Alex , Alexa Ch. 17

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Disclaimer: Read… the… Author’s… Notes. For the love of Sanguinius, PLEASE, before you comment or send hate mail. You have opposable thumbs, live up to that evolutionary gift. If characters are having sexy time, they’re 18 or older. Deal with it.

Epilogue- Never Another Day Without You

I was already liking Paris. No. Loving it. People were clapping quietly in the café as I led Alexa out of it, her arm threaded through mine, my hand clasping hers. Alexa was looking at the ground and blushing, trying to control her smile. She’d said almost nothing since I’d found her.

“Jamais un autre jour sans toi…” she had whispered in my ear, with tears on her cheeks as I hugged her while the café looked on.


We walked slowly through the neighbourhood, saying nothing yet. We just wanted to feel one another’s presence. I never once let go of her hand, keeping it clasped in both of mine. Every now and then, she would turn to look at me and I was stunned all over again by her angelic beauty- the limitless depths of her sapphire eyes, the radiance of her golden hair, the purity and joy of her smile…

I’d never been more in love with her. It felt like a dream, walking with her now.

We walked through the Square des Epinettes quietly, letting the warm summer air embrace us. Any ambient noise of the bustling city all around us was lost, because we were focused only on one another. We stopped and just stared at the statue in the center of the park for some time, although I was admittedly only faintly aware of it. There was only us.

We began walking again and I allowed her to lead me wherever it was we were heading.

“We off to an atelier?” I asked, grinning.

Alexa smiled and shook her head. She was so unusually quiet. I think she was still overwhelmed by my presence. “Afraid not. Just a little apartment off Roberval, sort of tucked away beyond notice.”

“That sounds nothing like you.” I mused.

“I couldn’t agree more,” she said quietly. “Let me take you there.”

We walked casually through the streets, eventually reaching Rue Roberval, and she brought us around behind a large, old building, the foundations of which dated back to the 1700’s at least. We entered through a small, walled-off garden and she used a small, antique key to access a stairwell. Two flights up and she brought us to a door.

“Promise not to laugh?” she asked as she put the key in the ancient lock.

“No.” I replied simply, making her shake her head. She opened the door and led me inside. The apartment was tiny, basically one medium-sized room with several half-partitions meant to give it a multi-room feel. The living room was also the bed room. A tiny kitchenette terminated in a small round table perhaps big enough for two. The bathroom was a closet large enough to hold a toilet, a sink and a skinny shower stall. If I used the toilet, my lower legs would be visible in the hallway, it was that small. The walls were a light grey with floral wallpaper trim. Some plants hung form the ceiling and a radio that might have been older than Paris itself sad next to her bed.

“I like what you’ve done with the place.” I mentioned, making her blush.

“I’ve only been here three days,” she murmured. “Nothing here is mine. I… I didn’t-”

She stopped talking as I hugged her to me. She didn’t move at first, but then she put her arms around my waist and sighed in what I could only describe as deep relief. I could readily share the sentiment.

“I’ll never let go of you again.” I whispered to her, making her tremble slightly. She looked up at me and tears shone in her eyes.

“And what now, mon coeur?” she asked.

I shrugged and pulled out my phone. “Guess it’s time to check in…”

She watched nervously as I dialed and then her eyes went wide as I pushed the phone into her hand, with the speaker function on. Before she could say anything or hand it back to me, someone picked up on the other end.

“Alex?” resonated my mother’s voice across the line. Her tone betrayed her concern. “Alex?”

With a trembling hand, Alexa replied, her eyes squeezed shut. “Karen?”

“Alli?” mom exclaimed in barely contained shock. “It’s Alli!” I heard her almost yell, the response to which my dad laughing jovially and Freja and Jeanie both crying out in delight. “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine,” she said quietly, not quite sure what to make of all this just yet. We hadn’t really discussed anything since the café, just basking in one another’s presence and never wanting to be apart again. It was entirely possible that she had never expected to speak to her family again, even if I was here. “I… Karen, I-”

“I’m so glad your safe,” mom breathed. “So Alex is there with you?”

“She’s on my phone, mom, so yeah, I’m here with her.” I said, laughing. “I haven’t been sacrificed to the lesbian death cult she, Jeanie and Freja started up just yet.”

“There would Gaziantep Escort be worse ways for you to go, young man,” mom said dryly. “Now zip your yip and let me talk to my baby sister.”

Alexa sat down on the corner of the bed, still looking both numb and nervous, her eyes distant with trepidation. Not surprisingly, mom spoke first.

“Alli, I’m not going to say much right this second, it’s going to be a quick call,” she began. “There’s a lot for you and Alex to discuss. But I wanted you to know we’re all relieved that you’re fine. I love you and I miss you, we all do.”

“I miss you too…” Alexa said in a voice that was barely more than a whisper, and even then, it nearly cracked with her emotion. Mom ended the call and Alexa stared at the screen for several seconds before looking up at me.

“They were worried…” she murmured.

“Terrified is a better descriptor,” I answered, sitting down next to her on the flimsy fold-out bed, which creaked under my weight. It would have completely broken under dad, but he probably couldn’t even fit in this postage stamp of an apartment. “When we saw you were gone, it-”

Alexa threw herself against me and burst into tears, sobbing. I held her tight, choking back my own anxiety and pain. Her being my aunt was the furthest thing from my mind. All that mattered was that Alexa was the woman I was completely in love with.

“How can you forgive me?” she rasped, trying to control her crying now.

“We’re not worrying about that, Alexa,” I said soothingly, stroking her hair. “There’s so much to talk about.”

I then took her cheeks in my hands and gazed into her beautiful face. “And a lifetime of joy to live.”

She said nothing, just staring into my eyes.

“I’m not gonna say anything blithe like we were right all along,” I said, using my thumbs to wipe the tears away from her eyes. “But I can say that mom and dad sent me to get you and bring you home. As my wife.”

Even through the tears, her eyes were alight with endless wonder. “They… know I’m your wife?”

“A lot has happened since you left,” I answered, nodding. “We talked. A lot. It wasn’t easy on anyone. But in the end, they understood how in love we are. And they know you’re my wife and approve. At least, they’re working on it.”

She just stared into my eyes. “Your wife…”

Then she blinked, almost snapping out of her secret reverie. “Alex, tell me everything, please.”

I smiled and nodded before taking her hands in mine and recounting the entire ordeal from beginning to end, including the role Jeanie and Freja played in its resolution. Alexa listened breathlessly, almost like she was fit to burst. Tears shone in her eyes again.

“I can’t believe after all this they want me back…” she murmured. “I thought they hated me for what I’d done.”

I shook my head. “Alexa, I don’t think anyone could ever hate you. You are, hands down, the most incredible person I know, and I’ve known my parents my whole life.”

She sniffled and booped my nose. “Sweet-talker. I was just thinking the same thing about you, and I know your parents too.”

I drew a deep breath as I composed my thoughts. “I… I won’t say that all of this pain was unnecessary, Alexa, because it might have needed to happen to get us all where we’re supposed to be on this issue. You going missing broke mom’s heart, but she can’t imagine life without you. It was dad who finally came down on our side, and that helped mom do what she so desperately wanted to and approve of us.”

“How can they not hold all this against me?” she asked. “They knew I was in love with you and tried to ease me out of it.”

I chuckled. “Which makes perfect sense at the time and from their perspective. If you weren’t in love with me, and I developed some idiotic teen boy crush on you, dad would have thwapped me on the back of the head and told me to snap out of it.”

She giggled now. “Yeah, I can see that. You would’ve been really annoying if you’d been crushing on me. Always trying to sneak peeks at me, setting up that remote camera in my room…”

I raised an eyebrow. “You knew about that?”

“You’re not that slick, husband-mine,” she said, smirking at me. “I knew about it and decided to indulge you, since I was struggling with my own onslaught of weird feelings for you.”

“Wow, I feel like such a creeper,” I sighed. “In any event, I… don’t know if we’d be here right now, with the rest of our lives together in front of us, if it hadn’t played out this way. I guess love isn’t always easy.”

“I’m just glad they tried to talk to me and didn’t rely on Michael thwapping me on the back of the head,” she mused. “Forget falling out of love with you, I probably still wouldn’t remember my own name. Do you… do you think they’re truly okay with this, Alex?”

“They will be.” I said in an assuring tone. “It’s going to be complicated as fuck, for sure. But they want this now. It’ll just take Gaziantep Escort Bayan time to get used to it, so we’ll be patient with them. I mean, we’re breaking the law, after all.”

She sighed and nodded.

“Speaking of which, mom wanted to know where we should hold the wedding.” I mentioned. “Denmark? Here in Paris? Wanna go to Australia?”

Her eyes widened. “They want a real wedding for us?”

I smiled and nodded. “I showed them the wedding video and mom was really sorry she missed out on giving you away.”

“They saw the video?” she asked somewhat uncertainly.

“Not all of it, just the first part,” I clarified, laughing. “But I left my laptop with them as a gesture of trust, so God only knows what they’ve seen by now.”

She sighed at the thought. “Well, they’ve already seen the videos of me fucking Jeanie, not to mention my nonsense in Slovenia with Freja when we were younger. Those didn’t bother me. I guess it’s just weird to think of them seeing me making love to you.”

“That’s because it is weird.” I agreed. “But if anyone can handle it, it’s mom and dad. “They’re pretty adaptable in the end, always have been.”

“This is going to cause a lot of problems for them,” she said quietly, looking down our hands, which were clasped. “And we tried so hard to avoid those complications.”

“I know, but they’re willing to take that problem on,” I told her. “We’re going home, Alexa. And our relationship is still illegal there, so we’ll have to keep it on the downlow for now. But our family will do everything they can to make us complete.”

She wiped a tear from her eye. “I can’t believe we’re going home. As husband and wife. But can I…”


Her smile was now almost serene. “We’ll go home, and things will be their own beautiful fun and crazy again. You and your mom driving one another insane, your dad weirding everyone out, depraved sex with Jeanie and Freja… I’m looking forward to home. But do you… do you think they’d let us stay here for a few days or so? I just want you all to myself for a while, Alex.”

I nodded. “I somehow doubt that’s a problem. They’ll understand and approve.”

“Good,” she said finally. “I paid rent on this postage stamp a year in advance, I wanna get my money back…”


I was lying on my back, breathing hard as I reached up and squeezed Alexa’s breasts while she churned and writhed on me, my cock deep inside her tight, wet pussy. Her fingernails were almost digging into my pecs as she groaned loudly and with unashamed pleasure.

“Gnnnnnnn, Alex…” she panted. “Oh, God, I missed and needed this…”

“Me too,” I agreed, fondling her as I pushed my hips up and down in time with hers, spearing myself into her body. The old bed creaked like crazy, as did the floor, but we were both beyond caring at this point. What were they going to do, evict us? “I don’t care if it’s only been three days, I’ve missed you.”

“Ah, before this, we -gnnnnnnnn- we hadn’t gone without fucking for weeks…” she gasped. “Oh, God, right there…”

I looked down her body and watched as my glistening shaft slid in and out of her while she moved on top of me, her pussy swallowing my cock greedily. She groaned loudly, and I smirked as I remembered that we’d left the window open. Pretty sure every apartment around us and anyone in the courtyard garden below would know exactly what was going on here.

Alexa sat up and arched her back, pressing down on me and squeezing me tight, her teeth clenched as she fought back a scream of pure ecstasy. I felt her womanhood fluttering around me as she came, her sticky essence bathe both our genitals. She bucked her hips in a frenzy, her hair flailing around her body, a golden corona of delight.

“Cum in me,” she whimpered. “Oh my God, Alex, cum in me, please…”

I gripped her hips tight and rocked against her, moaning as the unreal pleasure washed over me. My cock throbbed as I began pumping my cum deep inside her. The heated, tingling flush blossomed through my whole body, my mind whirling with colours I couldn’t describe, and a deep bliss from being reunited with my wife.

Alexa collapsed on top of me, trembling as she tried to control her breath. She pressed her face into my shoulder and I could feel the tears leaking from her eyes, but I said nothing. I merely held her close and stroked her hair. Words were not required at this moment. I could feel myself pulsing inside her, and her pussy still gripped me wetly, massaging me. My goddess was in my arms again.

She finally let out a deep sigh of contentment and looked up at me to smile, her eyes heavy-lidded and gleaming with pleasure. She pressed her lips to mine, kissing me lovingly as she eased herself off my cock before making her way down my body, nipping gently and kissing at my skin. It was with a sly smile that she finally arrived at my manhood, taking hold of it and then swirling her devilish tongue Escort Gaziantep around the shaft and head, licking our mingled cum from my skin.

I shuddered and sighed as she slid her mouth over my twitching cockhead and the slid all the way down my length. She hummed in pleasure before beginning to bob up and down, her tongue swirling snaking around. She took her time in cleaning me off, her mouth finally pulling back with a wet ‘pop!’. She smiled up at me while resting her chin on her forearms, which were settled on my thighs.

“Mmmmmmm, been days since I’ve had any real protein,” she purred, using a finger to wipe at the corner of her mouth while she winked at me. “Not planning to go without again.”

“I thought you looked a little sallow.” I quipped, reaching down and stroking her hair. She giggled and kissed my cock again before snaking herself back up my body and snuggling into me. She nuzzled her cheek on my shoulder, her eyes closed. “I missed you.”

“I got that impression,” she mumbled, kissing my skin. “Feeling’s mutual, I assure you. I can hardly believe it, Alex. After weeks of being in love and hiding it, living in fear of being discovered, we’re going to be open about it. It seems unreal to me.”

“Me too.” I agreed. “And there’s a lot of hurdles, still. Forget the whole illegal aspect of this, mom and dad have to broach this with the families.”

“Ugh,” she muttered, making a face. “Your dad’s family, I don’t know how they’ll react, but I’m pretty sure the Gordons and Blackwells will cast a kitten about it.”

“Maybe, but I don’t fancy their chances against mom and dad.”

“True,” she allowed. “Same with my mom. She may’ve been the eccentric one, but nobody messed with her in the Gordon clan.”

“That’s what mom kept telling me.” I mused, reaching down and casually caressing and squeezing her ass cheeks. Her dad was, before his illness, a dominant man, except where Miranda was concerned.

“Apparently, the only person she’d ever proven remotely deferential to was Michael.”

“Why doesn’t that surprise me?” I said dryly.

“Not in the same kittenish way my sister gets when he whips out the testosterone,” she assured me. “She just admired him and knew that he was pretty much never wrong.”

“Lucky for us,” I agreed. “Mom was so emotional about this whole thing that she deferred to him. He’s the head of the household when the chips are down. And he’s convinced he ultimately made the right decision.”

“Thank God,” she sighed. “Although my sister’s right, it’s gonna be a bitch trying to find a church anywhere in town.”

“Well, one problem at a time. The immediate biggies are the families and the university. And whether we like it or not, we’re completely reliant on mom and dad to work those situations out. They really put me through the wringer.”

“Does that bother you?” Alexa asked.

“I think it was completely necessary,” I admitted. “This is, after all, the most important decision we’ll both ever make. I mean, wanting to marry someone you’re unrelated to is a big enough issue, so for the two of us to defy the law, we’d better be pretty damned sure, right?”

She nodded pensively.

“I mean, they challenged me to consider every single aspect of what we were getting into and who it would potentially affect,” I continued. “Not just us, but them, possibly the families in ways we haven’t considered.”

Alexa sighed. “Stuff we’ve been angsting about for weeks already. If they’d only known we were already torturing ourselves.”

“They did eventually. But once it was obvious to them that there was no life for me without you, they were convinced that this was the way to go. They just wanted to make sure I didn’t have some sociopathic disregard for everyone around us.”

She smiled and kissed my cheek. “I’m glad you’re here. I need you to myself. But I’m a little surprised that they didn’t come with you.”

“I think mom would’ve come in a heartbeat,” I mused. “But dad made it clear that you were my wife, and this was my show. Not to mention they probably understood we’d want some time alone, you know?”

“Smart cookie, your dad,” she said happily. “I know I asked already, but are they really going to be okay with this?”

“They will be. It may take some time, so we’d better go easy on them for a bit. I mean, yeah, they’ll let you stay in my cave in the basement now.”

“What you don’t want to stay in my room?” she asked, smirking.

“I’d feel kinda weird having wild, jungle-monkey sex with you while my parents were just down the hall.” I replied, making a wry face.

“You should try being in the room just down from them,” she added, giggling. “Their wild, jungle-monkey sex is easily as crazy as ours.”

“Jeeeez,” I muttered, squeezing my eyes shut and putting my hands over my ears. “Thanks for the libidoectomy.”

“I spied on them once,” Alexa admitted with a conspiratorial smirk. “It was actually really hot.”

“You spied on my parents having sex?” I exclaimed.

“I spied on my big sister and her husband having sex is how I prefer to look at it.” Alexa replied. “And I’ll say it again, it was actually really damn hot. I watched them in the jacuzzi and on the pool deck, they didn’t know I was home.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32