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It was very, very dark. I knew he was near, I knew I had followed his instructions, and all I could do was wait. I could see a few twinkling stars above me, obscured by foliage. I could hear wind making the leaves whisper. I could smell humus, decaying vegetation and my own excitement. I stood, naked, leaning against the huge old beech tree, straining to hear footsteps, knowing that I had prepared the scene, knowing that I was determined to please him, and knowing that I had chosen to relinquish all control from the moment he chose to appear until the moment I left.

Just before dark, I had driven to the coordinates specified. A big blanket was spread out in a small clearing. Warm brandy and spices mulled in a thermos. I ate a sandwich, turned off my telephone, and stripped bare. And I waited. I thought I heard a car’s engine backfire. What if there were some weird night hunters who would mistake me for a rare white moose?


I shifted weight to my other foot, shivering a little as the day’s warmth deserted the tree. Lips next to my ear whispered, “Good girl,” and kissed my neck. I almost jumped out of my skin but managed to breathe in slowly. I turned to the lips attached to the head attached to my lover, still blind to his exact direction. I felt his fingers unerringly flick my nipples, and the immediate burn down to my cunt.

His hand took mine, and magnetically, I got a sense for where he was. He pulled me away from the tree’s stoic embrace, toward my blanket. I’d promised to not casino şirketleri speak, to listen, to follow the directions, to let him lead me where we needed to go. I felt soft cotton under my feet, and we stopped. He pushed down on my shoulders, and I knelt, expecting his cock to be near my mouth. He pushed me down farther, my breasts against the blanket, and whispered again, “ass up.” I knew the pose, and spread my knees and waited. I heard him disrobe. I was ready for anything. I wanted to please him so very much.

It seemed like I had been waiting for so long that when it finally happened, I almost couldn’t believe it. One slap, hard, on my ass. I jerked, but steadied myself, staying in position. Another. I felt my temperature rise. Another. Another. My pussy started to throb. One more. I bucked toward his hand, squeezing around nothing, trying to meet him halfway. His other hand gentled me, stroked my hair, and I felt a corona of heat rising from my reddened ass. Another slap. I felt his hand leave my hair, his finger trace up my back to my ass. I wiggled in anticipation. The spanking continued. I tried to track his finger’s progress toward my sex, but each slap against my ass threw me off track. Eternities passed, or maybe a few moments, but he spanked me hard and buried a finger in my cunt at the same exact moment. I spasmed, moaned, and tried to hold on to his finger. Another slap and the finger left me. I moaned again, feeling bereft. Another slap. His wet finger circled my asshole. Slap. He pushed it in right casino firmaları as I relaxed between strikes, and all reason left me.

I felt him push my legs a little farther apart. The spanking seemed to have stopped and I struggled to breathe. “Stay there,” he commanded. The cool forest air against the wetness between my legs felt decadent, surrounded by the heat rising from my well-spanked ass. I heard him reposition himself, felt both of his hands spread my ass open, and was surprised with his tongue, licking upward from just under my clit to my pussy. His tongue stroked the edges of my inner labia, his fingers held me completely open to him, and I could only moan softly at the overwhelming sensations. His tongue entered me, simulating the fucking I would get soon enough, and I pushed back against his face, seeking my pleasure. He flicked my clit with a finger, and my orgasm shattered me, while I strove to stay in the position he put me in.

His tongue wandered up my back, and I felt him cover me, felt hard cock against my empty cunt, and wiggled my hips, trying to bring him inside of me. He kissed my neck again, and slid, long, and hard, deep, inside of me in one stroke. I felt his pulse as I squeezed around him. He stayed in my pussy, though I tried to move, to make the friction I needed, he stayed with me, deep, the head of his cock next to my cervix. I could do nothing but squeeze myself around him, and his low groan told me that my work was fruitful. Still in that first stroke, deep inside of me, I güvenilir casino relaxed, and he began to slowly slide out. I moved my hips in a circle, feeling his angle change, and delighting as he entered me once more. My knees ached as he slid out and in, but I concentrated on my cunt, on his cock, on our joining.

His pace increased, and I felt myself close to cumming once more, but right before I lost myself in release, he slid out, and stood. I stayed where I was left, but felt him push my ass down and relaxed my aching knees for a moment. He knelt next to my head, stroked my hair once more, and positioned his cock at my lips. I gingerly licked down his length, tasting my cum on him. I pulled him into my mouth, sucked, and tried to see his face in the dark. I could tell his head was back, his mouth open. I brought a hand to his balls, finding the spot behind them where he went crazy when I pushed him just right. My tongue swirled around his cock head, sliding up the slit to taste his own pre-cum, and my other hand gripped him firmly at the base of his cock. I could tell he was harder than before, longer, thicker. I felt his hands on my head, trying to push himself into me. I heard one more whisper. “Cum with me.” I rubbed my legs together, felt the right friction, and sucked for all I was worth. I felt him expand yet more, felt and tasted his explosion of cum, swallowed hungrily, and tried not to choke as my own orgasm overtook me.

My lover left his cock between my lips, and I sucked while I recovered. He moved, pulling me close, rubbing my back, and kissed me on my lips for the first time that evening. I shivered a little as I felt the cool air of the forest encompass us, burrowed into him, and waited for my next instruction.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32