A Trip to a crowded bar

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Greetings to you ! If you have read my last two posts you will already know that I am a submissive to a master Paul. I met Paul at a bath house in Chicago when we were both in town for different meetings. Paul manages a sales team from east of the Mississippi and north of the Mason-Dixon line. When he is in the Providence / Boston area we usually find tome to get together. He has a mistress friend in the area and we have gotten together a few times. This story is about a time when the two them got together with me and her sub.

I was told to meet Paul at a specific time and location but as I was walking toward the place I saw Mistress Ginger’s sub approaching from the opposite direction. She is a very nice looking woman about my age or maybe a little younger. We’ve never had a conversation of any significance so when our eyes met we simply smiled and entered the restaurant together.

When we entered the restaurant we saw them at a table so we approached slowly and asked permission to sit. They told us to sit but continued their conversation without including us. After several minutes we were given a gym type bag and told to go together to the non gender specific restroom and follow the directions in the bag.

When we entered the restroom I opened the bag and removed the sheet of directions.. “We will be attending a party tonight and your ass needs to be ready to play. Enclosed you will find lube and two dildos. You will use these to prepare each other’s ass.

She looked at me and said she wanted to do me first. She then grabbed the tube of lube and one of the dildos then began to apply the lube. I dropped my shorts and boxers then leaned on the sink. She rubbed my ass then I felt her adding lube to my ass. I felt the head of the dildo begin to apply pressure to my ass so I did my best to relax. She was firm but gentle and inserted the dildo into me. I felt her pushing it in as far as it could go. She then began to pump it in and out at a comfortable speed and depth. She reached under and felt my cock which was getting hard. She asked how my ass was feeling and I said good. Then she pulled out the dildo and said I better stop now so you don’t cum. I said that makes sense.

When she dropped her pants and thong she got on the sink and grabbed her ankles raising her legs exposing her pussy and ass. I lubed up the other dildo then added lube to her ass. I slowly inserted the dildo into her ass and began working it in and out. To be honest I was enjoying working this dildo in her ass and watching her pussy react. She said I could have this done to her for hours at a time but felt that we needed to get back to the table. I went in and out a few more times but was feeling her pussy at the same time. It was nice and wet and warm.

We put ourselves back together, washed the dildos then returned to the table with our masters. They looked at us with a smile and Mistress Ginger asked, are you ready? We nodded yes then were told to sit while they finished their drink.

When the finished we were told to follow them and we headed to their car. We drove about 20 minutes then we were dropped off and told to walk until we came to the Double Beach Bar. They would be waiting for us inside.

When we entered it was a little on the noisy side and quite a few people having conversions, drinking, eating throwing darts and playing pool. We spotted our masters on the far side and headed over to them. They got up and lead us to the coat room and told us to get totally undressed.

There we were totally naked in a coat room of a crowded bar. Our master put a collar and leash on us then started to walk us into the bar. They paraded us around stopping to talk with customers and generally mingled with the crowd. They went to the bar, ordered a drink and took a seat. We were told to get on our hands and knees so they could rest their feet on our backs.

It was interesting because a girl came and sat on the stool next to my master and took off her sandals. She then took her toes and began to rub them on my back and ass. It did not take long before she was running her toes in the crack of my ass stopping and trying to stick her big toe in my ass. When she could not get her toe in my ass she got up and gave me a few hard slaps on my ass then gave my cock a nasty hard pull while saying you are awful.

I looked over and saw my friend getting handled all over. Her left breast was being handled by a guy and her other by a girl. There was also a guy in front of her slapping his cock on her face.

Ginger told them to stop and ordered both of us to get up on the bar. As we climbed on a stool to get on the bar Paul said get on our hands and knees with our asses facing each other. Holy crap – here we are naked and on our hands and knees on top of a bar in a public place. Ginger turned to the crowd and said you have five minutes but you cannot get on the bar.

I could not see what was happening on the other side but I saw multiple adult toys appear on the bar. Before I could think someone and put a ball gag in my mouth the strapped it on me. It had two straps and one went toward the top of my head. While gaziantep escort this was happening something was being put into my ass. It felt like a ball on the end of a steel rod because after it entered my ass closed around something smaller. I heard what sounded like something clipping to the back of the ball gag strap. I finally figured out what was happening – a butt hook was placed in my ass and it was being tied to the ball gag strap. My head was now pulled back and if I tried to lower it the butt hook pulled in my ass. If that was not enough clips were being attached to my nipples and one of them had a chain attached.

Paul said you cannot add anything else but you now have free play time. I felt several hands on my stomach and playing with my cock. No one was stroking or sucking it they were just playing with it. A girl jumped on the bar in front of me and started to do a very sexy dance. With my head attached to the butt hook in my ass it was up looking at her. She flipped off her sandals and dropped her shorts which revealed a low cut pair of red lace under panties. She turned around and started teasing me and shook her ass right in front of my face. Down went her panties and she came over and put her ass and pussy within inches of my face – it was looking amazing. She backed up and began rubbing her ass on my nose then she moved so her wet pussy was rubbing my face anywhere she could get.

It was frustrating to me because I had that ball gag in my mouth so I could not lick that nice wet pussy. On the other hand she was doing a very sexy job of rubbing it all over my face.

Mistress Ginger said that play time was over but asked for anyone to remove the butt hook and butt plug that were in place. OK this means she had a butt plug and not a butt hook like me and I was assuming our asses were done being used – I was wrong !!

When the butt hook was removed the chain that was attached to my nipple clamp was stretched and attached to a clamp on one of her nipples. So picture this both of the subs are on a bar, naked with a chain connection one of my nipples to one of her nipples. Out from behind the bar comes a double ended dildo that has a handle in the middle.

Paul takes this dildo and after lubing up her ass he slides the dildo into her ass and then massages her breasts. When he plays with the breast that has the nipple clamp it tugged, on my nipple clamp. Mistress Ginger then takes the other side, lubes it then puts it in my ass. She has me move a little closer then takes the handle on the dildo and begins moving it back and forth pushing it in and out of both of our asses.

At this point Mistress Ginger announces that anyone can take her place and pump both of us. It was hard for me to believe that no one came forward. So we were allowed to remove everything that was either in our ass or attached to us.

Paul took us to a table and had us lay on our back. He then tied our ankles to our wrists then pulled them back exposing our asses. He said here is a box of condoms for anyone who wants to have some fun.

It did not take long before she had one cock in her ass and two more guys waiting for their turn. Finally a guy came over to my and began fucking me hard. He was pumping so hard and fast I thought I was going to be ripped apart, finally he came. I lost track of what was happening next to me as a girl came over and leaned forward and began sucking my cock. Paul said she was not allowed to suck me as he handed her a dildo. She lubed it up and began to do my ass. I’m not sure is she was supposed to do this but she started to jerk me off. The harder she pumped the dildo the faster she jerked me until I shot a load all over my stomach. Mistress Ginger came over and told her she could lick up the cum but could not put my cock in her mouth – she did a nice job of licking off the cum.

Our asses were continually pumped with cocks and dildos for a long time. Finally Paul said it was time to end the event as our subs needed to leave.

We were untied and told to go and get dressed. As we were dressing I said that was unbelievable and my ass was sore. She said boy do I agree, by he way my name is Diane and I said thanks and told her my name.

We walked outside and saw Mistress Ginger and Paul in their car and we got in. They both talked to us all the way home telling us that they are very proud and happy of our actions tonight. We were dropped off near the restaurant and told to take care of our asses.

After they pulled away I said to Diane that I was going home and filling my tub with warm water and just relax with a glass of wine. I took a chance and told her if she wanted to join me that would be fine with me – she accepted.

We got to my place and while the tub was filling I poured us a glass o wine. I put some fragrant bubble bath which created nice soft water with a great fragrance. We both climbed in and were totally relaxed enjoying our wine with no conversation. We relaxed about half an hour, got out and as we were drying Diane asked if she could spend the night? I told her, sure. We climbed into bed and her warm naked body snuggled up to me and we fell asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32