Advise and Consent

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You know guys don’t ask directions, right? And they certainly don’t ask for help getting sex, but one summer I got excellent advice and help from a couple of friends and achieved a memorable milestone!

I’d had my first sexual experience (“Paradise Found and Lost”) and while in the army had found a few girls who, after being bought enough drink or a meal, would drop their panties, roll a condom onto my cock, and let me push it into them.

Then I went to college, and thought I’d find plenty of sex. Not so! Either I was caught up in the “Nice-girls-don’t” zone, or there was something wrong with my technique! In a whole year I only got my fingers onto a couple of nipples and my hand between one pair of panty-clad thighs. Desperate times!

My neighbour in College was having a very different experience. He had a series of girl friends each of whom, against regulations, stayed overnight and had to be smuggled out in the morning. A few times Peter asked for my help in checking down the hallways and stairs before a tired and somewhat disheveled girl could slip out and join the students moving towards the first lecture of the day.

“Sorry I couldn’t return the favor,” Peter said late in the year.

I somehow stumbled out a question about, “How do you do that?” and he revealed his secret: Peter claimed that Nice Girls enjoy sex like anyone else, but want to remain in control, not to have to “wrestle” with a guy trying to force his way. Well, maybe enough wrestling to keep their self respect, but still in control.

His experience was that a girl always said “No” BEFORE she really wanted to stop, just in case. He said he ALWAYS stopped at once, that the girl was then a bit disappointed, and sooner or later would let him get further, and further, and then all the way but on her timetable!

During the summer I had to do my army reserve training for a couple of weeks. Despite being a lot younger, I was a friend of one of the senior NCOs, Fred White, who had been on the advance party to the training camp. Fred had the reputation of being able to find a woman anywhere, and it was no surprise that he was chatting up the canteen manager, Maude, a woman about his age.

Fred insisted that I join him for a beer, and embarrassed me by praising me as a “College Lad” to a young girl Claire, who was serving food and drinks. Claire was just 18, rather plain and slightly plump, but easy to talk to. She showed me some photos of herself wearing an army beret and holding a rifle in front of a truck. Someone from a previous regiment had taken them and sent copies.

“The dirty bastard,” she said with a happy smile, “He was always trying Casibom to get his hands into my knickers!” Peter’s advice flashed into my mind. If that was the limit, what areas were in the OK zone?

“Well, you won’t have that problem with me,” I told her and she looked surprised. “I’ll just ask you politely to take them off for me!” Claire acted insulted and thumped my arm so that my beer spilled. I thought it was progress, though, since somewhere she had registered the thought of taking off her panties for me!

When the canteen closed Claire agreed to go for a walk and we found a quiet corner for a kiss and a feel. I squeezed her breast and she pushed my hand away. We continued to talk and kiss, and presently she took my hand and placed it over a breast, telling me to be gentle with her. The method was working!

Her heavy sweater and a closed blouse beneath prevented any real access, though, and I decided a bold approach was best. “I’d like to see you tomorrow evening,” I told her, “But it would be much nicer if you wore something that buttoned up the front!”

“You’ll be lucky,” she said, thumping my arm again. But the following evening, after the canteen closed and Claire had slipped back to her room to change, she appeared wearing a cardigan over a front-buttoned blouse! With just a couple of thumps, some objections and pauses in the action, I had both garments unbuttoned, her bra pushed up, and I was sucking her nipples while she sighed with delight.

I gathered that the “other guys” had tried to move quickly from feeling a breast to getting between her thighs. I could wait (for a while)!

The next night I was busy, “Playing soldiers” on some crazy exercise, but then it was back to Claire and more progress. After continued attention to her breasts I got a hand into her trouser waistband and felt downwards.

As before Claire was indignant, upset, pulled away, and fastened her blouse after putting her breasts back into her bra. About ten minutes later though, she let my hand slip between her trouser legs and even put one of her hands on my crotch.

I assured her that the excited state she found there was because I liked her and was so attracted to her. I also reminded her that I would stop any time she asked. One last request, though, I suggested that the next evening she wear a skirt instead of pants!

The following night had good news and bad news. The good news is that Claire did indeed wear a skirt. The bad news was that it was raining as we stepped out of the canteen! “You can’t come to my room,” Claire sighed, “But maybe we can use the storeroom?”

She led me round the back of the canteen, Casibom Giriş down a passage, and into a small room with piles of boxes and a folding chair. It didn’t look promising, but it was dry!

I sat on the chair and Claire sat on my knee while we kissed and progressed to the last night’s “limit” point. I stroked her thighs and she felt my erection. With some hesitation Claire agreed that I should open my fly and let her feel my penis. She closed her hand round the shaft and stroked it gently.

My fingers were exploring the crotch panel of her knickers. They were the type with elastic round the legs, so there was not much chance of access in that direction, quite apart from my “promise”.

“I wish you’d slip your knickers off so I can touch you,” I whispered in her ear, and to my delight she stood up and slid the garment down to the floor. I picked it up and folded it neatly, putting it in my pocket. My fingers now dipped into the wetness of her pussy, while she sighed and wriggled. I persuaded her to sit facing me and she slid forward so that her hairy crotch was only inches from my erection.

“Let me put it near you,” I asked. Somehow she lifted herself and I felt the heat and wetness on my knob. I was fingering her clitoris and she pushed forward so that my penis was between the lips. Was I in her? Maybe just a fraction but she was holding herself up. I stroked her thighs and behind her knees. Her legs started to tremble, and slowly she lowered herself onto my shaft. Not far, though, there was some obstruction.

Was she truly a virgin, then? She certainly felt tight. Claire was gently rocking so that she moved up and down. Suddenly her legs seemed to collapse and she slipped all the way down my cock until our pubic bones hit! All the way in! She gave a gasp and a slight moan, but didn’t seem unhappy.

Just at that moment there was a noise in the passage and I panicked. I lifted Claire up and struggled to get my erection back into my pants. I worried that she might have bled when I broke her hymen, but I didn’t have time to look before the door opened and Maude stood there with Fred close behind.

“What’s going on here?” Maude demanded, then, “No, don’t tell me, it’s clear enough.” She seemed to wriggle slightly and I realized that Fred was squeezing her buttocks, as he stood close.

“That chair doesn’t look very safe,” was Fred’s contribution to the discussion, “Can’t you give Claire permission to have a guest visit for a while?”

Maude seemed to struggle with the decision, but finally agreed that I could be in Claire’s room for about another hour. We happily walked hand-in-hand down Casibom Yeni Giriş the passage and in a little while I had Claire laid on the bed, and ready for me to get back into her. She was still incredibly hot and wet and as I thrust into her she thrashed about with an orgasm. That’s all I needed to release a load of sperm in her vagina, remembering too late that I had planned to pull out before cumming.

I had a couple more great evenings in Claire’s bed, trying to get full penetration, give her an orgasm and achieve release. Not too far away another bed was creaking as Fred and Maude had their nasty fun.

Then we left camp for several days while we went through a mock battle exercise. There was only one night remaining when I got back, and Claire was waiting. “You didn’t miss much.” She said. “I had my period and it was really messy.” I mentally thanked whatever divine force had saved me from getting her pregnant.

One last night with our sweaty bodies pressed together and hearing Claire whisper those magic words, “Can we do it again?” We could, and we did!

It was a long journey home, wondering how our paths could be made to cross again. I had to be in love with any girl who would let me fuck her like that.

It was a couple of weeks later that I met Fred White at a reserves meeting. “You did yourself ok, Phillip lad!” he said. “I hope you don’t mind, but after you left, Claire dropped her knickers for me too.” I felt as though I’d been kicked in the balls. My true love was unfaithful; how could she possibly fuck OLD FRED!!

“Don’t misunderstand,” Fred said, “Maude was a real good fuck, but she had the new guys sniffing around her and let’s face it, she must have shagged at least 400 guys over the years. I just wanted the taste and feel of something fresh again!”

“That’s ok, Fred,” I said miserably as my heart broke. But Fred had more bad news.

“A young officer in the next regiment drove Claire into town in his fancy car for dinner and drinks on her night off,” he said. “After getting back they’d been parked for a while when I saw the two of them get out of the back seat. I somehow think young Claire found an easy way to say, ‘Thank you!’.”

I didn’t forget Claire, though. I found that precious pair of knickers had stayed in my pocket and I used them to jerk off, and to believe they still had the scent of her wet crotch. I threw them away, together with Claire’s photo, when I got married.

A year or so after that I got into my wife’s vagina for the first time without a condom, as we agreed to “take chances”. It seems to me that no sooner had I pumped sperm into her than our first child was conceived, so again I knew of my lucky escape with Claire.

But Claire was very special and in fact that was the Only Time in my life I ever got my hard penis into a virgin and released a load of semen in there. Thank you, Claire! Where are you now?

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