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Adam stretched. It was late and he was tired and he really should go home, but his experiment was so close to completion that he just couldn’t put it off until tomorrow. Another half hour and he’d have his results, for good or for bad. He decided to take a walk around the floor and stretch his legs while waiting for the results to cook.

Peta and her friends were moving in. They’d cut the fence and crossed to the labs unseen, and they were now preparing to break into the buildings. Once in, they’d release any animals they could find and try to ruin as much equipment as possible. It was only right that they should show these bloated plutocrats that the people wouldn’t tolerate their activities.

Something crashed to the floor. Adam started. “What the hell?” Listening he could hear voices below, muffled, but definitely a number of people talking. There were a few more breaking sounds. Adam reached for the phone and alerted security.

The first Peta and her friends knew of the alarm being raised was when all the lights came on, and large uniformed men seemed to be popping out of every door. In the immediate commotion, Peta managed to slip up the stairs to the next floor and was frantically looking for a place to hide.

Adam could hear the commotion below, and grinned. It sounded as though the activists, whoever they were, were getting to be more active than they had anticipated. Time to retire to his lab, lock the door and check his results. No doubt Security would be dropping by to see what he was doing.

Hurrying down a corridor, testing doors in the hope that one was unlocked, Peta didn’t even know Adam was about until she whipped around a corner and crashed into him. She gave a stifled scream and tried to run, only to be caught and held fast.

“Peta?” said Adam. “You’re one of those idiot activists?”

Peta stared. Adam. Was this good or bad, she wondered.

“Adam. What are you doing here? Listen, can you hide me? I’ll be in so much trouble if I’m caught.”

Adam looked at Peta. Ex-girlfriend. Scratch that, he thought. Ex-nearly-a-girlfriend. She’d dumped him after a silly argument about his work, and he never had managed to get her into bed, which he thought was a great pity.

“I work here. I’m a scientist, remember? I’m doing cancer research. I take it you’re here to disrupt our research and make a nuisance of yourself generally.”

“We only came to release any animals you’re holding prisoner,” protested Peta. “Experimenting on animals is wrong.”

“Experimenting on people is a damn sight more wrong if you ask me. I trust you haven’t freed any animals with contagious and lethal diseases that might wipe out the pet population of a couple of states?”

“God, could they have?” wondered Peta.

“I don’t think so,” she said falteringly. “Security jumped us before we found the animal cages.”

“Probably because we don’t have any. We use cell cultures. It’s much more efficient. Now, what the hell am I supposed to do with you?”

“Can’t you hide me for a while until I can sneak out?” Peta pleaded.

Adam sighed.

“You’d better come with me,” he told her.

Returning to his lab he unlocked the door and ushered her in.

Go and sit down in that room over there,” Adam told Peta. “It’s our supplies room. I assume that I can trust you not to mess around with anything in there.”

Peta nodded, hurrying into the room and closing the door.

Adam returned to his experiment, and swore heartily. Another unsuccessful attempt. Well the next experiment could wait until the morning. Right now he had to get Peta out of there and go home.

Hearing a knock, he looked up, to see a couple of security men at the door. Hastily he produced his identification, letting them know that he was doing overtime and that he’d been the one to phone in the alarm.

“As soon as I heard intruders I alerted you and then made sure my door was locked. I trust you’ve got them all?”

“As far as we know we have, sir,” one of the guards told him. “We’re just doing a sweep to make sure none are hiding. Thanks to your warning they really didn’t have enough time to do any real damage. We’re handing them over to the police and will be pressing charges against them.

Thanks for alerting us. And you did the right thing locking yourself in and staying out of the road. Goodnight, sir.”

Adam watched them Kartal Öğrenci Escort leave, thoughtfully relocking the lab door.

Returning to the supply room Adam found Peta peeking out the window, trying to determine what was happening outside. He stood and admired her for a few moments. She was slender but had a fine figure, and her present attire showed it off admirably. For the night’s excursion she had worn black pants of some sort, that seemed to be skin tight and showed off a very neat bottom. She also wore a loose black top. Loose, that is, except where a pair of very nice breasts swelled the material.

If you’re going to do something it’d best to get right to it, thought Adam as he strolled up behind Peta. Putting his hands on her waist He took hold of her pants and started pulling them down, catching her panties as he went.

With a startled yelp, Peta clutched at the front of her pants, trying to hold them up. Unfortunately, this did not stop the back of her pants being pulled down below her bottom, and she bent over, bottom sticking out trying to protect her privacy and pull her pants back up.

“Stop it!” she yelped. “What do you think you’re doing?”

“I’d have thought that was obvious,” laughed Adam. “I’m pulling your pants off.”

“Well just stop it. You can’t do that.”

Adam answered that by pulling harder, pulling the pants free from Peta’s grasping fingers and down past her knees. Peta was now pulling the front of her shirt as low as possible while she railed at him.

“Will you just cut it out. What on earth do you hope to achieve by this?”

“What do I hope to achieve? Well, for a start, I’ll finally get to see you naked. Second, you’ll have a nice bare bottom for when I spank you, and finally, after I finish stripping you, you’ll be naked when I make love to you.”

“What do you mean, spank me? And you’re not going to make love to me. If you try it’ll be rape,” snarled Peta, incensed.

“You and your friends broke in here with the intention of causing damage that could quite easily run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. People like you drive up the costs of research and medicine, causing a lot of suffering. You may have avoided being hauled away by the cops, but I’m damned if you’re going to escape scot free. That’s why I’m going to spank you.”

“You’re not, and even if you were, that doesn’t mean you can have sex with me.”

“That is a separate issue. I’m going to make love to you because I want to, not because you broke in. I’ll admit that giving you a spanking will give me a, how shall I put it? It’ll add a fillip to my state of arousal.

Both spanking and love making are going to take place, so you might as well co-operate. But feel free to struggle, I won’t mind.”

“If you lay one finger on me I’ll scream.”

“And if you scream, Security will come. I’ll tell them you asked me to help you escape and you started tearing off your clothes and screaming rape when I wouldn’t. I wonder who’ll they believe? The conscientious, hard working scientist, busy with his overtime and experiments, or the scatty little would-be eco-terrorist caught breaking in and vandalising the place.”

Peta stared at Adam in shock. He was right, she knew. She’d be the one to get arrested, not him.

“If I let you spank me,” she asked desperately, “can you please not rape me afterwards?”

“I’ll consider that,” said Adam. “To show your co-operation, why don’t you take of the rest of your clothes.”

“But I don’t need to be naked to be spanked,” protested Peta.

“True, but that’s the way it’s going to be. Now who’s going to undress you? You or me?”

Biting her lip, Peta slowly finished taking off her pants, and then, scarlet of face with humiliation and embarrassment, she took off her top and bra.

Adam nodded appreciatively. Peta really did have a nice body. He sat on the supply room’s set of steps and indicated that Peta should come closer.

Slowly and reluctantly, Peta approached Adam, and was even slower and more reluctant to bend over his knee. Adam smiled as he watched Peta settle across his knee. Once she was comfortable, he promptly upset her by closing his hand over her mound and used this hold to hoist her further over so her bottom was in a more convenient position for him.

He ignored Peta’s protests as he rubbed her bottom, hand continually Kartal Çıtır Escort straying down to push between Peta’s thighs, even though she tried to keep them together.

“What are you doing,” Peta hissed at him desperately. “I thought you were just going to spank me, damn you.”

“I am,” said Adam. “Really, I am. I’m just getting acquainted with the playing field, so to speak.”

“Well, stop it,” Peta protested.

“If you insist.”

Adam raised his hand and brought it down with a hard spank.

Peta squealed softly, partly in pain, partly in indignation. How dare he treat her like this? She squealed a second time, purely in indignation as Adam went back to fondling her bottom and pussy, apparently wanting to soothe away the marks of the spank.

“Will you stop touching me,” she demanded.

Adam laughed. “Better get used to it,” he said. “The spanking is only just begun.”

“Then spank, damn you, and get it over with.”

A second spank fell, with Adam again stopping to soothe the pain. Or at least, to use the soothing as an excuse for his hand to go wandering.

“Don’t be so impatient,” he chided Peta. “I see no reason to hurry this. After all, how often do you get a chance to lie naked across a handsome young man’s knee and get a nice spanking?”

To the baffled fury of Peta, Adam continued to deliver the spanking in his own inimitable style, with each hard spank being followed by a session of stroking and petting. Peta was further infuriated to find that the accumulating effects of the spanking and the petting were leaving her with a bottom that was starting to really smart, and an excitement inside her that was steadily growing.

After half an hour and what Peta considered an inordinate amount of petting being mixed up with the spanking, Peta was growing desperate. Her bottom was really starting to sting and as for the other…..

“Will you hurry up and finish this?” she pleaded, wriggling as Adam’s hand came down once again and started wandering again.

“Do you mean that you’re not enjoying this?” asked Adam in a shocked tone.

“Why would I be enjoying it, damn you,” snarled Peta, frantically trying to move her pussy away from his ever-present hand.

“I’m not sure, but the way you’ve swollen here, and the way your lips have parted, I just assumed that you were having fun,” said Adam, tracing her lips as her spoke, and this time slipping a finger between them.

“I’m not, so will you please stop?”

“Would it help if I stopped the petting and just concentrated on the spanking for a while?”

“No. Just stop,” protested Peta.

“OK. Petting over for now,” came the cheerful reply, and Adam’s hand came down firmly again.

Unfortunately for Peta’s peace of mind, his spanking target was no longer her abused bottom, but her hot and sensitive pussy, and she squealed in shock as his hand landed firmly on it. Before she could recover, a second spank landed on the same vulnerable spot, and to Peta’s horror she found a rain of short sharp spanks were neatly landing on her pussy, further agitating her and heightening her expectations.

Then Adam stopped, lifting her back to her feet. Lazily standing himself, he started to undo his belt buckle.

“No,” Peta protested. “You agreed to let it go at the spanking if I co-operated.”

Adam shook his head, smiling all the while.

“I agreed to consider it,” he said, “and I have considered and I’ve decided that you’re far too choice a morsel for me not to take you.”

He reached out and brushed Peta’s breasts.

“Look at yourself,” he murmured. “You’re excited and wanting me, whether you’re willing to admit it or not.”

Peta could only stand and watch as Adam finished undressing. It was blatantly obvious that he wanted her, and there was nothing she could do to stop him. And he was smiling at her, damn his arrogant hide.

“Do you want to choose how I take you?” Adam queried, ignoring the glare he received in return. “No? OK. Turn around and put your hands on the set of steps.”

Peta turned and bent over the steps, her head turning to watch as Adam came closer to her. Then she couldn’t see what he was doing as he moved between her legs, but she could feel his maleness now pressing against her bottom. She could feel Adam slowly moving his cock down, rubbing the head against her Kartal Elit Escort as he went, then he was softly probing between her legs, pressing up against her slit.

She could feel her pussy swelling, opening in expectation, and almost screamed. She didn’t want him, but her body did and was eager to welcome him. It just wasn’t fair.

Pressing himself against Peta’s slit, Adam paused for a moment, and then pressed firmly into her. Her body was warm, wet and welcoming, yielding gracefully to his entrance, permitting him to sink full depth with his initial thrust. He heard Peta groan at his entry, but whether from relief, fury or a combination of both, he was damned if he could tell. Suffice it to say that she was his, and she was already pushing hard against him, eager for him to continue.

Confident that the spankings on her bottom and pussy had excited Peta, Adam felt there was no necessity to take things slowly. Drawing back, he again lunged forward, slapping hard against Peta, and being met with another groan. That one was pure anticipation, he thought, and rapidly repeated the exercise.

The lengthy foreplay during the initial spanking, followed by the rapid tattoo on her mound had already brought Peta to the edge of a climax. She frantically covered her mouth with her hand to stop from screaming, when after only half a dozen firm strokes Peta found herself climaxing.

Not that that was slowing Adam down at all, she noticed, feeling him continue to pound happily into her, his cock demanding she forget everything else and pay attention to what it was doing. Peta scrambled to match him, coming down from her climax and starting to move her body in unison with Adam.

Adam was startled at how fast Peta climaxed, but didn’t let that put him off his stroke. He continued to deliver a series of long hard strokes, quite happy to take his time until he reached his own climax. He was pleased to see that Peta was co-operating fully, her cute little bottom bouncing up to meet his thrusts, her pussy clinging as he withdrew as though not wanting to lose him.

Sensing that Peta was building rapidly to a second climax, but not being ready himself, Adam changed his tempo slightly, still slowly building his own expectations, but leaving Peta poised and squirming, balanced on a knife edge.

Peta could feel her second climax approaching, and was hurrying to meet it when something changed. She wasn’t quite sure what, as Adam’s cock was still inside her, beating out its song, but for some reason her climax had paused. She could feel it there, hovering just out of reach, and she squirmed, trying to reach for it.

Adam enjoyed the feel of Peta. Not only was she rising to meet this thrusting, but she was now twisting on him, sending a different type of sensation shivering along his shaft, telling him to hurry.

The time being right, Adam shortened his thrust, ramming home with a new urgency with a series of short sharp jabs. He could feel himself building his excitement and then he released it, relieving all his pent up energy into Peta, flooding her.

Peta barely managed to swallow her scream as she felt Adam come inside her, the splash of cum being the final trigger to her own climax. She bucked hard against Adam, enjoying the feel of him coming, knowing that she was draining him, rendering him helpless.

Dressed afterwards, Adam considered his problem. How to get Peta out of the building. His car was in the basement carpark, so getting Peta into it was not a problem, but would they be likely to search it as he left? He thought not. Why would they? They’d already checked the building and found no-one extra.

He offered Peta the choice of staying in the supply room overnight and leaving the next day with the crowd, or hiding in his car and going now.

“They’re expecting you to leave aren’t they?” asked Peta.

At his nod she added, “Then I’ll come now. I don’t think they’ll still be looking. They probably think they have everyone.”

Crouching on the floor of Adam’s car while the guard did a quick visual and checked the boot was nerve wracking, but there was a slap on the roof and Adam drove on.

Stopping around the first corner, he suggested that Peta get out from between his legs. Far too hard to drive with her curled up down there.

He grinned as she wriggled out and onto the passenger’s seat.

“It’s the one place they can’t see if they only give the car a casual once over,” he told her. “They can see passenger’s side well and the back seat, but not the driver’s well while I’m sitting there.

Where do you want me to drop you? And there’s no need to thank me. The pleasure was all mine.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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