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Dear Diary,

My best friend Shaylin came over last night to hang out. Time got away from us and rather than drive 20 miles home, she stayed the night. She and I have no secrets between us, so I decided to confide in her as I have so many times before on these pages.

A decision I made to stay home after high school and attend junior college has become challenging. My lust for a man is growing and I’m not sure if my mother would allow me to share my bed with a lover. I know my mother has incredible desires and a ferocious sex drive but, when it comes to me, I’m still treated like a child. If she ever knew the real issue, I guarantee she wouldn’t approve.

I told Shaylin about a month ago that I started listening to the sounds of my mother’s thundering orgasmic screeches. As I told her of the nightly adventures, as if on que, my mother began howling. Both of us started to giggle, the volume was unbelievable. Since Mom’s boyfriend Frank moved in, this has become a nightly occurrence. Then I confessed to Shaylin that when I hear them, I masturbate, fantasizing that Frank is fucking me. She understood and agreed that it certainly was arousing hearing the passion in the next room.

We could clearly hear my mother’s izmit escort bayan roar, begging Frank to fuck her harder. This piqued our interest and I had an idea. Mom’s bedroom has a window facing the patio. The curtain in her room doesn’t close completely and from the correct angle, provides a clear view of her bed. Shaylin and I went outside and quietly positioned a lounge chair so we had a great view while we watched my mother writhe in a frenzy. What we saw was amazing. Frank had her on her hands and knees bent over, pulling her hair and fucking her like a dog. Shaylin loved what she saw. She whispered that she understood how I could fantasize being taken by Frank.

After my mother was exhausted from multiple orgasms, the show was over. We quietly snuck back into my bedroom. Shaylin has been a house guest many times over the years. In the past when she spent the night, she always slept in the guest room. Last night she entered my room, stripped out of her clothes and climbed into my bed. She lay there naked, seductively staring at me. I didn’t know what to do.

I know I’m not a lesbian, and was very apprehensive. Although we’ve always shared our most intimate thoughts and secrets, I never expected anything izmit eve gelen escort like this. After giving it some thought, I decided to go for it. I put it in my mind that it was Frank I would be lying next to. I was wearing gym shorts and a t-shirt so it was easy to peel out them. I was nervous standing in front of Shaylin nude, but she made me feel relaxed as if this was an everyday occurrence. She held out her hand inviting me to lay next to her in my own bed.

As my body lowered into the bed, any apprehension I was having disappeared. We spent time holding one another, touching each other’s bodies, feeling and exploring each other. Then she leaned into me and kissed me. Her lips opened and her tongue twisted around mine. I could feel her hand slide down my hip finding my clitoris. Her fingers pressed and brushed up and down. All I could imagine was Frank making me his. Shaylin’s lips broke free from mine. She kissed my neck then started to work her way down my body. As she passed over my breasts, I could feel her tongue graze my nipples. I shuddered with excitement. Then she continued down my stomach. Her fingers brushed my pubic hair exposing me and I felt a sensation like izmit otele gelen escort no other. She sucked my clit, flailing her tongue, working me into a spasm. Why isn’t this Frank? I called out his name. Finally, I pushed her back. The orgasm was so intense, I couldn’t let her continue. She was smiling, and seemed to be very pleased that she had her way with me.

I lay quiet, my body still shuddering from the furor created by Shaylin. She was stroking my hair, staring into my eyes. It felt it was only natural that I pleasure her in return. Without giving it a second thought, I mimicked the sucking action that Shaylin seemed to be proficient at. I made believe I was sucking Franks cock. Her sweet taste on my lips and tongue was new to me. It turned me on. When I heard her start to softly moan, I knew I was doing it the right way. Then, she let out a wail as she stiffened, lifting her hips off the bed, then her body went limp. I wondered if this is how it would be with Frank in my mouth. Could I take what he had? We held each other and we passed out in each other’s arms.

Early this morning, I felt Shaylin lift out of bed and dress. Without saying goodbye, she quietly let herself out. This wasn’t unusual and we always speak later on. In the meantime, I could hear my mother starting to blare out another round of bliss. Good God, Frank is a machine. One day soon I will have him, I just know it, I just don’t know how yet.

I have to stop writing now. My need to satisfy my urge for Frank continues.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32