Adventures of ‘The Jewish American Princess’ Ch. 2

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Chapter Two: The First Time!

Peter was so excited from touching and tasting my pussy that we had to wait a few minutes for him to be able to walk out without everyone seeing him with a raging hard-on and when we got to the car, I swear he was some kind of an animal with 10 arms!

I suggested he drive out to the interstate where there are a ½ dozen truck stops so that we could go into the coffee shops and see some of the drivers in bright light and get a better idea of whom we wanted to try this with. He couldn’t wait, the key in and away we went; it’s wonder he didn’t get a ticket! Lol

We parked at the first one, went into the coffee shop and sat down in a booth. We ordered coffee and Peter fortified it with some brandy from his hip flask as he didn’t want me to lose the nice fuzzy warm feelings I had and to make sure I didn’t regain my inhibitions I’m sure. As we drank our laced coffee and perused the drivers coming in and out, there was really nothing that I was attracted to so after about ½ hour, we left and went to the next one. This scene repeated itself until we got to the 3rd one and that’s where my and our life changed forever!

I know I had looked at over 100 men that night and I have no idea at how many had stared at me that night, but when the man who would become my Master and the love of my life walked thru the door, it was like a bomb! No hesitation, no doubt, he literally took my breath away! I told Peter, “I have to have him!” He stood approximately 5’10’, was dressed very neatly in black from his cowboy boots to his Resistol hat (if you ever meet him, never ever say Stetson!) He had a full auburn beard, tattoos that extended below his sleeve cuffs, wore an Indian bone and turquoise neck band, exuded raw power and sensuality like a Panther when he moved, and had a set of eyes so strikingly blue that they appeared to stare right thru you!

He wasn’t dirty or nasty looking, he just looked like some cowboy Adonis, an apparition that I had to pinch myself to believe. Peter could tell I was really excited and if I hadn’t been there myself to experience it, I swear I came again! I couldn’t tell Peter how much I wanted that man, I was afraid I would lose my composure, appear overly eager and then he would change his mind and I would lose the opportunity! I bit the inside of my lip to clear my thoughts, as he asked me, “Are you sure?”

I replied, “If I’m going to do this I want to do it with someone that at least looks like he’s clean and takes care of himself, and that is the first one I have seen tonight that does!” Pete said, “I see what you mean. I’m sorry Honey for not thinking, but I was so excited about the prospect of seeing you with someone else, I guess the thinking part of my brain went on vacation. I don’t know what I was thinking about, I guess I wasn’t.” and he kept apologizing so much I was really ready to hit him, just so he would stop!!!

In the meantime the man had paid the cashier and was walking out of the door. I told Peter, “He’s leaving, hurry and let’s try to catch him!” So we got up giving $5 to the waitress and went outside. The man had been parked at the end of a row of fuel pumps (I have had to learn several vocabularies in the service my Master, so thru the chapters do not be surprised at my vocabulary and use of slang expressions as he likes for it to be very real no matter what Kartal Esmer Escort the scene, so my education is continuous…lol) and he had already gotten into it. Peter said, “Hurry and get in the car, we’ll get his attention when he gets on the highway and get him to follow us to the next rest area!”

I jumped in and as we sped away, I was nauseous with the dread and expectation that I was going to lose the first man I had ever looked on with real lust except my husband. Peter pulled up behind his rig at the stop sign, and then we followed him up onto the interstate. After a couple of minutes while I was going crazy thinking about all of this and worrying that I might appear to be too eager for my husband and that he still might change his mind: he pulled out and alongside the trailer. Peter said, “Now Honey, I want you to pull your dress up to your hips and play with yourself as I pull up along side of the driver, and put on a good show!” God, I couldn’t believe this, he really wanted me to put on a show? I pulled up my dress, forgetting in my desire and insanity that I had 4 scarves stuffed in there! When I started pulling them out, Peter went crazy, he couldn’t believe it, but he took the first one and started to suck the juices out and I just surrendered to the flood of emotions that were washing over and thru me while I was fingering myself in a window that a complete stranger could look down and see me!

Peter was adding to the first scarves in his mouth sucking wildly and urging me on while he blew the car horn, which startled me the very first time. The trucker looked down at me and smiled, giving me a thumbs up. When I told Peter he was watching he rolled down the window with the controls on the driver side and told me to lean out of the window, bare my breast and ask him if he wanted to fuck me. I still couldn’t believe he really wanted me to do this, but my pussy was so wet thinking about it and me playing with it, that when I got on my knees the juices just literally ran down my legs!

So there I was about 11:30pm going down the interstate at about 60miles per hour, leaning out of the window playing with my titties, my pussy flooding the front seat of our Mercedes, screaming at the top of my lungs to a complete stranger, “Would you like to fuck me?” while my husband is driving and sucking the cum out of the scarves that had been used to staunch the flow out of my pussy! People, for the first time experience of two formally straight laced Orthodox Jews; it really doesn’t get much wilder or better when you think about, even 10 years later! lol

The guy looked down at me and said. “Yes ma’am.” In a way that caught me totally off guard! Not only was he good looking, he actually had some manners; I almost passed out from just thinking about it! My imagination for the first time I could ever remember just ran away with thoughts of every conceivable manner and I was having a hard time catching my breath!

Peter yelled, “Tell him to pull into the next rest stop if he wants you!” and I did.

The next rest stop was about 10 miles away by that time and we stayed just ahead of the truck while Peter sucked on my scarves and I played with myself. I can tell you one thing, If your going to have sex in a car, you better make sure it has all leather upholstery or it’s gonna get ruined! To this day, putting Kartal Eve Gelen Escort on shows for truck drivers and doing gangbangs at rest areas are one of my favorite things, because nobody does them better! Believe me when I say that once they have been to one of mine, you can hear about it on the radio for weeks! lol

We pulled into the rest area, parked at the far end where the picnic tables are and got out. We proceeded to the shed where the drink machines and things are and waited for the trucker to park and get out. While we waited, Peter was crazy! He was still sucking on my scarves and telling me to introduce both myself, and him as my husband. He said he would agree to anything I said as long as he was allowed to watch. I asked him again, “Are you really sure you want to go thru with this?” he said, “Absolutely! Look here he comes!”

As I turned around he stepped into the light and my knees almost gave out! I know I had to consciously remind myself to breathe, I was his and there was no doubt about it, I knew immediately! What I didn’t know at the time was how much that decision made in a moment would affect the rest of mine our lives!

I stammered, “Hhhhhello, my nnname is Ann and this is my husband Pppeter.” My future lover and “Master” said, “Relax, I’m glad to meet you, it really is a pleasure especially when you are so beautiful thanks for showing me your body awhile ago. I think I know what you want and if it is your going to get your wish.” I couldn’t believe it, he actually thought I was beautiful and thought he knew what we, I mean I wanted!

He asked, “Now either you want to have sex with a stranger and your husband has agreed or he wants you to do it and wants to watch, which is it?” Standing there looking at this dream and trying to believe that someone other than us could think of these nasty thoughts, much less want to act on them was a revelation that overwhelmed me!

I was so nervous I couldn’t speak and then I heard Peter thru what seemed like a fog say, “It was my idea, we talked about it, but I wanted to see her have sex with another man. We looked for a while tonight and this is the first time we have ever tried this so we weren’t sure how to act upon it, when we saw you we both knew you were the man we needed. I know what we want isn’t really normal but we at least wanted somebody who looked clean and acted nice. We’re really glad you stopped and if you would like, I will stand over here to the side while you and Ann discuss it, OK?”

My future “Master” said, “OK, if you want or you can stay, I’ll leave it to your wife.”

I really couldn’t think clearly, here was my dream lover telling my husband it was up to me! It was my decision! I couldn’t have loved him more at that moment even if I had known how he was going to change my life and the way I felt in the days, weeks, months and years to come.

At that time I was still shy, I know I had just hung out the window and put on a show, but I felt so vulnerable and ashamed now that I was in his immediate presence that I mumbled, “Can we do it without him listening?” He turned to Peter and said, “We want to talk a little privately, would you care to walk around for a few minutes?” Peter said, “Yes, I’ll be back in a few minutes after I walk around the stop and check the maps and things.” And left.

My blue-eyed Kartal Evi Olan Escort stranger took my hand, said my name is “Clint,” then led me to the table and assisted me to a seat. He said, “Would you like a Pepsi/” as turned to the machine and inserted some change. I said, “Please, and thank you.” I was so parched and dry from the nervousness I would have drank anything!

He sat down and started talking, “So this is your husbands idea and your willing to do it for him?” I replied, “Yes.” He asked, “From fear, love, desire or what? I had to have a drink before I could answer, “Well, really because I want to, but my husband really does want me to in the worst way; he actually begged me and signed a contract that said I was doing for him to make him happy and that he couldn’t and wouldn’t hold it against me!” “He did, did he?” He asked. “Now that is very interesting1”

It could have been my imagination but I swear I saw a light turn in his eyes that excited me even more! While gazing into those pools of liquid blue fire I said, “Peter told me to tell you that he would agree to anything you want as long as he could watch, and I agree too. I will do anything you want anytime, place or where! I just couldn’t say that in front of him, please make love to me!”

He said, “I don’t think we have a problem here, but as of this moment you are mine and you will have to do exactly as I say! If you hesitate just once, I will leave and won’t come back. Do you understand me?” I replied, yes.”

He asked me, “Are you absolutely sure, anything I say? You will accept me as your “Master” and do everything I say immediately without reservation. You will hereby recognize me and call me Master in front of your husband and everyone else?”

I know my voice faltered as I said, “Yes “Master,” anything you want” Master.” As my knees got weaker and my pussy got wetter contemplating that what I was praying would happen would; not knowing in that moment of submission that my imagination was only starting to bloom and I really had no idea of the pleasures that I would be subjected, introduced to and enjoy!

My first command that has never left me even for an instance was “Kiss me!” I lost it, that’s all I can say! When I leaned forward he grabbed me by the hair at the bottom of my neck and forced his tongue into my mouth, and what a tongue! Broad, long, passionate and probing, he gave me my first orgasm from him, right there! I thought I had died and gone to Heaven! Nothing but nothing could ever compete with that! Then as he pulled away, he said, “Call your husband over here, now!”

I was a little slow as I was coming back to this world from where ever I had been on my ecstasy filled journey, he snatched me by the hair harder and thru the glaze I heard him say “NOW!” much more forcefully. I started to panic remembering the conditions and screamed, “PETER!”

Peter came running across the grass not knowing what was happening (I have always loved him for that one true moment of unselfishness), My “New Master” with his hand still imbedded and grasping my hair, gave my husband his first command, “STOP!”

He stopped in his tracks and looked at me with pleading eyes. I said, “Peter this is my “Master”. Remember you agreed to anything as long as you could watch.” Then Peter looked at me for a few moments more and then he said, “Are you sure this is what you want to do, this is the person you want to do this with?’ I replied, “Yes Honey, I do.” Then after staring at me for a few more moments, he said, “OK, if that’s what you really want. What or how are we going to do this?”

And that is what you will discover next time…Ann

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