Alex’s Gifts Ch. 24

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Big Tits

Close Calls

Alex woke in an empty bed, surprised to find that Megan and Casey had left him in the night. Glancing at his alarm clock, he realized he had a few hours before needing to be at work for his final day of lifeguard training. Fighting the urge to go back to sleep, he rose out of bed and pulled on a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt. As he glanced at himself in the mirror, patting his spiked hair down, his door swung open to reveal a startling figure.

“Sonya!” Alex exclaimed as she stepped into his room. Her eyes were red and as she lifted her face to meet his, he saw a red welt on her cheek. “Are you alright?” he asked, rushing to her side.

Sonya sniffled and smiled at Alex’s obvious concern. “I’m ok. Casey just came and got me at home.”

“What happened?” he asked, his face tight with worry.

“My brother’s friend came into my room last night. Luckily I woke up before he had a chance to do anything. I kicked him in the nuts and he punched me,” Sonya said, visibly shaking from the stress of recounting the harrowing experience.

Alex ground his teeth and growled, “Where is he now?”

“Either the hospital or jail. He was in bad shape after my brother got through with him. I called the cops when they were fighting and they both got taken away. My brother’s fine, he’s probably home by now.”

“Some friend,” Alex said.

“He was drunk. And he’s always tried coming on to me. I think I was a little flirty last night and he got the wrong idea.”

“That doesn’t make it okay, not by a long shot,” Alex said while slowly relaxing his clenched fists.

“I know. I just have to be more careful I guess,” she said, hanging her head.

“You can’t blame yourself,” he said, wrapping his arms around her.

“You’re the one who told me to stop playing games,” she said, with evident frustration in her voice.

Alex took a step back. “That’s because you were acting like your brother’s friend. There’s a hell of a difference between flirting and doing something to someone against their will.”

Sonya nodded. “I know. I…I…just don’t know what to do.” She stuttered and caught her breath. “You helped me at the party, showed me how I was hurting people. But I can’t just stop being me.”

Alex held her again, brushing her straight red hair with his hand and pulling her head into his broad chest. He used his gift to calm her roiling emotions and held her close. “You don’t have to stop being you. That wasn’t the point of what I did before. You can make people happy without playing games. That’s what you want, right?”

Alex felt her nod and continued, “Be yourself, but be better. Be there for your friends and family. I think you’ll find that’s a much better way to get what you want anyway. You’re a special person, Sonya. You don’t need to waste your time on fools, or waste it fooling with perfectly good people who would gladly be with you regardless.”

Alex felt Sonya sigh and relax in his arms. She returned his embrace and buried her face in his t-shirt. He leaned down and kissed the top of her head, speaking softly, he added, “I’ve missed you, you know.”

Sonya glanced up with her red eyes and smiled. Stretching her neck she closed her eyes and reached in for a kiss which Alex gladly accepted.

“I missed you too,” she said once their tender kiss came to an end. “I’m sorry. I didn’t know where else to go.”

“Hush. I’m glad you came. Like I said, my door’s always open.”

“Thank you. I don’t know what I did to deserve the ways you’ve helped me.”

“You’re a good friend to people I care about. That’s enough for me. Did you talk to Casey?” Alex asked.

“Only a little. I wanted to see you and she understood. She mentioned you guys were going camping, she asked if I wanted to come along.”

“That’s a great idea. You probably feel like getting out of the house for a few days after all this. Can you? Brittany’s coming too.”

“That’s what Casey said. I have to call work in an hour and see if I can take the time off. But I’d like to go and you’re right, I don’t want to be around home for a while, especially by myself.”

“Stay here as long as you’d like. Even if we’re gone, you’re welcome to take one of the rooms downstairs.” Alex sensed immense relief flood through Sonya’s body.

“Thanks, that means so much to me,” she said quietly.

Alex stepped over to his dresser and pulled out a small box. He opened it and rifled through the contents before finding what he sought. Returning to Sonya, he handed her a key and said, “I mean it, any time. I can take you home and help you get some of your things if you want. I don’t have to be at work for a couple of hours.”

Sonya leapt into his arms, holding him tight. Alex felt her body fill with a mix of strong emotions as she pulled herself firmly into his embrace.

There was a soft knock on the door and the couple separated. “Come in,” Alex said and smiled as Carrie walked in wearing the red satin robe he’d given her.

“Sorry! I thought Nişantaşı Escort you were alone,” Carrie said, her freckled face turning a light shade of pink.

“It’s alright. Carrie, this is Sonya. Sonya, Carrie,” he said, finally able to introduce his two redheaded companions. He expected they’d get along spectacularly.

“Nice to meet you,” Carrie said, then sensed her distressed undertones and saw the red welt on her cheek. “Are you ok?”

Sonya nodded. “Yes. Alex is taking care of me. It’s nice to meet you too, Carrie. I love your hair, and that robe you’re wearing,” she said with a smile.

“Thanks,” Carrie beamed. “Alex gave it to me. He’s talked a little about you. I’ve been wanting to meet you. Hope you don’t mind my intrusion.”

Alex coughed and Sonya giggled. “I don’t,” she said. “Good things I hope?”

Alex interrupted, “That’s enough ladies. You can gossip about me all you want when I’m not around, thank you very much.” The redheaded duo laughed in unison at his discomfort. “I’m going to go take a shower.” Looking at Sonya, he asked, “Leave in about twenty minutes?”

Sonya nodded and then turned to sit in one of the padded armchairs in his expansive bedroom. Carrie joined her and Alex left to take care of his morning routine. Out in the hallway he bumped into Lily who was holding a towel and standing with a pose that signaled intense frustration.

“Morning,” Alex said, bobbing his head in greeting. “Something wrong?” he asked.

“Megan and Casey have been in the bathroom for ages. Did Carrie ask if we could use yours? She disappeared on me.”

“She’s in my room talking to Sonya. She didn’t mention it but that’s fine, use it whenever you want. But I have to join if you don’t want to wait. I’m short on time,” he said, unaware of what he’d just proposed.

Lily huffed and then broke into a slight smile at his offer. “I can live with that.”

Alex held the door open and watched his sister stroll into his bathroom. He stepped inside and shut the door.

“Who’s Sonya?” Lily asked as she lifted a thin cotton shirt over her head. Aside from a pair of patterned low-rise panties, it was all she was wearing.

“Casey’s friend. She was at the party last weekend. She had some trouble at home and came here for help. I gave her a key so she might be staying a while, and she may come with us this weekend.”

“Oh, that’s too bad. About her troubles, I mean. Looking forward to meeting her,” Lily said politely as she gracefully pushed her panties down.

Alex stood and stared at his naked sister as she opened the shower curtain and turned on the water. Her sculpted hips and waist were something out of a fairy tale, impossibly proportioned opposing curves that never failed to excite him. As she bent to turn on the water he caught a glimpse of two dainty curved lips arching between her legs. The gap inside her thighs was another remarkable feature, forming a lovely heart-shaped silhouette topped by her secret treasure. But it was the whole package that made his sister so incredibly attractive and Alex couldn’t help but stand lost in admiration of her feminine beauty.

“Something wrong?” Lily asked as she turned and noticed him staring.

“You honestly don’t know what that body of yours does to people, do you?” He knew she didn’t. She didn’t feel nearly as special as she looked, which was something Alex desperately wanted to help her see.

Lily shrugged, jostling her perfectly proportioned breasts. “I didn’t have any say in the body I was born with.”

“That doesn’t matter. You’re amazing, Lil, I hope you know that. And I don’t just mean on the outside. When you’re happy, like you have been, it makes everything else about you all that more magnificent.”

Lily shook her head and smiled, meeting his eyes she asked, “Have you always been like this, Alex? The little brother I remember was nothing like you.”

“Yes, I was, I think. Just not as…open,” he said, searching for the right word. “Carrie’s the one to blame, she turned me into this.”

“You’re more like dad every day,” Lily stated, stepping into the shower as steam rose to fill the room.

Alex quickly removed his pants and shirt and joined Lily under the warm water. “Is that okay?” he asked softly.

“Yes, of course. You know what he meant to me now. It’s just surprising, that’s all. I can’t always shake the feelings of him and what you and I were like before all this started.”

“Are you still okay with this? With us?” Alex asked, his voice wavering slightly.

Lily answered her brother without words, sliding her arms around his waist, firmly pulling him into her chest and kissing him with an open mouth. Her firm breasts pushed into him as their tongues swirled and slid together. He felt blood rush to his extremities and he began to swell, pressing into Lily’s belly as her soft mounds and pointed nipples slid across his torso. She reached down and stroked his length, still probing Pendik Escort his mouth with her tongue. She shifted her hips back and pressed his shaft down then moved back against him, sliding his cock into the velvety gap between her thighs.

The siblings rocked their bodies together, caressing and kissing in a passionate display while rubbing their most sensitive parts together under the steamy shower. Lily broke off the kiss, panting with excitement. She took a small step back and reached between her legs, wrapping one hand around Alex’s thickness and pulling him up into her aching center. She moved her broad hips in circles, sliding Alex’s flared tip over her tender button.

Alex stood still with his back arched slightly, looking down at what Lily was doing between her legs. Her puffy soft folds parted and he watched as his flared tip pushed and spread her apart. Her lips wrapped around him, enveloping his tender head. It was an incredibly erotic sight, enough to bring him close to release on sight alone. He quelled his rising flame and let Lily work herself nearer to her own climax. He reached out his hands and cupped her two perfect breasts, sliding easy across her smooth wet skin. He took a nipple between each thumb and forefinger and gingerly spun the thimble-shaped protrusions. Lily mewled but remained focused on moving her hips and sliding Alex through her fiery sex.

Panting, Lily’s hips began to twitch with small uncontrolled bursts as her muscles clenched and her frenzy built to a breaking point. Alex moved in response, his own desires beginning to bubble over as he thrust against his sister’s pristine pussy, driving his cock through her tender petals while she pulled him forcefully up into her loins.

Lily whined, her shoulders slumped and hips bucked wildly. Alex felt himself tighten in anticipation and then quickly release, sending an urgent stream splashing against his sister’s bare skin. Lily groaned, feeling his trembling length ripple against her as her insides convulsed and knees wobbled. She pulled back, unable to handle any more contact, and held his tip in her hands as his pulsating shaft emptied into her grasp.

Alex leaned in and locked lips with his sister as she cradled his throbbing shaft. He wrapped his arms around her shoulders and pressed against her soft breasts until their throes calmed. Drifting apart, the two looked at each other and smiled.

“Does that answer your question?” Lily responded smartly, turning to rinse her hands under the shower.

Alex stepped forward and slid his hands around his sister’s narrow waist. He pressed into her back and kissed her long graceful neck, nuzzling up under her ear. “Mmm yes,” he whispered softly.

“Carrie told me what you did to her in here last night,” Lily said, inflecting her voice to make the invitation obvious.

Needing no further instruction, Alex grabbed the soap and washcloth and rubbed the two together, building a heavy lather of foam. Kneeling down, he slowly and methodically ran the cloth up and down Lily’s long legs, cherishing her flawless skin and taut feminine muscles. Working his way up, he gently washed her inner thighs and slid the soapy towel between her legs, cupping her tenderness as she cooed and pushed against his hand.

Continuing up his sister’s shapely thighs and waist, Alex took his time, admiring her broad hips and steep curves. He lingered until Lily turned and gave him access to her delectable backside. Smiling, Alex reached for the bar of soap and spread a fresh layer across her rounded cheeks. With bare hands, he caressed her soft mounds, sliding across her magnificent contours with intent enjoyment. He passed his hand through her dark crease, slipping between her smooth round cheeks and drawing his fingers over her tight pink pucker. Lily moaned again and pushed her hips back in an automatic response to Alex’s sensual touch.

Picking up the cloth, Alex traveled up Lily’s spine and vigorously scoured her lean back and proud shoulders. She shivered with pleasure as Alex scrubbed her hard-to-reach places and then spun back around. Alex maintained contact, bringing the cloth under her arm and across her chest. Now with tender intentions he dropped the washcloth and ran his hands between her pert breasts, separating them as he slid through her ample cleavage. Residual lather allowed him to move his hands easy over her silky skin as he cupped her two heavy mounds, rounding each in opposing circles and spreading a thin layer of slippery soap over her impeccable breasts. Sliding his hands up, he massaged her neck and shoulders before pulling her in for a brief tender kiss.

Grabbing the shampoo, Lily held the bottle upside down and offered it to Alex. She filled his palm and then hers and the two stood together with arms raised and fingers threaded through their hair. Alex watched his sister’s breasts quake, her pert nipples jostling to and fro while she shook her hands into her silvery-blonde Rus Escort mane.

Stepping back under the water, Lily rinsed herself clean. Stepping her rosy wet body out of the way, she guided Alex under the spray and watched as he pressed soapy water from his hair. Trails of wet lather cascaded down his broad shoulders and over his rippling chest. Lily admired his tall lean frame and spent more than a few moments lingering her gaze over his trimmed manhood. She couldn’t help but draw similarities with their father. His girth matched perfectly, and the heavy twin orbs hanging between thighs evoked memories she’d long suppressed.

“You are magnificent too, you know,” Lily said, still admiring his form as he turned to rinse his face, giving her a view of his muscular shoulders, narrow waist, and firm thighs.

Alex spun back around and grinned at his sister. “Thanks. I work hard for this, you know,” he said jokingly, spreading his long arms wide.

“I know you do, I see you out in the pool,” Lily responded truthfully to his jest. She walked into his embrace and pecked him on the lips. “Looking forward to this weekend?”

“So much,” Alex nodded. Reaching behind his back he shut off the water and pushed the shower curtain open. The room was filled with foggy mist after their prolonged shower. He stepped out and handed Lily a towel. The siblings dried and dressed, parting with a kiss in the doorway.

Strolling back into his room, Alex was greeted by howling laughter. Carrie and Sonya were clearly hitting it off, much as he’d expected. “Ladies,” he said in greeting.

“That was a pretty long shower,” Carrie said, giving him a sideways smirk.

“There was a line,” he said, carefully skirting the truth.

Sonya spoke up, “I thought you didn’t let anyone else use your shower.”

“It seems that’s no longer going to work. It’s been getting crowded around here lately,” Alex said and then added, “Too many girls, too few bathrooms.”

“Poor little man,” Carrie said, her voice dripping with exaggerated pity.

Sonya cackled at Carrie’s pet name for Alex as he shrugged his shoulders and said, “I wasn’t complaining.”

Standing, Sonya said, “Bye Carrie, it was great to meet you. I’m going to go find Casey and tell her thanks. I’ll be downstairs when you’re ready to go, Alex.”

“Bye Sonya. Give me a call if you can’t go with them this weekend. I’ll be around if you want some company,” Carrie said, ever the willing companion. Sonya smiled sweetly and nodded as she strolled out the door.

“I like her,” Carrie said as soon as Sonya closed his door.

“I knew you would,” Alex said, dropping his sweatpants and digging through his dresser for a pair of boxers.

Carrie watched him dress and then said, “You have to be careful with her, Alex. She’s not a natural submissive. It may get confusing for her.”

“What do you mean?” Alex asked. He sat across from Carrie and pulled on a pair of socks.

“Only that it’s unusual for her to act that way. She’s obviously a spirited and very open person. You can’t keep that bottled up all the time, it’ll cause harm in the long run,” Carrie stated.

“I understand. I’m only going to take it as far as she wants. And I’ll make sure it stays between us. I don’t think she’ll change who she is, I don’t think she can. We talked about that before you came in. I just want to help her be better and to stop playing cruel games with people. Is that wrong?” Alex asked his partner.

“No. I think your heart is in the right place,” Carrie said after a moment of thought.

“I could use your help. I’m in new territory here. Maybe you can keep tabs on her separately and tell me if you sense anything is off?”

“That’s a great idea. I can definitely do that,” Carrie said with a smile.

“Thanks. Did you need something? I have to get going. I’m going to take Sonya to get some of her things so she can stay here for a while.”

“She told me. Very noble of you. I’m proud of the way you handled this situation. You have no idea what it’s like for a woman to go through something like that, to be so vulnerable and helpless.”

“Lily told me about what happened to her when she was younger. I could sense a part of what it did to her when we were first together. And I know Sonya is going to need plenty of healing to recover from last night,” Alex said as he stood and stepped into a pair of sneakers. He continued around the room, packing the gear he’d need for his lifeguard training.

“Yes, you’re right. I will help with that, too. You should have Lily talk to her if she goes along this weekend. I think that will be best for her. It’s hard to talk to a man about these things, even someone like you. She’ll find solace discussing it with someone who’s been through something similar.”

“Good idea, I’ll talk to Lily about it,” Alex said.

“I only wanted to pop in to say thanks for last night,” Carrie said with a warm smile. “Seeing you and Lily together was everything I hoped it would be.”

Alex blushed. “It certainly was something,” Alex said, returning Carrie’s smile.

Carrie stood and embraced her partner. “I won’t be here when you get back. Have fun this weekend, and remember what I said.”

“I will. Relax and recharge, that’s my mantra,” he said, kissing Carrie’s brow lightly and feeling her curly hair tickle his nose.

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