Alice’s Tasty Treat

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Alice was tired of typing, tired of staring at the screen, and so very weary of talk, talk, talking. She wanted action. In her mind a single refrain repeated, “One man with one throbbing hard cock, that’s all I ask: one man, one cock, and one taste.”

A box popped up on the screen, an old friend. Alice had watched him many times on his web cam, stroking his cock. Often she had imagined licking its tip, often wished she could feel his hands on the back of her head, holding her steady for some urgent thrusts. She was glad to see him, and started to feel a familiar tingle of anticipation. Watching wasn’t doing, but it was something.

“Good morning, sir,” she typed in response to his greeting.

“You are to come to me at once,” he replied.

Puzzled, Alice answered, “Of course, sir, where?” To her surprise, he named a local hotel, just a few miles from her house. In town for a job, he had remembered she lived there. Alice could barely type her eager response with her now shaking fingers.

“Yes, sir,” was all she said. She dressed carefully, eager to be pleasing in every detail. She covered her ample breasts with a pink camisole, then a close fitting white blouse, closing just two buttons. She chose a black wraparound skirt over pink panties. Grabbing shoes, keys, purse, she nearly flew out the door. It seemed like only moments until she was standing at the door to room 612, knocking quietly.

“Enter,” he said. “You’ll find it open.” She stepped through the door and saw him sitting on the edge of the bed. Alice put down her purse, then stood demurely before him, hands at her side. Her ragged breathing was the only sign of her increasing excitement . He looked at her wild curly hair, swept his eyes over the curves of her tits, her wide hips. He reached up and undid the buttons on her blouse.

“Remove Escort Çankaya it,” he commanded. Alice slipped out of her blouse. His hand immediately found her nipple. He tweaked it through her camisole, first one, and then the other. They hardened instantly in response to his touch. He moved the spaghetti straps from her shoulders, and her breasts tumbled out.

“Oh, they’re just waiting for some attention, aren’t they?” he noted, and he generously began tweaking, pulling, pinching. Noticing that Alice could hardly keep on her feet, he pulled her to his lap.

“Straddle, baby,” was all he said. With one leg on each side, he pulled her forward. Her skirt slid up to her thighs, and she could feel his cock through his pants, against the sheer fabric of her panties. She moaned and started to move against him a little.

“Not yet,” he ordered, and she was instantly still. He continued to play with her nipples, which were now just in front of his face. He gave a nipple a stinging slap, then sucked it into his mouth, soothing Alice with his tongue. She was moaning in pleasure, using every ounce of her strength not to writhe against him. He drove her wild, rolling her nipples between his thumb and finger, pulling on one, sucking hard. Alice was dripping wet, and she could feel his hard cock. Once or twice he moved it against her just for a moment, at the exact second that he gave a particularly nice pinch to a nipple. She licked her lips, wanting that cock so very badly. He noticed and let out a low, deep laugh.

“Such a very hungry girl,” he said, “can’t wait for a taste.”

“It’s so tempting, sir,” Alice breathed out.

“You have only to ask,” was his answer. “But ask nice.”

Asking flowed out of Alice in a torrent. “Please, sir. Please let me taste it. Please let me see it. I can’t Çankaya Escort stand it, sir. Have to have it. Have to feel it in my mouth. Please, sir. Please.” The last word was barely a whisper, a tiny plea.

“Very well,” he said. “Kneel.”

Alice was kneeling before him in an instant, quivering, her eyes glued on the bulge in his pants. She awaited further word.

“You may take out my cock,” he granted. Her eager hands had his fly open and his cock out in no time. “Stroke it, with your hands only,” he commanded. Her mouth was watering at this point, but she complied obediently. His cock was so hard, felt so good. She stroked it with her soft hands, cupped his balls, paid particular attention to the tip. As she worked, her mouth just naturally moved closer and closer, as though it had a mind of its own. She was just inches from that beautiful cock tip, her hands working, her lips in an agony of waiting.

“Suck me,” he ordered in a low voice, and Alice was transported. All of her waiting, all of her hunger, all of her eager longing zeroed in on this moment. She licked the glistening tip, sucked the head into her mouth, licked down the shaft. She sucked his balls, popping first one and then the other into her mouth. Then she worked her way back up to the tip. Her pussy was drenched, her tits swaying and bobbing as she moved.

Alice wanted it all. She swallowed his cock as far as she could. Her eyes watered as his throbbing cock reached into her throat. She kept up several swallows, couldn’t get enough. Throat juices were pouring down her chin. Catching her breath, she rubbed his cock on her lips, her cheeks, her eyes. During this time, he had not said one word, just sat back and enjoyed. But, she needed his command, wanted to feel his power.

“Please, sir,” she said tentatively.

“What Çankaya Escort Bayan is it?” he responded.

“More, sir,” she blurted out. “Please, can I have more?”

He was surprised by her forwardness, but not angry. In fact, he was more amused. “Alright, hungry one. I’m going to give you all I have. And, you will take it.” He grabbed the hair on the back of her head, held her still. She formed a perfect O with her mouth. He began with small thrusts, just a few inches in and then slowly out. Each moment his cock was in her mouth was a delight, each moment without an eternity of longing. She was quiet now, as she had to be, but he was filling her with words, which increased her already overwhelming pleasure.

“Oh, you like that, don’t you? Such a nasty lady, loves to have her face fucked. Can’t get enough cock, can you? You want more? Take it, baby. Take it all. That’s a good girl. That’s real good.”

He increased the pace and started probing a little deeper. He made longer thrusts into her mouth, and never drew completely out. Alice was exploding with ecstasy, her eyes watering, making little gagging sounds from time to time, juices all over her face. He was right, she couldn’t get enough.

“Soon, my pet, soon you shall have your treat.” He pulled her up onto the bed, made her lie on her back, with her head on the pillows.

“Spread em,” he said. Of course, she eagerly complied. Her legs formed a V on the bed. He straddled her chest and began pumping her mouth again. She was taking all she could, writhing under him, keeping her legs spread wide. He knew she was close to orgasm, so he didn’t touch her, not even once. Then he reached down and with one finger started stroking her clit. She was beyond reason, beyond all thought. His cock was filling her mouth, his fingers working her pussy. She came in an intense wave, and he shot his load in her throat. Wave after wave of orgasm rocked Alice as she swallowed her favorite treat.

When all was calmness and serenity, they laid on the bed for a few moments. She had just the tip of his cock in her mouth, and they rested.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32