A Story for Her

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I walk down the aisle of the 747, expecting that this will be another long flight, and all that I have to look forward to on the other end is a dull business convention. I find my seat, and see that it is a center seat, muttering under my breath I store my bag in the overhead compartment, and stick my laptop case under the seat in front of me. I don’t bother to fasten my seatbelt yet, as I will have to move to let the person sitting in the window seat by me. Instead, I lean back and close my eyes, letting the sounds of people getting ready for take off wash over me.

Hey stranger, says a familiar voice. I can’t quite place where I know that voice from, so I open one eye. Looks like I’m sitting next to you, your voice continues.

I chuckle to myself and realize that this might not be such a bad trip after all. Well, I’ll have to see your ticket miss, I respond, reaching my hand out for your ticket. You put it in my hand, and I check. Sure enough, you have the window seat next to me. I stand to let you pass, and can’t help but catch a whiff of your intoxicating perfume and feel your tight ass as you slide past me and settle down in the seat next to me. I can’t help but to admire you from the corner of my eye. You look quite the young professional in your business skirt suit.

Before we can say anything else, the flight attendant comes on over the PA system and runs through the emergency procedures. It seems that the aisle seat in our row is empty. We fasten our seatbelts, and make sure that our seatbacks are in the full and upright position. The acceleration of the plane presses us back into our seats, and we are quickly airborne.

The plane reaches normal cruising altitude, and conversations resume on the plane. I shuffle over Kıbrıs Escort to the aisle seat, so that we aren’t sitting on each other. We make small talk, catching up on old times, talking about what we’re doing now, that kind of thing. And, as all conversations eventually do, ours comes to the topic of sex. I find out that you’re single, and haven’t been seeing anyone seriously for a while. I relate the same to you. The conversation continues to drift on to other topics, but we always seem to come back to sex.

I can’t place my finger quite on what it is, but there is a certain light in your eyes that has my mind on your body, and sex. As we talk, we move closer together, and both end up half in our seat half in the middle one. There is a break in the conversation, and we just sit there looking at each other. Suddenly your lips are on mine, I’m a little surprised, but in a good way. I return your kiss, our tongues twining together. I break the kiss; both our faces are flushed with excitement. I mention that I’m going to be in the bathroom, the second from the front on the left side, and wink at you meaningfully.

As I stand to make my way to the back of the plane I can feel my legs shake. I’m a mixture of excitement and nerves. I enter the small bathroom, and lock the door behind me. I splash some cold water on my face and wait for your knock. When it comes a moment later, I nearly jump out of my skin. I quickly let you in, and relock the door behind you.

I turn to face you and you push me back so that I’m sitting on the toilet lid. You spread your legs and sit on my lap facing me. Our lips lock again, our tongues quickly finding each other. As we kiss, I pull the jacket from your shoulders, and hang it on Kıbrıs Escort Bayan the back of the door. While I do this, you tug at the tie around my neck, and toss it behind you. My hands wander your back, and come to rest on your firm ass. I cup a cheek in either hand, and squeeze them. You moan into my mouth, and attack the buttons of my shirt.

I move my mouth down from yours to your neck, and lick and kiss, and nibble the side as I pull the bottom of your blouse from where it is tucked into your skirt. At this point you have unbuttoned my shirt and are pulling it off me. I have to release my grip on your ass as you take it off, and hang it next to your jacket. You don’t waste time unbuttoning your blouse, you just pull it off, over your head and it joins my shirt and your jacket on the back of the door. I stand up, and push you back so that you are sitting on the edge of the sink.

You quickly pull my undershirt over my head, and it finds its way to the floor with my tie. I unclasp your bra, and your full breasts spring free. I take one nipple in my mouth, and lick it with the rough part of my tongue, slowly spiraling out until I have licked your whole breast. With one hand, I take your other nipple, and begin to pinch it lightly, causing it to become erect. I switch sides, and repeat. You moan softly as I do this, as to not alert other passengers to what we are doing.

I bring my mouth back up and you recapture it with yours. I continue to fondle your breasts tenderly as you undo my belt and pants, letting them drop around my ankles. My cock is standing at full attention, only being confined by the cloth of my boxer shorts. You reach and slide your hands down my sides, and down into my boxers, taking Escort Kıbrıs my cock in your hands. I groan in satisfaction at the sensations coming from your hands on my cock and balls. I slide my hands up under your skirt and quickly, almost roughly, pull your panties off. You gasp in surprise at my aggressiveness. I recapture your mouth in a deep kiss. You push my boxers down, freeing my cock. I reach up your skirt and can feel the heat of your pussy. Before I can do anything else, you stand up and push your skirt up so that it isn’t covering your ass or pussy. I reach down and pull a small foil packet out of the pocket of my pants. You are facing the mirror, and I am standing behind you.

I see the questioning look on your face, and I whisper in your ear that I’m a good boy scout and always prepared. You smile at me, and I unfurl the condom down the length of my cock. I breathe hotly into your ear and lick the back edge of it as you reach between your legs and guide my hard cock into your dripping pussy. You brace your hands on the edge of the sink as I thrust into you. I can feel how tight and hot you are around my cock and we moan softly together. I start slowly, pulling almost all the way out and then pushing in as far as I can. My right hand reaches around and fingers your clit, as my left fondles your breast.

You start to thrust against me, causing me to go deeper then before. We continue like this, and it isn’t long before I’m pounding away with everything I have. You lean back and kiss me deeply. Then whisper in my ear that you are about to come and want me to come with you. I can feel the walls of your pussy start to clamp down on my cock, and thrust as deeply as I can into you one last time as we both come together.

I pull out of you, and dispose of the condom, we help clean each other up then kiss again. Once we are both dressed, we leave the bathroom one at a time, with a few minutes between. I look at the mirror after you have left and think again that this might not be such a bad trip after all.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32