A Walk I Will Never Forget

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Writers block! Definitely one of the worst feelings in the world for an aspiring novelist. I have felt this way before but never to this degree. In fact my trip up to my country cottage was for the purpose of eliminating distractions and making significant headway on my first novel. Unfortunately, even without distractions my mind is not producing anything ground breaking.

One week and I have produced one measly chapter which I am not even satisfied with. I have not left my cottage for a second and my only contact with the outside world has been a few short internet conversations with my loving boyfriend Marco. I need to get out of my rut of poor hygiene and constant unhealthy snacking.

A hot bath sounds like a good start! I draw hot water adding lily scented bubble bath to the tub and the smell immediately envelops my senses. I light a few candles and place them by the tub and then pull off my depressing grey sweatshirt which I have not removed in three days. I step out of my sweaty sweat pants next, feeling relieved to be standing completely naked. The steam from the bath is a welcoming feeling compared to the itchy sweats that held me captive. I look at my leg hairs which I have not attended to in a week and lather them up with shaving cream. I shave both legs carefully, not because I’m scarred of a scratch but because it gives me pleasure to be taking care of myself again.

I start to feel more like myself, more like a woman! I raise my left arm and take care of my stubbly armpit and repeat the same process with the right. Not understanding how I get myself like this when I immerse myself in my work. I run my hand down to my pubic mound and finger my fiery red bush which definitely needs to be taken care of. I plug in my electric raiser and give my bush a buzz cut. I then take the razor and model myself a thin triangle pointing to my pussy since I am beginning to feel a little playful.

I dip the toes of my right foot into the water and see that it is a perfect temperature. I step inside with both legs the warm water up to my knees the bubbles hugging my skin. I lower myself inch by inch and finish seated the water engulfing my five foot five, petite 110 pound frame. I let out a long sigh as my muscles begin to relax. I sit perfectly still for a few minutes and then tilt my head back soaking my oily shoulder length red hair. I grab a brush from the side of the tub and smooth out all my knots and tangles. When my difficult task is complete I lean my head back once more soaking my hair which starts to feel sexy again.

I lift my right leg out of the bubbles and straighten my knee pointing my toes straight ahead like the women in commercials. The soapy water slowly drips from my leg which glistens in the candle light. I smile for the first time in a week as I feel myself transform from a stressed, unattractive and unsuccessful writer into the young, sexy woman that I know I am. As my leg lowers back into the water I spread my legs letting my right hand wander over to my freshly made over pubic hair. My fingers delicately inspect my stubbly triangle and then wander lower to my pussy lips. I stoke my slit back and forth very slowly. The warm water has made me increasingly sensitive.

I let my legs fall open in the tub enjoying the warmth on my pussy. I continue to stoke slowly and eventually pick up speed. The water sloshes around in the tub as I begin to get more aggressive. My hips rhythmically sway in the water against my hand. I slowly insert two fingers into my pussy and work them in and out as I sink deep into the tub. I let out several soft moans which echo in my isolated cottage. I start to finger faster, the water splashing to and fro with each thrust. I spread my legs wide and lift my legs partially out of the water so I can rest my feet on the sides of the tub. I shorten the length of my thrusts and replace it with speed as I finger fuck myself rapidly. I get to the brink of my orgasm and I begin petting my clit with my thumb. My body shakes in the tub as I orgasm and a small amount of water and bubbles fall over the edge of the kuşadası escort tub.

I lie perfectly still in this position for five minutes, gathering myself. I remove my hand from my vagina and wearily allow my legs to plop back into the tub. I manage to bring myself to my feet on shaky legs and step out of the tub grabbing my fluffy white towel robe. I see myself in the mirror, my skin pale from a lack of sun but healthy and refreshed. My soft white 28 BB breasts rise and fall with my heavy breathing, my tiny pink nipples poking out teasingly. My hair wet and straight, free from its knots and my greenish hazel eyes tired but satisfied. I wrap the comforting robe around my body and blow out the candles wobbling over to my bedroom where I pass out peacefully for the night.

Rays of sunlight creep through my blinds and wake me up early in the morning. I crawl out of bed and make a pot of coffee before sitting back down in front of my computer. I stare blankly at the screen for two full hours. My night of pampering has made me feel better but has not shown an effect on my writing.

A knock on the door startles me out of my daze. I mechanically walk over to answer it, squinting into the sunlight as I open the door.

“Hi Lauren,” Marco says as my eyes focus in on my boyfriend standing before me in beige khaki shorts and a dark green t-shirt. “I thought I would pay you a quick visit,” he says.

“What are you doing here baby?” I say a little confused, “You know I have a lot of work to do up here.”

“I know you do!” he says with a smile, “But I also know how much you struggle when you are in a funk and I suspected that you were in one from our brief conversations.”

“You know me too well honey,” I say with a tried smile, before kissing Marco quick and hard on the lips.

“I am here to make sure you get back on track and I know exactly how to do it,” he says handing me a bag. “Go change into these clothes and meet me outside.”

I take the bag into the bedroom a little confused on what Marco has in store. I drop my robe to the floor and unpack the bag. I put on the plain white cotton panties that are inside followed by comfortable short white t-shirt and white ankle socks. I pull on the short jean shorts and finally the running shoes. I then hurry outside to see Marco on the porch.

“What are you up too babe?” I say, “I want to know what’s going on”

“Your problem when you’re writing is that you are stuck in doors constantly Lauren” he says. “It’s not the kind of environment that is going to stimulate you. You need to be outside and let nature inspire you.”

“Going outside for a little bit is not going to change anything Marco,” I say with a little frustration at his simple solution. “It’s easy for you since you’re a photographer but nature is not going to inspire anything I am trying to write about.”

“The subject does not matter. I am trying to show you that nature can be therapeutic,” he responds.

I sigh at this suggestion and Marco grabs my hand firmly and leads me off the porch and to the back of my cabin where a walking path into the woods begins. As silly as I think Marco is it is actually a perfect day to be outside. It is beautiful and sunny spring day and unusually warm for this early in the season. Birds chirp and sing as they flutter overhead in the trees that are just starting to leave. The sun shines down warmly through the branches warming my pale skin. The feeling is nice but I know it’s only a temporary distraction from my book like last night’s masturbation.

After about 45 minutes of quite walking Marco leads me slightly off the path into a little clearing in the trees. Besides the opening from the path we left, the small area which is about ten feet by ten feet is completely surrounded by thick woods. The grass under foot is thick and plush and a small stream flows behind the trees on the opposite end of where we entered our isolated room.

“How did you find this place?” I ask Marco with a smile on my face.

“I have walked through these woods quite often when we come to the cottage and your working on your writing,” he says. “I’ve learned them quite well.”

He lets go of my hand and removes his backpack taking out a thin blanket which he lays in the middle of the room nature made for us. We both kick off our shoes and settle down onto the blanket next to each other, facing the stream. Marco’s right arm goes around my waste pulling me snugly to his side as I feel his lips grazing my earlobe.

“Sit still, and quite,” he whispers very softly into my ear. “Look through the trees by the stream.”

I do as Marco says and quickly notice two dear sipping from the stream a few feet away.

“A male and female, he whispers. “Just a couple in love like us.

I turn my head slowly and kiss him wetly on the cheek. His face turns to face mine and we kiss passionately still attempting to be quite. Our lips part and our tongues begin to play excitedly like two high-school kids making out with a parent in the next room. His hand finds my thigh and firmly squeezes my silky skin just beneath my short jeans. I let out a sigh as I break the kiss to catch my breath and we hear the deer scatter off.

“Woops! Sorry,” I say biting my lower lip. “I couldn’t help it.”

“That’s okay. I think they just want some privacy so they can do what we are doing,” he responds.

Our kiss resumes immediately and his free hand slides under my shirt and plays with my petit beasts. His thumb and forefinger pinch my stiffening buds as my tongue moves wildly in his mouth. He gives my nipple a little harder pinch and I bite his bottom lip playfully.

“Enjoying the outdoors a little more now?” he asks.

“MHHMM! Now I am,” I answer with a goofy smile.

I reach for his top and pull it up over his head tossing it into the grass just next to our blanket. His hands go to my jean shorts and he unbuttons, unzips and forcefully slides them off me as I arch my bum off the ground. I pull off my top and throw my right leg over his body mounting him. My hands go to his firm chest and I look down into his dark brown eyes wiggling my firm bum into his crotch. His hands grab my ass cheeks through my tight white panties and I continue to playfully wriggle against him feeling his wood stiffen. I press my whole body against his as I thrust my tongue deep into his mouth my hand sliding between our bodies and into his Khakis.

I find his tree immediately since he is not wearing underwear and I give the base of his trunk a firm squeeze. I lift up from the kiss and slide down his body so I can pull off his pants letting his thick wood out into the open air. I stand up and walk over to Marco’s head putting my feet to the sides of his shoulders. I pull down my panties as he gazes up at my flower. I kneel down over his face lowering my pussy to his lips as I grip the base of his cock and wrap my lips around his thick head.

My soft red hair tickles his thighs as I begin to move my mouth back and forth over his dick. I hold the base firmly as I work the top half of his branch with my mouth. I feel his hands grip my ass cheeks tightly as he buries his mouth into my pussy. His warm tongue slides up and down my pussy lips and I wriggle my hips onto his face. His fingers dig firmly into my cheeks spreading me open as he stiffens his tongue and bobs his tongue in and out of me like a slippery penis.

I gasp onto his cock and then lift my lips off so I can suck on his balls. I jack his cock slowly as I lick and suck his scrotum which I know is a huge turn-on for him. I little glob of clear pre-cum oozes from his head and I bring my mouth back to his cock flicking the cum off with the tip of my tongue. I slowly slide my lips back down his shaft swallowing his entire cock and massage his balls with my right hand holding the position for a few minutes as I get my pussy eaten rapidly. I can’t take it any longer and I pull my lips from Marco’s cock leaving a trail of saliva.

“Ahh baby I need a good fuck!” I anxiously proclaim.

He gives my pussy a wet kiss, relieving his grip on my ass cheeks. “That’s what I’m here for Lauren!” he responds.

I spin around and thrust my lips to my boyfriends, kissing him hard and sloppily. I feel his erect cock graze against my crotch and I reach back gripping the base and holding the head against my pussy. I sit up straddling his hips as I lower my flower onto his rigid branch. I sway my hips in circles loving the feeling of his thick manhood deep inside me. Our eyes connect and begin bouncing up and down slowly.

“Yess that’s it Lauren!” he encourages, “Show me how much you missed me.”

I grin cheekily as I begin to work my hips faster. My hands reach down to his for support allowing me to balance and bounce up and down easily. I manoeuvre from my knees to my feet and force myself into a deep squat in order to keep his cock inside me. I pull up so just the tip of his cock is inside me before pushing back down. I bounce my ass up and down rapidly straining my thigh muscles.

“Holy fuck baby you really know how to work me,” he growls.

I pull off his cock breathing hard my legs exhausted. “You better return the favour and give it to me good,” I say smiling.

He turns me around forcefully putting me on my knees and I feel him approach close behind me. I look up towards the stream in front of me as I feel his hands grab my hips tightly his cock slowly pushes back into my soaking pussy.

“If we’re fucking outside we might as well fuck like animals,” Marco says as he begins to rock his hips into me.

“Mhhmm! Yes Marco show me how you’re going to fuck me like an animal.

He thrusts into me with long deep strokes as I look ahead my hands holding the grass in front of me. By skin is slippery beneath his hands our bodies beginning to perspire. He wraps his arms around my stomach and begins working me faster.

“Oh my god!” I squeal loudly scarring a few birds away from the trees ahead.

His thrusts increase in speed and his balls slap against my skin with each stroke. The slapping sound echoes through the wood. I grip the grass so tight that it rips and I let my arms give way under me. My right cheek presses into the cool grass my hair matting out around me as I keep my ass pointed up in the air so I can be fucked like an animal.

“Fuck Lauren I am going to explode!” he growls wildly, sweat dripping down his chest onto my slippery ass.

“I want you to unload in me,” I manage to say between my moans.

He grabs me by both elbows and my face presses harder into the grass as he begins humping me furiously. My pussy lips tighten up around his shaft and my body begins to tremble.

“OHH MY GOD DONT STOP!” I yell into the grass.

An orgasm rushes through me and my body begins convulsing as he continues to pump his cock into me from behind. I hear him grunt and growl with each thrust and then feel his cock erupt as warm shots of cum fill my pussy. His place slows down as he continues to rock back and forth expelling all his fluids inside of me.

“Wow that was wild Lauren,” he says exhausted.

“Tell me about it!” I say, “I am definitely getting a new appreciation for the outdoors. “

His cock pulls out of me and Marco lies back onto the blanket. I turn around and crawl up next to him as we give each other a soft tired kiss. Cum drips from his semi-erect penis and from my soaking pussy onto our thighs and the blanket beneath us. We lie silently for several minutes and I notice the sounds of the woods around me. The stream trickles along slowly in front of us and the birds chirp and sing playfully overhead. The scampering about of small critters through leaves and rocks is audible around us. I feel at home, I feel at peace as we lie tired and naked in our garden, like an Adam and Eve before their sin.

I reach for my white cotton panties and wipe the cum from my thigh and then clean out the cream pie in my pussy. I then wrap it around Marco’s cock squeezing out whatever remaining cum he has in him as he winces slightly.

“So do you think nature has inspired you enough so that you can get back to working on your novel?” Marco asks.

“I do!” I exclaim, “But I think nature has inspired me to write the story of a walk I will never forget first.”

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