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I’m wearing my black nursing dress with nothing underneath it. My breasts are so big now they threaten to fall out from behind the flimsy cotton at any moment. My bare ass, plugged, squirms against the seat of the car. We’re going back to the place, the one with all the equipment you like to play with. On the way, you have me put my feet up on the dashboard and play with my pussy, keeping it at a low and steady hum, plenty wet. At red lights, you stop next to as many cars with single men in them as you can. Some of them flash you a thumbs up as they watch me work my hands under my dress.

We arrive, and the nice girl at the entrance checks us in, as usual. You inquire about using the exam room, and she says it’s free for the next hour or two. We haven’t been there before. As we walk through the space, the sounds of laughter and talking fill the air, along with occasional gasps, moans, the occasional crack of a hand on skin, a flogger, a muffled scream from behind a gag. You spot a friend of yours, who comes over with us. You speak to him softly for a minute, and he nods – “I’ll meet you there” – and disappears.

The exam room has blue tiles on the walls and a bed with stirrups in the middle, just like the doctor’s office. There is a light for close exams, and shelves and trays full of equipment. You slip me out of my dress and explain that it is time to do some tests. I am to be good. My breasts are full and starting to ache, as is my bladder. You help me up onto the table and raise and spread my legs high in the stirrups. Your friend from earlier walks in, now wearing a lab coat and carrying a clipboard. “Excellent!” he says as he comes in, sitting on a small wheeled stool and rolling up pendik escort next to me. “Are you ready?”

“I’m not sure,” I answer. “Ready for what?”

“Well,” he says, “I hear you’ve been working on bladder control and induction and squirting, so you’re here to measure up. We’ll do a number of tests to make sure your body is performing as it should.”


You come close to me and rub my belly comfortingly, pushing slightly on my bladder. “She’s not quite full yet,” you say to the doctor. “She had about 32 oz since her last release, and she still has some room.”

“That’s fine,” says the doctor easily. “We’ll just hook her up to the feeder tube so we can measure her intake exactly. But we can start with milk now, since she’s just starting to leak.”

He’s right. Beads of milk are forming on my nipples and I need to be nursed. I look hopefully at you, but the doctor is already busy, attaching two industrial milkers to my nipples. “These will pump directly into this bottle,” he explains, holding up a bottle with measurements marked on the side. “We need to see how much you’re producing. And now -” he lowers another tube I hadn’t seen before and brings it to my mouth – “Open up, sweetheart. We need to get you nice and full, so here’s some water for you.” The feeder tube is different – instead of making me suck and work for it, the water simply flows at a moderate rate into my mouth. I can just about keep up swallowing, but I have to drink constantly to stay ahead of it. Four gulps in and I’m feeling the pressure.

He flips on the machine and the milkers at my chest start working immediately. I moan around the feeder tube as milk flows out of me, hard and fast, filling escort pendik the bottle bit by bit. I can feel myself dripping, the pussy letdown ahead of me. The doctor snaps on a pair of gloves and probes my pussy thoughtfully. “Yeah, she’s really going,” he says over my head to you. You nod. “We’ve done lots of conditioning. She rarely nurses without something in her pussy.”

“Ah,” says the doctor. “Then there’s no reason to do anything different here. Why don’t you come down and make her comfortable?” You look at me, and I am too busy swallowing to nod. You slide three fingers into my pussy, flickering them against my g-spot. I try to hump your hand, wanting more, but the stirrups have me quite immobile. I moan around the tube.

The milking machine clicks to a stop, and the doctor picks up the bottle. “Seven ounces. That’s wonderful progress.” He pulls out a nipple and secures it to the top of the bottle before slipping the feeder out of my mouth. He gives me the bottle, and I pause – drink my own milk? I’ve never had more than a taste. My milk is for you. You nod encouragingly. “It’s all right. You do what the doctor says,” you say firmly. I put it to my mouth, and I see your cock harden in your jeans.

You continue working my pussy, and I’m growing wetter and wetter, but my bladder is getting distended, full, tight. I start to squirm as I finish the bottle and hand it to the doctor. “There, there” he says. “I know you’re uncomfortable, but this is all part of the process. Here, let me rub you a little. That should help.” He reaches down and rubs my clit in an expert, if clinical way. It distracts me from my bladder just enough for him to slip the feeder tube back in. I open my eyes pendik escort bayan wide, wince – I can’t take anymore!

“You can do it,” he says soothingly, turning it on. “You can take a little more for your master, can’t you? You can hold a little more for him? He said you’d be good for me, and I want to see your belly nice and tight.” He continues his patter as he rubs my pussy while you are still inside me. “That’s right, take a little more, a little more for master, oh, you’re such a good girl, I can tell you’re going to do wonderfully, yes, that bladder is getting so tight and you’re holding it so well, that’s right, you like getting your pussy touched don’t you? Hungry pussy, yes, so good, drink up, drink up, that’s it.”

Finally, I can’t do it anymore. The water runs over my lips and spills out of my mouth and I am crying and panting with the effort of holding it. “So good!” exclaims the doctor as he moves the tube away. “Now we’re going to measure. I’m glad you’re spread nice and wide for me. I’m going to have your master help me with this.”

You hold up the catheter. “Now remember, this is a little uncomfortable going in, but we have to do it like this to make sure your bladder completely empties, right?” I nod, unable to talk, my fingers pinching at my pussy to keep from releasing. You insert it and I am so full I scream.

And then, it opens. And suddenly, quickly, my bladder is draining furiously into the bag, and the doctor is holding it, feeling it fill and get warm from being inside me and I am moaning and gasping and crying out like I do when I cum and it’s hard to tell the difference. It feels so good. So good.

The doctor notes that I’ve nearly filled the bag, and that I’ve done such a good job. You pull the catheter out, and I sigh, closing my eyes. You come up next to me and stroke my face, slipping a few wet fingers into my mouth, and I suck on my own pussy cream from them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32