A Vacation I will Never Forget Ch. 01

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My name is Diane. I am a widow with two grown children who are currently in college.

About five years ago my husband was killed in a car accident. Fortunately, he left us well provided for but I went and got a job to keep busy.

Well, the kids are pretty much on their own and all I have done for the last few years was work.

My kids convinced me to finally take a vacation and I decided I would.

With their help, I decided to take a two month long cruise on a schooner that went from Florida to the Carribbean and down to South America and back.

I made all the arrangements and was set to sail in three weeks.

I went out and bought new clothes and a couple of bathing suits, bikinis that were probably a little more daring than usual, but what the hell.

I know, you want to know more about me, so here it goes. I am 41, 5’7″, 130, black curly hair, brown eyes, 34c boobs and in pretty good shape, I think so anyway. Oh, I forgot. I keep myself trimmed, like that is important. There, are you happy now?

As the day came closer, I started to get nervous about going, but I found the courage to go.

Finally, the day arrived and I was on my way to the marina where the schooner was.

I immediately saw the boat and it was a beauty. As I approached the boat, I saw several crew member loading her up.

I asked one of the crew if I was at the right boat and he said I was and for me to get on board and he will take my luggage up to my cabin and introduce me to the captain.

I went on board and I was introduced to the captain. He introduced himself as Captain Daniels. He welcomed me aboard and told me that we would be sailing with two other females.

The captain was a very charming man and good looking too.

He then told me to follow the crew member and he will take me to my cabin. He also said that when everyone was on board, he would give the three of us a tour of the boat.

I thanked him and went off to find my cabin.

I unpacked and settled in and decided to go on deck just to see the activity before we sailed.

As I was on deck, I saw two women coming up the ramp and the captain greeting them. I figured they were the other guests. From what I could see, they looked like they were in their 30’s and very pretty.

About an hour later, the captain got us and the crew together.

He introduced everyone to each other, even the four man crew.

He gave us a tour and explained the itinerary. He handed us a paper that pointed out times for meals and all tbe information about the boat and when and where we would be stopping and for how long. It was very comprehensive.

Lastly, he showed us where we could take the sun on the bow of the boat that would be just for us where we would not be disturbed.

Finally, we set sail. As we pulled out of the harbor, i again introduced myself to the two women.

They told me that their names were Cathy and Janet. By luck, they lived in the same town as I did.

Ok, you want to know what they looked like, so here it goes. Cathy was a blonde. Her hair was short. She had blue eyes, 31, very nice figure and I am guessing but around 120 at 5’6″.

Janet was 33, 5’7″, brown hair, brown eyes, nice legs and filled out her tank top nicely. I am guessing she weighed around 125.

We stayed on deck and watched the sun set and it was a beautiful sight.

The three of us talked and got to know one another. I told them my sob story and they told me that they were a couple and hoped that didn’t upset me.

I told them that it didn’t and I thought they made a lovely couple.

Just then, the ship’s bell rang and it was time for dinner. We headed down to the galley and had a delicious dinner.

After dinner, we went back on deck just to relax. The women had the cabin across from mine and they promised not too make too much noise. I just laughed and said, “Ok. But you will have to tell me all the details.”

Before I realized it, it was time to turn in. I was really tired and I bid a good night to the women.

I must have been exhausted because I fell right off to sleep until I woke up at 7:30.

I showered and put on a pair kuşadası escort of shorts and a tank top. No, I didn’t pack a bra, so there.

I went on deck and the crew set up a table for us to have breakfast on the stern.

The women arrived and had the same idea I had, no fucking bras.

Cathy asked it they disturbed me last night and I told them no.

Breakfast was great.

After we ate, I asked the captain if I would be able to take the sun at the designated area without my top on. He smiled and will instruct the crew that the area is off limits and I thanked him.

After a trip to the cabin, I went up to the sunning area and removed my top and laid down to take the sun.

Within the hour, Cathy & Janet joined me.

I asked them, “Is it ok if I stay topless?”

Janet replied, “Hell yeah. We are going to do the same. By the way Diane, nice tits.”

I smiled and went back to tanning.

The women removed their tops and I must say, their tits were magnificent. Janet’s tits must have been a 38d and Cathy’s tits had to be at least a 36c. Both had nice big nipples.

I don’t know why, but I said, “You guys have great tits. I wish mine were like yours.”

We all smiled and enjoyed the sun and the ocean breeze.

We must have dozed off because the next thing we heard was the ship’s bell summoning us for lunch.

We put our tops on and headed to the stern for lunch.

The food was great and we complimented the captain and the cook.

It was at lunch that the captain told us we would be docking at a small island and we could get off and do some shopping if we liked. He said that we would be docked for six hours before we bad to leave.

After lunch we watched from the bow as the island got closer and closer. In a short time, we docked and the three of us disembarked to do some shopping.

As we shopped we hung out together and had a real nice time.

We were tired when we got back to the boat.

As soon as we were set, the captain pulled out of the harbor and we were on our way again.

I was able to send messages to my kids and told them I was having a great time and that I missed them.

The next morning we were told that we would be making a stop at a small island for a few hours and that we could get off and do some snorkeling and sunbathing.

The captain said, “This island is not a regular stop but I wanted to do some maintenance on the boat so I figured we could kill two birds at once. I will have Jeff, one of the crew take you in a dinghy and drop you off and he will pick you up later.”

We told him that would be fine and were all excited.

Within the next couple of hours we saw the island and dropped anchor.

Jeff took us to the island in a dinghy and left us there and he returned to the boat.

Jeff, I know you want his details, so here it goes. He is in his mid to late 60’s, on the medium side, about 5’8″ and about 170. He has a weathered face and he seemed nice enough.

I said to the women, “I don’t know about you but I am taking a walk to the other side where nobody can see and get naked to get a full tan. Why don’t you join me?”

Cathy looked at Janet and said, “Diane, we would love to but there is something you have to know first.”

Then Janet continued, “Diane, Cathy and I aren’t like other people.”

I then said, “I know you two are lesbians, so what. I am ok with that.”

Janet said, “Diane, that’s not it. Look, we like you but what we tell you might change things.”

I said, “I like you two, so just tell me already.”

Cathy said, “Diane, Janet and I are Hermaphrodites. Do you know what that is?”

I looked at them and said, “Yes, I know. You have a penis and a vagina. So what?”

Cathy looked at her and said, “Have you ever seen Hermaphrodite?”

I looked at them and said, “No, I haven’t but I am liberal enough to not let it bother me. I think it is great that you have each other.”

They came over to me and hugged and kissed me.”

Cathy then said, “If you want to go naked on the other side, let’s go “

It didn’t take us long to get to the other side of the island.

When we got there, I removed my bathing suit and Cathy and Janet removed theirs.

I couldn’t believe it, but there they were, two gorgeous women with a vagina and a cock with functional balls and not small cocks, but impressive ones.

I looked at them and said, “Forgive me for asking but I must know, can you do everything a man and woman can do, sexually?”

Janet laughed and replied, “Yes, we can. We can get laid and we can fuck and even cum. Pretty neat, right?”

I smiled and said, “That is the best of both worlds.”

As we laid on the beach, Cathy said, “Would you like to touch and see for yourself?”

I shook my head and said, “No, that wouldn’t be right.”

Janet insisted however. Then she got up and moved over to me. I was now looking straight at her cock which was getting harder by the second.

I looked up at her, smiled and said, “I think it likes me.” We all laughed.

Cathy yelled out, “Go ahead Diane, touch it like you would do at home to a man.”

I Iooked at her and smiled and my hand reached out to Janet’s cock.

I touched it gently and if felt like a man’s hard cock. Then Janet said, “Diane, would like you to suck my cock?”

Don’t ask me why, but I put my mouth over her cock and started sucking it. As I sucked it, I felt her balls moving around and I knew she was going to cum.”

Janet said, “That’s it Diane, a little more now and I am going to cum.”

When she said that, I sucked harder and sure enough, she shot her cum into my mouth and I swallowed it all.

I said, “Wow, that was something else. You were terrific Janet.”

Cathy yelled out, “Are you ok Diane?”

I answered, “Never better.”

Then Janet smiled and said, “If you enjoyed that, wait until we fuck you.”

We all laughed and took the sun.

After a few hours, we heard the dinghy and Jeff screaming out for us. We yelled back that we were coming. We hurriedly put on our suits and met him and went back to the boat.

That night I couldn’t sleep. All I kept thinking about was their cocks and cunts.

The next morning I ran into Cathy on the way to breakfast and said, “You two are really lucky. I enjoyed myself yesterday and hope to continue with both of you, if you like.”

Cathy smiled and said, “We like you Diane. Why not come into our cabin after breakfast?” I told her I would.

Breakfast was great, as usual and, as the captain made his way to the next port of call, I went to the women’s cabin.

Their cabin was the same as mine with a big bed.

We all chatted awhile and then Janet started removing her clothes. In seconds she was naked. Her cock at attention.

I wanted it so bad. I looked at her and said, “Fuck me.”

I got on the bed and Janet mounted me. She had no problem getting her cock into my wet cunt. As soon as it was in, she started fucking me.

I pulled her tits to me and started sucking her hard nipples. This was the first time I ever had lesbian sex and I was enjoying it.

She pounded my pussy and it wasn’t long before I was screaming, “That’s it Janet, fuck me hard baby. Cum in me.”

As she was fucking me, I moved my hand down to her cunt and slipped my fingers in it.

Here I was, getting fucked by a woman with a big hard cock as I was sucking her nipples and fingering her cunt.

Finally, we both came. I never felt so good.

By this time, Cathy got naked and her cock was bigger than Janet’s.

She joined us on the bed and told me to just watch.

Janet was on her back with her cock straight up and her cunt in front of Cathy.

Cathy slipped her cock in Janet’s cunt and started fucking her. After a few minutes, she pulled her cock out and straddled Janet and eased her cunt onto Janet’s cock.

It was amazing how easy they switched from fucking to being fucked.

Cathy told me to lay on my back and she mounted me and slipped her cock into my cunt.

Janet straddled my face and I went from sucking her cock and balls to eating her pussy.

Cathy started fucking me harder and faster and finally shot her cum into my cunt.

The rest of the trip was nothing short of wonderful. The weather cooperated, the islands that we stopped at were beautiful, the food was fabulous as well.

Almost a month went by and the three of us became really close. Many nights we shared a bed and they did things to me and themselves that amazed me.

We were on our way back and had several more islands to visit.

The captain anchored off this one island and Jeff took us to it to spend a few hours. We brought food and drink and blankets and towels.

As soon as he left, we undressed and spread the blanket and laid down to take the sun.

We chatted about different things and then I said, “What are you two lovebirds going to do after the trip?”

They looked at me and just said they would go back to their lives.

I said, “Look, my kids are grown and pretty much out of the house, why not move in with me or, at the least stay with me as often as you like. Unless you don’t want to.”

Cathy replied, “Diane, we both love you. We really do. You have treated us like we were normal, which we aren’t. We thank you for that.”

I told them that they are normal, beautiful women who want to be accepted, like everyone else.

Janet said they would think it over.

I smiled at them and said, “You know, I wouldn’t mind it if we fooled around. You two up for it?”

We all laughed and Cathy said, “Well, we are all dressed for it.”

Cathy got on all fours and Janet lined up behind her. She slipped her cock in Cathy’s cunt.

I got underneath Cathy and started sucking her big, hard cock and licking her pussy and Janet’s cock as it slid in and out of Cathy’s cunt.

As I was doing that, Cathy was eating my pussy.

God, it was wonderful.

It was late when Jeff came to get us.

When we got back to the boat we went to our cabin to shower and freshen up.

After dinner I told the women that today was the best day I have ever had and they agreed.

Then Janet said, “Diane, Cathy and I decided to take you up on your offer. If it still is on the table.”

I looked at them with my biggest smile and jumped up and hugged and kissed them.

I felt their hard cocks and just said as I smiled, “Oops…sorry about that.”

We all laughed.

I told the women that I will call my kids and talk to them and let them know.

Janet asked, “Are you going to tell them everything?”

I answered, “Yes, unless you don’t want me too. I believe they will be ok with it.”

That night, I called me son and said to him, “Hi baby. How is everything? I have something to tell you and it couldn’t wait and I need your answer.”

He just said ok.

I went on, “I am still on the schooner and will be home soon. I have met two wonderful women and we have bonded. I asked them to live with us. Are you ok with that?”

My son said, “Mom, will they be your lovers?”

I replied, “Son, they are Hermaphrodites and the three of us get along exceptionally well. And, yes, they will be my lovers and could be yours and your sisters as well. That is up to you. What do you say baby?”

My son said, “I guess we could try it. Ok mom. I love you.”

I then told Cathy and Janet my son said it was ok with him.

I then confessed, “I told him everything, even about us and he was ok with it. He did ask me if he could be included and I told him I didn’t think so, but he said ok anyway.”

Cathy said, “Diane, we would not have a problem with your son and daughter learning more about us.”

I told them I had to call my daughter now.

I called my daughter and went through the entire story with her and asked her what she thought.

She replied, “Mom, you have had sex with women who have vaginas and cocks? I didn’t think you were so liberal. Of course they can stay with us. I’m proud of you mom. I can’t wait to meet them.”

I quickly told the women and we all had some wine to celebrate.

Well, the last two weeks of the trip was nothing short of terrific.

When we finally reached port, we had so many great memories to share that it was overwhelming

We thanked the captain and crew for a great adventure.

We said our goodbyes and Cathy said that her and Janet will make the necessary arrangements and said they would move in within the next two months.

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