A Taste Chapter 7

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One day when I came home from school I found mom on the couch with a cold compress over her eyes. This was an indication she was having what she called “one of her bad days.” I tip toed to my room so as not to disturb her. In my room I changed into my chore clothes intending to find sis to help her do the farm chores. Still trying not to disturb mom I looked for sis. She did not appear to be in the house. I went out the back door and to the barn where I found Jerry. I asked him if he knew where Liz was.

Jerry had a stammer but if you gave him time he could communicate. “Uh…Y…Your… s…sis…sister an’ m…m…moth…mother…ha…had…a…a…a…fight an’ L…Liz left.”

“Do you know where she went?” I inquired.

“N…no, sh…she got i…in…s…some guys c…c…car with a s…suit c…case. Y…your mom yelled a…awful th…things at her.”

Jerry and I did all the chores and went to the house. It was dinner time but no dinner was being prepared. Mom was still on the couch, apparently asleep. She had rolled to her side and her skirt was up so that her panty covered hip was showing. Jerry and I found some left overs in the fridge that we warmed and ate. Jerry then went to his room as he usually did after dinner.

I checked on mom again. She was still asleep so I covered her with a blanket and went to my room where I lay on the bed and read. I must have lost track of time because suddenly my door burst open and mom was standing in the open doorway shouting, “Do you know what time it is? Get undressed and in bed.”
I said I was sorry and stood to start undressing. I looked to the door and mom was still standing there. I had unbuckled my belt and unbuttoned the top button but I stopped there waiting for her to leave. “What are you waiting for?” she snapped.

“For you to leave,” I responded.

“I’m not leaving ‘till you’re in bed and your light is out.” There was enough anger in her voice that I decided to undress in front of her. I stripped down to my underwear and started to crawl in bed. “Why did I buy you pajamas?” I knew by her question that she expected me to take off my underwear and put on my pajamas. I went to my chest of drawers and pulled out a pajama bottom. With my back to mom I lowered my underwear and then pulled on my pajamas. I went to my bed, crawled in, and turned out the light. Mom closed the door.

I had wanted to ask her about Liz but she did not give me a chance. In the morning, as was usual, I did not see anyone until I got to the bus stop. All day I was distracted from my school work by thoughts of Liz. I was sure that she would be at home when I got there.

She wasn’t. Instead I found mom was in a good mood. She lavished praise on me offering me a snack of peach cobbler before we went out to do the chores. As I ate I asked her about Liz and she said we wouldn’t talk about Liz. When we started the chores, I didn’t see Jerry. I asked mom about him and she said, “He got too uppity with me so I fired him.” Then she added, “It’s just you and me baby.”

I hated it when she called me baby. Then suddenly I remember the last time I had heard her call someone baby. It was Jerry when he was licking her pussy. I got hard thinking about that.

After chores we went in the house and while I took a bath mom fixed us a nice meal. After dinner I was surprised that mom did not ask me to help with the dishes. Instead she suggested I continue reading the novel that I had started a few days before. It was easy reading and quite interesting so in a short time I was completely lost in the story. About two hours later mom suggested I get ready for bed. Although it was still bursa escort early I did not object because I was not sure how mom would take it. I went to my room and changed into my pajama bottom.

Just as I was pulling them up mom opened my door. “Come to my bed and I will read to you.”

“That’s okay, I’ll just read here until I fall asleep,” I said.

“Ah come on. It’s Friday night with no school tomorrow. I don’t offer to do this every day. Come to my bed and I will read a couple of chapters to you.”

I decided to go with her because there was something in the way she asked me that hinted that she wasn’t asking but was telling me. She followed close behind me as I went to her room. Once in the room she closed the door and said, “Crawl in on the other side of the bed and look the other way so I can get in my night gown.”

I did as she said and realized I was looking directly into the dressing table mirror and could see her upper half as she took off her blouse and bra. Her breasts appeared larger than I had imagined and her nipples stood erect. I was glad I was on my side because if I had been on my back the blankets would have been tented.

Mom got in beside me and asked, “Where should I start?”

“Chapter 24,” I said as I tried to not tent the blanket as I rolled to my back. Most of these adult novels that I had been reading had the main characters having a romantic encounter at least once in the book. In this book that encounter was in Chapter 24.

Mom was reading, “She led him into the darkened room where they franticly began to unbutton each other’s shirts. Their shirts fell to the floor and she kissed his bare chest as he reached around to unhook her bra.”

I interrupted at this time and said, “You can skip over this.”

“Oh no,” mom said, “The author thought that it was important enough to put it in. I would not skip it for anything.” She continued to read and even when she read about, “his huge member sliding into her love canal,” there was no hint of embarrassment or disgust. I got even harder as mom read about their sexual encounter. The author did not spend much time on this and the story moved on quickly to other pursuits. If I had been reading this in my own room, I would have beat off at this point. It was almost as though I was being punished by not being allowed to do what comes natural at this point.

I decided to pretend to fall asleep so she would stop reading and turn out the light. Then I figured that after she fell asleep I would sneak back to my room where I would beat off. I found that I could fall asleep more easily if I beat off. I allowed my eyes to close slowly and then pop open about five times. Then I left them closed and began to breathe slower and deeper. Mom continued reading. I decided the only way I was going to get relief was to fall asleep for real. I did fall asleep and slept soundly through the night.

I was having my morning wet dream about fucking mom when I awoke. I realized I had been humping and coming on mom’s thigh. She had cradled my head to her breast and was running her fingers through my short blond hair. “Oh god, oh god…” I said as I tried to move away from her but she held me in place.
She was saying, “That’s okay baby. It’s perfectly natural. Don’t worry about it baby…”

Soon I did break free and ran from her room with my dick sticking out of my pajamas waving in the breeze. I was completely mortified. If there had been a hole I could crawl into I would have.
After I had cleaned myself and was getting dress, mom entered my room in her night gown. What startled görükle escort me was that it looked like her tits were trying to tear through her gown. “We have to talk,” she said as she sat on my bed.

I could not bring myself to look at her face. Looking at her tits was probably worse but I could not take my eyes off them.

“Baby, don’t be upset. What happened is not your fault. It’s not anyone’s fault. Things like that just happen and we don’t worry about it.”

I couldn’t say anything. Mom continued to talk and I continued to stand frozen in place with my eyes glued to her tits. I felt my dick getting hard once again and soon it would be tenting out my pants showing mom that I wanted to do what I had all over again.

Then mom raised her voice as she said, “Timothy Ivan, I asked you a question.”

“What,” I inquired.

“I asked, are we going to let this be a problem between us?” she said.

“No,” I said as I thought that the problem had been that there hadn’t been anything between us.

“Good, then while I get dressed why don’t you go to the bathroom and take care of whatever needs to be taken care of ‘cause we are going shopping this morning.” As I followed her direction I thought that I hated shopping with mom. If she bought me anything it was usually clothes and she knew what she was buying before she even saw it so shopping for me took only seconds. But shopping for her took forever. She would feel the material, pull at it, and hold up two almost identical items to compare them. After selecting half a dozen similar items she would go to the changing room. Occasionally she would then come out wearing one and stand in front of a mirror turning this way and that. On this day she tried to involve me in looking at a dressy dress.

Of course before this I had no valid opinion but now I noticed how this black dress clung to her, showing off all of her curves. The truth is before that point I had never really appreciated what a beauty my mom was.

“Mom, that dress really makes you look beautiful.”

“Well then, if you like it, I’ll buy it,” she said. It was the only thing she bought that day.

A trip to town on a Saturday usually involved lunch at a diner and an afternoon matinee movie. I am sure mom noticed that the movie she took me to was an R rated movie but I felt a little embarrassed sitting next to my mom with scenes of nudity and lots of sexual innuendo. The final scene was of the couple who were the main characters in the movie where they franticly undressed each other. Then just when you might get to see something more they turned out the lights, the credits began rolling up the screen, the music came up; but you could still hear the couple as she moaned and he huff and puffed.

I was in the process of adjusting my dick when the house lights came up. I did not get the job done and walked awkwardly as we left the theater. As mom unlocked the driver’s side door and I was on the other side of the car I readjusted my dick. I did not care that there was a couple who could see me, I had to get it taken care of before I sat in the car.

It was usually less than a ten minute ride home and my first thought was I hope mom doesn’t ask me how I liked the movie. It was as though my thought prompted mom to ask it. My mind raced to try to come up with an answer that would please mom. I must have delayed too long because mom said, “The plot was awfully shallow, don’t you think?”

I caught on at this point and said, “Yes and the character developments were almost nonexistent.”

“Very good, we both had the same opinion,” escort bayan she said before asking, “What did you think of the nudity?”

“I guess they had to have it to tell the story,” I responded.

“Interesting…I suppose you’re right.”

I was pleased that she was silent for the next minute or so but then she asked, “Did the nudity excite you?”

“Wh…what?” I stammered.

“Did your little peter get hard?”

I could not bring myself to answer. I wished the ride would end. I prayed that she would not insist upon me answering. It would be just like her to make me say and if I said something she did not like she would force me to say the opposite. Instead I was surprised when she said, “You would not be normal if you did not get hard. I don’t know why I asked that of you. Don’t answer but let me tell you that even I was excited by that movie.” Now I was really speechless.

Mom just could not let it go. She asked, “Did your dad ever talk to you about this kind of stuff?”

“N…no,” I stammered.

“He wouldn’t. He can’t even talk to me about sex. Your dad is so well educated but so narrow minded. It is well passed time that someone talked to you about the birds and the bees,” mom said as she pulled the car into our driveway. Then as she stopped the car before driving it into the garage she asked, “Do you want to pull the car into the garage or do you need to take care of peter and his friends?” I was about to jump out of the car and run when she said, “I’m sorry Timmy, I should not have ask you that. I’m sure you nuts are aching so run along and take care of yourself.”

I was out of the car in a second. It was not by design but I found myself running to the barn. I ran right on through the barn. I stopped just outside the back door. Right there adjacent to the barn was the pig pen. We had a sow and five little piglets. They all appeared to be asleep. Mom was right about my nuts so I pulled out my dick and began to rapidly beat off. In short order I shot my load into the pig trough.

The last thing I wanted to do at that time was to go to the house to be confronted by mom. She’d probably ask me if everything came out all right. I slipped around the end of the barn and kept the garage between me and the house. I went into the hired hands room and looked up on the top shelf in the closet where I knew Jerry had kept his magazines. I was right…he had not taken them with him.

I flipped through the pages in one magazine rather quickly noticing that all of the girls were posing in such a way that their pussies could not be seen. I put that magazine aside and began looking at a second. In this one most of the women were showing their pussies. I studied the different pussies. Each little difference, I took note of. Some had hair that was neatly trimmed; others were completely free of hair. I assumed that they had shaved it. Some pussies were narrow slits; some had ruffles of skin around them. Some seemed to open up while others were tightly closed. I realized I was beating off with my right hand and turning the pages with my left.

After I had come on a newspaper that was lying on the floor, I heard mom calling my name. I quickly put the magazines back on the closet shelf and went out the door just in time to see mom enter the barn. I ran around the garage and into the house. I went to my room and lay on my bed. I determined I would lay there until mom found me. I must have almost immediately dozed off because the next thing I knew I was dreaming that mom was insisting I come to her bed. She was going to show me all about sex but she kept calling me Timothy Ivan. When she did that I was usually being disciplined so I was resisting going to her bed.

Mom was shaking me. She said, “Timothy Ivan wake up. We have chores to do.”

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