A Special Rent Agreement Ch. 01

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Acting persons:

Shari (18; black student girl); Christine Fisher (53; white BBW-Lady)

Shari was a young black girl of 18. She had been very good at school and so got a place at the university. So she had just moved to Boston to start her studies. Till now she had lived with her parents in one of the poor regions of Washington in a small flat. She had been fed up with that kind of living and was very glad to start into a new life.

She had never been in Boston before and so knew nobody in town. Her scholarship paid the fees for the university, but she still had no flat. She could not afford much. So she started flipping through the newspapers and a very special ad caught her eye.

“Financially independent lady offers accommodation to nice, young female students. Details at personal appointment.”

Shari didn’t think long and just called the number. She reached the lady, who named herself Christine Fisher at first called and made an appointment for the afternoon. She had spent the first few nights in a cheap, a little dirty, youth hostel. She wanted to look good. So she took a shower and dressed in her best skirt and shirt, still very cheap clothes. She watched herself in the mirror. She liked her looks. She was a slim girl, with rather small, very firm breasts and small very dark nipples. Her soft skin was a very dark black-brown. Her curled hair was black, with some artificial brunette in it. She wore it quite long.

The 18 year old black student girl was nervous when she rang the bell to the building, that the lady on the phone hat told her, that she should come to. It was a beautiful brick old brick building in the best area of the town. A park was just opposite the street. The door opened and Shari took the elevator to the 5th floor.

A white, mature woman was waiting at an open door. She was higher than her and her body was the best contrast to hers. She was a very voluptuous, curvy lady with quite some pounds of overweight. On the other hand her BBW-body fitted very well to her appearance and in a special way, Shari thought, the woman even looked very attractive with her full, big breasts and her curvy bum. As often seen at full-bodied woman she had almost no wrinkles even though Shari estimated the woman to be 45 or older (she would not guessed her 53, the real age of the woman). The woman’s face was of a mature prettiness. She was very white skinned and had completely blonde hair. The woman was dressed in a long, obviously expensive black dress. She also wore big ear-rings and a necklace with diamonds.

She smiled at her.

“Are you Shari, the girl I talked too on the phone?”

“Yes, Mam.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, come in!”

Shari followed the lady into a big, sunny flat, equipped with obvious taste and the necessary money.

Christine Fisher showed her huge flat to the girl, that was obviously deeply impressed. After the tour she led her to the leaving room.

The Lady asked her a lot of questions; where she was from, her childhood, her plans. She had poured them some very tasty wine. Shari wasn’t used to wine and not at all to such a fantastic taste, that the Chilean Merlot had. Quickly she was starting to feel relaxed.

Shari was impressed by the lady and her surroundings. She had never been in a surrounding showing so much money. And Christine impressed her with all her style, knowledge and ladylike manners and in some kind she even was impressed by her physical appearance. In some way she considered the mature woman beautiful. It was the elegance that the woman showed in spite of her big body and all in all everything fitted quite well; the big breasts just were perfect and gave the right curves and sex to the BBW body and her mature face was perfectly styled. A big lady and in her special ladylike way, a mature beauty.

Shari’s thoughts were getting lost. The rent would be to high anyway she suddenly thought. It was just a dream.

“Hello, Shari!,” she heard the woman say and see her smile. “Are you listening to me? I don’t think so…and that’s not very polite. What’s in your mind, my dear.”

The black girl blushed.

“I wondered what the rent might be, to be honest.”

“So you are afraid, that it will be too expensive for you?”

Shari nodded.

“So, that would not be the problem. I don’t need any money at all and the room is only available for free…concerning money. Look, all I want is some new, young spirit coming into this flat again, some beautiful youth walking through this old woman’s flat. I want somebody that would be prepared to spend some time with me, chatting, going out to the theatre, movies and restaurants, some tender girl giving me a hug and kiss from time to time and a good, soft massage. That’s what I’m looking for. I would also love to make a real young lady out of you, would show you the finest restaurants, we could travel together and sleep in the best hotels….would you love that?

The young girl’s heart was pounding.

“Yes Anadolu Yakası Escort of course I would love that. More than everything else. And you are not at all an old woman. You are the finest lady I have ever met – and a beautiful one too.”

Christine smiled

“Thank you for that nice compliment. Of course there would be some disadvantages too, if you accept my offer. There are some rules. I would want you to sleep most of the nights in my bedroom, in my bed, as I don’t like sleeping alone, there would not be any boys allowed in this flat – I have no problem with girls, if you tell me in advance and of course you really would have to spend some good quality time with me and be a real good, open minded girl friend. Would you be prepared to accept that?”

The 18year old black college girl really wanted to stay with this lady. She was happy to now know somebody, somebody that would guide her.

“Yes, Mrs. Fisher! Yes, I would not have any problem with your rules and I would love spend a lot of time with you.”

The smile on the 53year old big ladies face broadened and she rose her glass of wine for a toast.

“So it may be sealed, my dear. You can stay with me, as long we have a good understanding and some fun and you don’t have to worry for this time about any cost. I will pay for everything, of course! And now seal our agreement with a kiss.”

Shari moved close to the lady and kissed both her cheeks and as the woman obviously also offered her mouth, she also placed a quick and shy kiss to her lips. Christine Fisher hugged the young black student, patting her back gently.

“I think we will make a good pair,” she smiled and kissed the girl again on the lips. “I would love to make that kissing our standard greeting, do you mind, Shari?” Of course the 18 year old girl didn’t mind. She was so happy at the moment, to really get the place, she would not have mind anything.

After a while of chatting, the lady suggested that Shari fetch her things. She called a taxi and the girl went to her room to fetch all her things. She was very excited. When she came back and the 53year old big woman waited at the door she did not forget about the greeting they had agreed too. Happily she hugged the much elder woman and kissed her cheeks and her lips. The lady used a lipstick that’s taste Shari liked. The mature woman still held her in her arms, her hand gently stroke down her back and for a quick moment touched the young, firm ass of her new flatmate.

It was late in the evening already and they ate a small dinner, that Christine had ordered from a catering service. Shari enjoyed the conversation with the lady, who told her some stories from her life and the mature lady was very good in telling stories. Shari had already started to feel very relaxed and comfortable an the women’s company. In her mind she was convinced that she wanted to do anything to keep the woman happy, so that she would let her stay with her for a long time.

After the dinner Mrs. Fisher showed Shari her new room, which was almost as big as the whole flat of her parents. The young girl was so glad she just had to hug and kiss the mature lady again. Shari enjoyed the warmth and softness of the big woman’s body. She let herself lean deeply into her softness, feeling her big breasts against hers. For a moment she laid her head to the woman’s shoulder. She had missed such soft tenderness her whole life. Christine!

“Hey look at the mirror, my sweet black girl,” smiled the lady after a short while. From where they stood they both were displayed in a big mirror on the wall. Shari moved a bit, so that Christine still had her arm around the girl and they were standing very close, side by side. Both were looking into the mirror, watching themselves.

“Don’t we make a great looking pair? I love that contrast, it’s somehow very sexy, erotic. Don’t you think so, Sweetheart?!” And it really was kind of sexy view. Shari could only nod her agreement. It was fascinating for her too, as the mirror showed herself, this poor, young 18year old black girl with her long curled, black hair with some blonde strains, her slim and trim body, very dark against the big body, dominated by the big breasts of the very white, blonde-haired lady, being 25years her senior.

Christine gave her a quick kiss to her neck and a gentle slap to her arse.

“I’m going to take a shower and then go to bed. Would you make me the pleasure to stay our first night with me, in my bed?”

“It’s a honour, of course, Mrs. Fisher,” Shari smiled back and the young girl really felt what she said. “Can I take a shower too?”

“Of course, my dear.”

The 18year old Shari only wore a towel, wrapped around her body, when she stepped into the ladies bedroom. The elder lady was already lying in bed and she looked at her.

“You are a real beauty, my dear young Sweetie,” she said smiling. “You are absolutely gorgeous. Wow.” She added, smiling even Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan more.

The student girl blushed. “Thank you,” she whispered walking to the bed slowly and thus giving the lady time to watch her half naked body. Somehow she liked it, that this fine lady complimented on her body. It was not the rude comments that the boys in school had made, it was very different how Mrs. Fisher spoke to her.

She slipped under the bed sheets and took off her towel there, throwing it out of the bed.

“Oh, what a shy little girl,” Christine teased. “And I so much would have loved to see this hot, sexy, body completely naked. Hmmm.” The mature woman smiled and Shari blushed again. She wasn’t sure now, if the woman was talking seriously or just kidding.

To cover her unsureness, Shari turned round her back now against Christine. It was only a view seconds later, that she felt the woman coming very close to her. Her arm was circling her body and finally wrapped her, her hand lying on her belly and gently starting to stroke her. For a moment Shari’s body was stiffening when she felt the big body of the woman fully pressing against hers, her big breasts pressed against her back; and she felt that the ladies nipples were hard! But very soon she relaxed again, enjoying the soft, tender touches of the mature woman. The circles of her hand moving around were just big enough so that they almost – but only almost – touched her pubic hair and the undersides of her firm, round breasts. The woman planted a few, quick soft kisses to her neck and face.

“Just relax, my Sweetheart,” she whispered in her ear. “I just want you to feel comfortable.”

After a short while the started chatting again and the topic very quickly moved to Shari’s sex life so far. Christine asked her a lot of questions and the young, black girl was now more than relaxed enough to answer all of her questions willingly. Her sex life hadn’t been so exciting anyway. All in all she had only had two sex partners; two boys from school. With one she had lost her virginity after a party and pretty much beer. It had been kind of wild fumbling around and a very quick first fuck, with no real pleasure at all. There had not been any other contact with that guy at all. She had been 15 at that time. A few month later she had fallen into a teenage love – that maybe had only been some escape out of her family – with a – looking back – rather stupid guy. He had never paid any thought of her own feelings and her pleasure at sex and so she hadn’t cared about sex at all, after there relationship had ended a good year later. She had been quite happy after that experiences not to have any deeper contacts to other boys or men so far.

After that deep questioning Shari finally dared to ask the 53year old woman to ask about her sex life and Christine just answered:

“Hmm. I can tell you a lot about that, my young, black, Sweetie. I have tried a lot of good things and I have found the thing I love most. But it’s not yet the time.” With that she again kissed her and her hand still stroke the girls belly, but now her fingers also reached her pubic hair and the undersides of her breasts.

Both of them fell silent. Shari felt that she was getting really aroused. Everything was so new to her and she slowly moved her body a bit to just feel the elder woman’s big breasts and hard nipples against her back. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the Christine’s tenderness. Her nipples were getting erect and she even felt a slight wetness between her legs.

As time passed Shari felt the woman’s hand wander higher and higher till she was now stroking her breasts. It was a very, soft and gentle touch, encircling her whole breasts and coming closer and closer to her nipples. She loved that feeling and her nipples were rock hard by now. She could not remember when she had been that aroused last time. She wanted to moan out her pleasure loudly, but didn’t dare to. After a while the movements of the ladies hands were getting slower and slower. Finally she just fully cupped the 18 year old girls breast, her hard nipple between two fingers. Her breasts were still pressed against her back and felt so soft; so good.

Mrs. Fisher must be sleeping now, Shari thought. She was still unbelievably aroused. She had never felt so good like in this woman’s arms. It was so strange.

The young black girl was still wet from arousal at her crotch. She finally could not resist to move one of her hands down to her crotch. Her fingers gently glided through her pubic hair and played with the curls for a short while, before moving deeper. Gently she touched her wet, swollen cunt lips, one finger found her hard clit and very softly started playing with it. From time to time she parted her pussy with her fingers. She had to concentrate hard to stay silent now. She had started fingerfucking herself with one and soon with two fingers and playing her little knob at the same time. It didn’t Escort Anadolu Yakası take her long till she came. She had to bite her lips. It had been her best orgasm for a very long time; if not the best ever.

“Has it been good for you?” She heard Christine ask her and waking her more with some soft kisses. She was still half asleep.

“Good? What?”, Shari asked.

“Your masturbation last night? Did you think I would not recognize it?”

Shari blushed deeply.

“Oh god, oh god,” she whispered and she had to concentrate not to start crying. “I didn’t want to….”

“Psssst. It’s okay, Sweetie. It’s so normal. I’m happy, very happy that you did it Shari. Just next time, don’t do it secretly. We are sharing the same bed and we should not have any secrets at all. What do you say, if I suggest that we should both masturbate together this night? Lying completely naked in the same bed and making ourselves come with our fingers? Will you agree to that, Shari? I would love it, if we had no secrets at all!”

If Shari’s skin wouldn’t have been so dark, her face would have been deep red. She nodded yes to the elder, white lady. 53year old Christine kissed her 18year old black flatmate on her lips. For a moment Shari could feel her big, soft, naked breasts against hers. Then the woman slipped out of the bed. She was completely naked before her for some moments, before she took on her morning robe. Shari watched the round, so very curvy forms of the big, mature woman. Her skin seemed so white, even more compared to her. In some way it was a very exotic – and erotic – look for the young black student girl to watch this curvy, big white lady; so uncommon and different then everything she had experienced before in her young life.

Shari had to spend the whole day at university, but it was not easy for her to concentrate. Constantly she was thinking about her rent arrangement, about Christine Fisher and about last night; and even more the night to come was going through her head. Never had anybody watched her at masturbation.

It was after eight in the evening when she finally came home. Christine wore a blouse and obviously nothing beneath.

“Hello, Mrs. Fisher!”, Shari greeted her and as agreed they hugged and kissed.

“We should stop that “Mrs. Fisher”. You should really call me Christine; makes me younger, don’t you think?”

The lady lead her to the living room. There was dim light and a bottle of the finest champagne wine on the table. She had prepared everything.

“We should toast on it. Shouldn’t we?”

“Is it real champagne wine? I have never tasted it before.”

“You will love it.”

Christine filled two glasses and handed one to the 18 year old black girl.

“Cheers, Shari!”, she said

“Cheers, Christine”, Shari said in a silent voice, as she was not so sure, about calling this so much elder, rich and experienced lady with her name.

They drank and then the mature woman leaned to her and kissed her fully on the mouth. This time it was no quick kiss, but her lips were fully on hers and Shari felt how Christine’s mouth opened slightly and how her tongue slowly touched her lips. Without thinking the black girl also opened her dark lips and her mouth took Christine’s tongue. There tongues circled each other and they fell into a short but passionate French kiss. Shari had never been kissed like that before. The lady was a slow and tender and very playful kisser and it was not only her tongue it was the whole body making it perfect. Christine had wrapped her arms around the young student and pressed her tightly to her, into her big soft breast, into her round, feminine curves.

Finally Christine broke the French kiss and kissed her again on the lips. Afterwards they sat down on the couch, sipping their champagne and chatting. The 53year old white lady easily made her 18year old black flatmate relax and after a short while, Shari was lying on the couch, her head lying in Christine’s lap. The woman gently stroke her hair with one hand, while her other hand had wandered beneath her shirt and was caressing her belly and a little later her breasts again. Shari even didn’t seem to recognize it really, she just enjoyed the woman’s tenderness to her body, a tenderness she had longed for so long.

They had emptied the whole bottle and Shari was not only feeling very relaxed but also quite aroused due to the caressing hands of Christine. It was finally the young girl who suggested to the elder big lady going to bed. The both took a shower and when Shari entered the bedroom afterwards the woman was lying on the bed completely naked. She did not cover herself with any sheets. Shari could not take her eyes of her big, white, curvy forms. Christine smiled.

“Take off your towel. This is not a place for any false shame, my sweet, black Beauty.”, she said in a low voice. Like in trance the aroused girl immediately opened her towel and let it drop to the floor. Her nipples were erect a bit, as where the ones of the mature woman.

“You are unbelievable beautiful, Shari. You look so exotic, everything is so firm, so young. You have beautiful, sexy breasts and a great arse and it’s a perfect colour, your blackness. Wow. I’m a very happy woman, that I’m allowed to have such a girl in my room naked. I love beautiness.”

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