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As most of you know, I lived in Annapolis for a while as I worked in DC. I had bought an old turn-of-the-century house shortly after the move there and redid it in the hopes of making several apartments of it and renting them out with the intent to make use of a house far too big for myself.

Jacob was a young man in his mid-twenties who had recently moved to Annapolis. He was one of my tenants.

He had graduated from Nebraska, majoring in music, and had gotten a job at the hospital in the outpatient clinic. A marvelously built young man, he fit the mid-western stereotype well. Very shapely and twice as polite. I admit when he answered the ad for the room, I wondered how he was in bed. I put the thought in the back of my mind because of the whole tenant/landlord relationship.

It was a few months into his stay when we had a massive snowstorm. The young lad had taken it upon himself to shovel the walkway and entrance to the driveway clear of snow. I sat on my sofa, watching him from the warm confines of my apartment. I sipped my tea, watching him work. I became interested in how powerful he appeared. His arms seemed to bulge under the tight restraints of his sweater and Columbia jacket. His face wore an intense look, as if he was on a mission, as he worked.

I became excited, wondering how the man was in bed. Before long, I found myself caught up in the fantasy. Having lost track of time and him, I snapped to reality and he was gone. Back inside, I assumed.

My mind was racing with thoughts of sex and fucking. Heather had been gone for about a week and I had been devoid of a lover during that time. Masturbation was not getting rid of the lusty thoughts for long. I had to feel flesh against mine. It had also been a few month since I had felt a strong cock inside of me.

Grabbing my shoes, I put them on. I reached for one of my winter coats, wrapped myself in it and went to see him.

I thought about how I would seduce him on my way upstairs. Would I thank him for shoveling the walkway by giving him my body? It sounds like something from a Penthouse story, but it did run through my head.

I came to his door and still had not figured out how I would go about this. The pressure in my loins was building, I needed a good fucking, and I needed to act fast.

I knocked on his door. No one answered.

Another knock seemed to finally stir him.

I bounced a couple of time in the cold, I imagined I looked smaller in my oversized winter coat.

Now, my readers know I have always had an appreciation for beauty and of great sex. Or even the possibility of great sex. Jacob had made a lasting impression on me. Maybe it was his golden-blond hair or the way his bulging arms seemed ready to burst through his sweater earlier when he was shoveling the walk way like a greek god. It might have even been his baby-blue eyes that made my thoughts turn towards John’s eyes. The mere comparison made me hot and my breath quicken. There was an inherent sexiness to the man and I very much wanted to impose myself on him.

I was not sure what to expect when the door opened but what I saw was very close. His boots were off and he was clad in sock-covered feet, a nice pair of wranglers that covered his lower body quite nicely, and a t-shirt that was somewhat damp and clinging to his very well-built torso.

“Can I come in?” I asked, desiring to do more than that from the outset of our conversation.

“Seeing as you own the place, I don’t know that I can stop you.” he shrugged and moved away from the door.

I stepped inside, quickly closing the door after myself. I looked around his apartment and then at him, “Am I interrupting something?”

He tucked his thumbs into the front pockets of his jeans. His eyes traveled up and down my body. I had purposely left my coat hang wide open and I wondered if he appreciated the jade-colored cashmere sweater and clingy black pants I wore. His eyes met casino şirketleri mine for a brief moment before he looked away.

“Am I late with the rent?” he asked me to break the moment of awkward silence.

I smiled at him. I almost got off on his blushing cheeks. It was cute and innocent. God, I was hoping that he wasn’t all that innocent.

“No, I just thought I would come and thank you for shoveling the snow.”

“You are quite welcome” was his response, he fidgeted for a bit, leaning over for his guitar which was placed on the corner of the entry way. He moved it out of harm’s potential.

I began to take off my coat, sliding down my arms. “May I?” I asked, indicating my desire to stay for a little while.

“Be my guest.” was his answer.

I shrugged off the heavy coat and draped over the back of a nearby chair that housed his sweater and jacket. The conversation had now moved further inside to my delight. I eyed the bottle on the table.

I saw that Jacob was eying me closely. “Would you like something to drink?” he asked.

“That would be delightful.”

He smiled at me before asking me if there was something in particular I wanted.

The man had no idea what I really wanted, did he?

“Whatever you are having is fine.”

I could see that he was uncertain if this was a good idea. His doubt appealed to me and made me want him even more. “Is your girlfriend away?” he asked me as he handed me a glass of Jack.

My eyes grew wide and I took the shot and downed it fast. Swiping the back of my hand against my mouth, I found the Jack warm and inviting against my cold lips. “She is away and she’s not exactly my girlfriend.”

“Oh, I had seen her a few times and saw that the two of you were, ” He paused, looking for the right words to say, “quite close.”

I offered him my glass and he began to pour another shot. “Double it.” I smiled devilishly into his blue eyes.

He smiled back and did as I asked.

“We are quite close.” I responded as I brought the glass up towards my lips, “Yes, we are lovers.”

I swallowed the Jack fast and licked my lips.

“But there is no formal relationship.” I added, offering my glass yet again, “We have fun but we are not committed.”

I watched him as I crossed his path to sit on the edge of his bed. His eyebrows raised with interest as I rested myself there. I assume that he was not used to a woman being that obvious with her intentions.

“What?” I asked, almost laughing at him, “I fuck men, too, my dear.”

He shook his head, “I am sorry. I made an assumption based on what I had seen.”

I laughed at him, amusingly. He was so damn cute. Maybe a little naive. I wondered how naive a Nebraskan native was anyway. “I do not take offense,” I swallowed the shot and felt a slight numbness on my lips. Was it the liquor or was it my lips warming up from the cold?

“I am quite open with my sex life, though, sweetie.” I put emphasis on each syllable I said, hoping that he would get a better idea of my intentions.

I leaned back on the bed, a mattress I had chosen myself for it’s durability and comfort about six months prior when I’d moved into the house and had each of what would become apartments furnished so I could rent them out. As I was aware of my own desire and the warming of my lips, I was aware of this man picking up his guitar and sitting down on the ottoman in front of the chair across the room.

As I looked at him, I found myself further enticed by the lost-little-boy look. Although there was nothing boyish about how he looked. As he ran his long fingers over the guitar strings, I took my fill of him while he fidgeted about. I watched his biceps flex with his movements. The pull of his denim against his groin. The frayed collar of his t-shirt bulged at the thickness of his neck.

He had kept the place clean as well, I noticed as I looked about his room. I did not see any casino firmaları dirty laundry and things were picked up, despite the lack cleaning products and their very distinctive odor. I was impressed. Most college age guys leave dirty underwear and clothes all about. My gaze went back to his groin. Of course, that might be because he didn’t wear underwear.

The idea made me hot and I wanted to stroke my clit to slay the beast of desire swirling inside of me.

I leaned further back on the bed, wondering if I should continue to pursue the seduction of my tenant. One minute of watching the way his fingers stroked the strings of his guitar and I knew my answer.

“Are you playing at the pub this weekend?”

He nodded at me, giving me a very intense gaze before saying that he was surprised.

When I asked him why, he responded “I didn’t have you pegged for a pub kind of woman.”

I smiled wickedly at him, “I take it women do not surprise you often?”

He glanced down at his guitar again. “No. Not often.”

“My dear, you will find out that I am full of surprises.”

He played a few more chords before laying the guitar down. The instrument was leaned against the ottoman and he rested his elbows on his knees. There was no longer any secret of his interest as I lay against half of his bed.

“Are you sure that you want to do this?” he asked, his voice as seductive as his playing.

“I am absolutely positive, my dear.”

I had learned some time ago that the touch of a lover can be as intoxicating as any liquor. I slid farther back onto the bed, stretching out like a supple black cat with auburn hair, teasing him further. I wanted him to make me drunk with lust.

Jacob reached down and took off his socks. I watched him with interest as he took off his t-shirt. I wondered how much experience he had making love to women. The thought made me wet as his silent disrobing across the room gave me reason to think that he was quite the veteran, despite his nativity.

His hands lowered toward the fly of his jeans and paused for a moment. I ran my tongue along my lips, my gaze riveted to his actions. He crossed the room and sat on the edge of the bed.

I reached out to run my fingertips down his right arm as he shifted to face me. He took my hands and brought me to sitting position. He reached for the hem of my sweater and slowly brought it up, purposely avoiding meeting my lips. This encounter was not about intimacy, this was apparent and silently agreed upon by us both. It was about sex. He tugged the soft material over my head, tousling my shoulder length locks as he revealed my body to him. A dark green bra did what I wanted his palms to do, curve under the rounded orbs of my breasts.

His long fingers skimmed over the glossy material and I inhaled deeply. I was enjoying this. Him. I longed to see how I would enjoy the “us” portion of our sex.

My tongue teased my lips again as I asked him if we should turn out the lights. Two lamps filled the room with dim light. He didn’t want to turn off either one.

Jacob’s hands slid over satin cups until they supported me as much as my bra. Thumbs rubbed over the firm tips, scratching the delicate material. His thumbs continued to work inside the cups of my bra until my taut nipples popped out of the top.

My breathing quickened, but I did not move. I was content to let him take command.

He placed a nipple into his mouth. I reveled in the feel of my stiff, puckered skin against his tongue. Jacob squeezed the soft flesh with his fingers and took in more of me, sucking deeply as he did so. I gasped in excitement, grasping for his wrist and urged him closer.

He removed his mouth from my breasts and reached behind me to undo the clasp of my bra. The material instantly gapped forward and he helped me out of it, ignoring my pitiful attempts to kiss him.

His fingers reached for the catch to my slacks güvenilir casino as I fumbled with his zipper. He stretched out next to me to make the transition easier. My mouth was hungry as my lips brushed his hot shoulder and neck. He clenched his teeth and sought the short, springy curls between my legs with his fingers. I imagine that he was quite surprised to find that I was completely bare. No hair, no panties. My flesh was as smooth as the satin of my bra.

I felt the groan in the back of his throat as his erection immediately stood at attention. My eyes widened and I felt my womanhood ache for it. My pussy was like a ripe fruit waiting to be tasted and enjoyed.

My back came off the mattress as Jacob’s mouth tasted between my legs. Awareness exploded through me, robbing my breath, making me aware of every swirl of his tongue which matched every beat of my heart.

This was definitely proving to be a good idea.

I forced my eyes open and my chin into my chest so I could watch his head as he parted my legs, baring me fully to his gaze. He followed the line of my fissure with his thumbs then opened the fleshy lips before his tongue lapped at my most intimate of intimate parts.

I found myself incapable of swallowing. I struggled to think. My fists twisted into the downy blanket under me. I had to reach for something, anything, that would relieved the pressure building between my legs before it spread to my veins. It too late for that, I knew, because my stomach was filling with that same pressure.

An index finger slid inside of my throbbing depth and I cried out. I came instantly as the pressure escaped me in a series of muscle-deep spasms.

I was beginning to catch my breath when my senses began to return and I realized that he was still licking me. I had been able to watch every expression of his face. Every movement of his tongue. I had been laid out against the mattress, vulnerable to him, and he gave me the attention I desired.

Jacob lifted himself on his arms, his gaze more intense now than when he laid the guitar down. He slid forward until his hips lay between my legs and his chest rasped against the tips of heavy breasts. My hands went to his face, pulling him to me and he buried his face into my neck.

My throat tightened when I felt him naked, hard, and pulsing against my slick portal. He merely ran his mouth against the column of my neck, creating a wet trail down to my breast and back.

“The drawer to your right.” he said quietly.

I reached for the drawer and found a foil-wrapped packet, freeing the lubricated latex inside and sheathed him. When he might have pulled away to enter me, I wrapped my fingers around his thick width and measured his length. My thumbnail could not reach my index fingernail around him.

He held himself against me, watching my face, his own cast in shadow under his blond strands. His mouth was incredible, his lips generous. I released his erection and waited for him.

With one slow stroke, Jacob entered me.

I was woefully unprepared for the feel of him inside me. He waited for my vaginal muscles to adjust to his size, while a hungry restlessness began to take hold of me. I bent my knees for better traction and tilted my hips upward to invite more of him inside of me.

I blindly sought his mouth but took pleasure in kissing his jaw repeatedly as he slowly withdrew and then slid inside of me again. I grasped his arms to ready myself for his quickened stroke. As his pacing increased, I had little time to consider anything but him as he shoved closer and closer to my next climax….

His cock brought to release two more times that night and we had fallen asleep on the bed, our bodies wrapped into one another as if we had played a sexual game of twister.

I was not sure of the time but at some point during the night, I had gotten up from bed and left his place, returning to mine. I took a cold shower, placed my sweatpants and sweater on before climbing into my own bed, my desire sated. For the moment of course. I had taken what I wanted from Jacob and he had proven to be a capable lover but time would tell if I would find the release of my sexual tension from him again.

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