A Valentine’s Day Homecoming

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Jennifer grinned to herself as she finished running the bath water and slid into the tub. Today she would see her fiancé for the first time in six months. Stationed overseas with the Marines, Michael was simply the most amazing person she had ever known. His dark hair and stunning green eyes never failed to make Jennifer’s heart melt. He also didn’t have a hard time getting her pussy wet. As her thoughts drifted like her fingertips over his skin, her hips moved under the water slowly, sensuously; as if he were inside her already.

She had been waiting for two years for this day, and the romantic part of her thought it was perfectly fitting that it be Valentine’s Day. He was coming home for good this time, not just two weeks of leave. She closed her eyes and slipped deeper into the bubbles, her hands gently tracing the lines of her body. Shoulders, arms, torso; each part of her relaxed as her hands slid over it. Soon they would be Michael’s hands; questing, needing, exploring. Her fingers teased up the inside of her thigh, edging closer to her awakening pussy; just barely brushing against the silky smooth lips. She had always kept her pussy mostly bare, but had decided recently to go all out. She couldn’t wait for Michael to see it. Jennifer smiled as she remembered telling him about it over the phone…remembered his soft moan as he whispered how fucking hot that was. Her fingers danced in a figure-eight on her clit for just a moment and she debated whether she really had the time.

Wanting so badly to play with her aching pussy, she decided against it, wanting to save the orgasms for tonight. Finishing up her bath, she stepped onto the thick rug and wrapped herself in a towel. Standing in front of the large bathroom mirror, she slowly lowered the towel, looking at herself objectively for a moment; trying to see what Michael swore HE saw when he looked at her. She was 30, with red hair and a fair complexion. She glanced down at her feet, taking in the cute toes and shapely curve of her calves as she looked back to the mirror and worked her eyes up her own body. She was tall – 5’10”, and even though her tummy wasn’t perfectly flat, and her breasts only a B cup, she smiled when she reached the image of her face. Not bad, she thought. Green eyes the color of Michael’s, a nice smile, and all legs. She could live with it. With a little giggle to herself at the thought of taking her clothes off in front of him later, she wrapped the towel around her form again and padded in bare feet down the hall to the bedroom, smiling at the various pictures of the two of them on the wall.

Surveying her closet, she chose an outfit she knew would turn Michael on: A tight red shirt that outlined her breasts, a short black skirt, some black stockings, and a pair of black heels. She loved the feel of the stockings, silky against her just-shaved legs. She liked the way her little pussy felt with no panties, just covered by the short skirt. She slid her hand up her thigh for a moment to where the stockings ended, barely touching the skin above it. She felt her pussy react, and with a chuckle she let her skirt fall back into place. A little makeup and she’d be ready to go.


A few hours later, she breezed through the doors of the airport, her heels making a soft clicking sound on the tile. She never even noticed the looks she got from the others around her as they watched her long legs stride purposefully down the hallway. Her mind was only on Michael. She finally reached the waiting area, and took up a spot where she would see him as soon as he came out into view. Checking her watch, her stomach flipflopped nervously. He should be coming out anytime. Her eyes scanned the crowd, looking, waiting…There! There he was! Jennifer’s face broke into a huge smile as he strode toward her. He shifted his backpack to his shoulder and grabbed her in a tight hug. She felt his kisses on her neck and was overcome by a desire to push him down on the floor and ride his cock right there, while telling him how much she loved him the whole time. His eyes shined at her as they broke away, and they grabbed his luggage on the way to the car, somehow never letting go of the other’s hand.

As Ordu Escort Jennifer drove home, she kept stealing glances at her Marine. Everything about him turned her on: his strong jawline, the way his long lashes framed those incredible eyes. He caught her staring at him and grinned. Michael put his hand just above her knee, moving his fingers around her kneecap slowly.

“I love it when you wear stockings,” he said softly, almost to himself. Jennifer shivered in anticipation as he leaned close to her ear. “I am going to fuck you so hard when we get home,” Michael continued; his warm breath against her ear. He slowly licked her earlobe with the tip of his tongue, and then settled back into his seat with a knowing grin. She let out a moan of aroused frustration, and he chuckled.

“What’s wrong, angel? Is your pussy wet?” He shifted in his seat and slid his hand up the inside of her leg, gently pulling it away from the other. Jennifer squirmed a bit, wanting his fingers higher. He let his hand linger where it was, but then, ever so slowly, it moved upward. Closer to where stockings ended and skin began…closer to her wet little pussy. Her hips moved as if they had a mind of their own, seeking out his fingers, trying to get them to move higher. Michael nuzzled her neck as his fingers finally brushed against her pussy for just an instant. Jennifer fought to keep her attention on the road, and was glad they were only about 10 minutes from home. His fingers slid back down her thigh, but then started traveling back up again and she mentally steadied herself for their contact. This time, Michael slid one finger in between the lips of her pussy, running it from the bottom all the way up to her clit, sending jolts of electricity up her spine. She moaned softly and pushed against him, wanting him to finger her, wanting to cum all over his hand. He pulled his face away from her neck for a moment and smiled at her.

“I love you, angel, but you have to wait until we get home.” She narrowed her eyes at him playfully as her own hand stole over to his lap, rubbing the bulge in his jeans.

“You better make it worth my while,” she growled in feigned aggravation. Michael’s emerald eyes twinkled at her as if to say “It will be.” He licked his fingers with a smile and Jennifer tried not to notice as he fished around in his backpack for something. Pulling out a red envelope, he set it on the dash.

“My Valentine’s Day present for you. You can have it when we get home,” Michael told her. Jennifer just smiled at him. Her mind was too much on sex to worry about the card.

The remaining few minutes were spent in silence, as Jennifer made the necessary turns toward home and Michael sat regarding her profile with that incredibly sexy half-smile. Jennifer tried not to think about how badly her pussy needed attention, choosing instead to focus on the things that she had set up around the house in preparation for his arrival: the candles, scented with jasmine; the rose petals on the bed; the Valentine’s Day card she had strategically taped to the bathroom mirror. She grinned to herself as she thought of the gallon of chocolate milk and the huge box of Cheez-its in the cupboard waiting for him. That alone should get me some good sex, she thought with a soft chuckle.

As they pulled into the drive, Michael stopped her before she got out of the car.

“Let’s leave the bags until later.” She smiled at him and they walked up to the door. She handed him the keys, and he unlocked the door, swinging it open and stepping back to allow her to go in first. He followed her in, closing the door tightly. As she turned to face him, she heard the click of the lock just before he pulled her into his arms, kissing her passionately, his tongue sliding along hers. He bit her lower lip gently, and turned them; pinning her against the front door.

Pulling her shirt and bra up, he wasted no time before lowering his head to her breasts, kneading them with his hands; licking and sucking her nipples. Jennifer groaned, arching her back slightly, pushing them into his mouth. His fingers pinched whatever nipple wasn’t in his mouth, and he switched back forth for what seemed an eternity. Ordu Escort Bayan Jennifer’s pussy was on fire. She desperately wanted his tongue, his fingers, his cock. Michael dropped to his knees in front of her, his tongue drawing a wet path down the center of her belly. One of his hands kept playing with her nipple, rolling it gently between his fingertips. His other hand pushed up her skirt, exposing her smooth, wet pussy to him. He made a little sound of approval as his mouth kissed the inside of her leg and his hand worked its way down to her pussy. Jennifer spread her legs a bit more, whimpering softly.

“Please…please…” she couldn’t get the words out. With a wicked smile, he leaned close to her pussy, kissing it softly, being careful to not part the lips. She pushed her hips toward him, but he kept just kissing the outside. Suddenly, his tongue darted between her lips, licking up the length of her pussy slowly. Her whole body shuddered, but he stopped, pulling his tongue away just before he reached her aching clit. Michael paused, undoing the button of her skirt and sliding it down her legs, lifting her foot and putting it back down outside the circle of fabric so she could spread her legs farther for him. Her hands grabbed the back of his head, pulling him closer to her, and he obliged; parting the lips of her pussy with his fingers and leaning in. Jennifer moaned loudly as his tongue made contact with her clit. Flicking gently with his tongue, he alternated the pressure on her clit; fast, then slow, then fast again. Her knees were weak and she begged him to let her cum. He slid a finger inside her, rubbing the wall inside, looking for her G-spot. Finding it, he brought his mouth to her pussy again, sucking gently on her clit, flicking against it with his tongue as his finger tapped the spot inside her. He kept doing it, relentlessly, adding a second finger, and her moans got louder as she approached orgasm. Finally her thighs tightened and her body stiffened as her hands pushed his head into her. She screamed as she came on his fingers, and he kept rubbing that spot, slowing down as she relaxed. Her knees sagged a bit, and she let go of his head.

“Come here…kiss me, please,” she whispered. Standing up, he wrapped his arms around her, kissing her deeply, letting her taste herself on his tongue. He knew nothing turned her on more than kissing him after he licked her pretty little pussy.

She was already undoing his belt, almost ripping his jeans down. He kicked off his shoes and stepped out of the constricting jeans. Sliding his shorts down, she watched with lust as his beautiful cock sprang free. It was hard as a rock and she wanted it buried in her tight pussy. But first she needed to taste it. She sank down in front of him, and raised her arms as he pulled her shirt over her head. She unclasped her bra and slipped it off, leaving her wearing only the stockings and heels. He brought his cock near her mouth, rubbing it against her cheek, her chin; all over her face. Jennifer looked up at him wantonly, parting her lips, wanting him to feed his cock to her. He finally traced her lips with it, and her tongue snaked out, swirling around the head and down the side. The silver barbell in her tongue gleamed for an instant before she wrapped her lips around his cock, sliding down ever so slowly until the entire thing was inside her hot, wet mouth. His hands caressed her hair as her mouth worked his cock gently, and her eyes never left his face. He loved to watch her suck his cock. Her mouth was insatiable; licking, kissing, sucking him. Her fingers traced lightly up the inside of his thighs and finally he could take no more. He pulled away from her and told her to stand up. Jennifer smiled at him, her tongue darting out to lick the wetness from her lips.

Pushing her against the door again, Michael put his hands on her ass, lifting her up. Jennifer wrapped her arms around his neck, and her legs around his waist as he lowered her down onto his cock. As it slipped into her pussy, they both moaned. Michael’s mouth sought out hers as he slowly drove into her pussy, loving the feel of its tight wetness. She squeezed her muscles around him, sucking Escort Ordu him with her pussy, wanting him to go faster; to fuck her harder. Her breathing was quick, panting; and she heard his voice next to her ear. He flicked her ear with his tongue between the words.

“Do you like it when I fuck you? Does it feel good? Come on, give me that little pussy. I love fucking it. I love the feel of your pussy.” His words only made her crazier, and her legs tightened around his waist as she begged for more. Her nails raked across his shoulders as her cries filled the room. Michael kept talking to her while he fucked her, picking up speed, driving his cock into her harder and faster. Jennifer was in a frenzy, crying out his name, feeling her orgasm coming…

…and then Michael stopped moving. He stayed completely still inside her, but he could feel her pussy spasming slightly around him. It wanted to cum so badly, he could feel it.

Jennifer’s eyes flew open. “Don’t stop!”

He kissed at her neck, and she felt his tongue against her skin, doing the same thing he had done to her clit moments before. The thought made her feel faint with lust.

“You aren’t allowed to cum again yet. Not until I say so.” She groaned in arousal. Jennifer loved this game. It was sweet torture, but when he finally made her cum it would be well worth it. She moved her hips aginst him, grinding her pussy on his stiff cock. He pushed her harder into the door, his hands on her ass; and she felt a light slap against her ass cheek.

“No moving,” he growled.

Jennifer whined a bit. “Please let me cum. Please. I’ll do anything you want.” His eyes were a dark, intense green as he let her legs down and pulled out of her, leaving her standing there.

“If you’re a good girl, I’ll let you cum.” She nodded mutely, but her cheeks were flushed with desire.

He led her to the couch and pushed her down on her back, spreading her legs wide.

“Hold your ankles up by your head,” he ordered. She complied, and her pink pussy was open to him, exposed. She loved being like this. It made her feel so naughty and bad. She loved getting fucked this way. He rubbed the head of his cock up and down her wet slit, pausing each time he got to her clit. She lay perfectly still, hoping if she didn’t move he’d rub her clit more. He finally slid the head of his cock into her pussy, and his thumb, wet with her juices, slid up to circle her clit slowly. Instinctively, she moaned and pushed her hips up, but his thumb went away and she was rewarded with a slap on her exposed ass.

“I said, no moving,” Michael scolded her sharply. Jennifer caught her bottom lip between her teeth, trying to calm down, trying to be patient. He would make her cum hard if she was good. He always did. Michael’s cock slid in further, further. It was all the way in now. Jennifer felt so full, so delicious. His thumb started its circling again, slowly, insistently as his cock started to move in and out of her. The sensations were exquisite. He started to pump in and out of her faster, but somehow his thumb didn’t change tempo. It just kept doing those lazy circles. Jennifer finally couldn’t take it. She needed to cum NOW. She begged, pleaded for him to make her cum. She needed to hear him say it was okay. He paused his thrusting, letting the only stimulation be his thumb on her clit. “You want to cum now? You want me to make you cum?” Jennifer moaned in response, and he took her hands off her ankles, putting them on his shoulders. His thumb went back to her clit, but this time he rubbed faster, harder. His cock was going so forcefully, in and out of her. She felt it coming like a freight train, coming hard. She thought she might pass out, and then it was there; exploding, making her shudder and scream and lose herself inside it.

She heard him murmuring to her. “That’s my girl, let that little pussy cum…good girl…” Jennifer locked her gaze with Michael as she came, feeling his cock slamming into her all the way through. He groaned one last time, and she felt him then; filling her, cumming hard in a chorus of moans.


They relaxed slowly, winding down one breath at a time; their bodies tangled in a heap on the couch. Jennifer smiled as Michael brushed his fingers against her cheek.

“Happy Valentine’s Day Homecoming.”

He grinned and kissed her nose. “Wanna go get the bags, or just go to the bedroom?” Her only answer was her lips on his.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32