Afternoon Shocker

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I didn’t really think of myself as a whore. I was just playing at it. A couple of afternoons a week. It was a nice, beautifully decorated apartment on the east side, and a couple of other girls who didn’t look slutty or whorish either. We had a lot in common. One was a few years older, a housewife from Queens, and the other was a college student like me, and they were both sweethearts. We’d talk about our lives, our courses, Jenna’s kids (she had two), TV shows we liked (Game of Thrones!). We’d do each other’s nails. And then a man would show up, who’d been pre-vetted by our madam, and one of us would take him into one of the bedrooms. We’d generally start out the day dressed in our street clothes (but nice), but after we got going we’d just wear our robes.

I did fuck a lot of guys. That was different for me, because I’d really only been with two boyfriends before. I’d never had an orgasm with either of them, and of course I never had an orgasm while I was fucking and sucking for money in that nice east side apartment. But I liked it. It was…interesting work. It mostly felt nice, and when it didn’t, it was over quickly. There was never any ugly stuff. Connie, our madam, vetted her clients too carefully for that. And the money was nice.

It was all görükle escort nice. Until…that thing that working girls always joke about, but it never really happens. It had never happened to Lorna or Raquel, and it was easy to joke about because I knew it would never happen to me.

Until it did. The voice in the outer room, talking to Connie. No mistaking it. I turned pale as a ghost, and the other girls could see me starting to tremble. The voice was my Dad’s.

All I could think of was to hide. I ran into one of the bedrooms and closed the door. What was he doing here? He was cheating on Mom! He had no right being in a place like this! Ever! I was so mad I wanted to go out and confront him, and so scared I just wanted to curl up and float away. From the other side of the closed door I could hear my Dad’s voice, laughing and joking with Lorna and Raquel. And I couldn’t believe how coarse he was. “Yeah, honey, you’ve got nice tits, but I like ’em a little rounder…OK, sweetheart, let me see your snatch. What, you couldn’t shave it? Don’t you have anyone else? Whaddya mean, no? They said over the phone – three sluts. Three whores. Where’s the third?” And to my horror, I heard one of the girls say, in a soft voice,

“In there.”

The eskort bayan door was flung open. In a panic, I hid my head under the pillow, not thinking that at the same time, I was leaving my ass up in the air, exposed.

“Hmm,” my Dad’s voice boomed out. “So that’s the way you like it, eh, little whore? Well, that suits me fine.” In one gesture, he swept my robe away, and smacked me on the ass, hard. I yelped with pain, but my voice was muffled by the pillow, and indistinguishable. I could hear his pants drop to the floor. I could tell he was picking up the tube of lube on the bedside table, and then he was behind me, and in one brutal motion, he slammed his penis deep inside me.

I yelped with pain. He rammed again and again. I was almost nauseated. I couldn’t believe it was happening to me. And then, with about the third or fourth stroke, something even worse. The pain had died away, and I was starting to feel the most pleasurable feelings I had ever known. My body was tingling. His cock was huge, and yet it seemed to fill me exactly. It expanded the walls of my cunt, but just the right of amount. The tip of it touched my cervix. My juices were flowing, mingling with the lubricant.

Then he slowed altıparmak escort down. He pulled almost all the way out, slowly. I was praying he’d leave, and praying he wouldn’t. Then he slammed it home again.

And did it again, and again. I don’t know how long it went on. I had lost track of time and space, and any sense of anything except that big cock sliding out, ramming in. I started to feel a tingling, then more than a tingling, that started at my toes, and coursed through my whole body, but especially my cunt, which was clutching at that thrusting cock as though it had a mind of its own, and I realized I was having my first ever orgasm.

And then my second. And then I lost count. It all merged into one intense cloud of pleasure that blotted out all other feelings, until I felt his cock expand even more, and his body start to shake, and a hot spurt inside me that made me realize, somewhere within the dim recesses of my brain, that he had never put a condom on.

He slid off the bed. I could hear him putting his trousers back on, leaving money on the dresser, walking away. I heard the door open and close. I came back to earth, and the full realization of what I had just done.

Hating myself, still trembling, I went over to the dresser. He had left me $400! And the cheap bastard won’t buy Mom a new dishwasher! I thought.

I crept open the door, opened it a crack. He had already left the inner lounge. I could hear him talking to Connie in the foyer.

“I’ll be back again next week,” he was saying. “I want her again.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32