A Tech Expert Experiment

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Sara was the head of a small but innovative tech company, working very long days. Being a woman in the tech industry was a challenge. She always had to prove herself in the make finished industry. She took no shit from her clients and competitors but had to work twice as hard to command respect. This mentality of work first led to her being very successful.

Because of this, however, she had little time for dating. She was content at keeping herself entertained on her occasional off hours, but now even that was getting repetitive. She didn’t have time to find a man or for a relationship. She barely had time to pleasure herself at home. She wanted to spice her sex life up. While flipping through porn online one day, which she did from her phone while her system tests ran, she read about along distance, wireless sex imitation device. She researched them further and learned that the device came in 2 pieces. The female’s piece was shaped like a dildo and was meant to be inserted inside you. It had sensors on the outside. The male’s piece was like a Fleshlight, with sensors on the inside. Whatever was inserted into the male’s piece would be mimicked in the female’s piece and the pressure put on the female’s piece would be mimicked on the male’s piece. This would imitate the feeling of live sex, as long as someone was using the other end.

This intrigued her and she decided to buy one. When it came, she was excited to try it out. It was fun to feel the changing sensation based on what was inserted into the male’s piece. She started by fingering it, then tried out a dildo. It felt good, but it felt the same. After several uses, though, it got mondaine. She wished it would change sizes to match was inserted. That triggered an idea.

Sara decided to use her expertise to modify the dildo device. She ordered inflatable dildos and thrusting dildos. Sara got to work on combining the aspects of the three dildos. She spent every free hour she had working on this. Through lots of trial and error, she finally completed a vibrating, thrusting, expanding dildo that reacts to what is inserted in the ‘male portion’ of the pair. It’s minimum width is about a finger while it’s maximum width is, well, quite wide. She tested the devise with an eggplant and watched as the dildo grew to an extreme size. She couldn’t wait to try this out.

She grabbed all of her sex toys and inserted her newly modified dildo. She inserted one of her regular sized toys and felt the dildo in her pussy expand. She pulled it out and pushed it back in, feeling it change sizes inside of her. Every thrust she made, she felt inside. She tried out multiple toys, slowly increasing the size. She truly felt the difference. It was a big change from the original device, which allowed her pleasure to multiply. She used this all night for multiple orgasms.

After several overnight organic sessions, her imagination got the best of her again. While feeling frisky, she ordered another one, as well as a vibrating butt plug and a thrusting dildo. When they came, she again modified and combined the devices to create a similar device, but this time in butt plug form. When the programming finally reacted properly to the male’s piece, she tested it on herself. She had very little anal experience, only ever using her finger and her small butt plug, which was only slightly larger than her finger. As she inserted it, it took some time to work in. She yelped as her ass expanded around the device. She first used her finger and felt the device come alive. She them used a regular dildo and it almost bright her to tears. Her ass never felt so full, so on fire, so good. It would take some time to get use to, but she knew she was going to enjoy it. She kept testing it to feel the coordinating movements. She used both devices at the same time to bring herself to a shaking orgasm, one she almost passed out from.

Having these devices have given her a much needed release from the stress of work. Basically every waking minute home is spent fucking herself with various sized dildos. She has noticed that she can take a much larger size on her ass than when she first started. She has also grown to love taking it in the ass.

Over the next couple months, she had a lot of fun with her toys. But as with all of her endeavors, she wanted to take it to the next level. She wished she didn’t have to be the one to shove the toys in to fuck herself. She wished she could take away the control aspect. Right now, she can stop whenever she’s tired. Also, knowing the pressure and cadence she’s going to use takes away since if the mental thrill that she’s been starting to seek. She also wished she didn’t have to be home to play. She spends most of her time at work and wished she could play at work. She took out the blueprints and went to work brainstorming ideas.

To solve the problem of location, she got the idea to use the base of a locking dildo and replace the key lock with an electronic lock. This way she has more options, either using Esenyurt escort an app, entering a code, or being in proximity of a specific device, whichever she programmed as a release. She now has a locking dildo and locking butt plug that grow, vibrate, and thrust, depending on how someone interacts with the male portion.

Now she had to solve the problem of how to feel the pleasure without having to insert things herself. Sara racked her brain trying to figure out a way to get people to fuck her without them knowing what they were doing and without her seeing it coming. One day at work, when the biometric scanner to clock in went down, it dawned on her. She could alter that scanner to have her employees activate her device without knowing and without her seeing it coming. The next day, she brought in the 2 male devices and set them up by the two entrances. She put a finger print scanner in the male pieces and built boxes around them so it couldn’t be seen that the device was actually a flashlight device. Only the hole was visible to the employees. She emailed the company that they were to stick their finger in the hole and press down to clock in/out. Depending on if they used the front or back door, they would activate and finger her front or back door.

She slid the 2 female pieces in her, locking them, and waited. The code to unlock the plug was at home. She wouldn’t be able to take them out until she got home. With the way she worked, that would be hours away. While reading emails, she felt the first finger inside of her. It jolted her alive. After that, there was a constant barrage of “fingers” inserted into her pussy and ass. It left her wanting. Around midday Sara was on a conference call. While discussing a project, she felt a finger in her ass and yelped on the phone. Another in her pussy and it continued. She looked at the clock and it was lunch time. She was breathing heavy and apologized on the phone, saying she stubbed her toe. This went on for two more days before the tech was scheduled to come fix the real scanners. She removed her devices the night before to prevent them from being discovered. The next day wasn’t as fun without being pressured by people clocking in and out for work and lunch.

During those two days, even though people were finger fucking her holes, they were not aware that they were doing so, and the impact was exciting but she needed more. She needed to figure out how to get people to act aggressively and really fuck her.

After looking into the technology that links the two devices, Sara realized that they are connected though pre set API codes. With the technology at her disposal, it was easy for her to recalibrate the devices to sync with other devices, by inputting the code of her devise. She could make her device open so others could connect easily.

After doing further research, Sara found websites devoted to devices like these. Creating an account under an alter ego, she started sending out messages and posting about experiences to drive up her following. Posting a few suggestive images didn’t hurt her case either, and it certainly excited her. Pretty soon she had a large fan base on the site. When she felt comfortable that enough members were following her and continuously commenting on her posts, she knew that she would have enough interest to accomplish what she set out to do. She posted the instructions on jailbreaking devices and the codes to her device so people could connect to her inner devices. She ran a few tests with one on one chats, holding the device in her hand to apply certain pressure and feel the pressure of what getting virtually fucked would feel like. Knowing that it would now work, she was eager to get started. She posted on the group when she would be active and how to connect to her.

That night, after work, she signed on. She saw about 10 people logged on. She turned on her devices and inserted them. She let the group knows that her home were open for business. Now only one person would be able to connect to each device at a time, so she knew that people would be continuously trying. She asked that people post when they connected and post again letting the group know they were disconnecting, so others could have their turn.

She waited a whole minute before she felt the first movement in her pussy. Within seconds, her ass started pulsing too. I she could feel the first one was small and fast, jack hammering away. The one on her ass was a little bigger. It felt good but was over quick. She wished she could feel the people cum inside her. A quick post have another person a chance. She felt another person start thrusting, this person wider and more rhythmic. She laid back and enjoyed when suddenly she felt her ass expand. She would be fucked in both holes until the group was finished. It didn’t take long at all for her to orgasm with the second anal drilling. The thrusting continued for a while before the one in her ass slowed and pushed deep. Oh she begged Etiler escort bayan to feel the cum in her ass. Shortly after, she felt a similar motion in her pussy.

She spent the night getting fucked, with 7 in her pussy and 6 in her ass. She thanked the group for using her and told them she would let them know when she would be available again.

She closed the link and took out the dildos. She went to clean up, but nothing came out. She wished she was dripping in cum. This gave her another idea that she didn’t think about, but now knew she needed.

Sara went online and bought 2 squirting dildos. She used the pumps/tubes to modify her own devices. It took a couple of days to get the technology to sync. When she finally figured it out, the dildo and butt plug would shoot liquid when it felt a thin rope of pressure against the end of a male piece. She tested it over and over by shooting water into the end of the male piece to make sure it worked properly. When the water hit the back, the dildo squirted water. She wore the biggest grin. She mimicked the work done on the modded butt plug and similarly tried it out to the same result. She then bought fake semen online to complete the experience.

The next day off she had, which took a while, she finally got to test out getting fucked and filled with cum. She signed on to the site in the morning and posted that she’d be sharing codes with anyone in the room at 12pm. She spent the morning prepping all of her toys and devices. She shaved and cleaned up to get ready. Even if nobody was going to see her, she still wanted to feel sexy. She signed on early and saw 20 people in the room already. She inserted her dildo and butt plug and tested that they were on. At 12, she posted her codes.

Almost immediately she felt her pussy and ass come to life. She enjoyed feeling it in and out of her, but her mind was focused on feeling the cum. The thrusting increased, until it pushed deep. As she felt one last deep thrust, she felt a squirt of cum shoot inside her. She was in heaven. She laid back and let cock after cock fuck her holes virtually. After the third load in each of her holes, the dildos ran out of cum. She tried to work quick to refill them, but she struggled due to the double penetration. She was able to refill them after feeling one or two air bursts inside of her.

Similarly to the last test, Sara turned it off after about 10 cocks in each hole. She laid there for a while, feeling the “cum” dripping out of her. She was ecstatic and basked in the feeling of euphoria (and sluttiness) before cleaning herself up. Another successful test with just a few modifications needed. Over the next two weeks, she added a longer tube, with a larger bag to hold the cum. She designed the bag slim so it can attach to her lower back under her shirt, in case she wanted to be mobile. This would also feed both dildos and would hold an estimated 30 loads of cum.

She wanted to test this at home so she set up another event with similar details for the next day she was free, advertising it in the site to get more participation. This time she would lock the plug in her with a timer for 6 hours. That way she wouldn’t be able to properly clean up immediately afterwards. When the big day finally came around, Sara signed in and posted the new sync codes. Within seconds of posting, she already felt a cock inside of her pussy, immediately followed by one in her ass. She laid back and allowed the ravaging to go on. Cock after cock fucked both of her holes and filled her with cum. She was constantly doubly teamed. She was bursting with cum. Within an hour, 15 loads were shot in each hole and the bag was running dry. 2 more loads were shot before the bag depleted. When she felt air being shot out of the dildos, she disconnected the codes from the site.

She signed off and got up to clean up. She already forgot about the locked plug. She tried to pull it out but it was stuck. She remembered and regretted, wanting to clean up. She’d have to wait until the time elapsed, over 4 more hours away. She hung out around the house all the while feeling the dildo in her pussy and plug in her ass holding the ‘cum’ in. After some more time passed, the constant invader got her horny and worked up again.

She thought about signing on again. She started to prep by filling the bag when she got a crazy idea. What if she did all of this, but in public. She needed to prepare the tech to work on the go. She posted on the site to stick around for more fun. She activated her phone as a hot spot. She spent the next hour coding a program to post codes, then remove them, then post them again, etc, in various time increments. This added an element of surprise where she wouldn’t know when her toys would activate.

Sara did her makeup and got dressed in a thong, skirt, and tight shirt, no bra. She decided to go grocery shopping. She activated the program and left the house. She drove to the store cautiously, not knowing Escort Eyüp if she was going to get fucked while driving, but thankfully arrived untouched. She walked into the store and started her shopping. About two aisles in, she almost dropped to her knees when her ass stretched. She struggled to continue down the aisle, having her ass pounded. She braced herself, and thankfully so, since she felt the dildo in get pussy come to life. She was being fucked in both holes by virtual strangers in the middle of a grocery store. She was wobbling down the aisle, avoiding eye contact with other shoppers.

She turned into the next aisle and saw a group of people, with another person right behind her. It was hard to hold her composure. She was holding her breath to not make any noises while the plug pounded her ass like a jackhammer. It almost knocked her forward when it thrust so deep and starting shooting cum into her. Her ass was full. Shortly after, the thrusting in her pussy stopped and filled her with cum. Luckily, she had a break after this rather than the usual back to back fucking she’s use to.

Sara continued shopping. A short while later, while standing next to another customer picking out pasta, a huge cock started pushing into her pussy. She dropped the pasta box and moaned. The lady asked if she was ok and she squeaked out “Cramps, sorry”. She picked up the pasta and rushed out of the aisle. She rounded the corner and luckily had a minute alone in an empty aisle. She held tightly onto her cart while the monstrous cock fucked her. She knew any second her ass would be filled, which it was. She couldn’t hold back the sounds. She looked like a crazy person, her eyes rolling back in her head.

She wished this person wasn’t virtual so she could feel his actual cock. The cock in her ass came first. She felt it pull out as the other cock pounded her. Another cock invaded her ass. She didn’t know how much more she could take. She fought to stand up and continue down the aisle. Half way down the aisle, the cock in her ass pulled out all the way and immediately slammed deep inside her. She yelped. It did this again several more times, all the while the monster cock pounded her pussy. She couldn’t walk. She felt both cocks push deep in her and shoot cum at the same time. The cock in her ass immediately pulled out while the monster cock thrusted a couple more times. Finally it pulled out. It was so massive that when it popped out, she felt empty despite the device still being inserted. She also felt cum drip down her leg. When she regained her composure, people were looking at her. She scurried past them with her head down. While looking down, she saw her nipples were poking through her shirt, clearly visual. She looked around and realized that this all happened in the frozen aisle. She rushed to get bread and get out of the store.

There was barely a line at the register. While checking out, it happened again. A cock slammed deep into her pussy and pounded away. She dropped her phone. She bent over to pick it up when she felt a cock slowly push into her ass. It took her a second to get up. When she did, she saw the young cashier spying at her ass. She pulled down her skirt and finished bagging her items. She paid and felt the cocks cumming in her as she hobbled out of the store. She jumped into her car and sat to catch her breath. She was beet red, her nipples were poking through her shirt, and her legs were dripping with cum. She immediately reached down and played with her clit, bringing herself to orgasm. She didn’t initially look around, but luckily she didn’t see anyone now.

She started her car and drove very carefully to prevent swerving if she were to get fucked. Halfway home a cock entered her pussy, but it was small and manageable. Another average cock filled her ass. She didn’t know how much more cum she’d be able to hold in her ass. She got home and felt them cum in her in her driveway. She walked inside and went to the computer to stop the program.

She cleaned up and watched TV, waiting for the plug to unlock. As she had about 30 minutes left, she decided to do something humiliating and fun. She took her most realistic looking dildo and using things she had around the house she rigged up a strap-on. She grabbed the male part of the device matching her ass and clamped it to a chair. She held onto the chair and inserted her dildo. As it entered, she felt her ass expand. She pushed in all the way, then started thrusting. She was officially fucking her own ass. She moaned loudly thinking of all the different people that fucked her today. She rammed herself hard getting a thrill out if it. Finally, out of breath, she collapsed. She laid there until her timer lock ticked down to zero. She was finally able to pull the dildo and butt plug out. There was so much cum inside of her it shot out like a faucet. If only it was real cum…

After a few more public sessions with similar exciting outcomes, the world shut down due to coronavirus. She shut her office and allowed her company to work remotely. Being home have her more time to play, although it took away the public aspect and excitement. She used her devices a couple of times while on meetings, but it wasn’t the same as being in public. She longed to get back to life as she knew it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32