All Back To Mine

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Double Penetration

My girlfriend and I had broken up about two weeks ago and to cheer me my housemate Natalie and I decided that we should go out to a night-club. She thought that chatting up a girl or two would be just the tonic for me. Natalie was a single 30 year old through choice – she loved the freedom.

“How do I look?” she asked me. My eyes wandered over her, up her slender legs to the little red dress that only just covered her arse, then up to her pretty face and long blonde hair. She was certainly a very attractive girl. “You look fantastic, but then you always do.” She smiled at me, raised her glass and said “here’s to a good night.” I took another toke on the spliff we were sharing and raised my glass to hers.

There was a queue outside the club when we arrived, but that didn’t bother us. Natalie was a very outgoing girl and had met one of the DJs that was playing last week and he had put her name on the guest list. We walked in from the cold air into the hot atmosphere of the club. The party was in full swing, house music was pumping out of the speakers and people were dancing everywhere. I went to the bar and got a drink for us. Natalie meanwhile was chatting to some friends that she had met.

We dropped the pills that I had got earlier and carried on chatting to the people around us. Soon they started to take hold and before I knew it we were out on the dancefloor. The drugs were good and we were both feeling very loved up. I felt that I needed her close so I impulsively hugged her. “Mmmm” she said, “that’s nice,” as she hugged me back. We were looking each other and then it happened. She reached over and we kissed, my tongue in her mouth. I felt more than a little bit horny and slightly breathlessly I said “I don’t know if we should have done that, you’re my best friend.”

“I know” she replied, “but it felt good didn’t it.” We carried on dancing, feeling the rhythm of the music. I danced up behind her and put my hands on her hips. In response she ground herself against me and my cock started to get hard. Natalie was obviously enjoying it too.

She turned to me and said “come on, follow me” and before I knew it we were walking into the ladies’ toilets. A few girls were a little surprised to see me, but most didn’t pay any special notice to me. We went into a cubicle and snorted a couple of lines of coke. “That always makes me feel horny” she said and started rubbing my crotch and kissing me. She dropped onto her haunches and undid my jeans. My cock was already coming to attention as she wrapped her lips around it. Wow, what a fucking great blowjob. She slid her mouth up and down my cock, licking it and rubbing my balls at the same time. She took as much of it into her mouth as she could, then pulled back and started to give me a handjob. I was finding the whole situation very horny and Natalie was obviously getting çekmeköy escort aroused as well. She took my cock back in her mouth and quickened her tempo. I looked down and could see that she had pushed her panties to one side and was rubbing her pussy with her fingers.

That was too much “I’m going to cum,” I whispered urgently. She made an appreciative noise and took me deeply into her mouth. I started to shoot my load and she gulped as she swallowed the lot. She rose to her feet and as we kissed I put my hand into her panties. As I guessed she was already very hot and wet, and she let out a little shudder as one of my fingers slid in and out of her pussy. Keeping up the fucking motion I used my thumb to rub her clit. “Oh yes” she whispered. Her jaw was trembling and juices were pouring out onto my hand. I pushed another finger in her and began to fuck her hard. Suddenly she let out a little moan and her body convulsed. We stood there breathless for a few moments and then straightened ourselves out. “Let’s go and party” she said, and we walked out into the ladies, attracting quite a few knowing smiles as we did.

Back out in the club the music had got harder, and the DJ was playing some really good tunes. There were even more people than before. Natalie disappeared and I contented myself by dancing in the crowd, lost in the drugs and the music. After a while I sat down at a table away from the madness of the rave and rolled myself a spliff. I’d just started to smoke it, reflecting on the events of the night to date when two girls came and sat by me. Both of them were quite young and very pretty. I introduced myself to Emma, who was wearing knee-length boots and a very skimpy blue outfit that offset her looks perfectly.

Her friend was called Lottie and she was dressed in a pure club babe outfit, with a white miniskirt and a boob-tube style top. We started chatting and were getting on well, passing the joint back and forth. I found out that they were 18 year old students, in their first year at university. Emma and I were obviously flirting, and Lottie offered to get us a drink. That was the cue for Emma to put her arms around me and we started to kiss passionately. Her body was pressing against mine, and I was a little disappointed when Lottie returned with the drinks. The three of us sipped our drinks and danced together for a while.

Finally Natalie reappeared. “Where have you been?” I asked her, and she gave me an enigmatic smile. It later transpired that she had been partying with her DJ friend in a backroom. I introduced her to the others and soon the four of us were partying together

It was time to go, and Natalie asked if they would like to go back to the house that she shared with me. We wanted to carry on partying, so we all grabbed our coats and waited for a taxi.

Lottie sat cevizli escort in the front of the taxi, while I sat between Natalie and Emma in the back. Natalie closed her eyes and snuggled into me, leaving me to focus my attentions on Emma. My hand slid up her leg and parted her thighs. I rubbed her pussy through her g-string, and she opened her legs wider. We were kissing, our tongues exploring each other’s mouths. I felt a hand rubbing my crotch and smiled at Emma saying “I like that.” She looked at me oddly, and I realised that Natalie had woken up and it was her hand! She was grinning at Emma and me and then reached over and unzipped my cock.

Emma took one look and bent down and started sucking me off. As she leaned forward I ran my hand over her arse, my hand finding it’s way under the clothing and into her pussy again. Natalie was getting really turned on as she watched and started running her hands through Emma’s hair as her head bobbed up and down on my cock. She had a stud through her tongue and tingles of pleasure ran through my body as she used it to caress me. I don’t know if Emma realised who was playing with her long dark hair but she didn’t stop. She was getting moving her body in rhythm with my fingers as I probed her. Lottie, who didn’t seem to have been taking any notice of the goings-on behind her, said quietly “we’re nearly here guys.” Emma looked up at me with a smile and said “that was fun – there’s more where that came from.”

We stepped into our living room. I put on some music and the other three began dancing. Natalie broke away to go into the kitchen, I noticed Emma and Lottie both looking at her arse as it swayed sexily under her dress as she walked away. She returned with a bottle of champagne and four glasses. She popped the cork and we drank a toast. I chopped out a few lines of coke on the table and we all imbibed. As Lottie bent over to snort the coke her skirt rode up revealing a tiny G-String. Natalie couldn’t resist and walked up behind her and began playing with her arse. Emma and I were sitting on the sofa and took this as the cue to pick up from our taxi session. We kissed urgently as I undid the buttons to her top and revealed a beautiful pair of pert breasts.

We continued to pull our clothes off and I put my mouth to one her breasts and started tonguing her nipple. A little moan emanated from her lips as I continued to tease her nipple, grabbing it between my teeth and swirling it round my mouth. After a few minutes of this my tongue lazily made it’s way down her body until it reached her G-String. She raised her legs and took it off, exposing a beautiful pussy. I began to tease the outer lips with my tongue, occasionally running it all the way from her arse to her clit. She began to moan through gritted teeth “Oh yeah that’s good.” I rammed my tongue in and out of erenköy escort her cunt and she began to fuck me with her hips. This continued for several minutes, every now and then I would stop and flick her clit. The juices were gushing from her now. I took a finger and began to work it into her anus. This was too much for her and she began building to a big orgasm, her breath coming quickly then slowly. “Oh oh oh oh oh yeeessssss!” she cried as she came, my tongue feeling her cunt spasming.

I looked over to see Natalie and Lottie looking at us while playing with each other. Lottie was naked while Natalie’s dress was roughly pulled up to her waist. “That looked fantastic” said Lottie as Natalie played with her breasts. “Come and join us” I replied. They didn’t hesitate. As Lottie straddled me I got a pleasant surprise, noticing that her clit was pierced. She was already soaking wet as I started to tongue her, grinding down on my face. I pulled on her ring and it sent electric shock waves through her body.

Emma had kneeled down and was sucking my cock as Natalie played with her pussy from behind. We stayed in this position for several minutes until Emma said “I want to fuck you.” I sat up on the sofa and pulled Emma over. She straddled me with her back to me. I leaned back and started to fuck her, playing roughly with her breasts. Natalie and Lottie were kneeling down in front of us, alternately taking turns at licking Emma’s clit. This was too horny for Emma after a few minutes and she exploded in orgasm.

We were all horny beyond control now and I had an insatiable hard-on. I grabbed Natalie and lead her to my bedroom. The others followed and they all lay on the bed. I threw Natalie’s legs over my shoulder and began to ram my cock into her as hard and fast as I could. “Oh god that’s so deep” she yelled before Lottie sank her pussy onto her face and reached over and kissed me. Emma was watching the three of us as we contorted in pleasure, touching herself lightly. Before long Lottie was screaming out in pleasure – Natalie really knew how to eat pussy. She climbed off and curled up with Emma as they both watched us. Natalie turned over and I plunged my cock into her from behind.

Her beautiful arse was in front of me now and I worked my finger into her tight anus. I was hammering away at her delightful cunt now. Natalie looked up, her face laced with pleasure, and stared directly at the two young girls who were now playing with each other’s pussies. I began to feel my orgasm building. I pulled out and started wanking myself while playing with Natalie’s cunt with my other hand. Emma and Lottie meanwhile were driving each other to a climax as they looked on at the scene. I started coming, long spurts of cum covering Natalie from her face to her breasts. The other two leant over and started licking up my come and kissing Natalie. I lay down on my back to get my breath back.

We continued to fuck and suck each other well into the next day, our arousal fuelled by the drugs. Natalie and I resolved to go back to the club the next weekend, this time taking our friends Mike and Amy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32