A Weekend with the Wife Ch. 01

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My wife is a wonderful woman and a sexy little thing too. She’s also quite adventurous and got a killer body. Standing about five feet five, she’s got an ass to die for and she loves when I’m pounding into her from behind. She’s got skin that’s a lot darker brown than mine, but to me that just looks sexier when we’re both watching me slide into her.

I came home the other day and she caught me by surprise by meeting me at the door. When I walked in, she was waiting for me on the living room floor and she was only wearing her little beige corset that she’d bought years before when she’d been in high school.

“Wow” was all I could say as I locked the door behind me.

“You like this old thing?” she asked as she ran her fingers across the laces.

“Love it.” I said. “Makes me remember some of the things we used to do to each other.

“Me too.” She purred. “Why don’t you come over here and we’ll see if we can relive some of those old fantasies you have.”

I crossed the room, taking off my tie and unbuttoning my shirt as I went. I stopped in front of her as she untied her top and crawled up my leg, unbuckling my pants as she went. She didn’t even want to bother with taking off my pants yet as she started licking up and down my already hardening cock.

She loves to suck my cock, she’s a natural at it. In the middle of the evening, if she’s horny, she’ll have her lips and tongue on me until I’m ready to cum on her tits.

This was even better than usual. I was fucking her mouth like it was a pussy with a tongue and she was loving it.

“That’s it baby, fuck my mouth.” She moaned in between my thrusts. “I love the feel of your hot cock in my mouth and back of my throat.”

I fucked her mouth harder, watching her cheeks puff in and out as I moved faster.

“Cum for me.” She said. “I want you to cum on my face tonight baby. Is that ok?”

Is that ok?!? In all our time together she’d never let me cum on her face.

“Oh god yes.” I moaned. “I want to cum all over that pretty face kuşadası escort of yours tonight…”

I couldn’t hold back any longer. I let out a loud moan as she jacked me off with her hand and licked the underside of my cock. I felt like I was cumming fire as my cum landed on her cheeks and chin. My entire body shivered as she took my cock and rubbed my cum across her wet lips a face.

“God that was hot.” She breathed heavily. “I never knew that could turn me on that much.”

I was still to breathless to speak a word.

She leaned back as the cum started running down her face and dripping on the skin of her dark tits. “You like this view? You like my face covered in your cum?” She said softly with a smile.

“Oh yeah.” I managed to finally say. “It’s hot.”

She reached over and pulled a small towel from under the coffee table. “Get undressed.” She said as she wiped herself off. “We’re not done yet.”

I couldn’t get out of my clothes fast enough.

I kneeled down in front of her as she grabbed me, pulling me down on top of her with our lips locked. Taking my hand, she put it where she wanted it most of all.

A small shock of surprise went through me as I realized that she’d shaved her pussy smooth. She was literally dripping wet.

“Another surprise for you.” She smiled. “Next time you can help.”

I had a giant smile on my face as I made my way down her body. I made a long trail with my tongue and lips, nibbling at her neck and then I found my way to her pert nipples. Taking one and then the other in my mouth, I gave them the same kind of attention she’d given my own cock earlier.

It wasn’t long and the she began pushing my further down. “Lick me.” She said softly. “Make me cum on your face now.”

A few moments more and I was inches from where I wanted to be. In one long lick, I started at the bottom of her pussy and ended at the top, flicking her clit as I went by.

Her body jumped as she groaned. “More…”

As much as my wife loves my cock, I love to eat her pussy. I can do it for hours. Some people have hobbies, mine is my wife.

Her legs parted mare as my tongue darted across her clit again and dipped into her a little more. Keeping my tongue there, I moved it around while at the same time I used my upper lip on her little button.

Grabbing her hips, I thrust my stiff tongue in as far as I could reach, sucking out as much of her juices as I could swallow. Finally, I concentrated on the little piece of flesh she wanted.

Sucking it in my lips, I licked her clit, trying to entice it to be harder than it already was as she ran her fingers in my hair.

“Oh god…I love it.” She said breathlessly. “You eat me so good. You’re going to make me cum.”

I tried harder, licking her clit and tongue fucking her pussy like it was going to be that last time.

She grabbed behind her knees and pulled them up, spreading farther open for me.

“Oh, fuck me…I’m cumming!” She yelled as she tightened on me and rode my face to her own oblivion.

As she came down I kept licking softly at her wetness. “That’s round two.” I said.

“Oh yeah..” She agreed with a smile.

Getting up, I told her I’d be back in a minute. I returned with her favorite little toy in hand.

“This is round three.” I said as I slid it into her.

I let her get use to it and then I turned it on as I moved it slowly in and out of her, watching the little rabbit head as it massaged her clit in a way I could only dream about. Pushing it in, the rabbit vibrated hard against her and she let out another soft moan.

I’d watched her use her toys on herself many times and I knew what she liked and how to tease her. Just as she was on the verge of another orgasm, I slid the toy almost all the way out enough to let my tongue dance again on her clit.

Again and again I teased her until her legs were high in the air and she was shaking. “Please…make me cum. I need it so bad.” She whimpered.

Giving in, I let the rabbit do its fantastic job and she went wild grabbing her legs and trying to force her toy a little farther in.

I looked at her as she was cumming and she was beautiful beyond anything I’d ever seen before.

It took a long time for her to come down from her high and her breathing to return to normal.

Laying there in silence, I knew this was the best that life had to offer.

“Ready for round four?” She asked me after a while.

“Thought you’d never ask.” I said as she kissed me and grabbed my hard cock.

I held her in my arms as we turned over and she climbed on top of me, her pussy hovering inches from my skin. Reaching behind her, she guided the tip of me into her and held it there, massaging me with her muscles.

Suddenly she dropped and took me all the way down to my balls, pulling up slowly, she tightened up and then dropped down again hard. Knocking some of the breath out of us and listening to our slapping skin, she rode me hard.

Stopping, she moved until she was up, using just her legs. My cock and her pussy were the only places we touched as she rode me again, fucking herself wild and using me as her own personal fuck toy.

Grabbing her hips, I pulled her down harder and harder as I grew close to cumming. Both of us were sweaty, but it made her look even sexier to me.

She worked her pussy on me as she knew I was getting closer to losing it.

“I’m going to cum.” I panted.

“Do it…cum in my pussy…fill me up.” She said in between her thrusts. “I want to feel you in me as you cum baby.”

I couldn’t hold back any more as she spoke and it pushed me over the edge. I pulled her down on my cock as my cum came roaring out and filling her up. She rode back and forth as her own orgasm took her and she threw her head back in a moan.

“Oh fuck!” She finally said as she laid on top of my chest. “That was great.”

“Ready to go to the bedroom?” I said jokingly with a grin.

“Later.” She said as she kissed me. “We have all weekend to try and make it to the bedroom.”

We eventually made it there, but not until Sunday. It’s a large house with a lot of rooms.

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