After Hours Ch. 01

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‘Damn another late night ahead – fucking project’ I commiserate with myself, knowing that I’ll be staying late after hours to try and get things done within the usual unrealistic timescales. To make things worse, my wife will be off out tonight enjoying herself with our friends, while I’m slaving away. While it was still only 5:30, the office already seemed to be mostly deserted, all the sensible people already left for home or their non work lives.

Tutting at my own bad luck I put my head down to try regain some concentration on the document in front of me, before noticing my e-mail is showing I have something new. ‘Oh god don’t let it be more work’ I silently plead, before I realise that there’s nothing appearing in my inbox. Grinning I look in my ‘special’ folder, and am surprised to see it is an e-mail with your name on, ‘still here?’ I wonder – as I can’t see you without standing up. Oh yes she is I grin, reading your reply to another of my cheeky innuendo’s from earlier in the day.

I try and resist the urge to let this distraction stop me, I realise I’d better keep working, else I’ll never leave, so I send off the document to the printer… but in the seconds afterwards I just can’t help myself; ‘I’m off to the print room in a minute.. why not meet me there?’ I tease, playing the usual games we have fun with in our banter.

Making my way across the now deserted and semi dark office, I grin stupidly at you as I duck into the copier area – realising that I must seem like a naughty kid. ‘Oh well, it’s not like she’s actually going to dare come in here after that e-mail, she’s not that silly’ I chide myself.

It’s a cold dark night outside, so I wonder across to the furthest machine so I can look outside – ‘just my luck it will be raining’ I think to myself, while trying to work out why nothing is printing. ‘Damn, someone’s left it with no paper in!’. I find a couple of packs of A4 and start filling the machine, cursing my luck.

“Don’t get up for me.”

I spin round and stand up quick, like a naughty schoolboy caught out looking at porn. “Oh hello, you made me jump.” I confess, trying to think of something clever to say, and failing miserably. I realise that I’m staring at your cleavage, and force my eyes up to meet yours, and am glad to see you are laughing.

“See something you like?” you tease, knowing just what I was looking at. Hell you can’t blame me, and after all, you had unbuttoned one extra button just to fluster me.

“Of course, as always!” I agree, trying on my cheekiest of grins.

“Naughty boy – you know you’re a married man!”

“Yeah right – as if that’s ever stopped me looking.” I reply a little too quickly.

“Oh so you look do you? Ever do more than that?” you say, winking at me and enjoying me squirm.

“Erm… well do you know anything about these photocopiers?” I ask, trying to deflect the conversation, not sure where it will lead, knowing where I want it to go, but trying my best not to be bad.

“Oh god have you broken it?” you laugh, turning to check the display, arching your back a little to tease me some more.

“Nah of course not.. it’s just .. not printing!” I laugh, watching your bum as you bend over to check the paper draws I’d just been filling. I can feel my cock stiffen as you seem to wiggle back closer towards Kocaeli Escort me. ‘What the hell’ I think to myself, as I slowly glide up behind you reaching over you to pretend to fiddle with the controls.

You feel me push against you, crotch against your arse, and stiffen up, quickly straightening back up a little surprised. “Now now stop that! You know you’re not to touch. What if someone saw?” you begin, telling me off half heartedly, but enjoying the physical contact, making out as if to push me back, but using the movement to push yourself fully against me.

I feel you wiggle harder against me, and it drives me a little crazy, forgetting to keep it ‘just mates’. I push back, forcing you against the photocopier, my arms wrapping around you, hands finding your tits, roughly squeezing them through your blouse. I push my lips to your ear, and whisper, “no one is here, it’s just you and me… and you want it… don’t you.. slut.” I feel you stiffen, and wonder if I’ve completely fucked up and let my lust go to far.

“Yes…” you whisper, just loud enough for me to hear, and I feel a shiver pass through your body, as you tingle with the excitement of the situation. With that admission I know it’s time to take control properly, so I push even closer against you, my body grinding against yours. With you pinned against the copier totally at my mercy my hands start opening buttons, pulling your top open roughly, sliding inside to firmly squeeze your breasts. As I feel you respond, arching back against me, I being to lick and nibble your neck, breathing in your perfume deeply, my hot breath sending more shivers through your body.

“Fuck I’ve wanted to do this for ages,” I admit, my hands sliding inside your bra, feeling your nipples stiffen under my touch, “Oh fuck your tits feel amazing, turn round so I can see them properly!” I urge you, letting you have a little room so you can turn to face me. I grin as you turn, looking so slutty with your top pulled open, breasts pulled up out of your bra, dishevelled and so sexy. I don’t give you any time to speak though, as my mouth finds yours, both of us kissing hungrily, our hands exploring each others bodies. I groan into your mouth as your hand slides down between us, rubbing urgently up and down the hard bulge in my trousers.

“Want to see my cock my teasing slut?” I ask you, a wicked look in my eyes. Your smile gives you away, you want my cock as much as I want you. “Then down on your knees – so you can look properly,” I urge, guiding you down, so you look up at me, the rest of the office forgotten except for our little corner, no sounds except our breathing and the low hum of the photocopiers ticking over.

You can’t wait any longer, and your nimble fingers unbutton my combats, sliding my trousers and underwear down, revealing your swollen and rock hard prize, standing very much to your attention.

“Mmm I’ve wanted to get my hands on this for ages,” you admit, sliding fingers slowly up and down my length, feeling the heat it radiates.

“More than just your hands I hope!” I joke, fingers stroking through your dark hair, pulling your face close.. closer… until I can rub my cock over your cheeks, guiding your lips to my swollen purple head. I groan again in appreciation as you lick your lips, and then open your mouth Kocaeli Escort Bayan wide in an O as you slide my meat into your mouth, tongue lapping at the underside, knowing how sensitive that area is for a guy.

You feel my eyes on you as you greedily suck and slurp my hard cock down, wanting to prove to me what a hot little cock sucker you are. Taking my cock out of your greedy mouth with a ‘POP’ you look up into my eyes, while running your tongue up and down my shaft, tasting every inch of slightly salty hot skin. You watch my every reaction and feel my eyes burn into yours as your tongue mouth drops to suck on my balls, while you slowly use your hand to wank my cock up and down, slowly and sensuously, never breaking eye contact.

“Touch yourself.” I manage to whisper, throat dry with excitement, “Rub your cunt for me while you suck me dry!” I urge, wanting to see you finger yourself before me, semi clothed and looking so slutty, lipstick already smeared a little.

You don’t need asking twice, and without missing a beat you slide your spare hand down, hiking your skirt up, and pulling your knickers to one side, enjoying the feeling of the cool air on your shaved bare pussy. You know you must look such a slut in my eyes, and love that feeling of nastiness, which sends an excited flush of blood through your cheeks. I watch intently as I see you slide your fingers inside your obviously dripping cunt, smearing the juices around your clit as you circle it, in time with the wanking motion on my cock. I don’t know what turns me on more, watching your manicured red fingers sliding in and out of your dripping pussy, or knowing that you’ve been walking around the office with your cunt shaved bare! What a naughty little slut you are.

“Mmm fuck you’re good,” I compliment, as I take your head in my hands, urging you to suck me down deeper and deeper, starting to literally fuck your face. You are determined to show me your skill, taking me all the way down, your tongue snaking out to lap at my balls as you hold me at the back of your throat, pulling back go gasp down air, saliva and my pre cum running down your chin. My breathing is ragged as the excitement takes over, looking deeply into your wide eyes as you swallow my cock, cheeks hollowing as you suck hard, desperate to taste cum, to swallow down your reward. Your large tits rock back and forth with the motion of your head bobbing up and down, and your hand is a blur as you rub your clit, faster and faster, your cunt burning with desire.

“Oh fuck I’m going to cum… suck me harder… harder..” I urge, feeling the cum boil in my balls, the heat of approaching orgasm building… building… sweat forming on my thighs as I get so close, watching you pull my cock from your mouth, hand wanking me urgently, licking the head, mouth wide open, urging me to cum in your mouth, telling me to fill your mouth with my hot spunk. Your nasty words are too much, and I CUM so hard, my cock swelling before starting to throb, ropes of white cum spurting from it’s eye, landing over your lapping tongue, sliding down into your mouth, coating your teeth… fingers.. chin. You can taste and smell my warm salty load, feel my cock jerk as I groan, looking down at you with so much lust in my eyes, seeing you take all my cum. You slowly wank every last drop Escort Kocaeli out, fingers sliding slippery up an down, making a show of not letting any spill from your mouth, keeping it open so I can see it glisten inside.

“You look so fucking sexy and dirty!” I exclaim, dropping down to my knees beside you. Never breaking eye contact, I move my lips to your cum filled mouth, and you realise that I don’t want you to swallow .. yet… and you heart beats faster as you return the kiss, our tongues sliding over each other, my salty cum swapping between our mouths, dripping down onto your tits and my chest, our mouths fevered, kissing hard, hungry, faces messy with cum. “I need to cum… make me cum… please” you gasp after breaking the kiss, your cunt feeling like it is on fire, your inner thighs slippery with your juices.

Happy to oblige, I push you down on your back, you feel the cold floor of the print room against you. I pull your knickers down and toss them to one side, maybe leaving them for someone to find in the morning – to their surprise and shock, then you feel my hands circling your ankles, strongly pulling your legs apart, and pushing them back towards your chest, opening you up completely to my mercy. You can feel your pussy lips open, and silently plead for me to touch you – agonising seconds pass, as I take my time, feasting first with my eyes, seeing your inner pussy lips glistening with wetness, breathing in your scent as I push my faces closer and closer. I watch as you wiggle, trying to bring your pussy in contact with something… anything to satisfy the itch you have, cunt on fire, mouth still full of the taste of spunk. I blow delicately on your clit, hearing you gasp, and follow up by licking gently around pussy, just teasing around your very inner thighs, making you wait for my touch, hearing you beg for me to eat you.

Knowing you can take no more teasing, I let the tip of my tongue trace down your slick slit, top to bottom, circling around your clit on the way, then pushing it inside you, tasting your slightly acid but sweet taste… then back out to lap up and down, hearing you groan, feeling your body react under me. Your hands grasp my hair, pulling me in closer, grinding yourself against my tongue and teeth. “Eat me, make me cum you bastard” you cry, totally giving into your feelings.

I have no breath to reply, but continue to lick … taking your clit in my mouth I gently suck and nibble, making your body shake. I let go of one of your legs, to use the fingers on you… two fingers slipping easily into your hot hole, twisting and fucking you … in and out, while my tongue works on your clit. “Yes.. yes.. yes” you keep crying, skin flushing red with excitement, feeling your pussy stretch under my assault, three fingers now twisting in and out, the sounds of your wet cunt filling my ears, sucking .. licking, tasting your juices as the flow freely now.

Pulling away for a second, I growl, “Cum for me! Cum for me my sexy cum drinking slut!” then go back to lapping at your cunt, and just to set you off, I slide a thumb inside your so arse, surprising you with shock – which tips you over, and with a cry you start to cum, waves of heat and pleasure radiating from your cunt, your body shaking with muscle contractions, breath ragged, cumming and cumming as I don’t let up, sucking down your juices.

“Stop stop!” you pant, pushing my head away, pulling my fingers from your holes… “Enough!”, and I realise your pussy needs time, oversensitive from cumming, so I lay beside you, kissing you gently, so you can taste your own cum, mixing with mine.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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