A Story for Tim

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Tim looked around his office. Papers were spread over his desk. His coat hung limply on the stand. He sighed. He was looking forward to his business trip. He often had to go to London on business but for him, the trip was always mixed with pleasure.

A long time ago he’d had a relationship with Sue. She was such a sexy minx and sex had always been exciting and fun. Now, 14 years later, she was married, and living in London, 200 miles from Tim. Her marriage was good, she loved her husband but he couldn’t satisfy her sexual needs, Tim could…and she had never been able to stop seeing him. He was her bit on the side, and it suited them both.

He gathered the papers on his desk and stuffed them in his briefcase. He could feel his cock harden at the thought of the night ahead. Her husband was away, he would surprise her with a visit.

As Tim drove down the motorway he thought about the last conversation they’d had…he had told her that her needs were so strong, her desire for sex so intense, that he thought she would do anything for any man who asked. She had denied it…she didn’t think she would want anyone but Tim, he was enough for her and her husband filled in the rest. Tim laughed, “you’d be a good slut” he said, “you would perform for any man”… “Stop it” she retorted huffily, “you’re wrong…” but deep down she suspected he might be right. She did need sex, wanted sex, loved sex and desperately wanted to please her lover.

Tim got to London as it was getting dark. He drove straight to his hotel and unpacked. It was 8pm and he still had work to do to prepare for his meeting in the morning. He would see her later. After all, he had the key to her house and could go there anytime. She would always be available to him.

By 10.30pm he’d had enough. He couldn’t wait anymore. He left his key at reception and got back in the car. He sat there for a while…wondering. He desperately wanted to prove his point but wasn’t sure how to…what could he do to prove that his lover was his slut.

He called his friend. Jon lived in London and often met up with Tim when he was there. They’d have long drinking sessions that lasted well into the early hours and they’d sit, laughing about conquests, desires and compare notes on each others sex lives. Jon knew about Sue, perhaps he could help…

Twenty minutes later Tim was outside her door. He got out the car and shut the door quietly…he didn’t want to spoil the surprise. Reaching into his pocket he found her key and slowly slid it into the lock. It released the door easily and he stepped inside. Leaving the key under the mat he shut the door gently and stood for a while…the house was dark and his eyes took time to adjust.

He slipped off his shoes and tiptoed to the stairs and began to climb. Each step creaking as he went. He crept to her bedroom door which was slightly ajar…from where he stood he could hear the steady sound of her breathing as she slept. He stood there for a while, his erection growing.

He stepped into her room, the darkness surrounding him, her breathing his only guide. Silently he moved towards the bed. In the darkness he could just make out her outline under the thin sheets. He knelt by her bed, the smell of her filled his nostrils and he could barely stand it. Slowly and carefully he slid a hand under the covers and, with the memory of her slim body so clear in his mind, he found her large breast and gently cupped it, brushing her nipple with his thumb.

She stirred quietly, and he caressed her breast lovingly feeling her nipple harden under his palm. She let out a soft moan, and his hand moved downwards, sliding effortlessly over her belly to her pussy, and slipping between her legs. He could feel her wetness, her wanting…the smell of her juices wafting to his nose.

She began to wake and in the darkness, smiled to herself. She knew his touch and longed for him to take her. She could feel his hand pressing on her clit, his fingers dipping into her juices. His mouth found her nipple and he started to lick around the edge, flicking the tip, sucking it into his warm mouth.

He put on the light by her bed and smiled. “Well hello” he said, “nice wake up call?”. She could only manage an “mmmmm” as he continued to finger her cunt. “It will get better” he said, “I think you’re going to enjoy tonight, and today’s the day I prove what a slut you are”. She frowned at him, wondering why he was so intent on insisting that she was something she wasn’t. Her senses were heightened and she could hear sounds downstairs.

She looked nervous but he stroked her hair, telling her kaynarca escort not to worry, he was with her, everything would be alright. Footsteps fell heavily on the stairs, quickly they bounded to the top of the staircase and walked across the landing. Sue was rigid with fear. She brushed Tim’s hand away and started to get up. He pushed her back onto the bed, trying to reassure her, all was fine, she would be fine and like a good slut she would do as she was told. She looked at him, disbelievingly. He reached into his pocket and produced a blindfold and with one swift action, slipped it over her head.

What had he done, what had happened to change this mild and wonderful lover into someone forceful, almost masterful. She had to admit to herself that she quite liked it, the feeling of being so dominated was exciting her more than she wanted…

She could sense someone else’s presence. She tried to speak to Tim but was too nervous to open her mouth.

Tim stood up and walked to the man. Shaking his hand he welcomed him. “Come in Jon, she’s ready” he said.

Sue was scared and lay motionless. Jon walked assuredly into the room and put his bag down on the floor. He stepped to the bed in two large strides and looked down at Sue. He smiled, pleased to see that she was as good looking as Tim had described.

He crossed back to the bag and began to remove the wrist restraints. Tim lifted her hand to his mouth and softly kissed it, passing it to Jon. “You’ve done well Tim” he said. Will you give her to me? Tim nodded in the dark silence.

Together they bound her wrists. She lay silently on the bed, her hands cuffed and attached to the bedposts, She dared not move. She thought about screaming but decided against it, thinking that no-one would hear her anyway and she didn’t really want to get Tim into trouble.

Jon pushed her legs gently aside. She did not know who was touching her and tried to see if she could recognise the hands on her. He laughed loudly, his rough voice ringing in the silence. Tim didn’t know what to do, he desperately wanted to touch her, she looked so vulnerable but he knew Jon wanted to take her first so he waited, watching his friend, looking to see what he would do next.

Jon undid his trousers and took them off. His cock was hard and wet, precum already dripping down his shaft. He wanted to use Tim’s slut and Jon knew that his friend was gracious enough to let him go first. Sue listened, trying to work out which of them was taking his clothes off but she couldn’t. She hoped it was Tim, but if he wanted her to service his friend, she would do it. She knew at that moment that he had been right…she would do anything, especially for Tim.

Jon climbed onto the bed and knelt between her open legs. He slowly slid his hands along the inside of her thighs.

Tim watched…he felt such pride…he had wanted this for such a long time, wanted to watch her being used, humiliated. He hoped she would enjoy it as much as he would.

“An eager slut Tim” Jon said as his fingers ran along her slit, feeling her wetness. Tim could only smile as Jon’s fingers dipped into her soaking cunt. He pushed them deep inside her, 4 fingers stretching her tight pussy as her hips bucked and her back arched with pleasure.

Tim’s cock was out, his hand caressing it, stroking it, wishing her mouth was wrapped around it.

Jon’s fingers moved in and out of her cunt as he leant forward, taking a nipple into his mouth and sucking it. Her small, pert nipples responded on his tongue and his cock leaked more, reminding him to try the pleasures of her mouth.

Tim sat there, watching as Jon removed his fingers from her aching cunt and moved his body until he was straddled over her, his ass close to her face, his balls resting on her chin.

“Lick me” he whispered…and her tongue, tentatively at first, began to slide over his asshole. She flattened her tongue and moved it up and down, lapping at the tight hole that he offered her. Tim knew she had never done that for him before and wondered if she had done it for her husband…she certainly seemed not to mind it.

Her breathing was heavy, she wondered how much she would have to endure for her lover, whatever it was, she hoped she could do it. Jon moved so that his balls fell to her mouth and she sucked them, slowly, gently pulling them into her mouth…”oh yes, good girl” she heard the stranger utter…

She felt him move again, this time the tip of his cock was being brushed against her lips. She felt his precum soak them as he moved his cock around her mouth and küçükyalı escort over her cheeks. Then, without warning, he pushed it into her mouth, hard and fast. She gagged, not ready for the oral intrusion.

She could hear him laughing as he pushed his cock in deeper, ramming it down her throat. She began so suck, his cock running along her tongue as she pulled him in deeper. Tim’s cock was dripping with precum, he looked at Jon, almost pleadingly, wanting Jon’s permission to use his lover as Jon was using her. Jon looked over his shoulder at Tim and smiled…”give me a minute and her mouth is all yours” he sniggered.

Sue sucked harder, knowing that if she made Jon cum soon her mouth would be filled with Tim’s wonderful cock, her lover’s cock, the cock she wanted and longed for. She felt Jon’s balls fill against her and knew he was close…as he let out a moan of lust and need, his cock throbbed against her tongue and his cum shot to the back of her throat, forcing her to swallow.

Jon pushed his cock down a final time, making her milk the last drops of cum from his eager cock and he withdrew from her mouth, leaving the salty taste of his cum on her tongue.

He climbed off the bed and returned to his position between her legs. “All yours Tim” he said, “she’s good, I can see why you come back time after time”.

Tim could hardly wait, he took Jon’s position on the bed and stuffed his aching cock into her mouth. She sucked him, glad to have his familiar cock in her mouth.

Jon’s tongue slid up her inner thigh and, gagged with Tim’s cock, she moaned as Jon’s tongue licked her clit, his teeth nibbling and he sucked her into his mouth. He investigated every crevice with his tongue, making her writhe with ecstasy but unable to verbalise it with Tim’s cock pumping in and out of her mouth…ashamedly she almost wished it wasn’t there, that she could indulge in the pleasure of Jon’s tongue wholly.

Jon parted her legs wider and slid his finger down her crack to her asshole. He pushed 2 fingers inside her as his tongue pushed deep into her soaking cunt. She felt her muscles squeezing around his fingers and his tongue and knew that she had never known such pleasure.

Tim’s cock still pounded at her mouth, fucking her hard, sliding deep into her throat until she almost choked, unable to breathe as he filled her. She sucked him harder, pulling him deeper and he could feel himself going over the edge. He had wanted to last, to be the last one to cum inside her but he knew his hope was futile…

His cum poured down her throat as she sucked him, and he shouted her name and told her he loved her.

She didn’t care, she couldn’t see anything and loved the feeling of not being interested in where the heavenly feelings were coming from or who was giving them, only that she was being used, that her body was being given freely.

Tim lay on top of her, his face at her clit, his cock resting on her heaving chest, watching as Jon worked her cunt. Tim wanted to lick it, to taste her excitement. As if he knew Tim’s thoughts, Jon motioned to Tim to do just that and Tim began to lap at her as Jon licked her cunt and her ass.

Then Jon lifted his head, looked Tim straight in the eye and declared “the cunt is mine, you cannot have it today”. Tim’s heart sank, he had so wanted to feel her cunt around his cock but he had offered her to his friend, he had no choice but to agree, and then, maybe he could take her asshole if she’d let him. Let him? What was he thinking…what choice could she have?

Tim smiled to himself as he watched Jon lift himself up and raise her legs in the air. Jon rested her ankles on his shoulders and ran his cock down the crack between her legs. With one swift movement, he pushed his cock inside her, tapping at her womb as he rammed his cock deep, fucking her hard. Her tits swayed and she moaned with joy, her hands pulling on their restraints. She squeezed her cunt tightly around Jon’s cock, which plunged deep inside her.

Tim could feel his cock harden again, he felt so aroused, seeing his lover become his slut, to use at his will and to offer to whomever he pleased.

Jon was groaning loudly now, calling her a slut, the whore, his bitch as his hips pushed his cock forward, deeper and deeper until, with one last clench of his buttocks and a resounding yell of “yes, you fucking whore” he came, flooding her cunt with his hot cum. She squeezed tighter, milking his cock with her cunt as he continued to pound at her, as if nothing, not even cumming would stop him.

Sue thought it would never sancaktepe escort end, and she silently hoped it couldn’t as Jon’s cock, tired and empty, began to slow inside her aching cunt and, as the pounding slowed to a halt, he removed his cock from her cunt, dropped her legs each side of his body and kneeled above her mouth, pushing his dripping cock between her open lips as he ordered her to clean him.

She licked at his cock, lapping at the spent juices, his and hers mixed together around his flagging shaft and sucking at him as he rammed it into her mouth one last time.

Clean and sated, Jon stood up. He dressed himself, leaving the slut where she lay and thanking Tim for a good evening. With no other words, and certainly none to Sue, he left, his feet almost skipping down the stairs and out of the front door.

Sue lay there, tired and happy and not daring to speak. It was Tim who spoke first. “Are you ok?” he asked caringly. “Very ok” she replied.

“There is a hole yet to be filled” he stated and Sue smiled, knowing that Tim would not be satisfied until all of her had been taken.

Tim rolled her over and lifted her hips, her legs slightly bent underneath her. He rubbed the tip of his cock against her asshole, still wet with cum. He knew he would not need any lubrication to ease himself in. Looking down at her, still restrained and blindfolded, looking so inviting, he gently pushed his cock against her ass.

She moaned, feeling the burn as his cock pushed deeper. She felt her ass stretch as his hips pushed forward, slowly, gently but purposefully. He would not last long, he knew but he would take her ass lovingly, knowing she would give herself to him without question.

As Tim slid his cock deeper, he felt her muscles tighten around his shaft and as he moved his hips back and forth, he heard her groans of lust and the sound made him harder, more eager to give her what she so obviously wanted.

He fucked her ass harder, feeling her push against him as he clung to her hips, their rhythm as one as he pushed harder, making her scream with each deep thrust of his cock.

He could feel his balls fill as they slapped against her, his cock so hard in her ass. His shaft began to throb, pumping his cum deep inside her, filling her ass as Jon had done her cunt. He yelled in ecstasy as his cock emptied into her. He released his grip on her hips and allowed her to fall flat on the bed.

Sue lay, still bound, motionless. Tim collapsed on top of her, his body sticky with cum and sweat, his arms sliding up hers until his fingers found her fingers and he held her hands so tightly, so tenderly…

“Thank you my love” he whispered. Sue felt his breath on her neck and smiled as her skin tingled beneath him. “No lover, thank you” she said softly.

Tim had the urge to keep her bound all night, wondering if he would want to use her again before morning. But looking at her face, happy and peaceful, he knew he had to release her, she had been a good girl, had given herself totally to him and now she should be rewarded.

Slowly and carefully he slid off her, laying beside her and kissing her tenderly on her back, her neck, her arm…

He slipped the blindfold from her face and she blinked, her eyes not used even to the half light. She looked at him and smiled, desperate to kiss his lips…he unclasped the restraints around her wrists and she moved her arms by her side. She turned to face him and touched his lips with her finger. He kissed it and held her close, not wanting to let her go.

As her eyes grew accustomed to the light, she looked at him…gratitude shone in his face and she felt such love and devotion to him at that moment, she dreaded tomorrow, the return of her husband. She wished Tim could stay forever. He, silently cursing the day they’d split up and gone their separate ways, wished he same.

Together they drifted off to sleep, cosy and comfortable with each other. He had won the argument and she hadn’t put up a fight…little did he know she had lived a fantasy, and knew that it wouldn’t be the last time.

When Tim got to his meeting the next day, he was exhausted. He couldn’t concentrate at all, he could only think of the night before and of what Sue had said when he’d left her that morning.

All day her words spun around his head…”I’m your slut Tim, to use and to offer for use as you wish. I now realise my raison d’etre, my reason for being…I love you, and will always do your bidding, thank you for showing me what my life is for”.

At first he’d thought she was joking, but looking into her eyes he’d known she meant it and he knew that from now on, although their relationship would change, she would be more his than ever before. He had won, in more ways than he could dared of hope for, and he suddenly felt as if he owned not only Sue, but the world.

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