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[This story will make more sense if you take the time to read the earlier instalments. There’s a lot of severe discipline and a good deal of focus on all bodily functions, so if inclusion of those bothers you, please read no further. All characters are over 18.]

Eleanor found that it was very easy for her to get used to living with Annette in the new apartment Annette had purchased when she was promoted to be a General and Chief of Staff of the Corrections Service. They had now known each other for a good number of years, ever since Annette had been the Senior Correctional Officer at the Supreme Court of the Women’s Republic.

That was when Eleanor had been wrongly convicted of adultery and sentenced by the three women justices to a year’s punishment of infibulation. This was a rarely-imposed sentence in the Republic but the ruling women took a dim view of those females who misbehaved with another woman’s husband.

Annette had been present when Eleanor’s labia were closed with several small silver rings by a surgeon, leaving only a tiny hole for the exit of urine and menstrual flow. While the punishment had been painful, even with anesthetic, it was the ignominy and humiliation of being a publicly designated offender that hurt Eleanor the most.

And it was Annette who made sure Eleanor was never subjected to any discipline during her year of enforced chastity. At the day the year was up, she supervised the surgeon’s removal of the rings. Eleanor was still recovering from the entire experience, but she appreciated what Annette had done to make it as bearable as she could. She kissed Annette on the lips, and they promised to stay in touch.

Eventually, Eleanor was exonerated but no one could give her back the year. She did have the pleasure of seeing the three Supreme Court justices who had sentenced her accept disciplining at the exclusive women’s club in the Republic’s second city. Her superior, Janet, the executive vice president and actual power at Goose Cookers, the women’s apparel and accessory company, arranged this at the Victoria Club. Eleanor watched as Annette, the court’s Correctional Officer, caned the lady justices and one even lost control during the severe caning and pissed while her bottom was bared on the block.

Now Annette had been promoted from Colonel to General and appointed Chief of Staff of the Correctional Service. She and Eleanor had become engaged some time ago but had not set a date to be married because Eleanor’s career as the creative spirit behind most of the imaginative new products Goose Cookers introduced was based in the Republic’s second city while Annette had always been at the seat of power in the capital.

But Eleanor had come to the capital for Annette’s accession and Janet, who was there in her capacity as one of the most admired women in the Republic, and one of the best-connected, had assured Eleanor that the company would support Eleanor’s operating out of their office in the capital with trips to their headquarters. So, Eleanor would return to move what she needed to Annette’s fabulous apartment and they could now think about a wedding date.

Eleanor and Annette spent a glorious weekend in the apartment after the ceremonies and receptions. Much of the time was in the massive bed Annette had secured for the flat. Eleanor was some years younger than her wife-to-be, but both had come to know each other and there was a base of trust that maintained them even when they had been separated by their work.

Eleanor stayed on for the next week as Annette had assured her that she would enjoy all the receptions and luncheons that would follow. Eleanor also knew that Janet wanted her to make all the contacts she could for the company while attending these gatherings of the most powerful women in the Republic. Then each night and morning, after all the partying, they returned to make love to each other gently and with deep feelings.

Annette, it must be known, but was not known to anyone but Eleanor, had an extraordinarily long clitoris. Eleanor had come to know, and only she did, that when they were entwined, Annette’s amazing clit could fuck Eleanor’s cunt as well as any male equipment. If it weren’t so clearly a clit, Eleanor thought, Annette would have been classified as a hermaphrodite. But Eleanor exulted that her lover was all woman.

After several nights and mornings spent enjoying each other, after long periods of deprivation, Annette was restored to her best attitude and found her new position exciting. Eleanor did love Annette, and now felt more strongly that the marriage would be a good one, despite Eleanor’s ties to others. She was still married to Jackson, who had stood by her in her worst days, as women were permitted to have spouses of either sex, but only one of each.

And Eleanor had invited two beautiful sergeants in the Correctional Service, Denise and Linda, blonde and brunette, to live in her spacious apartment in the second city. Moreover, her pendik escort sister Meredith, who had been rescued from her wallowing in whoredom by Eleanor, had also joined them. Denise and Linda were firmly and solely lesbian, while Meredith had been profligate with her favors. Jackson was adrift because Eleanor not only was now going away to be with Annette but had already spent most of her time at home with Denise, Linda, and Meredith.

Torn in her having to depart, even for a short interval, Eleanor managed to return to her old place and was welcomed by Denise and Linda. Eleanor had won relief for the two from punishments, especially for Linda, that might have ruined both their careers. She had interceded for them with Annette, who was still skeptical of the noncommissioned officers but acceded to her wife-to-be’s requests.

When she arrived, she was warmly greeted by everyone, including Jackson, on whom she cast a baleful eye. She knew how much she owed him and how she had punished him many times for what were minor faults or offenses. Now she was thinking how she could make that up to him. Denise and Linda embraced her joyfully and she felt warm and loved here.

When she was alone with them later, they told her they were at a key point in their careers. Both now served in the city’s Re-Education Center where mostly men were sent by their spouses, mothers, or girlfriends after committing some offense. Denise and Linda had been noncoms at a Re-Education Camp, where men whose behavior had been more seriously violative of the Republic’s mores were sent for a week or more to be trained to serve the women in their life.

As lesbians, both sergeants easily managed, by whipping and caning, the men sent to both the camp and the center. Punishments were extreme in order to create an image that would keep men in the Republic on the straight and narrow path of respect for the female sex. The sergeants regularly made those committed to their supervision don pink panties and service the female noncoms in their private bathrooms.

Eleanor figured that her period was due very soon and that she had for quite some time synced with the two gorgeous sergeants. This had resulted in some wild period sex among the trio. Eleanor still was bisexual, but she could not resist the allure of the sergeants, who did adore her and showed their fealty to her whenever the opportunity arose.

Now, however, they were due for their next assignment and this would be crucial to their futures in the service. Denise had an exceptional record and her blonde beauty and gracious nature strengthened her chances for a good posting that would put her on the path to major promotion. Linda was highly competent and efficient but had a short fuse that had gotten her into trouble.

Worse, although Eleanor had gotten Annette to see that Linda’s record was cleaned up and that she was spared some major punishment impositions she might otherwise have incurred, Annette remained skeptical of the auburn-haired sergeant. Largely this was caused by Linda’s having drunk too much at a gathering to which Eleanor had taken them in the capital with Annette and other high-ranking officers in the service. They never would have met these leaders had it not been for Eleanor’s relationship with Annette.

They wanted to be assigned together, which was an obstacle in itself. But in charting out a potential career step with Eleanor, she agreed to see what she could do to get them promoted to a higher-level facility at the capital where Linda had been sent for rehabilitation after her escapades had gotten her into deep trouble in the service.

She had come out of that with flying colors, however, having impressed no less than MSG Wendy, the key factotum at the center. Eleanor set out to have Annette approve their posting to be MSG Wendy’s deputies. This required consultation with Annette.

“You keep interceding for those dames,” Annette responded with some temper. She had grown slightly annoyed at Eleanor’s loyalty to her friends.

“You know that Linda is only where she is because you convinced me to override her superior’s poor efficiency report,” Annette commented to Eleanor.

“Yes, sweetie,” Eleanor grinned, “but you admitted that she was really good at whatever she was asked to do. If it weren’t for her stupid short fuse, she would be a star.”

Annette respected Eleanor’s creativity and her nose for talent. She came round and said that she would discuss the situation with LTC Rachel, the commandant, and MSG Wendy to see if this could be accomplished.

“I’m not going to force them on her,” she told Eleanor, who had assured her that Linda had made a very good impression on the highly able and respected MSG Wendy and through her on LTC Rachel.

Annette decided this was best discussed at a private lunch with the two women who together managed the retraining center. She sent out invitations to them both to join her for lunch in her private dining room.

The escort pendik day came and LTC Rachel walked into Annette’s spacious office with MSG Wendy. They both wore their dress uniforms and Annette had realized they would, so she wore hers as well. They proceeded into her private dining room and were served a perfect lunch.

Annette had selected her personal staff, including the chef and other attendants, so everything was sparkling. After they were served espressos and biscotti to end the lunch on a simple note, she invited them to join her in her office again.

“I do have a matter to discuss with you both,” she said coolly. “I have the utmost regard for you, and I will not take any action unless you agree. We have recognized that first, more officers at various levels are being sent to your center for retraining, and second, that after your tutelage, their performance records have been excellent. You deserve commendation and I intend to have you recognized soon.

“I do have a situation that I would like your help with,” she went on. “We are giving you two junior slots, two noncom positions who will report directly to you, Wendy. This will permit the center to handle an increased number of officers referred.”

“You’ve been thinly staffed until now,” Annette continued. “Increasing your caseload will be a burden, of course, but it can only improve your prospects. What I need from you is to develop two good noncoms who can assume a good deal of your burdens and responsibility.

“I don’t much like having to suggest the officers I want, but things aren’t always accommodating to what we want,” Annette confessed. “These are two officers who have experience in both camps and centers. One you know, Wendy, because you turned her around, and so do you, Rachel, because you agreed with Wendy’s recommendation. She is SGT Linda. I’m doing this, by the way, even though I personally have had more than one run-in with her. I truly feel she has turned herself around. She is very close with SGT Denise, whom you don’t know but who is a superb performer. Her record is absolutely outstanding. Now I want them to fill these slots. You’re getting a star even though you don’t know her, and you do know that Linda is a fine graduate of your effort.”

The two remained quiet for a few moments, digesting what Annette had laid on them.

Finally, Rachel spoke.

“I appreciate your situation, Annette,” she said plainly. “I’m going to ask Wendy to speak first because she dealt the most with Linda. By the time I saw her, she had benefited from Wendy’s usual over-the-top training. I’m willing to take Denise on your say-so because I’ve come to know your sagacity in assessing our officers. And I mean this, Annette, it’s not just I know that you could send them to us without any consultation. But I know that’s not your way and I thank you for it.”

She turned to MSG Wendy.

“General,” Wendy began, with the respect she knew the Chief of Staff was entitled to expect from any noncom, “I will tell you that I liked SGT Linda and you know well that I don’t respond positively to most of the people we have to retrain. She has spunk and she has made mistakes, but she took what I gave her like a big girl and ran with it. You know how we find we must humiliate those sent to us to make them realize this isn’t just any standard disciplining. I’m happy to work with her again, in a far more positive capacity.”

“Colonel,” Annette now responded, “and Master Sergeant, I’m satisfied that you are sincere in your statements. You know the respect I have for you both, and I myself will do my part to make sure these officers know what is being done for them. I hope that this works out as it should for all of us.”

LTC Rachel was only a few years younger than Annette, but she had immense respect for the new Chief of Staff. Of course, she and MSG Wendy would have wanted to make their selections themselves but they were getting staff in a time when it was hard to do that and this would also leave GEN Annette in some debt to them. Wendy understood all of this without Rachel having to fill her in.

Annette’s private secretary, MAJ Andrea, appeared with a smile to tell Annette her after-lunch appointment had arrived. She cordially escorted Rachel and Wendy out and noticed that Annette was smiling like she rarely did, so she concluded that the lunch had been a success. Annette sent her a note soon after she left with them to tell her to get Denise and Linda sent up to see her the next day.

Annette was not giving the sergeants any lunch like she had set for Rachel and Wendy. She had to let them know they were here on sufferance and had better come through for her.

They walked into her office for the first time the next morning, having been flown up on a Correctional Service plane that departed quite early as was common for military-style transport. Both were wearing well=tailored uniforms appropriate to their rank and assignment.

“I’ve pendik escort bayan decided to give both of you a shot at something major,” Annette said, without spending any time on introductions. “We’ve met before, for better or worse. But now I’m going out on a limb for you because I’m willing to take my chances on you. Linda, you’ve met MSG Wendy and LTC Rachel.”

Linda nodded, quite surprised at the mention of the two officers who ran the retraining center at headquarters.

“You two are going to be assigned there for your next posting,” Annette informed them. “The center has been faced with an increased caseload and they are led by those two superb officers. They need help, and now there are two new positions as deputies to MSG Wendy. I hope you realize that this is an unusual opportunity.

“First of all,” she went on, “you’ll be promoted. Second, you’ll be well positioned to move up or over should anything that you are suited for at headquarters open up. Do the job I know you’re capable of and you will have my deep appreciation. And I know you won’t take this the wrong way: don’t fuck this up.”

“Lastly, I want each of you to take responsibility for the behavior of the other,” Annette added, in a stern tone. “I’ve put myself in a sensitive position here, so you both better understand my expectations. Now, here are your orders and your promotion papers. Congratulations, you are both now Staff Sergeants.”

Denise spoke first and thanked Annette for what she was doing for both of them. Linda was choked up but managed to smile and tell the general that she would forever be grateful to her for giving her such a marvelous chance to reshape her career and her life. Her response warmed Annette’s resistant heart and she smiled back at Linda.

Eleanor wasn’t entirely prepared for the exultation that accompanied the return of Denise and Linda to her apartment. It turned out they would be moving to the capital just as she was. Instantly, she realized what her relationship with Annette had wrought. She only hoped that her wife-to-be had made it clear to them that this was not only a fantastic opportunity, it was the last chance, at least for Linda it was.

She smiled and hugged them. They wanted to thank her because they knew how this had been arranged. This time, it was an occasion for worship. Eleanor was carried to her bedroom and the two sergeants carefully removed each item of her clothing. Then Linda gently lifted Eleanor’s legs so Denise could move between them and expertly lick Eleanor to orgasm.

The blonde shapely noncom gently licked Eleanor’s tender labia – even after the years that had passed since her punishment, she still remained super-sensitive there—and tickled her clit with her fingers. Her other hand played softly with Eleanor’s anal opening, finally insinuating itself as her tongue invaded Eleanor’s sopping vagina.

Eleanor felt her temperature rising as Denise’s ministrations had awakened her pussy and brought her to the verge of orgasm. Now she was surprised but elated when she saw Linda climb onto the bed. The dark-haired woman had put on a strap-on harness with a huge purple cock sticking out of her obscenely.

Denise helpfully used her fingers to hold Eleanor’s tender labia apart as her partner slowly slid the massive dildo into Eleanor’s sopping cunt. Now Linda began to back out slowly and re-enter at the same stimulating speed. Eleanor felt herself carried away with the joy she always felt at being filled. She was also filled with love for both Denise and Linda now and wanted them to kiss her on her mouth. She pointed to it and mouthed the word “Kiss.”

Linda bent down as her purple cock was entirely inside Eleanor’s now capacious hole. She kissed Eleanor deeply and let her tongue enter Eleanor’s mouth as her cock was penetrating Ellie’s pussy. Denise, for her part, managed to get under Eleanor and apply her talented tongue and mouth to rimming Eleanor’s anus. Eleanor, who was slightly built, felt the incredible over-the-top electric charges pulsing on her clit, in her cunt, and up her ass.

When she came, it was explosive, and Linda felt it from Eleanor’s mouth and the pressure that held Linda’s purple cock deep inside Eleanor’s stretched vagina. Denise even felt something liquid emerging explosively from Eleanor’s bottom-hole. The intense heat of Eleanor’s excitement had liquefied some of the contents of her colon, and this sprayed onto Denise’s face, darkening her light features.

It took some time for Eleanor to recover from this incredible occasion. Denise and Linda slowly withdrew and smiled at each other and at Eleanor. They all now headed for the ensuite shower within Eleanor’s bedroom sector of the apartment. The sergeants soaped Eleanor up from hair to foot, focusing on cleaning her cunt and bottom-hole. Linda tickled her tits until Eleanor’s modest nipples rose into pointed peaks.

Then Denise nodded to Linda. At the same time, they released their held-in piss and it flowed all over Eleanor’s mid-section, groin, and legs. Eleanor was able to relax her own bladder and soon her golden liquid spurted out as the women placed their hands to enjoy the feel of her powerful stream.

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