A Step Mother’s Toy Ch. 04

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Sleep was impossible the night after my experience with Sonia – my stepmum – and her unnamed friend.

I lay awake playing back how pathetic I must have looked to them, riding a big dildo while they used me as they wanted. The fact I had been so turned on and humiliated at the same time had no doubt amused the two women, but it still confused the hell out of me.

In between my bouts of angst, the recollection of entering Sonia’s friend while Sonia fingered her arsehole took me from deep lows to horny highs.

It must have been about 3 in the morning when my addled brain turned itself to Sonia’s comment over dinner. Something along the lines of, “Can you go around to Lou’s place and help her with some gardening? I’m sure she’ll give you something for it.”

Lou was the woman who only a short time ago had first used the dildo on me after a particularly kinky mountain bike ride. However, whenever Sonia had lent me to other women she had been there as well, providing me with a level of probably misplaced comfort; this time it sounded like I would be on my own, or even worse, Lou may have a friend she wanted me to please.

I had no idea what Lou was capable of, or what her boundaries were, so I lay there all morning pondering what would need to happen to make me run, and what the consequences would be at home if I did.


Being the pathetically obedient sap I am, I dutifully arrived at Lou’s bang on 9.30, my heart hammering in my chest and my legs feeling heavy with anticipation as I approached the front door and tentatively knocked.

Lou answered the door, and, with a smile, immediately stepped back to allow me to enter. She looked quite stunning in a plastic kind of way, dressed in what could have been very brief activewear or underware accentuating her rather too firm breasts.

The instant I was through the door she shut it behind me and gave me a big embrace as I moved alongside her.

The close contact against her near naked body immediately began to arouse me, and she pushed her pelvis into mine as she felt me respond. We stayed like that for several seconds, the smell of her hair and pressure of her body causing my single minded dick to grow to its fullest.

It felt weirdly normal as she pulled her head slightly back and our lips met. We were soon kissing passionately, our tongues probing each other’s mouths while our pelvises ground urgently together.

By the time Lou pulled breathlessly away from the embrace my reservations had vanished to be replaced by raging hornyness.

To my surprise, she took my hand and led me to a nearby couch. As soon as we were both seated, we were at it like two teenagers. Unable to resist the flow of sex, seconds after we started kissing again I slid my hand over the smoothness of her lycra clad breast.

Receiving a grunt of encouragement, I continued to play with her, feeling her nipple growing erect through the tight fabric. To be honest, I was surprised she had any sensation due to silicone implants, but I confess to know nothing about such things.

As I slipped my fingers under her sports bra, Lou sat forward, allowing me to pull it over her head and expose her large firm breasts. I had a second to admire them, appreciating the lightest pink areolas I had ever seen, before she encouraged me down to her nipples.

It was pretty obvious she was already horny, so I just went straight in for her nipple, sucking on one side while I toyed with the other between my finger and thumb.

I continued to perform my version of a blow-job on her breasts, sucking as much into my mouth as I could and letting it slide out again till I held her nipple between my teeth, all the while licking her nipple and listening to her moaning.

With some reluctance, I eventually let go of her nipple and slowly moved my hand down to her crotch. Rather than letting me feel her beneath her active wear, Lou lifted her hips off the couch, encouraging me to slip her shorts off.

The job required me to sit back and use two hands, allowing me to see her trimmed landing strip and pink lips being slowly revealed.

As I finished pulling her tight shorts off her feet, Lou reached forwards and yanked my t-shirt over my head. I was left kneeling in front of her, her legs spread before me, her pussy gleaming like a beacon between her legs.

With a nervous sigh, I placed a hand on her left knee, and began to kiss my way from her right knee up the inside of her smooth, shapely thigh.

As I homed in on her wet lips and began to smell her sex, Lou slipped her hips forwards past the edge of the couch, allowing me better access to her.

I began my assault on her wet pussy by slowly licking from her perineum up towards the top of her lips and back again.

Lou lifted her hips towards me with a groan, promoting me to put my hands under her ass and lick round her puckered anus then up to her clit, taking my time to explore her hole as deeply as I could on the way.

My exploration Beşiktaş escort carried on like this for several minutes, until she wriggled her arse sideways, moving my fingers closer to her. I immediately took the hint and slid two fingers into her pussy, and one into her tight arse, while I sucked and licked her clit.

Pretty soon, she grabbed the back of my head and pulled my mouth hard against her, forcing my teeth against my lips as I struggled for breath. Fortunately the wave of an orgasm washed over her seconds later, her vigania contracting strongly around my fingers and her breathing becoming a desperate panting as she came.

Seconds later, with a shaky, ‘Fuck’n hell,’ she pushed me away and pulled her hips back from my probing fingers. She took a couple deep breaths while she regained some composure and then slid forwards again, this time pulling my mouth towards her dripping wet hole.

With her clear guidance on my head, she got me to lick her right around her slit instead of inside it, forcing me to lick up her wetness. I quickly got into the groove, moving from her perineum up the left side of her slit and down the right.

However, it eventually became apparent that I was losing the battle to clean her up as her juices flowed further down towards anus every circuit I took. Consequently, I was less than surprised when she pushed me away and over on to my back on the floor.

Lou then slipped my shorts off and wrapped her hand around my dick. Within five extactatic pumps I was fully erect and she expertly mounted me, slipping my aching cock deep into her.

Rather than pumping up and down, she lent forward, arched her hips slightly back, and began sliding back and forth.

I could feel her arse hole pressing slightly painfully into my balls as she slid forwards, and my dick was almost snapped as she slid back with an ever faster and forceful rhythm.

Despite my concern that I would soon end up in serious pain, it wasn’t long before I was muttering, “I’m going cum,” expecting her to stop.

Instead, all I got was a breathless, “No. Not yet,”

as she kept riding me, staring into my face from so close I could feel her breathing as I tried desperately to hold back my orgasm.

With the pressure building to a painful breaking point, I groaned loudly, “I can’t hold it.”

I vaguely felt her pussy contract and saw the waves of pleasure cross her face as I came, not really sure or caring if I was still inside her or not. My pent up ejaculation erupted from me so hard it hurt and it felt like I was releasing a bucket full cum as my world shrunk to the overwhelming sensation of pleasure and pain engulfing my dick as I released shot after shot.

When the ejaculation eventually died down, I noticed Lou gazing into my eyes with a grin as the post orgasm bliss washed over me.

She then leaned in and kissed me until the world came back fully into focus. Then, without warning or ceremony, she stood up and announced, “I’m going to cool down in the shower. You can wear your undies, but I want to see your body as you work. There’s sunscreen and a pruning saw on the kitchen bench. Just trim off the dead palm leaves and tidy the gardens up.”

With a grin she added, “I’ll organise a treat for you afterwards.”

I just sat there exhausted and stunned as I watched her naked arse walk away from me. With a shake off the head, I pulled myself together, scrambled to my feet and finally noticed the state of my groin which was soaked with both our fluids. Not wanting to get it all over my undies, I grabbed a paper towel and cleaned up as best I could. I then climbed into my briefs and liberally sunscreened myself.

I found the saw and a pair of gardening gloves, and tentatively headed outside feeling exposed, humiliated and still horny.

Fortunately, Lou’s pool area was very private, so, losing my inhibitions, I got to work, all the while wondering what the hell I was still doing here working in my underwear.

It must have been a good half an hour later when I noticed Lou sitting in her outdoor dining area, gazing at me from a chair. Unsurprisingly, she was only clad in a red and black bikini, or underwear, I couldn’t tell from that distance.

As soon as she realised she had caught my eye, she raised a full glass of juice in my general direction with a questioning look. I tottled over, feeling like an exhibit in a strip show.

As I took the glass from her and skulled it down, I wasn’t too surprised to feel her rubbing my semi flacid dick through my underwear, even though I nearly choked at her first touch.

Once the drink was drained I just stood there with my dick rapidly growing from her attention, with no idea what the hell to do. I was rooted to the spot, holding my empty glass as she rubbed me and stared at me with a wicked smile.

After I was fully hard and precum was starting to show though my underwear, she stopped and whispered, “Hurry up. I can’t wait to give you Beşiktaş escort bayan your treat.”

I was so horny I wanted her right there and then, but with a deep breath I set off to get back to work.

It only took me another twenty minutes to complete the tidy up. Unfortunately, by then I needed a pee. I pulled off the gloves and tried to quickly slip past Lou but she stopped me by demanding, “Where do you think you’re off to?”

With an inward groan, I simply replied, “I just need to use the toilet, I’ll be right back.”

Lou immediately jumped up with a smile and said, “Oh do you need a pee pee?”

The kinky stop on our mountain bike ride was flying through my confused and horny head, leaving me wondering where this would end up.

Sure enough she slid over to me and with a deft move pulled my underwear down to my knees. Taking me in her hand, she knelt down beside me and looked at me expectantly.

Feeling incredibly vulnerable, I took a deep breath and tried to pee. It took a second or two for a slow stream to leak out, but it eventually grew into a full powered pee which erupted from me in a bit of a shower due to the earlier sex.

Lou was ecstatic at this and happily played her fingers through the splattering edge of my pee. As I finished, she stood up and held up her wet fingers up to me, clearly expecting me to lick them. Seeing no other option, I slowly licked each one whilst maintaining direct eye contact with my obsession and tormenter.

I wasn’t at all surprised when she then put her hand on my head and pushed me down in front of her. Accepting my fate, I waited until she pulled her panties aside and then began suckling her piss hole and clit.

After what felt like minutes, I sensed her urethra pulsing before an initial burst of pee flowed into my mouth and I swallowed it easily, not really even tasting it on the way down. Pretty soon however, her flow increased and I had to just let it flow out of my mouth and down my body where I could feel its warmth on my chest and stomach and flowing into my pubes and off my dick and balls.

Even after her flow finished, she kept her hand on the top of my head guiding me, ensuring I kept licking her dripping wet snatch until she grabbed me and forced my mouth against her again as she came for the third time that day.

Once she was finished, she pushed me backwards with a loud, “Fuck.” After a couple of deep breaths, she held out her hand and guided me to an outdoor shower I hadn’t noticed before.

She cranked on the tap and pushed me under the still cold stream, proudly saying, “Let’s get my piss off you, and all that sweat too.”

She stood back and watched as I let the water cascade off my naked body, leaving me once again feeling like an animal at the zoo. After she had an eyeful, she moved forwards to join me and gently rubbed the water into my groin, making sure I was hard or well rinsed. She then freed her magnificent breasts and pulled in close for a passionate kiss.

We stayed under the water for quite some time, our bodies grinding together as I alternatively switched from kissing her to sucking her erect nipples.

I was dying for something more when she eventually pulled her mouth away from mine and breathlessly whispered with her lips lightly brushing mine, “I hope you’re almost ready for your reward,” and pushed my head down. However, I wasn’t expecting her to turn around as I knelt, presenting her firm arse to me. I was even more surprised when she lent forwards to display a shiny metal ball where her arsehole should be. Not knowing what to do, I licked around the metal ball, exploring the tightness of it against her skin.

From her moans I gathered I was on the right track, so kept going until she murmured, “Pull it out.”

I pulled my mouth away and reached up to grab the ball, but she belatedly commanded, “With your mouth.”

Quietly swearing to myself, I lent back in and grabbed the ball with my teeth. Surprisingly it took quite a bit of pressure to begin to remove the plug. As it released, I did my best to slow the exit of the tapered end, for which I received more groans of pleasure.

Once it was fully out, she turned around and took it from me like she was holding a cigarette, spun it around, and with a smile offered the tapered end for me to suck on.

With a deep breath, I took the end that had been buried in her arse for who knew how long in my mouth. Fortunately it only tasted of lube, but surprisingly it filled up my mouth so much I almost choked.

With another smile, she offered me her hand to help me up, then led me inside and up her stairs.

The plug took up so much of my mouth I wasn’t able to swallow as I followed pathetically along. As a result I was dribbling saliva down my chin and precum from my rigid cock as I went, much to Lou’s delight.

To add to my humiliation, she teased me by seductively moving her naked arse side to side and repeating versions of, “I bet Escort beşiktaş you want to cum in my arse. Even if I tell Sonia and she molests you with that giant dildo, or worse. Just imagine dumping your load deep inside my tight arse.”

By the time we entered her bedroom I was a dribbling mess which she found amusing as she turned around and regarded me with a lecherous grin. She left me standing at the end of the bed and grabbed something from the night stand, then positioned her arse just off the edge of the bed. Before laying back, she beckoned my face to her groin with a wiggle of her finger.

Putting her feet on my shoulders, she pushed me down as she lifted her hips, leaving me facing her shaved pussy and exposed arsehole.

She then turned on a small vibrator and began running up and down her slit, leaving me one target for my mouth and tongue.

With an inward sigh, I moved in and kissed her puckered arse. With moans of encouragement, and her feet digging into my shoulders erging me on, I began to get into it, licking and kissing her, and eventually working my tongue into her tight arsehole.

The sight of her working her wet slit right in front of my eyes was like the most intense porn movie ever and despite having to fight the pressure from her hips and feet I was soon fit to burst and desperate to enter any hole she offered. Not wanting to let her down, I kept licking and probing even as my mouth and tongue were starting to get to the point of hurting, until her breathing finally became ragged and she came hard, droplets of her fluids running from her pussy down her perineum in front of me.

I kept my tongue firmly wedged in her arse until she took the vibrator away from her pussy and regained some composure.

Breathlessly, she whimpered, “Fucking hell,” as she again guided me on what to do. With her hand on my head, she encouraged me to lick the wetness from her arse to her wet pussy, and around her wet lips. It was abundantly clear that this was to be a much softer offering, so I gently licked, taking the time to taste each part of her.

To my surprise, she gently guided me to her clit, and I could tell by her breathing she was gearing up for another orgasm. Before she got there, she pushed my head back and loudly stated, “Fuck you’ve been a good boy. It’s time for your treat, I want to watch you as cum deep in my arse.”

My dick was a rigid dripping mess as I knelt and positioned her hips higher so I could enter her.

Lou dutifully pulled her knees apart and back, exposing her pussy and arse to me.

Just about bursting, I placed my dick against her puckered anal and gently pushed. To my horror, I sunk deep into her with minimal effort, but either she enjoyed the pain, or the but plug had stretched her enough for it not to matter.

I switched my gaze from her groin to her face as I pulled back and then drove deeper into her. As I pulled back once again, she switch her vibrator on and began to work on her clit while she stared into my eyes and panted, “Fuck my arse. Cum in me.”

Despite not being in an ideal position, I soon managed to push my entire length into her and develop a rhythm, my hips slapping into her bottom with every thrust.

It didn’t take long for me to reach bursting point, and after holding in my load as long as I could, I exploded into her while her words of encouragement rang in my ears, and her eyes held mine.

Life refocused after I dropped my sixth pulse of cum deep inside her, but she kept riding me while she worked her vibrator. I could feel my erection starting to subside as my cum squelched around my dick, out her arse, and over my trimmed pubes. I didn’t feel her orgasim as I tried to keep inside her, but from the look on her face, the change from panting to not breathing and the fact she quickly removed the vibrator from her over worked clit I guess she did.

She immediately swung her legs down while once again muttering, “Fucking hell,” forcing my semirigid cock out of her sloppy arse.

Grinning somewhat evilly at me, she added, “I’ll tell Sonia to go easy on you for cumming in my arse if you can be here at 10 tomorrow. I need a bit of water blasting done, and a few other bits and pieces.”

In a postorgasmic bliss, I just nodded in reply, not really thinking about it all.

Grinning, she then dismissed me, stating, “Your clothes are downstairs. Thanks for all the cleaning you’ve done today.”

I staggered naked downstairs in a bit of a delirium and retrieved my clothes. My underpants were by the shower and unwearable, so I slid my shorts over my still wet and sticky crotch and numbly headed to my car.

The drive back home passed in a bit of blur as I debated what to say to Sonia. Giving up, I tried to sneak through the front door, desperately hoping she wouldn’t be home. However, as I entered the lounge beside the kitchen, she was sitting on the couch wearing a brief and colourful summer dress, sipping some sort of drink.

My mouth suddenly felt dry and I noticed I could still taste Lou, and smelt strongly of sex. I tried to mutter a brief, “Hello,” with the aim of just sauntering past, but that was never going to fly.

I was stopped by an insistent, “How was Lou. You’ll have to tell me all about it.”

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