A Week to Remember – Introduction

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Tommy had made most of the arrangements in the end, he’d booked the villa and the flights, invited friends, arranged trips out and games of golf. The only thing it really fell to me to arrange was to invite a friend of my own.

“Bring someone fun.” He’d told me.

So I invited Tabby. We’d been friends since school and had learned about everything together, and I do mean everything, so we were very like-minded. We had our own little quirks though, she was more on the lesbian end of the bisexual spectrum than I was although you wouldn’t know it if you ever saw her going at a cock. She always described herself as a lesbian who loved cock.

“I’m not attracted to guys, I just like shagging them.” I remember her saying back when we were at school.

We’d done so much together over the years and Tommy knew her well, intimately in fact. I had a feeling it was someone like her that he’d had in mind. She was gorgeous too; her parents were Chinese immigrants and she had that petite eternally young thing going on.

“Where are we going? I need to know what to pack.” He just grinned at me and came back.

“Puglia sweetie, southern Italy, but don’t worry too much about packing. I’ve bought you an all-new wardrobe; outfits, jewellery, shoes, the works. Be a good idea for you to sort out your make-up and any other little bits you want but you don’t need to pack any clothes. Tell Tabby the same by the way.”

Well that was a turn up for the books. Money was never an issue so I had no problem believing he’d have spared no expense but couldn’t help wondering why he was doing it this way. He usually loved my choice of outfits and knew I could be relied upon to wear things that would please his friends. I shrugged it off and went about my day.

As departure day approached I started to feel that wonderful mixture or nerves and anxiety. Golf trips with Johnny’s friends always involved a lot of sex and with Tabby in tow I expected there would be even more! I went about packing a good selection of make-up and then some toiletries (gotta have something to help with the clean-up!) I couldn’t help noticing that there wasn’t much other luggage being generated. Tommy had one case and his golf clubs, but I didn’t see anything else.

“Where’s all the stuff that you promised for me and Tabby?” I asked.

“Don’t worry hun, it’s all in hand. As all your things are brand new, I had them shipped straight out there. Besides, I couldn’t risk you finding them and ruining the surprise now could I?”

Again, this seemed strange but I shrugged it off and spent the rest of the day in the garden. The sex that night was frantic. Tommy was on top with my legs wrapped around his waist and my arms around his neck. He was far too eager; pounding away hard and fast he overstimulated himself and came in minutes. At first I was disappointed but he was clearly very excited about the trip because he was on me again after a very short rest. Short bursts are great when they’re as frantic and passionate as this was and it was during the fourth round that I eventually came. We collapsed in a heap, so sweaty and smelly that I genuinely considered changing the sheets before going to sleep.

“You’re going to have to pace yourself if this holiday is going to go the way I think you want it to…”

He just threw his arm over my chest and kissed me on the cheek as we lay there together. We were both asleep in minutes.

The doorbell rang fairly early the following morning, it was Tabby meeting up with us for the flights. She came on in while Tommy and I gathered the last few things together. I’ve never understood why, no matter how much organising and preparing you do, the morning of a flight always seems like chaos. We were just about ready to go, I just had to put some clothes on, when Tommy handed us each a bag.

“If you’re game for it, I’d like you to wear these outfits for the flight.”

Immediately I knew what this was about, he wanted us dressed slutty for the journey.

“Bright red glossy lipstick would be good too.”

We looked in our bags, rummaged a little, then gave each other a grin. This was going to be fun. Tabby began to peel off the shorts n tee she’d worn for the day, which was already quite sexy but nothing compared to what was in the bag. I was already naked, I hadn’t bothered getting dressed after my shower. I stepped one foot and then the other through the tube of fabric that barely qualified as a dress. It wasn’t the smallest of it’s type I’d ever worn but it was far from classy. With the top hem a few inches below my armpits the bottom hem was barely an inch below my buttocks. I stepped to the mirror to see the effect. I wasn’t worried about anything popping out but that seemed academic. The bright red fabric clung so tight that nothing was left to the imagination. I stepped into the equally bright red stiletto shoes which had a good inch of platform below the toe. Sure enough with the diamante earrings and necklace that were also in the bag added I looked exactly uzun konulu porno as I imagined a high end prostitute to look.

Feeling quite turned on by the overall effect I turned and looked at Tabby and found myself even more so. Her shoes were the same red stripper types that I had but her dress was very different. Essentially in two parts, the skirt was super tight and barely covered her ass. I had half a mind that as she walked it would ride up and show some meat. The top was a backless halter neck and didn’t have much width. Standing to the side you could see a substantial amount of her 34Cs. The fabric on the top was really loose too, it was going to fall open and as she moved her boobs were going to bounce wildly.

Tommy was looking very pleased with himself.

“Are all of our outfits going to be like this?” Tabby asked.

“You’ll have to wait and see I guess.” Replied Tommy. “What do you think, you feeling ready to travel?”

“Never felt better about it.” Tabby smiled.

“I can’t wait to get started.” I chipped in.

Tommy took our small bags and put them in his case so that we didn’t have to carry anything and we headed to the airport. As we walked into Heathrow, a heaving mass of people as always, we drew the usual array of different looks from people that we always got when we were playing exhibitionist games. Most of the men would stare or nod approvingly, the tired looking mums with screaming kids would disapprove, the older folk usually sniggered but honestly most people just looked away and ignored us. After we waited for Tommy to check the cases we headed for security where a towering wall of black muscle stared at us as we passed through the gate. I’ve never wanted a cavity search so badly in my life! Then as we progressed in we found the other guys at a bar. They cheered loudly as we approached, I couldn’t help noticing how Tabby tits moved beneath her dress as she walked toward them. She was loving it though, judging by the huge smile on her face.

Eight guys I counted, plus Tommy made nine guys and two girls. This was going to be a demanding week, but I couldn’t wait! We had a drink at the bar with everyone introducing themselves; there were a few I didn’t know and only a couple of them knew Tabby. It was a very handsy meeting with lots of admiring of the outfits, ‘checking out how nice the fabric feels’ and then just flat out groping. By the time they called our gate I was horny as hell. We tottered over there and there was lots of excited chatter as we waited to board. It was only as we boarded that Tommy handed Tabby and I our tickets. They guys were all in first class and we were in economy, what’s more we weren’t even together! At first Tabby was annoyed calling Tommy a cheapskate but I knew exactly what this was about; he’d dressed us as sluts and then sat us next to complete strangers just to see what happened. It was only about three hours to Puglia, but a lot can happen in that time.

I found my seat, it was a window so whoever was next to me was going to box me in. Deliberate no doubt. I didn’t have anything to stow so I just sat down. I looked across at Tabby, also in a window seat and there was this older woman, late sixties I would say, preparing to sit next to her. She was a quite pretty for her age and a well-kept sort so that would be interesting. I doubted it was going to turn into a lesbian romp but it could well prove uncomfortable if she were the disapproving kind. Then my partner arrived. Another very average looking person but a guy this time, in his mid-forties I would say, wearing jeans and a shirt. He looked at me and seemed very pleased with his allocated seat. I have to say I was hoping for something better but realistically it was exactly what I expected.

We sat in awkward silence while all the usual pre-flight and take-off stuff happened and even once we were in the air he was quiet. The flight attendant came around and I realised I had nothing to buy a drink with, and ‘oh boy’ did I need one. However my new neighbour piped up for the first time and asked if he could buy me something.

“Uh, sure. Whatever you’re having.”

“Four whiskeys and a can of coke please.”

Taking the two plastic glasses he emptied two whiskeys into each and topped them up with a little bit of coke.

“Here you go sweetie.”

“Thanks…” I mumbled. I couldn’t help feeling that this was a blatant attempt to get me drunk, but maybe that was for the best. I picked it up and took a tiny sip. Jeez it was strong, but the warming glow was appreciated.

“That’s some dress you’re wearing.” He was looking right at my thighs. I looked down and the hem had ridden up some as I’d moved around in the seat a little and I was on the brink of being exposed.

“Ah well.” I thought, Tommy had put me here as part of his game, may as well play my part.

“You like it?” I asked,

“Fuck yeah, I reckon every guy on this plane is mad jealous that I got to sit here!”

“I’m glad xhamster porno you like it, you don’t think it’s too revealing?”

“Nah, if I had my way it’d be a little bit more.” He laughed at this. “Sorry, hope you don’t mind me saying that…”

“Of course not, I wouldn’t wear it if I didn’t want the attention.” I pinched the fabric at my waist and pulled a little so that the top hem came down a bit showing a bit more cleavage. “There, is that better?”

My new friend just exhaled through his teeth as his eyes moved from my thighs to my bust.

“I think I might need another drink, you want one?”

“Are you trying to get me drunk?”

“Maybe… gotta be worth a try…”

“You don’t need to y’know.” At that I took his hand and placed it on my thigh.

He looked me in the eye, for what I think was the first time, and I realised he was trembling.

“You don’t mind me doing that do you?” I asked him.

He shook his head slowly and with that I pulled his hand up a little so that his pinkie was brushing against my naked pussy. I squirmed a little rubbing myself against his finger. He took the cue and started rubbing the side of his hand against my clitoris, too briskly to be subtle. Anyone who glanced in our direction would know exactly what was happening. I have to say it felt good, this guy certainly knew his way around a clitoris. I parted my knees some to let him have better access and he took the bait, turning his hand and unashamedly frigging me off. I found myself sliding down in my seat, opening my legs wider for him. As my ass dragged across the cheap material of the chair it pulled my dress up exposing my pussy to him, and anyone else who looked, completely. Perhaps he didn’t get chances like this very often but her was going for it and didn’t seem to care if anyone saw. His vigorous rubbing brought me to a climax quicker than I expected and I had to bite the inside of my cheeks to stop from screaming.

I sat there a moment while I came back to my senses, gasping as quietly as I could while I got my breath back. It was clear from the very deliberate ignorance around us that everyone knew exactly what had been happening.

“You’re the hottest woman I’ve been anywhere near in years. That was awesome!”

“You don’t seem to be lacking in practice.” I replied, looking around I saw the toilets were free. “C’mon, your turn.”

I ushered him out of his seat, adjusting my dress as I got up and we headed forward to the cubicle. We hurried inside and as soon as the door was closed, before I’d even had a chance to lock it, he was pulling my dress up over my head. I got the lock closed and spun around, raising my arms to let him get the dress off. As soon as it was gone I was pulling at his belt.

“I can’t believe that body, I definitely can’t believe I’m seeing you naked!”

He squeezed my tits and I just smiled at him as I opened his pants and pulled out his 7 inch, very swollen cock. I dropped to my knees and enveloped it in my mouth. Sucking hard and bobbing my head up and down as fast as I could.

“Shit, stop..! Not yet..!”

He pulled me to my feet and turned me, instinctively I bent over and he was straight in. He buried himself to the hilt in my sopping wet pussy. Reaching under me he squeezed my tits hard as his hips thumped into mine and then, just seconds later, he came. After that it was all a bit awkward and unceremonious. He pulled up his pants, thanked me as he fastened up and left. I was still getting my dress over my head as he opened the door – the teenage lad in the nearest row got a full view of everything!

As I made my way back to my seat, with a slimy mess between my thighs, I looked across at Tabby who was deep in conversation with her elderly lady friend. I had no idea what to make of that so I kept on back to my seat. He was already sat down and as I shuffled past him he made a point of giving my ass a good squeeze. After that his manner changed somewhat. Before there was this awkward sexual tension about him and, while he wasn’t exactly charming, he at least intended to make an effort. He became a total dick after this point. Getting myself down in my seat he pulled at the hem of my skirt.

“Is it a sticky mess down there now?” Trying to get a good look at it.

I tried to brush his hand away in annoyance but he wasn’t having it.

“Don’t be shy hun, we’re a bit passed that now.” Having had a good look he then pulled my top down exposing my breasts.

“They really are the best tits I’ve seen in years.”

“What the fuck are you playing at? We could get into real trouble y’know?”

“Don’t be so nervous babe, no one here minds.” He sneered.

“Look, just be fucking subtle. OK?” I said through gritted teeth. The rest of this flight was going to be bad enough if this was what he was going to be like, I felt I had to give him something to make the situation bearable.

And so the rest of the flight passed with us sitting there quietly, him xnxx porno groping me every now and then and whispering some seedy comment in my ear. Honestly I don’t regret what we did, it was actually great sex and I got to join the mile-high club, but some guys just get really entitled afterwards.

Post flight and waiting for cases I told Tabby all about my experience and she agreed.

“Oh babe you pretty much had to fuck him. Shame he turned out to be a tosser, who knows what else you might have given him!” She had a point…

Turning to her story it was less exciting but more interesting. Turns out her lady friend was some kind of reformed hippie who’d lived in a commune when she was younger. They’d all believed in free love, spent half their days naked and grew their own veg.

“She was totally fascinated by our lifestyle and wanted to hear all about it. She even wished us luck and told us to enjoy our week. Said if she was younger she might have joined us.”

“But there was no hanky-panky I’m guessing?” I laughed.

“Well… she kinda had a play with my breasts…”

My mouth hung open in disbelief.


“Well she was asking me if they were real and when I said I’d had them done she said she’d never experienced fake ones before. So I asked her she wanted a go.”


“Yeah, she said she kinda liked them.”

We laughed and talked throughout the minibus journey to the villa while the guys caught up and talked about the golf they were going to pay. I never did understand how you can find so much to talk about when it comes down to hitting a ball with a stick while you go for a walk, but it kept them happy.

When we arrived at the villa we were bowled over by how extravagant it was. The hallway was red marble with pillars running down each side. This opened out into a courtyard which had a koi carp pool and a fountain. This place was huge. Tommy called us all together.

“Ok everyone, if this has all been done the way I asked for we’ve all got a room. If you look around you should find a door that has a note with your name on it, that’s yours for the next week. If we have a really great time the owner has said we might be able to negotiate a longer stay as well. So go get settled in and we’ll all meet back on the terrace at the back for a barbecue.”

With that there was a lot of excited muttering as we spread out looking for our rooms. I peeked a glance into Jerry’s room as he opened it. My god it was beyond luxury; a huge four poster bed with big, plump white duvets and pillows, a leather sofa and mahogany coffee table. As I kept walking I saw a door with Tommy’s name on it but not mine. I thought that weird but was about to go in anyway when Tabby called out.

“Jenni! We’re in here!”

Shrugging it off I quite liked the idea of sharing with Tabby for the week, any luck we’ll have to share a bed too! That wasn’t to be though, as I entered the room it was fitted like a dressing room. There was a washroom and dressing tables but no bed. Slightly confused I was about to ask Tabby what she thought it meant when I saw Tommy leaning against the door frame.

“Yeah… I figured you two weren’t going to need beds of your own. There’s so many other beds you could sleep in.” He was laughing as he was saying it.

“That’s a shame.” I replied. “I was looking forward to sleeping with Tabby every night.”

“Oh that’s probably going to happen anyway!” Laughed Tabby.

“Atta girl!” Said Tommy. Then he nodded to some boxes. “Looks like your deliveries made it. Why don’t you have a look?”

We opened them up and it became very apparent, very quickly, what that was really about. In my boxes there were half a dozen pairs of shoes, several velvet boxes with jewellery and nothing else. Not a single scrap of clothing. Not one.

“So this is the plan is it? We go naked all week?” I couldn’t help but smile as I looked at him.

“Not completely naked all week, there’s a couple of pairs of stockings in there.” The grin on his face was so big it looked like it hurt. Tabby held up a pair of stockings.

“One pair of sheer black, one pair of fishnets and one pair of whalenets.”

I looked back at him and folded my eyes and tried my best to put on a challenging look. He saw straight through it though.

“Go on deny it… you love it and you’re horny as hell!”

As he approached me and put his arms around me I leant my head into his chest.

“I am.” I whispered.

“Ok then girls, you get yourselves ready and we’ll see you out on the terrace!” With that he left.

I turned and headed toward the shower, pulling my dress off as I went and stepping out of my shoes. Tabby followed me in and wordlessly we removed all our jewellery and stepped under the hot stream of water together. Without saying anything we melted into each others arms and pressed our lips together into a passionate kiss. We broke and reached for various cleansing products, lathering up another woman is one of the truly great pleasures in life. I couldn’t help but find my fingers between her legs and she just wrapped her arms around my neck and let me do my thing. Her orgasm echoed around the tiled bathroom, we knew the guys must have heard it but just didn’t care; it was nothing compared to what was to come.

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