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The following is both my first story submission, and partially true. I’ll let you decide what parts are actual history and which parts are only part of my mind. I hope you enjoy this story.

I was nervous to be sure. I’d been single for a good while, hadn’t dated any since the divorce, and my social life at home prior to the split was non-existent. To add to that, I was now in my late 50’s, not exactly prime prowling age but my libido hadn’t dwindled at all over the years. So, I made the best of reading stories and browsing the internet porn at times to help the evenings pass. One good thing was that being semi-retired it allowed me to get back into shape physically, as good as most guys 20 years my junior would be envious of. But, back to the story.

Vicky is a girl I know here in our small town and she has just come through a heart-wrenching divorce herself. Her ex is a jerk, I know him too, and she’s struggled for years to hold things together for the sake of her two children. Now that they are older and can see for themselves how bad things are Vicky decided to break from him and go it alone, with her kids. She and I have been friends for a number of years and at times she had confided in me almost as if I were an older uncle, which is sort of fitting I suppose. I’m biologically old enough to be her father and I think the age difference made it easy for her to open up to me during her hard times. Still, I knew that her physical needs were both unfulfilled by her ex and were building within her to high levels of frustration at times.

Vicky had taken a job as a high school teacher and was thankfully relieved when the semester had ended and her summer break started. She had texted me and asked me to join her for a brew or two to celebrate and catch up, and now I was as nervous as a school boy myself and I didn’t even know why. There had never been any romance or flirting between us, more of mutual respect and the comfort of friendship. Still, something tingled about this meeting.

When I got to her condo I found her already into the brews and feeling light and easy. Vic doesn’t take long to unwind when the alcohol gets into her, only taking about two beers for her to feel free. She looked great, relaxed and happy for a change, and the shorts and loose top with her bare feet made her look sexy in that Daisy Mae sort of way. I was glad to have on shorts and a t-shirt myself, and hoped that the growing woody I got when I saw her had gone un-noticed.

The beer was cold, the music in the background a blend of oldies that we both liked, and the conversation flowed easily right up to the point where she just blurted out, “I’m horny.”

I didn’t know at first how to respond so I just sort of chuckled and said, “Shoot, I stay that way!”

The conversation just as quickly turned in another direction but I knew something was up. She’d talked about sexual frustrations before but never coming right out and saying she was horny. After a while Vic said she wanted to watch some porn and not on the internet. She was afraid of something getting on her computer and she just wanted to be able to relax and watch. I told her of a place I knew of over in the next county that had a small theater. She asked if I’d been there and I truthfully replied that I’d been once after a buddy told me about it. They also had booths, some with gloryholes, and a book store and toy shop there. I didn’t mention the booths but did tell Vic that they also had a store with books, videos, toys, etc for sale. I figured it would stop right there, but to my surprise Vic got all bubbly and smiled at me as she asked, “Can we go?”

I’d only had one beer so I offered to drive and within minutes we were off. It is about a 45 minute drive over to the next county where the theatre is and the closer we got it seemed the more nervous and anxious Vic got. I offered to turn around or just go to a bar for more drinks if she preferred, but she declined, saying she wanted to see the inside of one of these places anyway and she really wanted to see some porn.

When we got there the parking lot was less than half full, to my comfort for I knew a crowd of leering single guys might put her off. The time I’d been there before there were a few couples but mostly single guys of all ages and variety. As we entered I paid our entrance, with no tokens required back in the booth and theatre area after the cover charge. I liked that part, and the place is surprisingly clean and well lit in the public areas. We entered the hallway that led back to the viewing booths and I could tell Vic was nervous. As we got to the booths I turned to enter the theatre and she asked me what the booths were for. I explained that they were for private viewing of videos and that some pairs of booths had a hole in the wall to allow viewing and interaction between the two booths. I then led her into the small theatre. There are only a couple dozen seats and I was relieved to find only a few taken. I led her to a row near the rear and told her to move close to the wall. As suspected casino şirketleri a volley of single guys began to follow us into the theatre and find seats in close proximity to us, all wanting to be near any action that might ensue. Vic just sat there wide-eyed at the continuous screen, watching a guy with a 10-incher working on a blonde, alternately gagging her then stuffing it up her anally. I don’t think Vic was even aware of the gathering crowd around us.

About twenty or thirty minutes into the movie, and several orgasms later, Vic leaned to me, never taking her eyes off the screen, and simply whispered, “Let’s go.” I was afraid she’d been offended or somehow put off by the experience, so I never said anything but simply got up and led her out. We got into my car and I started the drive back, never saying anything but wanting to let Vic react. By now it was well past dark and the road I took back is a dark roadway with little traffic this time of night, even though it wasn’t particularly late. Out of the corner of my eye it seemed that Vic had one of her hands down at her crotch area and the other folded over the top in an effort to disguise the first. I even thought I could make out some slight movement of the downward hand as we rode in silence, Vicky’s eyes fixed straight ahead. When we got to her condo she turned to me, thanked me for taking her over there and then admitted that she was hornier than ever and really needed to go take a soaking bath and take care of things. I smiled, nodded and just said, “I’ll see you later.”

A few days later I got an email from Vicky saying she wanted to grill some burgers and wanted to know if I could make it over for dinner that night. I was free so I accepted, never expecting to hear of her porn theatre experience again. When I got to her condo I could smell the burgers cooking and hear laughter and music from the folks already there. It was a familiar crowd and the conversation flowed easily even though most of the people there were couples. It was a weeknight so most everyone cut out not too long after the meal and dessert, and I volunteered to stay and help clean up. Vic was in a good mood and appreciative of my help, chatting away about her day and what she’d been doing lately when she brought up the theatre. She thanked me for taking her, said she really enjoyed going, and apologized for leaving so abruptly then shooing me off quickly, explaining that she was about to burst with desire and had to masturbate several times that night. I was taken by her openness about her self pleasuring, but accepted her thanks and said I’d had a good time too. She then turned to me and said that she’d like to go again but not alone and would I mind going with her? It just struck my funny with the serious expression on her face, as if she was asking me some huge and discomforting favor, and I burst out in a big grin and said, “Anytime you want to go, you just let me know!”

“OK, then tomorrow night?” I agreed and that was it for the night as we were finished with the dishes and I excused myself to go home.

The next evening I got to Vic’s place right on time and she didn’t even wait for me to come to the door. She bounded out to the car wearing a thin, button up blouse and I could tell she had on a very thin bra. Vic doesn’t have huge breasts, but they are firm and high, never succumbing to the pull of gravity even as she neared 40. She wore a jean skirt that rode well above the knee that accented her long, well tanned and fit legs. So, off we went and the conversation was lively all the way. Vic was in a good mood, for sure. When we got to the store and paid our admission to the viewing area, she asked me if we could stop at the booths and check one out. She was too shy to take a booth by herself and asked if I minded going into one with her. I agreed and steered her to one that didn’t have a gloryhole. I figured that might be a bit more than she was prepared for at the time. The small screen was playing a video of a blonde getting it from two guys at once, and Vic stared at the video. I could see her nipples getting hard under the layers of whisper thin fabric, and her hands were rubbing her thighs. After a few minutes she asked if I was ready to go to the theatre, and I agreed, but then she stopped me before I opened the booth door and told me that it would be OK if I wanted to touch myself in the theatre like she’d seen some of the other men do, if I wanted to of course. I smiled and only said, “OK.”

Leaving the booth area she stopped me and said she needed to pop into the ladies room so I waited as she did so. It was conveniently located in the hallway between the booths and the theatre and as I stood there I witnessed the usual filing of single guys from the booth area to the theatre. In a few minutes Vic came out and handed me something scrunched up in her hand, telling me to put it in my pocket. It was her bra, and her nipples were evident both from the two peaks but also her dark areolas were noticeable under the thin blouse. As we entered the theatre we took seats one row casino firmaları from the rear but midway between the aisle and the wall.

The action on the screen was hot and I could tell Vic was getting hot too. Her hand had made its way up under her skirt and the guys in the row in front of us were getting a good view of her rubbing her pussy through her panties. She had slumped slightly in her seat and was intent upon the screen. I unzipped and lifted out my hardening cock and began to slowly stroke it. Without ever moving her eyes Vic reached over with her free hand and touched my cock, taking it gently in her grasp and moving slowly up and down the growing length. I just sat back until she turned to look at me and barely above a whisper told me, “You can touch my tits if you want.”

She didn’t have to say it twice, and I took my near hand and began to work my way into the front of her blouse. I found her breasts to be very nice and firm, nipples as hard a pebbles. After a few minutes of this, and hearing faint groans from Vic, I reached with my other hand and unbuttoned her blouse. I splayed it open, allowing both of her creamy white breasts with the dark, wrinkled areolas and hard, erect nipples to be open and on display for all the eyes that had gathered around us. I had one arm around behind her head and fondled and cupped one tit in that hand while I teased and fondled the other tit with my free hand. Vic was enjoying herself, and slumped a bit lower in the seat, from time to time closing her eyes and making slight groaning noises. Another guy had taken the seat on the other side of her and pulled his cock out too. To my surprise Vic laid her hand over on his lap and began to stroke his hard cock just as she was stroking mine. Some dude reached for her pussy and feeling the strange hand on her leg she took the hand from the other dude and brushed the hand away from her pussy. Instead of moving back to his cock she kept the hand at her pussy, rubbing it with more force and quickness until at once she arched her back, threw her head back, and groaned loud enough for everyone in the theatre to hear as her orgasm hit hard.

As she settled down from her climax I closed her blouse for her and as I was positioning myself back in my pants she buttoned up. Without words she looked at me with that, “it’s time to go” look, so we got up and left quietly. After we got in the car and were on the road for a few miles, out of town and in the cool night air of the countryside, Vic thanked me. I accepted her thanks but chuckled and then told her I should be thanking her for the terrific time. She told me she had never done anything like that, and that the rush of being exposed to strangers like that was exhilarating. She also told me is was awesome to hold my cock and other cocks, then she shyly told me that she would like to finish what she’d started in the theatre for me. Thought I’d break my cock off trying to get it out.

About two weeks later I got a text from Vic asking me to drop by that afternoon if I was free. After doing the things on my list that day I showered, dressed and made my way over to her condo. I really didn’t know what to expect, especially after the unusually long interval between communications. I half way thought she would be either evasive about it altogether or would apologize and promise that it would never happen again. But when she answered the door I had an idea which way it would go. Vic wasn’t a trashy dresser at all, but the clothes she had on left very little to the imagination without being vulgar or exhibitionist. Kind of tasteful lewd. Anyway, she handed me a cold brew as I entered her condo and already had some snacks on the coffee table. We chatted for a few minutes about what we’d each been doing the past few weeks, then she mentioned that she had some kabobs for grilling if I was up for it. Never one to turn down someone else’s cooking I readily agreed to staying for supper and with that I went to grab another brew.

After a good meal and plenty of laughs Vicky came to the point of the evening. She stammered around more than usual, making her reluctance quite evident but she eventually got around to saying that she really enjoyed our last visit to the theatre and that she wanted to go again but not alone. She asked if I would be willing to escort her, to which I was more than happy to oblige. Her wish was to make a visit that night as it really wasn’t late yet and I could tell that she was getting hornier by the minute. I told her I had no other plans and could stay as late as she wanted since I could sleep in tomorrow morning.

So, down the road we go, her all chatty and happy as a lark, though I could tell there was fire in there about to erupt. She’d worn the same clothes she greeted me in, a short mini-skirt and a loose fitting sleeveless top of silk-like fabric. She was already braless and her nipples had been at attention practically nonstop for hours now. When she sat down in the bucket seat of the car her skirt rode up high enough that I could easily see she had on güvenilir casino lacy red panties or perhaps a thong. Either way it made my cock stir for sure.

When we got into the building she headed straight for the booth area, tugging me by the arm eager to get into a booth. Once inside she immediately started swaying to the music of the video, hands rubbing down her thighs and on each pull upwards her skirt would ride higher to the point where her whole ass was exposed to me and confirming that it was a thong. She was facing the small video screen and had her butt to me, and began backing up to me and grinding her ass into my cock which by now was getting pretty worked up on its own. I don’t think she’d noticed but this booth was one of the gloryhole booths and not long after her ass became bare and it was pushed back into me a cock came timidly through the hole. At first Vic didn’t notice it but when she did she merely reached down and began stroking it. To my surprise she knelt down and took the strangers cock into her mouth and began to run his cock further and further into her mouth until within a few minutes she had him fully into her mouth. Before he could cum she pulled back, stood and turned to me and simply said, “Theatre, now, please.”

As we made our way into the theatre and took our seats where we’d sat before she was already revved up and the crowd had begun to gather. Vic seemed to like the guys gathering around us, even though there were at least two other couples in the theatre. As she watched the screen she reached over and tapped my pants, signaling me to bring out my cock. As I unzipped and took out my cock she was unbuttoning her blouse and laying it back, baring her pert titties for all to see. When my cock was out she took it in one hand and began to rub her pussy with her other while I was enjoying the feel of her tits. When some other guy reached and began to fondle her left tit she didn’t object so I let him continue. My own cock was rock hard now and I could smell her juices when she bent over and took my cock into her mouth. Her mouth was so warm and soft, and she was no stranger to giving wonderful head. It was all I could do to hold back and not cum, wanting to prolong the enjoyment as long as possible. As she could taste the pre-cum she pulled off and sat back in her seat, but took her hands and slipped her thong off so that she could get directly to her wet pussy. The guys turned around were treated to a wonderful sight as she parted her legs enough for a view of her swollen pussy lips and hardened clit. With on hand working on her clit, one on my cock and my hands working on her nipples she began to moan and writhe in the seat, getting hotter and hotter. When she reached with the hand that had been working on her pussy and began to stroke the cock of the guy next to her I took the opportunity to began playing with her pussy, rubbing and teasing her clit and sliding up through the wetness of her hole to search inside for her G spot. By now two guys were fondling her tits and at least two were jacking their cocks to each side of her head and to our sides. As one guy started to moan in his climax she told him to cum on her tits. That was all that guy needed and it sent him into overdrive, dumping several squirts of creamy white cum on her tits. Another guy followed on the other tit and more were lining up, Vic moving and moaning herself to the touch of my hand in her pussy when she opened her eyes and looked at me in lust. She almost grunted out, “Fuck me, NOW”

I moved around in front of her, spread her legs, dropped my pants down to my ankles and guided my stiff cock into her glistening and slippery wet pussy. My thrusts were met by her own upward pushes and within short order we both climaxed with her hands around my ass and pulling me tighter and closer into her.

We stayed connected long enough for my cock to go limp and for another dude or two to lose a load on her chest. When I pulled out and stood upright she gave me that “let’s go” look and I reached for my pants. Her thong was nowhere in sight and her chest was frosted with cum which had run down her sides and stomach to stain her skirt and her blouse. She took the blouse off and wiped off the cum from her chest and simply folded the shirt into itself, stood up and straightened her skirt, and followed me out carrying her shirt.

When we got to my car I took my shirt off and handed it to her to wear in the cool of the evening, and she tossed her cum soaked blouse onto the rear floorboards. As I pulled out of the parking lot and headed back towards her condo Vic laid the seat back and reclined to watch the moon and stars as we travelled in the darkness.

In the months to follow Vicky and I remained close friends, and I still retained that kind uncle air when she wanted to talk. She began to date a guy her age, which I encouraged, though she kept him from getting too serious. Unknowing to him Vic and I still enjoyed our monthly outings to the adult theatre, though she never allowed anyone else to do any more than fondle her or dump their load on her even though she and I almost always wound up fucking in front of a crowd and twice she walked out totally nude. I don’t know how this is affecting her relationship with that younger dude, but hey, I’m not complaining.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32