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This story is completely fictional and I do not condone acting out in this way. This is purely a fantasy. All people is this story are completely fictional and do not represent anyone in any way.
Enjoy the story. Let me know what you think.

It started out like any other Friday night, except my wife and daughter had gone to stay with her friend for the weekend.
Around 7pm I received a call from my wife’s sister Abigail.
“Hello” I answered the phone.
“Hey It’s Abby, what are you up to?” She asked.
“Not much” I answered.
“Do you want to come over and have a drink” She asked.
“Sure, where is Brian?” I asked.
“He is out for a boy’s weekend, It’s just me and the boys”
“I’ll be there in 10 minutes” I said.

I arrived at her place at 7:20. She was pouring us both a drink. Abigail was 28, blonde hair, blue eyes and although she was a little chubby, she had a great pair of tits. Her bra size looked to be around 16E. We got to chatting and one thing led to another and an hour later we were kissing.

I turned her around and began to massage her shoulders and she immediately moved her head back towards me, letting me know that was the right spot. I began to apply a little more pressure as I worked my way to her shoulder blades. She let out a groan as I expertly worked her shoulders. Maybe it was the late hour but I felt a little bolder then usual and I began to move to the front of her shoulders.

After about 10 minutes of massaging her shoulders I slid my canlı bahis hands around her body and cupped her E cup breasts in my hands. Abby let out a surprised gasp, but made no effort to stop me. Through the thin material of her nightgown I felt her nipples harden. I continued to massage her breasts, always starting from the bottom and ending with her nipples in my hands. I heard her begin to breathe a little heavier as I continued to massage her breasts. She never said a word as she leaned back into my body to show her approval. Her nipples felt amazing pressed against the palms of my hands.

I slowly slipped my right hand down to the bottom of her nightgown. I grabbed the bottom of the nightgown and lifted It up over her breasts. I then began to massage her bare breasts as a slight moan escapes her mouth. I then began to roll her nipples between my fingers. She let out another moan as I pinched both of her nipples.

She slowly reached behind her and immediately found my rock hard dick. She immediately put her hand inside my shorts and began to slowly move her hand up and down my shaft. She explored every inch of my shaft and found her hand on my balls. She gently squeezed them in her hand. She then pulled my shorts down and bent herself over the kitchen counter and said the only words she spoke in a long time. “Fuck me!”

I immediately insert my hard and thick cock into her pussy. It slides in very easily as she is very wet! She lets out a low moan as I insert the entire length into her. bahis siteleri I immediately begin to fuck her very slowly. I want to make sure threat she feels every inch of my dick inside of her. She begins to push back against me in a silent signal to go faster. I begin to fuck her at a nice steady pace and she is trying to keep as quiet as possible. As I am fucking her I can tell that she desperately needed this! Suddenly I feel her pussy tighten around my dick and she whispers that she is cumming.

I then pick up the pace and begin to fuck her nice and hard. I can tell that she is having a very hard time trying to keep quiet. As I listen to her moans I begin to feel a tingle in my balls. I give her one last deep thrust and cum deep inside of her pussy.

She lets out a deep satisfied sigh and says, “Thank you!” She then walks upstairs towards her bedroom.

I followed her upstairs and she stopped at the bedroom door and said “I have a surprise for you”
As I walked in the room, I saw her son Jackson balls deep in his brother Alex’s arse. Abby walked over and started to suck on Jackson’s balls. Alex started to moan as Jackson began to cum in his brother.
Jackson was wrapping his whole hand around Alex 4 inch cock. He was using his thumb and index finger. He was really hard and it looked like it felt so
good. Something about watching Jackson made me tingle all that more. The more he jacked off the faster he moved his fist and the more he started
breathing heavy. So Alex started bahis şirketleri started moving faster. I dont know how long it was but Alex almost howled and Jackson stopped jacking him and Alex said wow that was wild, but no white stuff, are you sure that really happens. Just as he asked he felt that explosion cumming and his first squirt shot onto his chin
and neck, the next three were all over Abby’s face. She licked it and said “mmmmm Yummy”
Jackson just laid back and collapsed. Alex was beside himself with excitement. I looked closely and he was rubbing it on his neck and then licked his bottom lip and said its warm and salty, taste it.

Before Jackson could say anything Alex’s finger was wiping his cum on Jackson’s tongue. You are wrong it isnt salty is was sweet warm and creamy. I loved the taste. I leant forward and licked off what was left on his neck and chin in
one swipe. Alex giggled and said, wow that make my weenie hard again. Alex
stood up to show me and his dick was right in my face. I dont know why, but I opened my mouth and started sucking on his weenie. It must be instinct
for a guy because even at his age he placed his hands on my head and
started fucking my mouth. This went on for a few minutes and I stroked my cock the whole time. I felt Alex shutter and his cock twitch over and
over. I did not feel and big squirts, but I tasted some of that sweet goodness and knew that if I kept sucking him each day, soon, very soon I
would be blessed with his first squirt. I as I savored what little he offered, I came for the second time in about 15 minutes.

To be Continued (Let me know what you think)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32