Accidental Fantasy Ch. 06

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With Jennifer settled in to her room, which probably never would be slept in, we began working on a more permanent life together. After a long meeting with the counselor at the college, I decided I’d take pre-med which would leave a lot of options open for the future. I really wanted to go into medicine but wasn’t sure which way to go. Jennifer would have her RN in less than a year and she was happy that she could support me through my education. She still worked part time at the hospital, but through some negotiations, got her hours set to coincide with college so she could attend more classes and our schedules would mesh.

Mom really liked the fact that I could cook a pretty tasty meal so we ate out less and spent more time together. She really loved Jennifer, that was obvious and Jennifer thought she was just the best mom ever.

When neighbors started asking about Jennifer, Mom invited them in to meet her. I wasn’t sure what she had in mind, but after introductions were made, Jenn and I went to the kitchen to prepare the canapés while they had their discussion. Before anyone could work their way around to ask about her status in our house, Mom told them that Jennifer had been my caregiver and continued to help me in my daily activities and now that we went to college , it just made sense to let her rent a room from us. That way, she could get me to college and back without disrupting any schedules at all. She told them that Jenn had her own room, and a private bath. Old lady Danners from down the street said something about it being odd that no men ever came to the house. Mom told them that we didn’t have time to date because of our very busy schedules.

I’m not sure they bought it, but it seemed to pacify them for the time being.

Just about the time I thought I’d kick the wheel chair, a routine ex-ray revealed that one of the bones in my leg wasn’t healing right so I had to go in for more surgery. They re-aligned everything and added two more screws so the wheelchair was to be my only option for some time. It kind of depressed me for a while, but Jennifer refused to give up on me and just rearranged her schedule again to accommodate the additional therapy.

We were lying in bed one Sunday morning, toying with each other’s hair and faces, when I asked her, “Jenn, are you sorry we fell in love?”

“Oh for god’s sake, honey, what brought that on?”

“I don’t know,” I said, “I guess I’m afraid.”

“Afraid of what, sweetheart?”

“Afraid that you’ll get tired of playing nurse to me or you’ll find someone else that doesn’t require so much of your time.”

“Isn’t that a part of loving someone?” she said. “I mean if something like that can separate us, maybe we don’t have the commitment we thought. I’m in this for the rest of our lives, no matter what. Do you really believe I could turn away from the woman I love so deeply, just because she’s not perfect? That’s never going to happen.”

I took her in my arms so she couldn’t see my tears and held her so tight, I thought she might break. “I love you so much,” I whispered as I kissed and sucked on her ear.

“Oh, I almost forgot. I’ve got something in my purse for you.”

“What are you talking about?” I asked.

“I’ll be right back,” she said, as she got up and ran out the door. A few minutes later, she was back, her face a deep shade of red.

“What in the world?” I asked.

“OH-MY-GOD,” she said, dropping onto the bed.

“What happened,” I asked.

“I forgot I was naked and ran into the living room to get my purse not knowing that your mother was there. Oh my god, honey, I was NAKED.”

“She’s seen naked before,” I said. “She’s seen me naked several times.”

“Yes, but she’s your mother not mine.”

“I’m sure she doesn’t think any less of you,” I said. “She might even have enjoyed it.”

“Stop it,” she said. “Oh my god, I’m so embarrassed.”

“I’ll go ask her if it bothered her.” I said.

“Don’t you dare, Danni. I swear, if you do, I’ll beat your ass red.”

“In that case, I’ll be right back,” I said, acting as though I was headed for the door.

She fell on top of me to keep me there and kissed me. “Keep it up, and Ataşehir Escort maybe I’ll see if she’s interested in taking care of me.”

“I’m not worried,” I said, “she could never keep up with you.”

“Might be worth a try,” she said. “You better be careful.”

I reached around to push my finger into her ass crease. “Don’t forget, I know your weak spots.”

She moaned as I pressed into her pucker. “You’re not being fair.”

“Do you want me to stop?” I asked, as the tip of my finger slipped into her.

“You die if you do,” she said, pushing back into my finger.

“Roll over,” I said, as I pulled it out.

She rolled onto her side with her back facing me. I moved down a little and pushed my finger in deep and started moving it in and out.

“Oh god, Danni, you are so good to me,” she said.

“Should I add another finger?” I asked, knowing what the answer would be.

“Oh god yes, please,” she said. She tensed just a bit as I forced a second finger in and groaned loudly when I started twisting them inside of her ass.

“On your tummy,” I said, but I held the fingers in while she rolled away from me.

Still pumping my fingers into her ass, I pushed my thumb into her pussy and started stroking into both holes at the same time.

“Make me come, honey,” She said, as her body pushed into each stroke. I felt her tighten on my fingers and heard her start mewling as her orgasm began but I wanted to make her come hard so I started really driving into her until she grunted and cried out.

“Don’t stop, baby, don’t stop,” she said. “Oh god, I’m coming. Oh fuck yes, I’m coming.”

“Hold on,” I said. “Make it a big one.”

“Can’t stop it,” she muttered and with a loud groan she flattened her body into the bed and dug her toes in.

With a final shudder, she shook off the orgasm and slumped onto the pillow.

I rolled her onto her back and crawled between her legs to start licking and sucking her pussy while I pushed a finger back into her ass. She wrapped her legs around me, sinking her heels into my back as I started nipping at her clit between hard sucks on it. She kept slamming her hands down on to the bed and driving her body into my face until she came again.

“You’re just feeling horny,” I said.

“I’m always horny, honey, but lately, I’ve been taking care of it myself whenever I can. Maybe this idea of me moving in here wasn’t all that good after all.”

“What in the world are you talking about?” I asked. “Are you worried that Mom might hear us? She doesn’t care, sweetie. You know that.”

“It just feels strange, that’s all,” she said.

I rolled to my side and looked at her. “Come over here and I’ll show you how wonderful it feels. I’ve been wanting you all night long but you fell asleep so fast I never had a chance.”

She rolled up on to her side and put her arm over me. For a few minutes, nothing was said as we just stared into each other’s eyes. “Do you have any idea how much I love you?” she asked as she toyed with my hair.

“I guess not,” I replied, “maybe you should show me.”

“Are you going to scream, like you did last time?” she asked, as she kissed me with deep strokes of her tongue.

“I will if you make me come that hard,” I said. “God, I vibrated for hours.”

“I told you not to buy that vibe,” she said. “I knew it would destroy you.”

“I love it,” I said, “and we still haven’t tried all the functions.”

“Save it for when I’m not so hungry for your taste,” she said. She wrapped her lips around my nipple and sucked it into her mouth. I put my hands on her shoulders and mewled like a tortured kitten. She knew just when I wanted her to nip and chew on them and before she was finished, I was so close to an orgasm that I didn’t think it would wait for her to feast on my pussy.

The tension eased as she slid down to nibble on my thighs and the cheeks of my ass, but when her tongue slid over me, I moaned and threw my legs wider still. Her tongue opened me and went straight for my clit. In less than five minutes, I was sailing off over the cliff and into that land between conscious and unconscious thought. Ataşehir Escort Bayan I left bright red marks on both of my breasts as I dug my fingers into them when I came. My body continued to shake and shudder long after my cum leaked onto the bedding.

She hesitated less than a minute before she rolled me over and pushed two fingers into me as she licked over my anus and tried to plunge her tongue into me. Leaving the fingers in me, she worked the thumb of her other hand into my ass while she continued kissing, licking and nipping at my ass,

I was in heaven with fingers in my ass and pussy and a tongue sliding up and down my crease. I felt my orgasm building but I didn’t want it yet. With every stroke of her fingers though, it got harder and harder to hold it back. It felt so damned good until it got so intense it started hurting. I didn’t scream but I yelled “fuck” so loud over and over that it might have been easier if I’d screamed. I finally just let it take me away.

I guess I never really passed out, but I danced a fine line around it. When I opened my eyes, I was looking into the eyes of an angel. Her lips caressed my face and she kissed away my tears while she held me close.

I was covered with sweat from my face down to my stomach, and my thigh muscles ached like I’d been running a marathon.

We lay tightly snuggled into each other’s bodies as I recovered, sharing tender kisses, soft caresses and words of love for nearly an hour. It was such a beautiful and glorious feeling that neither of us wanted it to end.

We finally got up and showered together, stripped the bed and left it to air out for awhile. We were just heading out the door, when she remembered why she ran naked to the living room.

“Wait,” she said, as she went to the nightstand to get a thick magazine of some kind. “One of the girls at the hospital left this in the break area,” she said.

The name on the cover was “Toys of the World. Inside we found more toys than we’d ever seen along with oils, lotions, fragrances, lubes, edible lubes, and on and on. There was a section of lingerie and game wear, and another of a wide assortment of gear for bondage and everything from discipline to slave training.

“Save this for later,” I said. “I can’t handle anything more for a while.”

Mom was sitting in her recliner when we went down to find something to eat.

“See what you can find,” I told Jenn. “I’m going to go talk to Mom.”

I sat nxt to her and leaned over toward her. “Mom,” I said. “I know we got pretty loud and I wanted to apologize. It’s been building for a while and I guess we didn’t realize how much we’d been holding in. I’m sorry.”

She put her book down and turned to me with a smile. “It brings back some sweet memories, Danni. Just don’t do it too often or I’ll have to finds someone myself.”

“Why don’t you, Mom?” I said. “Dad’s been gone for a long time now. You’re still a very beautiful woman and you’re only thirty-eight.”

“It’s a long story, honey. Maybe we can take some time and talk about it soon. Are you getting something to eat? I haven’t eaten yet and I’ve had enough coffee to float a small battleship.”

“How about going to Patterson’s for brunch?” I suggested.

“I guess we can afford that,” she said.

I went to the kitchen to tell Jenn we were going out and she pulled me away from the door. “What did she say about this morning?” she asked.

“She said she thought you looked quite tempting, even if you were a bit on the pudgy side.”

“She did not,” she said, grabbing a dish towel to snap it at my ass as I wheeled from the room.

As we went through the catalog later, we were amazed at the variety of toys that were available, noticing that some of the ones they listed were only available online from suppliers in Japan and China and a few other international areas. The other thing that was amazing was the range in prices from about eight dollars to over two hundred dollars. There were a number of furniture items, from ramps to wedges to platforms, and some really frightening apparatus in the BDSM and slave training section. One thing we laughed at were the ads Escort Ataşehir for mechanical sex machines, Some of them, like the Sybaris, were intriguing, but some were so ridiculous and they were the most expensive. We marked about a dozen we might order and a few items we wanted to know more about.

“We don’t need a machine,” she said. “but I might consider a new strap-on.”

“I can’t use the one you have,” I said. ‘it’s hard to get on and off.”

“We need one that you can put on with Velcro or something,” she said.”

We went through about twenty different harnesses and settled on one that I could use, even in my present state of disability. We also ordered two new dildos to use with it.

One of the dildos we wanted had to be special ordered from China and it was quite expensive so we put that one on the back burner for someday when we could afford it.

Three weeks later, I celebrated my twenty fifth birthday, still in my wheelchair, but able to walk enough to get from the bed to the bathroom or from the kitchen to the living room as long as there was a chair available right away. Mom ordered a beautiful lemon chiffon birthday cake with lemon crème frosting. She’d had my image put on it surrounded by lavender blossoms, and of course, the requisite “Happy Birthday.”

Mom gave me a red silk blouse and pale yellow teddy. Jennifer gave me a gold necklace with a diamond encrusted pendant. On the back, was engraved, “Two hearts bound by eternal love and under that were two small diamonds marked “Jennifer and Danni, 2008. She also gave me some Victoria’s Secret panty and bra sets.

When we went to bed that night, she gave me another package, wrapped in rose colored paper. I unwrapped the ribbon and opened it to find a double ended dildo of almost 22 inches in length.

“No fair, I said, “It’s not your birthday.”

“I know, so I’m going to sit here and watch you to see how far you can push it into that little pussy of yours.”

“It looks so big,” I said.

“I got some really slippery lube,” she said, taking it out of her nightstand. “Just take your time.”

She put a generous coating of lube on it and held it while I started working into my pussy. I almost backed out because it really stretched me out, but once the head was in me, it was just a matter of slowly feeding it in with slow strokes, going a little deeper each time until I felt it bottom out. The last four inches or so felt like they were all the way into my womb. I wound up with just a little less than ten inches in me.

She sat on the chair with her legs spread over the arms to wait for me to start moving it in and out. As I masturbated, sheused my tiny dynamite vibe on herself. She ran it over her pussy several times, working it slowly through her slit. When I started to ram my body into the toy, she pushed it higher until it brushed over her clit. When my orgasm began building, she held it to her clit until she couldn’t hold it there any more. She dropped the toy and started ramming three fingers into her so fact they were almost a blur. I didn’t see her finish because I had to close my eyes to keep from passing out. God, it was so good and then I rammed it even deep at the finish, a strong and very stressful orgasm that left me drained of any strength at all.

We fell asleep in each other’s arms but early in the morning, I woke to find her working her way between my legs to lay one leg over my hip. The dildo was already pushed into her pussy and as she inched closer, she put it to my lips and began working it deeper and deep into me until we were just inches apart. I dug my fingers into the bed to keep my body against hers as we began thrusting into each other. Our hips drove into each other as we started announcing the orgasms that were going to bring tears to our eyes. I knew I might hurt myself in there but I couldn’t make myself slow down or stop The harder she pushed into me, the harder I pushed back. Our final strokes were so hard, we drove our pussies into each other, with the full length of the toy buried deep in our pussies. There was a second where neither of us could breathe or scream but then our lungs forced us to breath and we drove hard into each other and held it there, as sweat poured from our faces and bodies and hard spasms swept over us both. After we came, we allowed our bodies to relax with the dildo still held in my pussy.

“Don’t even think about putting that in my ass,” I told her, before we spooned into each other and went back to sleep.

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