Adventures Of Elle Ch. 1

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~Dedicated to a very special “Zakabushi”~

* * * * *

How do these things start?

Elle was laying in bewilderment then. For years Sam was a good friend, closer than close always there to make fun of something that was bothering her. But then this afternoon it had started. And she wasn’t sure of where it would end now. Sam worked at a deli over by the mall and that afternoon when classes had ended Elle had made her way over. Oh of course there was a secret desire between the two both not being remotely unattractive.

She was a leggy little brunette, her hair slightly darker then Sam’s. Elle was a little chubbier than most girls but she was still on the sexy side. Her eyes where a sultry deep brown. Her hips where finely toned and curvy, perfect for grabbing, and those round globes atop her chest would bounce flirtatiously when she stepped just the right way.

Sam was lanky by contrast long arms and legs, skinny as a rail but still his body was rock solid. He had incredible brown eyes that would seem to pierce though the room and though she never admitted it, his eyes combined with his shoulder length brown hair could make a gals mind wander.

When she entered the deli, Sam shot her a smile and a wave inviting her to slip behind the counter, she did of course and was greeted by the usual hug and kiss on the cheek. Maybe it was the heat, or the moon was full, but that hug sent Elle’s skin afire and she clung to him planting little kisses over his face. He chuckled figuring her to be in Kıbrıs Escort one of those snugly moods until there lips met for the very first time. It was so odd yet so right, as he pressed his body against hers, grinding that surprisingly huge bulge against her crotch. His kisses trailed down her throat to her shoulder gently he slid the strap of her sundress to the side sending kisses down her breast and shivers up her spine. Sam sucked on her nipple, nibbling it causing Elle to gasp in delight.

He was pulling her into the backroom then flicking the switch for the “Closed” sign as they past. He had her on the counter in a moment. Panties off dress pulled up to her waist. Sam was crouching between her slender thighs pumping a finger in and out of her sweet little hole as he sucked hard on her clit. Elle was whimerping and tensing as those wonderful sensations ran through her like an electric current. He parted the lips of her little pussy with his other fingers and let his tongue go to play. His left index finger still pumping and wriggling away.

Elle went wild cupping her breasts as she moaned twisting and pinching her nipples. He continued to lick over her pink twat before his tongue joined that finger inside of her, licking the juices that covered her inner and outer walls. Straining to reach all of her nectar. Frantically Elle ground her throbbing pussy against his face. “I want you inside me” she hissed.

Sam held up a finger as if to say “one moment” and his tongue went back Kıbrıs Escort Bayan to lashing violently inside of her a thumb now rubbing at her clit. “Oh Mmm Yesss” She ground against him feeling that first climax approaching. Sam rubbed her thighs gently letting his tongue run over her clit once again before plunging back into her and thrusting violently craving her cum. Her back arched as she pulled and pinched her rosy nipples, moaning loudly in her release.

He greedily lapped up the sweet cum, letting his tongue wander back in to lap up all of the rest, before pulling out and raising up to his feet once more, looking down at her with a sly grin. Elle grinned up at him with wide wild eyes as she struggled to catch her breath. “Oh wowie.” Sam chuckled waiting for her to catch her breath, then flipping her over onto all fours, pressing his chest to her back, he slid his throbbing rod into waiting her pussy, his head right next to hers for a moment before he savagely went to biting her shoulders. Elle’s scream got caught in her throat as she plunged backwards onto his cock, letting her now soaked pussy envelope him, through clenched teeth she managed to hiss “Animal.”

Sam let out a chuckle as he moved his hands from her hips to roughly grab her breasts whispering into her ear “Damn straight,” before he repeatedly slammed his diamond hard cock into her dripping depths to meet her wildly bucking hips. Slamming back against him Elle let out several loud moans before reaching back to Escort Kıbrıs run her nails down his spine. Sam grunted pressing his hips forward for a second before resuming there wild thrusting his tongue slipping over her earlobe before his mouth moved to bite at her neck.

Absorbed in the animalistic nature of there fucking Elle reached behind her once more to grab his hips forcing him to plunge into her at a breakneck pace, tilting her head to catch his lips her tongue slid into his mouth and fenced with his. He moaned into the kiss then began to drive himself as deeply as possible with those furious thrusts. His pounding cock stabbed into her wet rut feeling her pussy muscles clench her climax was coming hard Elle’s tongue coiling and caressed his. Sam pulled hard on her erect little nipples hearing Elle suck in a series of shakie breaths.

Tossing her head back Elle cried out her release her cunt clenched around him. Sam gave out a loud grunt as he sprayed her inner walls with his hot seed pounding into her for the duration of her orgasm. The feel of his cum combined with the friction of his hard thrusting was to much for Elle and she went over the edge screaming and digging her nails into his hip as a second doubly powerful orgasm shook through her and her body tensed up completely. He yelled out continuing to rock into her as her orgasm subsided. Finally coming to a halt leaning onto her his hands never ceasing there torment of her nipples.

Elle grinned feeling his weight on her “Animal” moaning softly from the sensations his fingers caused. Sam was still halfway buried in her his hands never stopping. There work as he looked to her with a smug grin. “That a problem?” Shaking her head no Elle moved her face to his kissing him again with a grin.

“So now about lunch…”

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