peaceful just lying there anyway.”
“And you tucked me in?”
“Yeah! Couldn’t let my baby boy get all cold!”
“Oh…that’s sweet… How long have you been up?”
“Got into bed about 10 minutes ago.”
“And you were just watching me sleeping?”
“You’re cute when you sleep! I know it sounds crazy but you do!” I was too embarrassed to reply. He had definitely changed, normally I’d be the one saying things like that.
“You know…you know tonight?” I asked after a second of awkward silence. “You weren’t, thinking of…you know, leaving me were you? You know it just seemed you were really enjoying Calvin earlier…”
“Leave you? Why would I do that? I mean sure, that guy has got the biggest cock I’ve ever seen, and he’s by far the fittest guy here; but you’re much more than that! You’re sexy, you’re caring, and you’re handsome. And you’re the only person who I’d ever say “I love you” to…” Now it was his turn to go all shy. Maybe it was the moonlight, but I was sure I saw a tear in his eye.
“Oh God I’ve missed you. I really have. I had to see all those guys to keep me sane! And besides, I was fantasy-fucking you anyway!”
He wiped his eye “Really?”
“Hell yeah! And you’d do better than them any day!” we both smirked, briefly followed by a romantic embrace. Of all the kisses I’d had off him today, this was the sweetest.
“Happy Christmas Gabe”
“Happy Christmas Kyle”

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