Alison Goes to London Ch. 09

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The story so far:

It is 2050, and Alison and her friends Claire and Eva are students at the Royal Academy of Fucking in London. But Alison’s faith in the “Enlightenment” has been shaken by recent events, notably the self-exile (for love, which is proscribed by law) of students Anna and Andy, and by the fact that Eva’s brother Rob has also self-exiled himself out of love for Alison.


Claire was delighted to see Alison back at the Academy, and gave her a long sloppy tongue-suck the moment she reappeared in the Money Lab. That she appeared hand-in-hand with Eva was a shock, and elicited a twinge of jealousy at first — but Alison deflected it with another of her mother’s unassailable moral aphorisms: “The fruits of fucking are joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, gentleness…”

“Oh shut up, Al. Here, join us, Eva.” And so the three girls — blonde Claire, brunette Alison, and afro Eva — stood face-to-face in a triangle sharing tongues, licking, sucking, tongue-fucking each other’s mouths till their spit dribbled down their chins and their laughter filled the hall. “This is how true fuckers reconcile!” Claire enthused.

That was at least partly true. Bradley remained hovering in the background, unsure about how he might or might not fit into the newly-redrawn classroom alliances. And Chad looked, frankly, furious.

Some of these tensions began to iron themselves out during the course of their firstIntroduction to Blowjobs sessions. Eva was paired with Bradley and gave him, as far as Alison could tell, one of the greatest blowjobs in the history of mankind; there was not a mention of “dinky dicks”, and by the end, any reservations Bradley may have had about Eva disappeared in a stupendously-crafted cumshot which splattered the smooth dark skin of her nose, cheeks, lips and chin. Chad continued to glower menacingly at Eva and her new set of fuck-friends, but at least was kept far away from them by Cunts, who paired him up with Harriet for a very impressive smoky blowjob.

Cunts seemed pleased — “happier than I’ve seen her in a long time,” whispered Claire to Alison, “maybe ‘coz she’s relieved you and Eva are at peace.”


At lunchtime Eva, Alison and Claire made their way together to the RAF dining hall, keen to catch up with each other’s news — and to exchange notes on Anna and Andy’s disappearance. At least, Alison and Claire were keen to gossip; Eva listened cautiously from the sidelines. “Who’d’ve thought it?” exclaimed Alison in hushed but scandalised tones, as they all sat down together at a small round table with their lunch trays. “I thought Anna was such a sensible, reliable fucker. How come she got taken in by all this ‘love’ shit?” As she spoke, a couple sitting at a booth across the aisle from them were consuming their desserts. The young lady was topless, her black hair tied back out of the way of her large natural breasts.

“That explains why Cunts has been in such a bad mood,” opined Claire. “It’s, like, a total betrayal of the Enlightenment. And from such experts as Anna and Andy! How on earth?” In the booth across the aisle the young man had put a blob of whipped cream on each of the woman’s tits, and was balancing a raspberry on each creamy nipple. She giggled with delight.

“Stupid, selfish, self-deluded idiots!” Alison spat out. “And all it has achieved is that they’ve had to flee the Union. Where are they going to go? Fucking India, or Africa?! Who’d want to go there and live with all those fat, ugly…” Alison stopped, as she caught sight of Eva’s face, which was now drawn, her lips tightly shut, a fixed frown shadowing her eyes as she stared into the middle-distance. In the booth across the aisle, the man was eating raspberries off the woman’s nipples, noisily slurping whipped cream as he did so.

“Oh…” Alison paused. “I’m so sorry, Eva, I’m being really rude, aren’t I?”

“Yes. But hey, I’m used to it,” sighed Eva quietly. “No, I don’t mean just from you, Al. I get it all the time in this country. ButI don’t think Andy and Anna — or my brother, for that matter — are so stupid or deluded as you think. They just think differently from you…” The couple in the booth had now moved on from tit-sucking: the man had got his cock out, and was sliding it up and down between the woman’s cream-coated breasts.

“Different fromeveryone, duh!” replied Alison. “Everyone in the whole Union!”

“Yeah,” admitted Eva, “but only becausethe Union has managed to expel or cull anyone who believes differently. The Outside World is still full of people who believe inLove.”

At the sound of the word “love”, the food-fucking couple over the aisle paused in shock but, presumably thinking they must have mis-heard, resumed their fucking, this time pouring a generous dribble of chocolate sauce over the man’s cock, before he slid it into the woman’s slit. “Oh yeah, Johnny, choco-fuck my pussy, baby,” the woman muttered, “I love feeling that warm sauce all the way up my cunt.”

Under normal circumstances, Alison would have stopped to esmer gaziantep escort watch the rather fine food-fuck unfolding at the next table — but this conversation with Eva was getting too close to home. “And that gives your brother the right to declare love to me?!” she replied, her voice rising. Other heads in the vicinity were now turning — though not the food-fuck couple, who were too involved in their own fetishistic pleasure to notice any more. Johnny was continuing to fuck the woman’s cunt, pouring copious quantities of warm chocolate sauce over his cock as he did so — whilst smearing cream and soft fruits on her tits and gobbling them off ravenously.

“We weren’t talking about my brother!” replied Eva to Alison’s taunt. “We were talking about Andy and Anna — and I was saying, don’t be so insulting to them just because they have rejected your worldview. They have the right to do so!”

Johnny picked up a large cream sponge cake from his tray, held it out, and said, “Ready, Danica?” His partner looked up into his face, eyes gleaming with anticipation, and nodded. A second later, she was spluttering through a faceful of sponge and cream, “Oh yeah, Johnny, fucking wuin my pwetty face with that cweam cake. You gonna wam your fucking cock into this cake-face of mine?” Johnny needed no further encouragement, pulling his cream- and fruit-streaked dick from her chocolate-covered cunt, standing up on the banquette, and plunging it into the middle of her cake-plastered face. He must have aimed well, because his cock disappeared right down to the balls, as an obscene gagging noise emerged from Danica’s gullet.

Alison was determined not to be distracted, and continued to remonstrate with Eva. “Okay, Andy and Anna have every right to think what the fuck they like — and, as long as they keep their ‘love’ to themselves, that’s fine by me. But it’s ideas like ‘love’ which take the decent, free-fucking youth of our society and turn them into perverts. I mean, where did your brother get the idea he ‘loved’ me? And what good did it do anyone? And if you think that Anna and Andy are going to find any happiness going off to live in the Outside World to find ‘love’ — well, you wait! It’ll be okay for Andy: he can go around fucking all the ass he wants. But in a couple of years’ time Anna will come back, divorced, haggard, poverty-stricken, carrying five unwanted babies. And that’s even if she survives childbirth. (I mean, the thought of it, giving birth to a baby out of your cunt — Jesus!)” Johnny was now face-fucking his partner with aplomb, as sponge, fruit, cream, chocolate and spit continued to explode from her face and mouth, making a gloopy mess down her chin and onto her tits.

But Eva was not going to let Alison’s criticism pass. She leaned forward, fingers pressed hard against the table-top. “You don’t get it, do you, Alison? It’s easy for you white people to condemn Undesirables, or the World Outside:you’re not subject to blanket sterilisation or expulsion orders from the state. What’s more, the only reason you are still here in this Academy of Fucking is because my brother — yes, myblack brother — loves you! If all he felt for you was lust — if all he wanted was pleasure — then he would have fucking lied, saving his own skin — and mine — so he could stay in this country, fuck whoever he wants, continue to get his dick sucked every weekend by his little sister, and maybe even fuck youramazing asshole again! Don’t you get it? YOUR ASS WAS SAVED BY HIS LOVE FOR YOU! HE GAVE UP HIS JOB, HIS HOME, HIS SISTER, HIS COUNTRY — OUT OF LOVE FOR YOU!!!”

Alison stopped in shock — for, in her self-absorption, what Eva was saying had never occurred to her before. Other people around them were staring in shock too — though probably more shocked by Eva’s “foul language” than the actual content of her tirade. Even the food-fuckers paused, Johnny’s cake-coated cock poised at Danica’s creamy dribbling lips. “Please,” said Johnny, clearly offended, “mind your fucking language!”

“So sorry!” Alison apologised embarrassedly. “My friend sometimes forgets her manners: you know, sometimes her kind don’t realise… She’s a… you know…” Alison resumed her hushed tones, whispering sharply to Eva, “Eva, don’t use the ‘L-word’ out loud here. This is the Royal Academy of Fucking, after all…”

Claire stroked Alison affectionately on the arm. “To be fair, Alison,” she said calmingly, “we were all talking about ‘the L-word’. But seriously, Eva, you’re saying he left the Union — “out of ‘love’ for Alison? But surely he left the country to save his own ass: if the truth had come out, he’d have been expelled anyway — or culled! No, wait, Alison — stop fucking interrupting! — let Eva explain.”

Actually, Alison had not been about to interrupt. The grimace on her face and the tremor in her heart were due to a series of new and troubling thoughts — implanted there by Eva’s outburst, but now beginning to buzz silently through her mind: “What actually is this ‘”love” shit’ gaziantep esmer escort that Rob and Eva keep going on about? Eva is right: Pleasure can’t explain what he has done. He’s made a massive sacrifice; was it really out of ‘love’ for me…?” Alison knew also that she had seen a look, a special kind of gaze in Rob’s eyes when he looked at her — twinkling, searching, fascinated, fixated. Was that “love”? She had seen the same in Anna and Andy, even as they fucked on the reception desk before lectures each morning. Wasthat “love”? Alison’s parents had taught her that love was a fake — a chimera — a smokescreen for exploitation and abuse, the lynchpin of societal and religious hypocrisy, responsible for all the delusions of the pre-Enlightenment. But then, Alison remembered that look in her own parents’ eyes when they looked at each other. Their marriage was full of pleasure, yes — but it was more than that: she had seen them make sacrifices for each other, accept injustice from each other, forgive each other’s wrongs more times than she could count. Did merepleasure really explain all that?

Alison’s brow was furrowing deeper and deeper, but she held back from voicing any of these troubling ideas, whilst Eva took a deep breath to gather her own thoughts. Across the aisle, Danica had turned around on the banquette, hitched up her skirt, and stuck her ass up towards Johnny. Johnny picked up a can of whipped cream, inserted the nozzle into Danica’s asshole, and squeezed. Alison, Eva and Claire heard the unmistakeable sound of rectum filling gradually with cream. “Oh yeah!” whispered Claire excitedly, tapping Alison on the arm: “I justadore whiteshit!” She glanced furtively away from her companions, evidently far more excited by Danica’s asshole than by debating the meaning of the “L-word”.

Eva ignored Claire, and continued her explanation: “Okay, Alison, let me try and put it this way… You go to church sometimes, don’t you?”

“Yeah, but what’s that got to do with ‘love’?” Alison remonstrated. Johnny was now slowly fucking his cock deep into Danica’s ass, making whipped cream squelch and fart noisily out of her asshole and dribble down her thighs. “Oh yeah, asshole casserole!” squealed Claire in delight — completely losing interest in the conversation and turning her back on her friends to watch the food-fuck.

Eva continued regardless: “Well, I bet you’ve heard things like… ‘everyone who gives Pleasure has been born of God… because God is Pleasure.’ You know the bit I’m talking about?”

“Yeah yeah, I know. But I didn’t know you liked going to church?”

“Well, sometimes — but that’s another story. Point is, in the original manuscripts, where now we translate it as ‘Pleasure’, the original word was… ‘love’.God is Love.”

There was silence as Alison, scandalised by Eva’s preposterous claim, fumbled for words — and all she could manage was: “Bullshit!” She might have said more, but was stopped in her tracks by a large splatter of whipped cream being explosively farted out of Danica’s asshole, propelled across the aisle, and landing in Claire’s face. Alison and Eva could not help but laugh out loud at the innocent mishap. “I said ‘bullshit’,” guffawed Alison, “not ‘whiteshit’!”

“Hey, Danica,” Claire called out as she licked her lips, savouring her creamy faceful, “I love the taste of your fart-cream! Send me some more ‘crème de la ass’!”

Danica turned, grinned, and gestured to Johnny, who squirted her ass full of whipped cream again. This time Danica took careful aim, took a deep breath, and bore down as hard as she could, sending her entire rectum-full of cream flying across the aisle in one long, powerful melismatic fart, plastering Claire’s face with her creamy white anal effluent. “Fuck yeah!” screeched Claire, “‘crème fartée’!” She laughed uproariously at her own pun, as some of the other nearby diners cheered and applauded. Johnny could hold back no longer, ramming his cock deep into Danica’s ass, fucking it in and out as fast as he could, and then squirting a generous helping of cum inside Danica’s asshole. Danica let out a slow gentle fart, as the cocktail of man-cum, whipped cream, chocolate sauce and squashed raspberries dribbled down her thighs onto the banquette. There were cheers all around, as Danica crouched down, slurped up her cream- and fruit-flavoured cum sundae from the surface of the banquette, and then proceeded to suck the same off Johnny’s dick.

“Hey, are you two new here?” called out Claire as she wiped and slurped whipped cream off her face.

“Not exactly,” said Danica with a smile. “We’re teaching the Food Fuck Firsts short course which starts today. We’re on secondment from Titty University. And fuck, Johnny, we’d better clean up, quick — we’re giving a lecture in, like, fifteen!” All around, students and lecturers alike were finishing their meals, clearing their trays, or winding up their post-prandial fucks.

“We’re not expected at FP till three today,” said Claire to Danica. “Can I come gaziantep esmer escort bayan with you and just catch the first bit of your lecture? I’ve always loved food-fucking!”

“Sure thing! Lemon meringue pie today!” replied Danica.

“Fucking!” enthused Claire, as she got up, helped lick Danica and Johnny clean of cream and cum, and bounced off after them.

“Bring me some!” Alison called out to Claire, as she and Eva cleared away their trays, gave each other a reassuring tongue-suck, and walked hand-in-hand out into the entrance hall. Angie the new receptionist was still blowing huge pink bubbles as they passed by: she was moaning as she diddled her cunt under her desk with one hand and squeezed her huge tits with the other, muttering “fuck yeah” under her breath each time a bubble burst over her freckled face, before peeling it off with slimy fingers. “Bubblegum fetish — fucking: you don’t get that often!” commented Alison to Eva. “Let’s watch for a minute, I love this sort of thing. Look, when she opens her mouth you can see the gum all pink and glistening and squidgy, so it looks just like a sloppy juicy cunt. And now, when she starts to blow, it looks like she’s sucking on a big pink tit. And then it gets bigger and it looks like she’s eating someone’s ass. Isn’t that fucking?!”

Eva didn’t seem impressed. “I knew a girl in school who did the bubblegum thing. The boys used to love popping her bubbles with their cocks. But she choked on her gum one day, alone in the park, and died. A friend of mine found her, gum all over her face and a dildo still in her cunt…”

“Fuck…” commented Alison, thoughtfully. “Hey, shall we take a walk in the park, before FP, and continue our conversation?”

Within a few minutes, Alison and Eva were sitting side by side on a bench in Regents Park, gently kissing each other while Alison stroked Eva’s pierced nipples through her bikini top. “I’m sorry I’m being so horrible to you, Evie. This is all very hard for me,” said Alison with disarming honesty as she gently licked her friend’s lips. “All this ‘love’ shit has fucked with everything I ever thought I knew.”

“I know, Alison — and I have spent my entire life torn between the life of pleasure my parents sacrificed so much to give me, and the fact that they gave up so much pleasure for my sake…”

“Do you mean you think theyloved you?” asked Alison, painfully. “I mean, do you think my parentslove me? Is that why they gave up so much for you… for me? And do you really think Rob did what he did because heloves me… andloves you?” Alison’s mind was reeling with the enormity of the ideological shift now threatening her.

Eva was about to reply, but was distracted by a noisy squeal some fifty yards away, from a group of college students who had gathered noisily on the grass, relaxing during their lunch break. One girl, slim, with long brown hair down to her pleated plaid skirt and a raucous giggly voice, suddenly shouted out, “‘Ey, guys, let’s play ‘prettiest whore’! It’s good wiv lots o’ people!”

“Teresa, you’re just sayin’ that ‘coz you wanna fuck ‘Arry!” shouted a slightly pudgy girl with short blond hair, her round breasts straining at her white blouse.

“And wha’ if I do, Belle?” replied Teresa. “Iam the prettiest whore, after all!” Teresa struck a seductive pose, wiggling her ass. There were squeals of delight and friendly derision in equal measure from the rest of the group, as they all stood up, forming a circle around Teresa, who sang out:

And on the bed

Her friends all echoed:

And on the bed

Teresa continued to lead them in song, as she buttoned her white blouse but left her plaid tie dangling between her small pert tits:

There was a whore

And they echoed:

There was a whore

And so they continued, in alternation:

The prettiest whore

That you ever did see.

Alison smiled knowingly at Eva. “Did you ever play this at college?” she asked. “I loved this game: I always wanted to be the whore!”

“I was usually the last to be picked,” said Eva quietly. “Nobody ever chooses the black girl as the ‘prettiest whore’…” The students continued singing, but now in unison:

And the whore on the bed,

And the big dicks jerked all around, all around,

And the big dicks jerked all around.

The boys in the group started to get their penises out and stroke them to erection, delighted by Teresa’s performance, cheering and egging her on. When the verse ended, Teresa grabbed one of the boys by the cock, dragging him into the centre.

“‘Arry! ‘Arry!” chanted the boys, whilst the girls shouted, “Fuck the whore, fuck the whore!”

“Wait, wait!” shouted Teresa. “I gotta choose the cunt!” She prowled slowly around the circle whilst the girls called, “‘Oo’s the cunt? ‘Oo’s the cunt?” and the boys shouted out the names of their favourite candidates. Teresa paused in front of Belle, teasing her briefly before cheekily grabbing the girl next to her by the crotch and dragging her into the circle. “Amber’s the cunt, Amber’s the cunt!” screeched the girls, as the new girl, her black hair in a short bob, eyelids blue with far too much eye-shadow, and lips glistening red with lipstick, took her place in the centre of the circle. Teresa hitched her skirt up, kneeling on the ground with her ass in the air as Harry started to fuck her pussy doggy-style.

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