A Special 40th Birthday Ch. 01

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It was coming up to my 40th. birthday. My wife, Sam, had been acting a little odd for a few days. To be honest I did not connect the two together. Our sex life had always been brilliant, she was always looking for new ways to arouse and stimulate both of us. But then again, so was I. One thing that she had stated was that my 40th. birthday was one that I would remember for a long time. So I assumed that there was going to be a big surprise party or a special holiday away together, just the two of us with some of her special toys and unbelievable wardrobe. We are both the same age, and Sam is always out to prove that you don’t become over the hill sexually once you reach 30. Indeed we have both found that it has improved in quality over the time and both our appetites have never waned.

My birthday fell on Saturday on this particular year and Sam had suggested that I arranged to have a long weekend off. Seeing as I was the boss of my own company that was not to difficult to arrange, but it did provoke a few knowing winks and ribald comments.

I arrived home on the Thursday evening loaded with cards and presents from my staff who had been generous if not a tad lewd with their cards and presents. Still it was hardly surprising I suppose as Sam and I had never been shy about our physical relationship and given that Sam had figure that women would kill for as well I suppose it was to be expected. Sam opened the front door of the house as I got out of the car. Sheesh, did she look gorgeous. Leather mini skirt that revealed all but the top one and a half inches or her outstanding legs (She suggested that I measured it once so I duly obliged, it took me nearly an hour to complete it properly, well you can’t rush scientific research can you?). Her fabulous legs were emphasised and flattered by her 4″ stiletto heeled shoes.

The opaque colourless blouse she had on was not buttoned, but knotted at the midriff, revealing a waistline and abdomen that was out of this world. The blouse revealed that she was wearing her favourite underwear. Just fresh air. And boy, was it privileged.

Her magnificent 36DD tits were held out in fine relief, she never wore a bra. Sam worked out regularly and paid particular attention to the muscles around her chest. The result was a cleavage that would sell millions of bras, ‘cept she didn’t wear one. In effect she looked absolutely…….. well you can imagine can’t you?

She took the envelopes with the birthday cards in and a couple of the presents off the top of the pile that I was teetering with.

“Can’t have you getting a hernia lover, I’ve got plans for you.” she purred. Her auburn hair, so rich and lush, whirled round her shoulders as spun round towards mecidiyeköy escort the house laughing tantalisingly and seductively. I knew that meant only one thing, tonight she was not going to accept that I had a headache. Then again nor was I about to have one.

I followed her through the front door and kicked it shut with my heel, walked into the dining room and placed the presents in a kind of orderly pile and proceeded to pour myself a small whisky. The aroma coming out of the kitchen was appetising and suggested a pasta dish. I poured Sam a whisky too and meandered through to the kitchen offering her the drink.

“That’s why I married you, you always know what always want” she said.

“Funny, I thought it was because of my sexual prowess and insatiability” I replied with a lewd grin on my face.

“That’s what I meant” she replied with a more than just a twinkle in those deep brown eyes.

I put my glass down on the work top and took her glass out of her hand put my arms around her sylph like waist and said “Will the food keep, only I got an appetite for something else at the moment.”

“I thought I was loosing my touch” she grinned “that took you two minutes to get round to wanting a fuck. However my love it will not keep and it will be ready in about ten minutes, so…” as she peeled away from me I caught the end of her blouse give it gentle tug and it just came kind of undone. She was not phased, instead she took one step back wriggled her shoulders and the insignificant cover was on the floor as a crumpled heap. She then stepped forward again towards me and said teasingly “nice one, now that my tits are free I think you can reciprocate.” She undid my zip , unhooked my waistband on my trousers and pushed down my trousers and boxer shorts. She descended with them on to her knees, and took hold of my cock which was now beginning to respond to the scene.

She took it delicately in her hands as if suddenly discovering it for the first time. She stroked my cock gently and it continued to grow under her ministrations. “That’s better” she cooed and ever so gently took my ever growing phallus between her lips. Gently, she sucked the engorged tip, her tongue teasing the holes in the end. She then opened her mouth a little wider and took more of my member into her hot gorgeous mouth. Sam was an absolute genius at giving head. Her tongue started to snake lasciviously around my throbbing cock at the same time gently teasing it by wanking it with her hand, gently scratching my scrotum with her long luscious fingernails. My hands were stroking her long maine of hair that cascaded down her back to just below her shoulder blades, as she toyed with him. I was aching nişantaşı escort to fondle her breasts, and she knew it, because she loved having them manhandled. All of a sudden she changed tack, instead of her hands sliding up and down my shaft, one of her hands disappeared up the hem of her skirt, the other fondling my balls as her mouth slid up and down excited engorged ramrod. Slowly at first, then gently increasing in speed. She was in complete control of the situation. Her lips tightened around my shaft her tongue licking for all it was worth. I was helpless, all I could do was stroke her hair, but Sam was oblivious to that because her head and her left hand up her skirt seemed to be going at the same pace and they were going faster, I was getting near to cumming and she was moaning with sheer pleasure. I started to moan and encourage her. “Go on baby, suck me hard. Give it to him, slut, make me shoot my spunk right down your throat.” All of a sudden she went stiff, then started to moan loudly. She was starting to cum as she increased the speed of her head going up and down on my cock.

Sam suddenly let out a wild scream of extreme pleasure as her orgasm overtook her. As her crisis increased both hands were on my cock and balls her head going up and down my shaft as if it was her cunt on my throbbing gristle, her lips sucking it as if her life depended on it her tongue like dervish driving me to ecstasy. I grabbed her hair as my climax mounted, all the while her mouth working like the clappers to make me cum. I couldn’t hold out, I screamed as I tightened my grip on her hair and started to have my orgasm. “That’s it, cum to Mama shoot your load into me. Let me suck you dry” she mumbled though all of this.

At this point most women stop let the spunk flow free, but not Sam, she went for glory. She increased the speed of her head going up and down my cock willing me to shoot more and more into willing gob. I noticed that one of her hands was not on my cock. Then I saw her arm down her front, her hand back up her cunt as she wanked herself off. She sucked as hard as was able on my satisfied shaft, as she did she started to give out a groan that I had come to know. She was starting to have a monumental orgasm, they start slowly then consume her with a passion that is nothing short of phenomenal.

Her groans grew louder, her breathing erratic, her mouth wanton on my cock. She wanked me manually and orally as her orgasm grew. I pushed her down onto the floor and whilst managing to keep my cock in her mouth we sorted ourselves out and I managed to get my head between her legs. She drew her heels up so that her knees were pointing to the ceiling. As usual she wasn’t wearing etiler escort any briefs (she rarely did) so my tongue homed in on her sweet spot and got a hole in one. Sam suddenly clamped her thighs around my head and she thrust her pelvis into my face forcing her quim right up to my mouth. How could I resist. I licked her clit as if I hadn’t done for months and her orgasm swelled. I love the taste of a woman so as she came the more I licked. The more I licked, the more she came. She squirmed with pleasure as I delved deeper into her love hole, her clitoris standing firm and proud. So I gave it what it deserved. I took in between my lips and licked it gently with my tongue “Ooooh yes lick me out. LICK MEE OOUUUT. Deeper, deeper, lick me. LICK MEEEEEE” As I was brought up to do as I was told I went deeper. I sucked her clit harder as her orgasm intensified. Sam was reaching the zenith and I knew it would be quick, loud and earth shattering. She thrust her cunt hard into my face writhing as she did wanking herself off against my mouth. My tongue was doing its best to help. She suddenly arched her back as I held her clit in between my lips and as I licked the tip of it with my tongue she exploded. She sucked on my cock which was now responding to her stimulus and was growing like its life depended on it. She sucked me hard and fast. I licked her fast and hard. “Ooooooh! I’m cumming. I AM CUMING” she yelled at my cock which was now well stiff inside her mouth. She came with an intensity that was awesome. It was copulantly intense and sexually stunning and physically unimaginably phenomenal as she writhed beneath me grinding her muff into my face, me licking for all I was worth and Sam was screaming with sheer sexual ecstasy. As her orgasm began to subside, I started to feel another on the way.

“On your back” she said with difficulty, as she had her mouth full.. we rolled over, my cock still deeply embedded in her mouth. My second orgasm came a lot quicker than the first. Sam planted her juicy dripping cunt perfectly on my mouth for me to lick. How could I refuse? Suddenly my cock was out of her mouth as she squirmed her juicy sex box in my face and started to rub her 36DDs over my dick. Her distended nipples brushing against my swollen member, her nails scratching against my balls, her hair brushing across the top of my legs I couldn’t withstand that. I started to shoot my second load and she wrapped her tits around my spurting member then took the tip into her mouth and collected the remaining few drops into her oral orifice whilst rubbing her spunk box in my face as she succumbed to yet another orgasm.

We lay for a minute or two, exhausted between each others legs, neither of us resisting the temptation to orally please each other indeed my cock had hardly been out of her mouth throughout the whole escapade.

“Well that was a great oures d’ouvres, now let’s eat dinner”. she suggested. I had to admit I was now feeling a little hungry for food, so I reluctantly agreed.

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