After School Stud Ch. 07

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Chapter Seven: [F]irst Time, Again

Morgan stared as Chris entered her classroom. Having jerked him off that morning, she hadn’t expected him to be hard when he arrived in the afternoon. However, the clear erection she saw him smuggling in his sweats did not disappoint her. In fact, she smiled as she stared at him, feeling both flattered and excited herself at the sight of his arousal. Her room had stunk of semen all day as she kept her towel by her desk, and each time he passed her in the halls, she felt the need to pull him into her room and bring him to climax a second time.

That is why she pulled him to her by his pants after seating herself in one of the desks in the front row. Chris gasped as he stopped in front of her, and he stared down at her wide-eyed but aroused. “Mrs. Klein?”

“Come here and let me take care of that for you,” she said, feeling him through his pants with one hand while undoing the knotted string of his sweatpants with the other.

“But…” He hardly had a word out before his pants came down. His dick swung up and swayed in her face. Morgan laughed as she took him in her soft, silky fingers. “I-I haven’t gotten another A yet.”

Staring down the full length of his meaty shaft, Morgan shrugged. “You will,” she said, stroking him from tip to base. “Besides, how can we expect you to learn when you’re too big and hard to focus on anything?”

Chris only nodded dumbly as his beautiful teacher cupped his balls. She kissed his shaft and purred afterward.

“Mm. But you’ve already used up my only towel for the day.” She kissed him again, licking her lips as she did. “I guess you’ll have to come all over me again.” She giggled as he twitched and swelled in her hand. “My, someone likes that idea. Where do you want to come, Chris?” Lifting her blouse, Morgan showed off her lacy pink underwear and her equally pink nipples peeking through the fabric. Chris twitched in her hand again, this time leaking precum, and she purred. “Mm. Would you like to come all over my breasts again,” she mewled, and gaziantep escort she giggled throatily. “I think you do,” she said. “Gosh, you’re so stinking big, Chris, I just can’t get over it!”

Chris groaned. “Your hand feels so good, Mrs. Klein!”

“And your dick feels good, too, Chris. Nice and hard.” Reaching back with her right hand, Morgan deftly plucked her bra open and then lifted the cups to expose her small, symmetrical breasts. Chris stared, gaze fixed on her pink nipples and puffy areola. Morgan caught him staring and laughed, pulling him closer by his dick to kiss his crown. Pausing there, she mewled before drooling along his shaft, spitting across his length and using it as lubricant like a porn star.

Morgan moved herself closer, taking a seat on the desk itself and not on the seat. Chris, meanwhile, took to bucking into her hands, driving his swollen, gleaming crown into her breasts. Morgan laughed, angling her body so that he can fuck himself against her soft tit flesh. Her breasts are small, but Chris seemed to enjoy them all the same, and Morgan was grateful for that as she kissed his stomach and sniffed his root.

Holding him with one hand, Morgan used the other hand to reach out and tug his pants down further. His swinging testicles came into view, and she examined them closely between the kisses she left on his root and pelvis. His smooth, hairless testicles are, like his dick, much larger than average and make her husband look like a child. Every part of him seemed larger than life to Morgan, who admittedly was a tiny woman.

She stared up at him with a smile while he towered over her, tall and stout. Sometimes, in the throes of pleasure, he stared down at her impervious like a king. In those moments, Morgan felt dainty and subject to his rule. She would smile up at him, eager to serve. Her reservations since last week have dimmed and, in their place, a new-found affection and appreciation for him has formed.

Part of the pleasures she took in him was the way he made her feel. Every time he looked at her, even in the hall, she was left feeling shaky and giddy like a teen. They weren’t dating–Morgan was too old for him–but it felt like they were sometimes. It felt good to have his attention, and in turn, she enjoyed giving him attention. Holding him, stroking him, watching his stomach flex as he fucked her hands, she began to see Chris as something of a stud rather than a crush.

As a result of her growing infatuation with Chris and his big, fat dick, Morgan found her feelings for her husband intrusive. Her old, more modest feelings for the older, more modestly endowed man she married seemed almost like a distraction from what really mattered. Anymore, her eyes were meant for Chris, who was far more deserving of her time and her energy. So she sat there, her hands together for him to fuck her palms and fingers as she showered his lean, muscular body with kisses while he bent over her.

Meanwhile, Chris could see her growing interest in him despite his youth. He was too young and naive to understand the depth of it, but it empowered him all the same. It gave him the confidence to enjoy her, and it allowed him to thrust into her hands and breasts without fear of punishment. On instinct, Chris knew the power he had over Morgan and reveled in it. For him, Morgan wasn’t only an older, beautiful teacher, but the first woman–perhaps the first person–to believe in him, and that alone made him love her. Sometimes, that love interrupted his adolescent fantasies. It made him feel guilty, but only until she fixed her hands around his rigid cock. Then, the pleasure was too great to deny.

Licking his cock root, Morgan purred as he swelled in her grasp. She sat back to stare at his leaking shaft, astonished by his size and his resilience. “My, my, you’re lasting a while,” she said, and she laughed. “Gosh, you’re getting so fat. Are your balls heavy, Chris? Do you need to come all over your favorite teacher’s tiny titties?” Morgan never spoke this way at home with her husband, but it felt fun to tease Chris, and she could tell he liked it, too. She moaned as he quickened, swelling and surging in her hands. She could feel his orgasm before it exploded across her breasts. “Do it, Chris. Cover me in your cum. Use my breasts as your towel to catch your cum!”

Grunting and gasping, Chris forced himself to the root in her palms and exploded across her chest like a firehose. Hot semen spurted and spread across her skin, and Morgan giggled and stroked him with one hand while holding him steady with the other. She had her own climax in tandem with his, like a reward for her good behavior, and she moaned through it before turning a half-lidded gaze on Chris, who stared back at her in silent awe.

Morgan purred. Stroking him slowly, she milked him onto her sperm-slick breasts. Even with her shirt up, she couldn’t do much to avoid the mess. Morgan didn’t care, she was happy to be his cum rag and took a quiet pride in his virility. She cooed while milking the last of him onto her collar bone, and then she sucked him clean just to taste him. “Mm.” She purred while tonguing his urethra, and then she stared him in the eyes with his cock in her mouth. “Is that better, Chris? Do you think you can focus now?”

Eying her sperm-soaked torso in mixed pride and astonishment, he gulped. “Uh, sure?”

Giggling, Morgan kissed his cockhead one last time before removing herself from him. She found her old towel and wiped her body reluctantly as Chris put himself away. She smiled at him as he went to the window to open it. “Thanks,” she said. “I’ll be back in a bit. Wait for me?”

Chris nodded, and Morgan kissed him on the cheek on her way out. It wasn’t until she was in the teacher’s bathroom, the scent of Chris less pronounced than it was in the classroom, that she realized what she did. It felt right in the moment and, staring at herself in the mirror, still stinking of his semen, it continued to feel right in the bathroom. Her only concern was that she might regret it later.

Koto’s Commentary: Thanks to everyone reading this, I really appreciate this, and thanks to my patrons for supporting my stories. Happy fapping, everyone!

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