A Taste of Wine

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I arrive home from work and walk in the front door. I notice the house is dark and think maybe you haven’t made it in yet. About that time I hear soft music from the back toward our bedroom. I sing out with, “Baby, I’m home!” and I hear your voice calling for me to come and find you.

I toss my keys on the counter and head back to your voice and find you laying on the bed, candles lit all around and a bottle of wine at the side of the bed. You seem to have on little more than a soft smile and a hint of perfume as I look at you under the sheet.

I walk toward the bed and you laugh and tell me that the shower is to the left and I had better hurry so the wine doesn’t get warm. I laugh with you and start getting undressed as I head toward the bathroom.

I take a fast shower and dry off (mostly) before heading back to the bedroom. I see you still laying there, your hair cascading over the pillow as you watch me. I stand there looking at you, slowly getting hard just with the thought of you in our bed. Reaching over I take the bottle of wine and open it, looking for the glasses I don’t see any and look over at you.

With a laugh you tell me that tonight we don’t need any glasses, after all there are lots of ways to share a good wine. I sit down on the edge of the bed and slide my hand over you, molding the sheet to your body with my touch I begin to slowly glide my hand over your body, starting at your legs and moving up, letting just the warmth of my hand through the sheet warm your soft skin. Moving up slowly I trace my hand across your stomach, between your breasts and down your arms as you lay perfectly still.

Turning I take a sip of wine and lean down to kiss you, letting a little of it drip between your lips from mine for you to taste. You trace my wet lips with your tongue tasting the sweet wine as it flows over my lips and start to reach up for me. I take your hand in mine and put it back down on the bed. “No moving darling, just lay perfectly still, you can kiss me but you can’t use your hands, yet” I softly tell you.

I reach down and slide the sheet slowly off of you, exposing your body to the candlelight and cool air as I look at you. Once again I am almost mesmerized looking at you, your skin soft and glowing in the pale golden light, perfect in my eyes.

I tell you to hold still and wait for me and quickly run to the kitchen for a glass, I know you said I didn’t need one, but I have other ideas in mind. Upon my return I pour a little wine in the glass and dip my fingers in it.

I hold my fingers above your open mouth and let a few droplets fall onto your lips, one runs down your cheek and I lean down Maraş Escort and quickly catch it with my lips, kissing your cheek softly as I taste it from your skin. Taking a sip of wine I kiss you again, this time deeper, the wine in my mouth flowing into yours as we kiss, the taste of it on your lips as I trace them with my tongue, sucking softly I tease your lower lips with my tongue for a few moments before leaning up again.

This time I take more of the wine in my mouth and lean down and suck your left nipple between my lips, holding it with my teeth as the cold wine makes your nipple hard and sensitive before I begin teasing it with my tongue. I move over and do the same to the right one, biting a little harder to let you know how excited your body makes me feel.

I stand up and take the glass in my hand and let some of it pour onto my hard cock, just enough to wet it before leaning forward and brushing the tip of it against you mouth, pushing only the tip of it inside your lips for you to taste. You start to reach up again and I put your hand back down on the bed once more.

At this point I pull back from you and move down your body, pouring the wine in a thin line down your stomach until it forms a pool in your very sexy belly button. I move now on to the bed, kneeling between you’re slightly spread legs I begin sucking and licking the wine from your skin, smiling as I see goose bumps form as the cold wine touches your bare skin. Moving my mouth down and suck on your belly button, my tongue teasing and tickling you as I drink from your body.

I reach over and take a mouthful of the sparkling wine and lean down, the very tip of my tongue just brushing your clit as I part my lips, letting it run over your pussy, wetting it until it shines in the light of the candles all around the room. Unable to resist you I move up and suck your clit between my lips, the cold from the wine and the warmth from my tongue moving over your clit in waves from side to side. Unable to stop yourself you reach down and tangle your fingers in my hair as you push your hips upward, thrusting your pussy against my mouth as you moan softly. I continue to tease you, sucking harder and the softer while I move my tongue rapidly from side to side on your hard clit, the wine from my mouth spilling over your shaved pussy as I try to move with your hips.

I can tell you are getting close to cumming for me and stop for just a moment and pull back. You fall back onto the bed and I lift your legs up over my shoulders now. Reaching over I take the bottle of wine in my hand and with a wicked soft laugh I place the tip of the open bottle against your Maraş Escort Bayan pussy and slide just a fraction of an inch of it inside you before tilting it slightly. You jump a little from the cold of the glass against your warm skin and the feel of the liquid flowing inside you. I set the bottle back down on the floor beside the bed and lower my mouth again to your pussy, this time using my fingers to open your lips before I push my tongue as deeply as I can into you, sucking the wine from your pussy, tasting you and the wine together. I notice that some of the wine has flowed down between the cheeks of your ass and follow it with my tongue, teasing your tight ass with it to get all of the wine that I can taste from your skin.

I take another mouthful of wine and again suck your clit between my lips, teasing it as I slide my finger into your pussy, curling it upward and moving it slowly in and out of you as I suck and tease your clit. Once again you reach down and take my hair in your fingers and push against me, softly I hear your voice, “don’t stop, please don’t stop I am so close”. I suck harder now and thrust my finger deeper inside you as I move my tongue rapidly in small circle on your tender clit, back and forth, up and down until you push hard up against me. Your voice fills the room as you tell me you are about to cum and I feel your pussy squeezing my finger. I slip my finger from you and let the tip of it push into your ass, wet from the wine and your pussy it slides inside just as you cum, your clit swelling in my mouth as your legs tighten against my shoulders.

You start to push me away as you become too sensitive to endure my mouth any longer, but I take your hands in mine and begin to softly lick your pussy, my teeth nipping at the tendon where your thigh joins with your body before I trace it along your lips. I suck your lips into my mouth again, taking great care to avoid your throbbing clit I lick your pussy until you once again begin to push your hips up to my waiting mouth.

I lift you legs higher now and pour a stream of wine, cool and bubbling over your pussy, stopping to look at you in the soft light I can see that it isn’t just the wine that has you so wet before lowering my mouth again to you. You grab my hair and pull me to your clit once again but this time I don’t follow your desires and instead begin to kiss up your body, stopping just as I reach your mouth I take the bottle of wine and pour it between your open lips before kissing you again, tasting it with you as you feel the tip of my cock brush your leg.

I reach down and move the head of my cock over your pussy until it is wet Escort Maraş with you and the wine, pushing slowly as I enter your pussy. I can feel how incredibly tight you are, squeezing my cock as I move inside you, pushing deeper until I am buried as completely as possible in your pussy.

You reach up and drag your nails down my chest, stopping when you reach my nipples and teasing them you look at me and tell me “I am yours, take me and show me how much you want me”. Leaning down I kiss you again, harder this time. You can feel how much I want you as my hands squeeze your breasts, your nipples hard against my palm as I begin thrusting into you, pulling back until only the very tip of my cock separates the lips of your pussy. I begin to move faster now, thrusting harder as you begin to get used to the feel of me inside you again. I reach down and lift your legs up around my waist, feeling the muscles under your soft skin flexing to pull me deeper. I lift up on my hands again and look into your eyes as I move my hips, faster and harder until you feel me start to swell inside you. I stop moving and hold still waiting for the urgency to pass a bit, but you look up at me and tell me to cum for you, cum inside you and fill your pussy.

You know I can’t resist hearing words like that from you, telling me to cum for you, telling me how much you love the feel of my cock inside you, telling me that you want to hear my voice growl deep in my throat as I explode.

I start to move faster again, harder and deeper than before, I can feel you squeezing my shaft, feel your nails dig into my skin as you thrust up to meet me. Just as I am about to explode you suddenly squeeze my cock harder, your voice crying out for me to cum with you. I slam down against you as I start to cum, pushing as deep in your pussy as I can with each thrust as you hear my voice deep inside of me, growing in desire as you see my teeth flash in the candle light. You moan with me, joining me in ecstasy that only last for seconds but seem to defy the universe with its intensity.

We both begin to slow our breathing, my cock softening inside you as I lay down on top of you, my chest against yours as our hearts beat rapidly together. I kiss you again, this time softly, lovingly and tenderly as I roll to my side, pulling you with me to hold you in my arms.

We both breathe a deep sigh of contentedness as you tell me how much you missed me and how glad you are that I am home, in our bed, and in my arms. I kiss the top of your head softly and tell you that you are still the most beautiful woman I have known and that love you. I feel your breathing slow and deepen. Realizing you are beginning to sleep I pull the sheet over us and smile to myself as you drop off to sleep. I look at you in the light of the candles, the soft golden glow flickering across your cheek and smile to myself, as happy as any man could ever be just to have you with me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32