Across the Rooftops Ch. 03

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With Xylophia returned, Ewan knew he would not be joining his friend for coffee on the Saturday morning. Ed would have far more pleasing company! He thought how nice it would be to join the two of them for morning coffee – naked. It was one thing, though, erecting easily in Ed’s company, quite another in hers and he knew he would be embarrassed. He rather thought Xylophia would not be too keen on the idea either.

He was a bit later than usual rising but happily stepped out onto his roof without thinking to check if Ed or Xylophia were there. They were not there. Their roof deserted but for a few things from the night before, seemingly a roof top dinner from the look of the empty wine bottle and a few unwashed plates. Ewan put down his tea and went to check on the holidaymaking black girls. He had expected to see rather more of them on other days but had seen nothing. He had missed seeing them in the street or discovering how many people were staying with them and after that first view of the girl sunbathing they had seemingly ignored their roof top. This morning, though, as he stepped into his shaded place of voyeuristic concealment he was not disappointed. Two bare breasted black girls were hanging out washing.

The hanging out of washing might not seem the most erotic of things but it involves quite a bit of movement both bending and stretching and those are good things to see semi or wholly naked girls do. The contrast of the bright, freshly washed clothes and their black bodies pleasing as well and the way the wet towels touched their skin had Ewan instantly hard. So nice to watch with his penis standing. He reached and pulled his foreskin back. Had Ed been there they would both have been standing with exposed swollen knobs staring at the girls. ‘Bare chested’ – what an erotic term, and did the girls not look good?

Again, the white and the orange bikini bottoms but above generous black boobs allowed to have their own way, whether hanging down as the girls reached into the washing basket, jiggling as the girls stood up or stretched as the girls raised their arms to peg the clothes to the line. Lovely to see, through the binoculars, a gaily coloured towel actually touching one of the girl’s nipples as she held it ready to peg, it was clearly damp and wetly heavy against her skin.

It was such a shame when the two girls disappeared inside. Of course he had been hoping the bikini bottoms might have come off; of course he had been hoping the two girls might apply sunscreen to each other – black hands massaging boobs and bottoms; of course he was hoping they might kiss – and rather more; better still for the imagined boyfriends to arrive, big penises swinging and then erecting. What a sight, big brown truncheons thickening and rising, perhaps the girls wanking them – lovely to see; perhaps the girls then sucking the penises – a sight to relish close up through the binoculars in superb crisp detail. Ed would be sorry to miss that! But instead, the girls had disappeared leaving Ewan looking at an empty doorway. He looked down at his erection. It was a bit wet at the end, a little ‘pre-cum,’ Cowper’s Fluid running but the girls had not stayed long enough and he had not wanked enough to make more marks on the concrete parapet.

Ewan walked back out into the sunshine proudly erect, gasped and scuttled back again. He had been careless and unthinking. Across the rooftops was Xylophia in her silk wrap. Ewan peeked around. She had been looking the other way and had not seen him – he had not embarrassed himself, being not just naked but so obviously erect. He would have been caught as if in a spotlight – she could not have missed what he was sporting – had she been looking.

He rather wanted to get back to his tea; there was nothing to keep him where he was, the black girls had not returned. Once settled in his chair Xylophia would only see his head – not his knob! But he had to get there first. There was a thrill in it, the thrill of sneaking across the roof erect whilst her back was turned, coupled with the thrill of possible discovery – caught naked and exposed. And what a lovely woman to expose himself to! Ed had given him permission to masturbate whilst thinking of her: presumably that extended to actually watching and wanking. Ewan peeked around and did just that, his penis was up so why not wank as he admired how the silk clung to her body.

She was still looking the other way, so Ewan took the plunge and stepped out, feeling very much the male with his upstanding, proud cock; its foreskin fully retracted and the head exposed ready for sex. A wonderful moment but Ewan knew he must not really let himself be seen; nice enough to be so exposed as he stared at her shapely bottom beautifully moulded by the silk. Momentarily he wondered had Ed penetrated her that way, did she like her sphincter eased open? He would have to ask. Ewan walked across his roof watching the woman, his penis so hard. He could feel the sun hot upon it. It was an utter delight Kıbrıs Escort being out naked and erect with Xylophia. Such a thrill. Staring at her bottom, thinking of penetration. Ewan could not believe how exciting it was but he did need to sit down before it was too late.

As if on cue, Xylophia turned just as his naked buttocks made contact with the hot wood of the chair seat. She did not even see him looking at her because he had glanced downwards towards the chair as he had sat and all she would have seen was his upper body and head not turned in her direction.

Her gaze had moved on when Ewan looked up. His hand reached for his erection. Nice to stare at her, now with her face in profile, nice to see how her breasts were pushing against the silk and he thought he could see, at least he could imagine, her nipples poking at the thin material and making it stick out. Rather nice to be masturbating, with her unable to see what he was doing. Looking like he was just sitting there whereas he was as hard as anything because of her. His hand worked as he imagined parting the material, letting her breasts come free. He imagined Ed and him there together, two men to one woman. He had not done that for real, ever, but rather fancied the idea. Perhaps it was the thought of how defenceless one woman would be to two men – a sort of primitive excitement at the control. With Xylophia and Ed it would have to be very consensual, but how exciting to have her unresisting to what Ed and he wished to do.

How nice if she let her silk wrap slip from her body and settle down to enjoy the morning sunshine, perhaps just a back view; what if she turned and suddenly saw him – would her hands go to modestly cover herself or would she perhaps wave? He had stood up erect to wave at Ed but Ed had already been erect, was it quite the right thing to do with his wife? Almost certainly not! But what if Ed joined her in that state – would that be the right thing to do? Ed would certainly be expecting it and might take it as a bit insulting if he was not tumescent.

Xylophia was standing with her back to him looking the other way, and he was simply enjoying the curves of her bottom lightly moulded by the silk. He thought how pleasant t would be to come up behind her and press his erection into and up the divide between her buttocks – and leave a wet patch from his leaking penis.

Ewan gasped. He was about to leave more than a wet patch – he had pulled his foreskin one too many times! ‘Fap, fap, fap,’ the sound quite clear to his ears as his hand worked at speed.

He was staring at the woman as his hand moved and then, all of a sudden, she turned, letting him for a moment see most of a breast inside her slightly open wrap and then she saw him looking at her across the rooftops and she waved.

Ewan did not stand but he did raise his right hand, smile and nod his head. He did not stand for three rather important reasons – firstly he was naked, secondly he was most definitely erect and thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, his penis was spurting white semen. From a distance she could neither see his smile was more a grimace nor the rapid blinking of his eyelids but of course saw his hand rise, yet, presumably, had no thought that it had come straight up from wanking his cock, and would have had no idea that, as he acknowledged her, hidden beneath the parapet, his penis was erect and bucking up and down as it shot gobs of semen onto his stomach – Ewan was freely ejaculating there and then.

Had he stood she would have seen not just male nudity, but an aroused male and could not have missed the flashes as the sun caught the spurting semen, making it sparkle and shine as it came in steady bursts from his penis. What a greeting that would have been!

Xylophia did not tarry long on the roof. Perhaps it was seeing Ewan. Ed did not appear and safe from being observed, Ewan walked to his stairs, trying not to drip, with a view to cleaning up. He had made a bit of a mess as men can do.

Ewan was on his roof again the next morning. He wondered if Ed and Xylophia had gone to those private coves as he had suggested and found themselves alone. Had he and she walked naked as he and Ed had done and where had they made love – if they had? Perhaps in the water, perhaps on a towel spread on the sand – or had it been an ambulatory intercourse, performed in different places as they walked. He would have liked to have watched. Ed most definitely liked the idea of displaying his erection but would Xylophia be quite so keen at exhibitionist intercourse – even if to a rather select audience (Ewan)? Unlikely! Had, though. she enjoyed strolling across the sand and up the rocks hopefully with Ed, as he had wanted, erect and perhaps in her hand?

Ewan rather liked the idea of strolling naked with a woman or, as he had found, failing that, another man; enjoying the sights, occasionally manipulating himself to remain turgid. A woman would obviously be best but he had Kıbrıs Escort Bayan to admit he had enjoyed walking with Ed and would be more than happy to do it again there or somewhere else. It had been easy and nice enough to sit and relax stroking with another bloke, talking about sex and their own reactions and sexuality and then agreeing to come together. He could not really see it as gay – he did not want to see it as gay. Rather it was being friendly and open. Even giving a hand did not seem too extreme and he had done just that on the rocks. He had liked holding Ed’s penis, feeling its firmness, and it had been good having someone else’s hand on his for a change. It seemed to him that being romantically, or emotionally attracted to another bloke was the real difference. Ewan could clearly see he was attracted to Xylophia not Ed. Ed was good company, fun to be with and had a nice cock: Xylophia was an attractive woman. It was quite different! Ewan frowned – perhaps Xylophia had a sister.

Unplanned, but the town was not so large that you could call it unexpected, Ewan bumped into Ed and Xylophia walking hand in hand in the town. This time Ed greeted him and introduced him to his wife. Her English was very good, overlaid with a Greek accent but without an American one on top. Her teacher, it transpired, had been from Dorset not Minnesota. She did though say ‘sidewalk’ not ‘pavement,’ ‘movie’ not ‘film’ and ‘vacation’ not ‘holiday’ but she was, after all, married to an American. A nice little chat on the shady side of the street and an invitation to join them for dinner that night – nothing special, a bit of meze and then Chicken Gumbo.

Ewan had been very conscious, as he talked to them, that only the morning before he had been watching Xylophia from a distance and masturbating to the sight of her thinly covered body: not just masturbating but had actually come staring at her. It was a little strange now talking to her. Yet Ed had given him permission to think about her and wank; did that extend to staring at her; did it extend to perhaps seeing her bare breasted on her roof or even watch Ed and she ‘at it,’ perhaps? He knew he would enjoy that voyeuristic experience. Indeed. he harboured hopes of the black girls doing something of that sort.

He was conscious again of the previous morning’s voyeurism as he rang the bell of Ed’s place, the more so when he was taken up to the roof to where he had been watching Xylophia.

If Ewan had been harbouring thoughts of the evening concluding with sex he was to be disappointed. Perhaps he had imagined in an idle moment the dress code would prove to be undressed for dinner: but it was not. Xylophia had worn her blue dress and Ed khaki shorts and a crisp white short sleeved shirt. Perhaps he had imagined the delightful embarrassment of erecting over Greek coffee, prompted by something Ed said – he did, after all find himself erecting easily at things Ed said – Xylophia saying something like ‘not to worry, it is what men do,’ and, as if by demonstration or to reduce his embarrassment, reaching and tickling her husband’s penis so it too rose into the evening air. Perhaps he had imagined Xylophia taking both erections in hand and working them to a similar conclusion as they had achieved standing in the sea down by the sandy cove, though done not by their own hands but by the smaller, delicate hands of a pretty woman. Unlike with Ed, Xylophia would not be surprised by his foreskin but perhaps intrigued by its length – circumcision not being a Greek tradition. She would be used to men in their natural state.

Perhaps he imagined her, at the conclusion, giggling in the most delightful way as the cum appeared first from one penis and then the other, keeping it away from her pretty blue dress.

Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps but it had not been that. Just a charming little dinner party up on the roof by candlelight under the blue black of the soft, warm night. It was a very enjoyable evening. A two bottle evening. An evening of free talk and laughter. Xylophia had been a delight not just in her looks and soft, sweet voice but in her talk. Memories of childhood, amusing recollections from her job and about Athens, how she and Ed had met. Ewan had enjoyed his evening immensely

Ewan was up late on Monday morning, a little guilty thinking that Xylophia would have been up, dressed and probably already in Athens by the time his bare feet touched the floor. He was late on his rooftop for his breakfast and late settling down to work. Tuesday, though, found him up with the lark and stepping onto his rooftop complete with his teapot, still a little damp from his shower. Lovely to feel the warmth of the sun striking him. Ewan put down the teapot, stretched and stepped over to check on the holidaymaker’s roof. Bingo!

The same girls again, they had not gone home from their holiday, as yet, were once more in their white and orange bikinis – or at least half of them. They were bare breasted, two pairs Escort Kıbrıs of black, shiny breasts for Ewan to see. Voyeurism is exciting and Ewan rose to the occasion. They had again brought the washing up to dry and were about to hang it out. A charming domestic scene but with a quite different twist when the girls are pretty and almost naked. A closer look was called for and Ewan turned to fetch the binoculars which were next to his teapot.

He stepped out and whilst invisible from the girl’s rooftop he was not at all hidden from Ed’s and there was his friend, as naked as he, just coming out onto his roof. Ewan waved, now unconcerned at both his nakedness and tumescence. Ed waved back and Ewan gesticulated meaning ‘the black girls are there.’ He reached down to his penis and did an exaggerated wanking motion.

His message got through. Not only did he see Ed grin and raise his thumb, but he could see his penis rising. The thought of naked black girls clearly stimulating. He turned and disappeared into his doorway and Ewan hurried downstairs to greet his friend.

Again, the strangeness of greeting his friend at his doorway, naked and with his not exactly flaccid penis carefully hidden behind the opening door in case someone else was passing.

“One, both, hey, naked?”

The excitement of the two men, like schoolboys finding a cache of chocolate, as they went up the stairs in a hurry. Ed, like Ewan, already half erect as he dropped his shorts – a nice thickening. They were both fully tumescent when they came out onto the roof. A short erect walk across the roof.

“Oh nice! Super breasts, Ewan.”

Despite the time fetching his friend the girls were only half way through hanging the washing out. They were not exactly hurrying – they were talking a lot. Again, there was something about wet towels being held against breasts as they were pegged to the line which spoke to Ewan. It certainly made him want to wank, and that was not something he was now embarrassed about by doing with Ed present. He was sure his friend would want to wank too. It seemed to Ewan rather the thing for the host to do and he went to fetch the sunscreen – not for the sun but as lube for Ed’s penis.

Ed was looking through the binoculars when he returned and Ewan simply did the squeezing. What a strange thing to be doing, a strange thing for a host to do! There was Ed, naked, with binoculars held up to his eyes and his penis jutting up to his front. Ewan aimed the bottle, bringing it close to his friend’s penis, a spurt and then another of sunscreen right onto Ed’s upstanding cock. Of course it looked a bit like an ejaculation. Ewan had a momentary recollection of his thoughts of Xylophia wanking the two of them and he had the sudden idea of her asking if he minded if she borrowed his cum as lube for her husband’s cock, ‘him not having a proper Greek fallós.’ And then wanking him until he came all over Ed’s erection. A smile, ‘Se efkharisto’ and then Ewan watching as her hand circled Ed’s cock and began to stroke, his fresh, hot cum spreading on and through her fingers as well as Ed’s erection.

“Hey Ewan, look who’s joining the party.”

Ewan looked up and saw a couple of burly black men appear in the doorway, grinning and calling to the girls. They were in tee shirts but clearly nothing else.

“Promising,” said Ed handing the binoculars back.

Ewan focused firstly on the girls and their smiling faces, his enhanced gaze dropped to their breasts and then swung across to examine the men. Firstly their faces and then he swept downwards. Hanging out below the hems of their tee shirts was clear evidence of a lack of pants or swimming trunks – cocks and balls hanging and swinging as they moved.

“Bit of a contrast. Girls with no tops: boys with no bottoms.”

“Yeah, hope those bottoms come off and those tee shirts as well.”

The men had not moved any closer. Ewan and Ed’s eyes flicked from one group to the other, enjoying the movements of the girls but alert for any movement from the men – particularly from just below their tee shirts. Both were willing the holidaymakers into doing something more. Full nudity and, ideally, sex. Both keen to see the male organs rise and be put to work.

“Come on guys, shirts off we wanna see those cocks. We wanna see how big they are.” Ed turned to Ewan. “Well, I do. Good to see the girls but I do like to see a cock, don’t you? And I want to see them erect. That’d be real nice. A good view of them pumping up and that should lead to them fucking, eh? And we having a really good wank.”

“Be nice. Hey ho, is that…?”

It was! One of the men was obviously having ‘good thoughts.’ The front of his tee shirt was definitely being lifted upwards.

“Thought it would be,” said Ed, “that’s one big cock eh? We’re not in that league.”

The girls were saying something to each other, probably along the lines of ‘put that away.’ But it was quite clear the man had other ideas. He didn’t move to the girls and fondle – and perhaps annoy. Instead he slowly slid the tee shirt up and off before striking a pose, a pose he evidently thought manly and peacock like – if one can be peacock like naked – certainly there was a lot of ‘cock’ and ‘cockiness’ in the pose.

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