A Valentine’s Day Surprise

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I was a few minutes early, so wasn’t surprised not to find him at the bar. I left word with the hostess, found an empty seat, and ordered a glass of chardonnay. I’d been looking forward to this Valentine’s Day evening all week – a romantic dinner out with my boyfriend, in one of the nicest restaurants in town. I was still shocked that he’d thought of it early enough to get a reservation, and figured I’d give him something a little special tonight in return – perhaps, after we got home, I’d finally wear that last, um, outfit he’d bought for me?

I felt a few wandering sets of eyes move over my body as I crossed my legs, the skirt of my red silk dress riding up on my leg. I knew I looked hot, but didn’t think much of the attention – after all, I was very much taken. I’d worn my strawberry blonde hair up at work that day, but had let it out to cascade in curls around my shoulders on my way to the restaurant. I’d also left the professional jacket in the car, entering the restaurant in just the form-fitting red dress and matching heels.

My glass of wine was half-empty by the time it occurred to me to check my watch – was he late? Just then, my phone buzzed in my purse. Just once, meaning it must be a text message.

“Hi Brit, stuck at the office, I’ll be late, sorry!”

I frowned, and shot back a message of my own, “But we’ll lose the reservation!?!”

“Get a drink, be there soon, OK?”


Hmm. How could his boss be so insensitive, keeping him late on this night, of all nights? Knowing Josh, I’m sure he’d told his coworkers about our plans for a night out. What could be so important! Oh well, not worth getting upset, I thought as I nursed the end of my glass, pondering whether to order another.

A few minutes later, the hostess sought me out, and I pleaded for a few extra minutes to allow my beloved to arrive – thankfully, she had some heart on this Valentine’s Day. Just then, my phone went off again. Oh good, he must be on his way!

“Sorry, honey, I’m going to be a while. Let’s just meet at home.”

What? Now I was getting suspicious. I’d ruled out his boss keeping him this late, and couldn’t think of any special projects he’d been working on that might have been on a deadline. He was up to something else. Probably that secretary of his. As this is an inner monologue, no need to censor my jealousy. I’d always wondered about their fairly chummy relationship – especially since I knew Josh was a sucker for her type, big tits, long legs. Fortunately, I was the same type, but that didn’t insure his fidelity when he was at the office all day.

And on Valentine’s Day – the nerve! Who did he think he was, polishing her off before coming home and expecting me to put out? OK, maybe that language was getting a little strong, even for an inner monologue. Maybe it was the wine on an empty stomach. Maybe I should just go home and wait for him.

That’s when I saw him – tall, dark, and handsome, obviously keeping his eye on me, watching me brood from the other end of the bar. Alone on Valentine’s Day, a guy that sexy? I smiled, and he beckoned me over. Oh, what the hell – not like my so-called boyfriend would know if I had a drink with this guy before heading home. I walked in his direction, as seductively as possible in my angry and slightly tipsy state.

“Looks like you could use another drink, won’t you join me?” he asked, extending his hand to invite me to the barstool next to his. “Tough night?”

“Well, I was supposed to meet someone here, but apparently he got a better offer – looks like I’ve been stood sarışın porno up.”

“That’s terrible. Such a beautiful young lady shouldn’t be alone on this night. Please, let me buy you another drink, and let’s talk.”

By the time I had polished off another glass of wine – or two? – we’d shared witty banter, learned a bit about each other, and established a clear attraction. The quick brush of the hand, the hand on the shoulder – before long, his hand was on my knee, and slowly creeping upward. I was shocked at my lack of concern as I flirted the night away with this stranger. I’d been with Josh for almost three years, and never once had I even considered responding to another man’s attentions.

But somehow tonight was different. Josh’s infidelity had pushed me over the edge. Well, that and this guy’s chiseled face and equally well-defined body. He actually reminded me a bit of Josh – they were both about 6′, athletic, and about the same age. I always did fall for the older guys – about 40 to my 26…

“You know, Tom, I don’t live far from here. Would you like to come over?” The words escaped my mouth with little concern for the logic or practicality of the suggestion.

We made our way to the parking lot, unable to keep our hands off each other as we walked. By the time we were in his car and starting to drive, he was fondling my tits with one hand while I fumbled to undo his belt. Keeping one eye on the road so I could give him directions, I soon had one hand inside his boxers, stroking his cock until it was rock hard and bulging.

“God, Brit, your touch is amazing,” he said, pinching my nipples as they hardened and jutted through the thin fabric of my dress.

“My house is just up there,” I said, pointing. “Why don’t you park here and let me finish what I’ve started?”

“Be my guest,” he said, grinning. He quickly found a parking space, reclined his seat slightly, and I slithered out of my seatbelt to move to a position where I could suck him off. I licked all around the tip of his cock several times, before slowly taking his entire length into my mouth. He groaned deeply, his hands stroking my back, then grasping my hair, and I began a steady up and down motion, moaning as he filled my mouth completely and reached deep into my throat with each stroke.

I pulled away for a moment to work him just with my hands, looking up at him with my big blue eyes, before once again plunging down on him, bottoming out, gagging briefly on his bulging thickness. After holding him there, completely inside my mouth, for a few moments, I could sense that he was close, and began moving quickly again, using my hands and mouth in tandem to bring him to orgasm.

“Oh, god, yes, that’s it. I’m going to cummmmm….”

I swallowed the first burst of his hot, sticky, cum, but couldn’t contain all of it, the next shot hitting my cheek and dripping down onto my chin. I giggled, doing my best to scoop it all up with my finger and suck that finger off, showing him how much I enjoyed his taste. “Perhaps we should move this inside?”

I was probably still a bit tipsy, but mostly completely turned on at this point, eager to invite this strange new man into my bed, eager to feel his cock inside of me and experience a new pleasure. I giggled again as I searched for my key in my purse, so eager to be inside that I found myself completely flustered.

“Oops, I didn’t get it all,” I was saying to him over my shoulder as we tumbled through the door. I was still wiping that extra bit of cum from my chin when I sert porno realized that we weren’t alone. The lights were out, as I’d expected, but there was a glow from the next room. Candlelight. When my eyes adjusted, I saw a beautiful table set for two. When my eyes adjusted a bit more, I saw Josh, needless to say, giving me a puzzled look as I wiped this strange man’s cum from my chin.

“Oh, god, Josh. Um, I can explain?”

“Really, wow, I’d like to hear that.”

“You two live together?”

I looked back and forth between them. Of course I was ashamed and embarrassed that Josh had caught me cheating. Somehow it didn’t sound good as I started to form the excuse in my mind, either: I thought you were cheating on me, so I thought I’d return the favor. And then there was Tom. I hadn’t exactly mentioned the fact that I was living with Josh – only that ‘someone’ had stood me up for a Valentine’s date.

Josh’s silence was deafening, and I felt more and more like a cheap slut as I stood there, hair mussed, sticky with sweat and cum glowing in the candlelight of the beautiful night at home he’d obviously planned as a surprise for me. I always did like staying in more than going out.

“Honey?” I finally said, as Tom sat down on the couch, not sure what to do with himself.

“Well, Brit, I think there’s only one thing to do.”

I assumed he meant that one of us – likely me – should gather our things and move out. But apparently not. “I can think of one way you can make this up to me, that is, if your new friend is up for it?”

Tom’s ears perked up, but he still sat awkwardly on the couch, not sure what Josh had in mind. I knew, though. Josh had been after a threesome for quite some time. And not your typical ‘lesbian fantasy’ where he’d watch me make out with another girl. Oh no, he wanted to watch another guy fuck me, and then join in the action.

I had always turned him down rather emphatically. Not that I wasn’t intrigued – but just a little scared. But now, not only did I really not have much choice but to give Josh whatever he wanted, but I was also, still, incredibly turned on. I didn’t need any more convincing – it was just going to be up to Tom, whether he was into the threesome idea.

I smiled at Josh. “Well, Tom might already be a little, um, spent, so maybe you and I should get started, and he can join us when he’s ready?” Hopefully my subtlety wouldn’t be too much for Tom to understand.

I took Tom’s hand and led him into our bedroom, motioning for him to sit down on the bed as Josh came up behind me and began fondling my tits. I moaned and leaned back into him. He pulled himself away from my breasts just long enough to unzip my dress, letting it fall slowly to the floor, gravity pulling it past each of my curves. I now stood before Tom in my matching bra and panties, my boyfriend’s hands moving over my body.

My bra was the next to go, and Tom gasped as my perfect 34D tits bounced free. He began stroking himself through his clothes as Josh continued to fondle me, one hand now moving down into my panties. I made no moves, allowing Josh complete control to do what he wished with my body. He was now pinching my nipples hard, making them fully erect, as he began playing gently with my clit.

I whimpered as his hands pulled away, but quickly realized he was stripping out of his clothes. I took the opportunity to slither out of my panties, Tom watching eagerly as he followed our lead and undressed as well. Naked now, Josh approached me from behind again, and I could feel his sex hattı porno hard cock pressing into my back as he continued to pleasure me. I put one leg up on the bed, giving Tom a fabulous view of my pussy as Josh began stroking it deeper, sliding the occasional finger in and out.

Tom was hard again, and stroking his cock furiously now. “I think it’s time, Brit,” Josh whispered into my ear, and I knew exactly what he was asking for. I climbed onto the bed, turned my back to Tom so that I was facing Josh, straddled Tom’s cock, and slowly lowered myself down onto him until his entire length was completely buried in my pussy. He groaned in pleasure as I began rotating my hips.

While my body and my motions were connected to Tom’s, my attention was completely focused on Josh. I watched as he slowly stroked his cock, and realized that I was just as turned on as he was by the scenario – much to my surprise, I enjoyed having him watch me with another man. I began moving up and down on Tom’s cock now, and moaning in pleasure as he filled me completely with each stroke.

Josh now climbed onto the bed as well, and the three of us shifted positions slightly. Tom pulled out from underneath me, I got on all fours, and took Josh’s cock in my mouth as Tom took me from behind. The sensation was incredible. My breaths were quick and desperate as I gasped for air, one cock filling my mouth and another pounding my pussy.

After a few minutes of this, our moans gradually rising, the sweat building on our skin, we shifted once again. Tom climbed off the bed. He encouraged me onto my back, pulling me to the edge of the bed and pulling my legs into the air, leaving my pussy completely open for his taking. As he plunged into me once again, Josh came up behind me on his knees, grabbed my feet from Tom, and pushed his cock into my mouth. With each stroke from Tom into my pussy, I found myself pushed back again, taking more of Josh’s cock into my mouth.

I squealed and moaned beneath the two men, coming to the edge of a huge orgasm as Tom began fingering my clit. Just before I came, they both pulled out of me and changed our position once more. They both stood on the floor, and I kneeled between them, taking a cock in each hand and sucking first one, then the other. They watched, obviously both enjoying this show, fondling my bouncing tits as I pleasured them.

When they were both rock-hard once more, it was time. No words were necessary, we all knew what we’d been moving towards. Tom climbed onto the bed once more, lying down on his back, his cock jutting up from his body. I followed, straddling him as I had done before, and lowered myself onto him. We began a slow, steady rhythm, and I let my weight fall against Tom’s, my breasts touching his chest, exposing my virgin ass to my boyfriend.

Josh squeezed lube onto his fingers and began squeezing first one, then two into my tight little asshole, as I writhed beneath him in a mixture of pain and pleasure. Before long, the pain was gone, I relaxed, and I hissed over my shoulder that I was ready for him to take me. Tom stopped moving, holding his cock deep inside my pussy to allow Josh to enter me. Needing no further encouragement, Josh plunged into me in one fast motion.

I screamed out, then quickly began pleading for them both to fuck me a little harder, a little faster, a little harder, a little faster, until finally I couldn’t speak, overwhelmed with the combination of sensations in my pussy and ass. My orgasm was long and deep, and I rode it out as Josh shot his load in my ass and Tom pulled out of me and covered my stomach in his cum, just as he’d left my chin dripping a few hours earlier.

I collapsed to the bed, one man on each side of me, and thanked my lucky stars for the most exciting, and definitely most unusual, Valentine’s Day – well, night – of my life.

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