Adventures of a sex Goddess

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Adventures of a sex goddess CH 1
Strange things can happen when you combine a frightfully imaginative imagination with a horny teenage boy. Contains some interesting content. Heavy sexual content. I would say be careful, but if you have come to this website, you no longer have any innocence to what this sexual adventure is.

In the dark, forbidding shadows and the bright, energetic sun, there was a being of the caliber of a god. It was ageless, created by nothing, and could do anything that they so choose. She, as It is usually called, because she prefers the female form, of any of the race of the universe. Any body, any fantasy, she could make. Commonly mistaken as Aphrodite, she is a sexual deviant. Almost any form of sexual pleasure she will partake in. She is not particularly fond of scatology necrophilia, murder and excessive rape(she does not have to rape, everyone wants to have sex with her anyways)
One of her favourite fuck sessions was a bisexual bestiality orgy, with her creations. And those creations were her son, and her brother, with his wife who just so happened to be his and her sister, including their 15 children, of which 5 are class A beautiful girls. 3 of which were triplets, all with DD tits that blew everyone away. Contrary to their size, the did now sag one bit. They even pop out a little more than they should. They are all blonde, with hair so strait, and just long enough to touch their perfectly smooth pussies (no one has to shave, as they do not grow pubic hair if they do not want to). The other 2 of their female children were twins, but they were no average twins. They had A cup breasts inside their mother’s womb. They also came out in the weirdest way possible. They were hermaphrodites. They, as babies had 3 inch dicks, which were shoved in each others pussies, and locked together, opening up their mother like she has never been before. Their sons came one at a time, each with an excessively large cock. They are all extremely open sexually.
Along with all the humanoid beings present, there was a large assortment of animals, plants and aliens. The animals that were present was 2 massive dragons, one male and one female. 3 dogs, 2 male and 1 bitch. There was only one plant, but the plant was massive. It has thousands of tentacles, roots and aphrodisiacs, and could spread a mile in a matter of minutes, all Sex hikaye while feeding off the sexual pleasure it is receiving and giving to all in its grasp. Whenever it wants to it can make it’s tentacles glow extremely bright, so who ever it’s fucking can see the vines moving inside them. Some aliens, (such as the alien from the movie alien) and some massive lizard folk with abnormally long, thin cocks that are flexible. There was also an alien that closely resembles mew two.
The orgy was phenomenal. Everyone got penetrated so hard that everybody was so exhausted that they laid in the fuck juices, the cum of many beings, for 2 days.
It has been 3 years and 900 of such orgies later that we find ourselves at another one, ever changing, there are not partner pairings, as there are no rules. The first act of it is the men all gather, choose what ever partner they wish, and then run over and ‘rape’ them. (Because they are all willing, its really just extremely sensual rough sex).
Even though there are almost 40 participants, there is one person who has sex with everyone.
Here we start, in a warehouse almost a 2 miles long, completely refurbished. the floor has been covered in the softest sand imaginable. But this is no ordinary sand. It will not stick to anything, being alive itself. It can grow as large as dicks it wants, and as many holes to fuck as well. The gigantic plant is currently asleep underneath, but it will wake at just the right moment. That moment is whatever moment it chooses.
We begin with the form Arya (of great resemblance of Eragon’s Arya, not the movie. Just with bigger tits and more power). Her brother and sister approach the goddess known right now as Arya. When she notices the pair approaching, Arya grows a 2 foot long iron hard cock, that is 3 inches wide. She retains her tight, hairless cunt, and does not grow any balls. Arya looks expectantly at her sister. Luna, as her sister is most often called, turns away, and lays face first on the floor. The sand remains firm, but extremely soft. Arya then sits between Luna’s legs, on her knees, and ceremoniously shoves her 2 foot long cock right into Luna’s tight cunt. It goes so deep that it spreads Luna’s cervix right open.
Luna screams out in ecstasy, all while Arya says “Fuuck yes take it all my beautiful slut of a sister!!”
Unexpectedly, a pressure Erotik hikaye is felt at Luna’s small rosebud. Arya grew another cock, directly above her current one, just as big, and quickly slams its way in Luna’s tight ass-pussy. “OOaahhmmmyyeeggaaauuudddhhh” Luna said as she realized what was happening.
As soon as the cock was fully grown, Arya grinded and fucked her hard enough to move them across the ground a few inches each thrust. That was until her brother, Carl, as he is named, slid his cock strait down Arya’s throat, all 15 inches long and 4 inches wide. Arya knew well what was going to happen. Carl sits on Luna’s back with his cock hilt deep in Arya’s throat, all the while she is thrusting into Luna’s pussy and stuffed asshole, pushing them across the ground.They keep this up for almost 20 minutes, until Carl half moan half screams “I’m cuuuuummiingggg”, and blasts his sweet cum deep in Arya’s throat.
She doesn’t even need to swallow, he is just that deep. As if she could keep up with him anyways. His cum stream was comparable to putting a fire hose in your mouth and turning it on full blast. His cum went strait down her throat, through her small intestine, through her large, and out her rectum strait into a waiting mouth of the Plant. Because of his Carl’s ancestry, namely the one he has his cock in, his cum comes from a separate mini dimension in his balls, meaning he could cum literally lakes of semen. Wave after wave of cum rushes through her body, spraying out her ass. All the while this is happening, Arya is cumming into Luna’s anus and gaping cunt. Arya’s cum shots put Carl to shame. One gigantic rope of cum would fill up Luna’s womb, distending it, making it look like she is pregnant, until it starts gushing out around of Arya’s cock that is in her cunt. The other one started spewing sweet fuck juice at the same time, with comparable effect of what Carl’s did, only just more powerful.
Luna has had just one, unimaginably long and powerful orgasm since they started their session, meaning she was cumming ever since they started. She is quite the squirter as well. The feeling of being stuffed to the brim is the best thing she has ever felt. She has literally gallons of cum gushing out of her mouth, and around her pussy. Arya kept thrusting and cumming into Luna, but Carl, still cumming, moved his cock from Arya’s mouth Porno hikayeleri and placed it into Luna’s mouth which was wide open in silent ecstasy, effectively stoppering her up. But only for one second. She fulled up so fast, that if not for his unnatural strength and grip in Luna’s hair, he would have been blown away 10 feet. As it was, the cum only gushed out her anus, onto Arya’s double cock, and around Carl’s wide dick, drenching them both in their mixed juices.
Luna is so full, she is almost twice her original size in her stomach and chest. Both their cum even leaked down into her lungs, but luckily, she needs not to breathe, as she cant die anyways. Another 10 minutes of pure ecstasy in 3 Beings with infinitely extended orgasms, all still cumming and releasing fuck liquids. Then Carl removes his cock, still cumming and moves around to Arya’s back and shoves his big cock into her pussy, just underneath her other cocks. As soon as Carl pulled his fuck tool out of Luna’s mouth, gallons of cum rush out her mouth in an unending stream, as Arya is still cumming in her ass and cunt.
Now its Arya’s turn to be filled up. All their orgasms are making loud squelching sounds, and Carl’s cock fills her up, and makes it feel like a hot rolling wave of thick cum is rushing through her pussy and her womb and back out again, to be mixed with her cum coming out of Luna’s ass and pussy.
They all collapse onto each other, exhausted from pure sexual ecstasy for 30 minutes and counting. They were still cumming in each other. After they fell asleep, even though they are still spewing their fuck juices in each other, everybody came up to them and had their way with the sleeping threesome. They let out so much cum, that by the end of the orgy, there was a consistent 1 inch layer of cum across the entire floor of the warehouse. It would be absorbed by the plant, but for now the Plant let the love juices stay at the surface, giving a wet, sexual feeling to all of the sleeping orgy participants. It will not seep through the sand as well, made sure by the sand itself.
They slept like this for 4 days, a record for them. Being sex gods and goddesses, their cum did not dry up.

Well i hope you liked it. This would be my first one of these things ever. I never even wrote for fun before this. If you would like anything specific to happen in any new chapters, let me know and I’ll see what I can do. If you are a woman and read this, notify me. I want to know how many of you beautiful creatures read this little excerpt.

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